A Little Manipulation

By:  Lissa Knight



CATEGORY:  Established Relationship

SEASON/SPOILERS:  Season 9.  Takes place after “Babylon”.

WARNINGS:  Sexual Situations


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  Unbeta’d due to imminent birthday timeframe nods but special thanks to rotschopf for trying to get me into good habits…we’ll get there grins



A little manipulation goes a long way…


After the trials of the Sodan, Cameron was suffering. And then some. His head mostly felt disconnected from his battered body, with his ribs alternating from numbness to white-hot pain. The doctor had given him some painkillers but…


He made his way down the hall to Daniels lab, and threw an arm in the doorway. Instantly regretting it, he winced at the pain that followed his forearm up to his neck. Daniel looked up from his computer at the sharp intake of breath from Cameron’s lips.


“Come on, we need to sort you out,” Daniel said, with more than a shade of concern.


Wha? No, I’m fine. Really.” Cameron countered, with little conviction.


“Really?” Daniel replied.


He picked up a scroll from his table and tossed it over to Cameron. Predictably, Cameron reached for it, only to find his arm socket heartily disagreeing with the notion of catching. He let out a yelp before stopping himself short.


“Uh-huh. We’re sorting this out” said Daniel, before walking around from his stool and gesturing Cameron towards the door. Cameron stood for a minute, dumbfounded, before his shoulders fell and he followed Daniel’s directions out of the door.


“And we’re sorting this how?” Cameron asked, with a trace of annoyance, as they walked down the corridor.


“We’re going to my quarters and I’m going to give your back some manipulation. It may hurt, but it’ll be worth it.” Daniel stated, matter-of-factly.


Cameron threw the man a look, for only a fraction of a second, that said simply ‘oh yes.’

Daniel caught the look, but said nothing. After all, what happened behind closed SGC doors was their business, and he intended to keep it that way.


They made their way to Daniel’s quarters and he hung back, letting Cameron walk in and over to the bed first.


“Can you sit on the edge of the bed?” Daniel asked, the concern once again showing in his voice.


“I can give it a try,” Cameron said, walking carefully over to the plain air force covers and taking his time to lower himself into a sitting position. He knew this was not going to be anything like the times they’d been experiencing lately, and he felt like he should say something.


“You know, right, that it’s great when we’re together, and I want that again, but as of right now, my body’s just not playin’ ball.”


Daniel smiled, and said simply: -


“This really isn’t about that, I just want you to relax and let go, okay?” he said, knowing full well that Cameron wasn’t going to let anyone else in their world know the real pain he was experiencing.


Cameron’s face relaxed and he stayed still as Daniel came over and sat behind him, gesturing him to pull up his tee. Cameron complied, lifting the front and wincing with every move of his shoulders. Daniel gently slid it off his arms and placed it behind them on the pillow.


He took a moment to look at the back of the man who had trained and fought with the Sodan warriors for so long. It showed a lot of bruises, cuts, old wounds, and fresher ones. He traced a finger over an older scar, and for a second Daniel found himself squinting at the patterns as if in recognition of a gate address. Cameron tensed slightly, and then regained his posture.


Refocusing his energies, Daniel slowly moved his fingers up from the wounds onto Cameron’s neck, gently stroking both sides and very softly rubbing the top of his shoulders. Cameron responded with a deep exhalation of breath and a very slight drop of his head. Daniel took this as a good sign, and leaned forward to place the lightest of kisses on Cameron’s shoulder, making a path right up to his ear.


He breathed very softly into Cameron’s ear, and smiled when he saw a shiver flow through his body. Cameron murmured a slow appreciation whilst Daniel’s hands moved up to run through his scalp, tugging gently at his hair whilst his lips were nuzzling at Cameron’s neck. He felt the man’s torso relax, which was at odds with his own growing hardness. He looked over Cameron’s shoulder to see he wasn’t alone.


“How’s that?” he whispered, still close enough to Cameron’s ear to speak low and soft.


“Oh that’s helping Daniel, believe me.” Cameron croaked, his voice raspy after sitting silent for a while.


Daniel took his hands out from Cameron’s hair and started a rhythm of thumb after thumb, one below the other in a straight line down Cameron’s spine. He was careful to avoid the scars he could see, and Cameron offered no complaint to the pressure. Daniel brought his hands slowly to the base of the man’s spine and began applying small circles to his lower back, increasing the pressure as he went.


Cameron leaned into the motion, offering resistance that allowed Daniel to rub more firmly. As he deepened his fingers into the flesh beneath the small of Cameron’s back, Daniel lent forward and began flicking his tongue over Cameron’s neck, alternating between the lightest of kisses and gentle licks, in the same circular motion his hands were moving in further down.


Cameron growled deep down in his throat, as the synchronicity of Daniel’s tongue and hands began to take hold.


Ya know, we could always test the theory that everything is either swollen or sore…” Cameron offered to the man sat behind him.


Daniel could tell he was smiling merely from his inflection. When there was no reply Cameron swung his head to the side and his profile came into view, his nostrils flaring slightly at the lack of response.


“Well if you need to think about it Jackson…” he started, but got no further when Daniel’s hand stroked under his chin and his tongue delved into Cameron’s ear, biting his lobe as he went.


Daniel threw another look over Cameron’s shoulder, at his patient’s cock straining against his BDU’s, and decided that maybe it was about the sex after all…



** The End **


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