And What Danny Wants, Danny Gets 

                                                                                                                                           By:  Betsanne  



CATEGORY:  PWP, Hurt/Comfort

WARNINGS:  Graphic Sex, Threesome, Adult Language


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  I dedicate this story to Lady Stormrider.  She requested a threesome story and I have delivered it.  I hope you like it.  I would also like to thank DMG for her help in betaing this story.





“Whatcha doing?” a voice behind him asked.


Daniel jumped, whirled around and gave Jack a guilty look. “Er…nothing?” he said.


Jack smirked at him. “You don’t seem very sure of that.”


“No, I’m pretty sure. I was just standing here, doing nothing,” Daniel said nervously. He was unable to help himself, and his eyes went back to what he had been watching.


The new CO of SG-1, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, was standing in the corridor talking to another soldier. Daniel had been on his way to his office when he had come around the corner and saw Mitchell bending over to pick something up off the floor. His eyes had immediately gone to the man’s ass. Daniel couldn’t help but admire the man. He was handsome. He was tall, with dark brown hair, and with sparkling blue eyes that twinkled with a mischievous humor that got to Daniel.


He had been so into watching Mitchell that he hadn’t even heard Jack come up behind him; Jack, his best friend, his soul mate, his lover, who was visiting the SGC for the next week. He missed Jack. He hated that fact that Jack took the job in Washington, even though it had sounded like a good idea at the time.


Daniel looked at his lover, guilt shining from his eyes. He watched as Jack looked over Daniel’s shoulder at Mitchell and gave him an assessing look. He turned back to Daniel and grinned. “I know what you were doing,” he said tauntingly.


“I wasn’t doing anything, Jack. I was just lost in my thoughts,” Daniel said repressively.


“Uh huh, sure,” Jack drawled out.


Daniel frowned at his lover and walked down the corridor, knowing that Jack was following him. He nodded to Mitchell as they passed by, trying to ignore Jack’s snickers. He walked into his office, closed the door, and turned to glare at Jack.


“Why must you insist on bothering me?” Daniel snapped out.


Jack’s eyes widened in surprise at Daniel’s tone. “Hey, I was just teasing. You can usually take a joke better than this. What’s going on?” Jack asked softly.


Daniel chewed on his bottom lip worriedly. He felt guilty for lusting after Mitchell. He loved Jack, and Jack was all he wanted and needed in his life, but since Jack’s move to Washington, Daniel had been feeling lonely. He was shocked and a little disturbed to find that he was attracted to Mitchell. He never thought that he would ever want anyone else besides Jack. He was afraid that if Jack knew about his attraction to Mitchell, it would only cause problems. Daniel knew that Jack was a jealous and possessive man, even though he toned down his aggression for Daniel. He just didn’t want Jack to think that he didn’t love him anymore.


Jack reached out and stroked his arm softly. He was looking at Daniel with concern. “Danny, what’s wrong?”


“It’s nothing,” Daniel said softly.


“Bull. You got upset when I started teasing you about Mitchell. You weren’t doing anything but standing there, staring…” Jack trailed off as he suddenly realized that Daniel really had been staring at Mitchell.


Jack waited for the jealousy to flare at the thought of Daniel looking at another man. Nothing happened. The only thing that flared up was lust – pure, unadulterated, lust. The thought of Daniel with Mitchell made him hard, and he had to repress a moan. He cleared his throat and looked at Daniel, who was looking so guilty. Jack sighed. He knew that Daniel missed him. He knew that Daniel was lonely, with him being in Washington. Their monthly visits weren’t enough anymore. He wondered if maybe this could be the solution. Could he handle the fact that Daniel wanted to sleep with another man? Could he handle the fact that Daniel would spend time stroking, caressing, kissing, fucking, and being fucked by another man?


Jack snorted in amusement. Well, his cock apparently had no problems with it. It was hard with the images that had floated through his mind. Jack bit his bottom lip thoughtfully. He wondered if Mitchell was gay or even bi.


“Danny, it’s all right. I understand. Mitchell is an attractive man. I don’t blame you for staring at him,” Jack said soothingly.


“But Jack, you’re the one I love. I shouldn’t be looking at Mitchell. I shouldn’t be looking at anyone,” Daniel said with despair.


“Hey, hey, I know that you love me. I have no doubts about that. I also understand that you might be lonely,” Jack said. “Mitchell is an attractive man. He is someone who you get along with. You’re becoming friends. It’s all right that you’re attracted to him.”


Daniel looked at Jack in disbelief. “Why are you saying that? How can you be all right with the fact that I’m attracted to another man? You, the jealous man who growled at a sixty-year-old woman because she was staring at my ass?” Daniel asked in outrage.


Jack held back the snickers as he remembered how the old woman had run off, fear on her face, as Jack growled at her. It had been only four months since Daniel and he had gotten together, seven since Daniel had descended. Jack hadn’t been ready to share Daniel with anyone, even some old woman at the mall.


“You don’t think I know that you’re lonely? You don’t think I know that you miss spending time with someone? You need to be held and comforted, Danny. That’s just the way you are. I’m not blind, Danny. I see how depressed you are when I have to leave. Why do you think I agreed to let you go to Atlantis? I wanted you to be happy, even if it took you to another galaxy for several months. The monthly visits aren’t enough anymore. The nightly phone calls, while nice, aren’t the same as actually being together. I know that you love me, Danny. I know that you will always love me. I trust you. I trust that if you did find someone to spend time with, you won’t forget about me. I know I am first and foremost in your heart, and no one can take that away. Lust comes and goes, Danny boy, but the love you feel for me is permanent. I have no fears that you’ll suddenly stop loving me because you want to jump some, attractive young thing,” Jack said with a gentle smile.


Daniel sniffed. He hadn’t realized how much Jack trusted him. God, he loved Jack so much. Daniel took a step closer and leaned against his lover. Jack’s arms reached around him and pulled him close, offering him comfort. Daniel sighed in contentment. Yes, he wanted to sleep with Mitchell, but nothing was better than being in Jack’s arms, smelling Jack’s scent and feeling Jack’s skin against his. This was heaven to him.


“You’ve grown as a person, Jack,” Daniel said softly.


“I have…matured,” Jack said loftily.


Daniel snickered. “You mean you’re getting old,” Daniel replied.


“Mature,” Jack said repressively.


“Old,” Daniel taunted.


“Not too old to fuck you through the mattress,” Jack said smugly. “How are you feeling? Not too tired from last night, are you?”


Daniel shifted against Jack, feeling his cock getting hard as he remembered the night they had last night. It had been wild, predatory, and passionate. There had been fucking, biting, screaming, whimpering and wild groans of passion. It had been glorious. Of course, it had been a month since they had been together. They had a lot of sexual tension to burn off.


“Now, about Mitchell,” Jack began.


Daniel stiffened a little at the name. He heard what Jack had been saying, but he just couldn’t believe that Jack was okay with him being in lust with someone else. Jack was well-known for not wanting to share Daniel with anyone.


“Ah, ah, ah, Danny. You listen to me. I have no problems with you trying to get Mitchell into your bed. I want to know about it, though. I don’t want you to go behind my back to do it. As long as I know about them, Daniel, I don’t care. I trust you to come back to me. Plus, the thought of you and Mitchell together is hot,” Jack said gruffly, arousal lacing his voice.


Daniel pulled back in shock. He looked at his lover in disbelief and saw that Jack’s eyes had darkened with desire. Daniel swallowed hard.


“You like the thought of Mitchell touching me?” Daniel asked hoarsely.


Jack drew in a quick breath, licked his lips and whispered, “I love the thought of Mitchell touching you. I love the thought of his hand slowly caressing your body as you whimper and plead with him. I love the thought of him touching your cock, stroking it lightly as you make those needy little whimpers that make me wild. I love the thought of Mitchell kissing you, sucking on your tongue, tracing your nipples, biting them gently. I love the thought of Mitchell swallowing your cock, licking, sucking it, making you gasp and moan with lust. I love the idea of Mitchell sliding slowly into you, making you howl with pleasure as he pumps himself into your welcoming body. I love the idea of watching you both come, your faces alight with the pained look of pleasure, your eyes glowing with satiation. Yes, Daniel, I love the idea of Mitchell touching you.”


Daniel was trembling. He moaned through Jack’s description. He was shaking so bad with the repressed need to be fucked. He grabbed Jack and pulled him closer for a voracious kiss. Their tongues dueled for domination. Jack reached up, grabbed Daniel’s head and pulled him closer. Daniel whimpered eagerly as Jack devoured his mouth. Jack began to walk Daniel backwards and Daniel’s body hit the door. He felt Jack’s hands reach down and cup his cock, caressing him through his pants. Daniel threw his head back and groaned loudly while Jack trailed hot wet kisses down his neck. He could feel desire flowing through his body. He was panting, whispering, and begging Jack to fuck him.


“God, please Jack, fuck me. I need it so bad. I need you so bad,” Daniel whispered.


Jack growled. He leaned down to kiss Daniel hard for a few minutes and pulled back. Daniel whimpered in protest and reached for Jack.


“I’m sorry, Danny. God, I’m sorry. I forgot where we are,” Jack said in a raspy voice. His eyes were glowing with lust and he was watching Daniel with a predatory look that made Daniel boneless.


It took several minutes for the both of them to calm down. They stared at each other quietly, their racing hearts calming and their breathing slowing. Daniel could see the love that shone from Jack’s eyes. It made his breath catch. The fact that this man loved him so much was breathtaking. He never wanted to take it for granted.


“You all right?” Jack asked.


Daniel nodded his head. “Yea, I’m fine.”


Jack looked at him sheepishly. “Sorry, I forgot where we were. I didn’t mean to attack you like that,” he said with a grin.


“Hey, you won’t hear me complaining,” Daniel said with a smile.


Jack’s expression turned mischievous. “Moaning, yes? Whimpering, yes? Begging and pleading, yes? Complaining? Not so much,” Jack replied.


Daniel laughed softly. Jack took a step forward and reached out to caress Daniel’s face. Daniel closed his eyes and leaned into the touch. “You think we can talk about Mitchell without jumping each other?” Jack asked.


Daniel looked at Jack through his lashes, his expression provocative. “We can try,” he said in a sultry tone.


Jack groaned. “Damn, you’re killing me here, Danny.”


“I’ll be good. I’ll be very, very good,” Daniel said, his voice deepening.


Jack’s hand tightened on Daniel’s head and he pulled him forward for a deep kiss. He stepped back and whispered, “You are so very naughty. When we get home tonight, I’m going to have to punish you.”


Daniel whimpered with arousal. “I’ll hold you to that,” he replied.


Jack took a deep breath and stepped back. “Ok, about Mitchell. If you want to, you have my permission to sleep with him, but Danny, I want to be there when it happens, if it happens. We don’t even know if he’s gay or not.”


Daniel nodded in understanding. “I may not even be his type if he is,” he said thoughtfully.


Jack snorted in amusement. “Danny, if that man was gay and didn’t want you, then he’s an idiot.”


“Not everyone wants me, Jack,” Daniel said in exasperation.


Jack gave him a look that said that he was crazy. “You may not believe that, but trust me; you would be surprised how many people want you.”


“If you say so, Jack,” Daniel said.


“How are you going to approach Mitchell?” Jack asked curiously.


Daniel walked over to his desk and sat down. “I’m not sure. It’s not as if I can ask him if he’s gay. If he’s not, then he could punch me or make my life a living hell,” Daniel said.


Jack nodded. “True, but somehow I don’t see Mitchell being that narrow-minded.”


Daniel shrugged. “No, I don’t see it either, but you never know.”


Jack looked thoughtful. “I think you should tease him. Do something that one would consider sexy and see what his reaction is. If it’s favorable, we might just let him catch us doing something naughty,” Jack said with a grin.


Daniel shook his head. “I don’t want to cause you trouble. He could turn you in,” Daniel said with a frown.


Jack reached over, grabbed Daniel’s hand, and gently caressed it. “That option is only if his reaction to you is favorable. I might even tease him a little myself, but I think you have a better chance of getting his attention. No one but you really wants this old warhorse,” Jack said.


“Hey, I happen to love that old warhorse. Besides, you don’t see the looks you get on base. You may be…mature,” Daniel said with a grin and Jack snorted in amusement, “but you get looks. Trust me; you are very, very sexy.”


“So are we in agreement? You should tease him and see what his reaction is?” Jack asked.


“We can do that. However, if he is anything like you are, it could take a while to get his attention. You only have a week left before you go back to Washington,” Daniel said.


“Hey, I can’t help it if you confused the hell out of me,” Jack exclaimed in outrage.


“Yes, Jack,” Daniel said demurely. He gave Jack a sweet smile and Jack’s expression melted. Daniel snickered. He had Jack wrapped around his finger.


Jack cleared his throat. He gave Daniel a look that promised retribution. Daniel hoped so.


“If it doesn’t happen this week, then you keep working on him. If he’s interested, you let him know the…er…conditions of the arrangement. If he agrees, you call me up and let me know. We can schedule a weekend together. I’ll claim a family emergency or something,” Jack said. “There is no way in hell that I’m going to miss that.”


“All right. I can do that,” Daniel agreed.


There was a knock on the door a few seconds later, it opened to show Carter and Teal’c standing in the doorway. They looked at Jack and Daniel in concern. They were the only ones, beside Hammond, who knew about Jack and Daniel’s relationship. Contrary to popular belief, Sam and Jack never had a thing. It was only something that was made up in the minds of some very bored people on the base.


“Is everything ok?” Sam asked in concern.


Daniel nodded. “Yeah, everything is fine. Jack and I were just discussing some things.”


“Anything we should worry about?” Sam asked.


“Not if you want to know what type of lube we use and what position Danny is going to be in tonight,” Jack said with a naughty grin. Daniel laughed as Sam blushed. Teal’c, on the other hand, looked intrigued.


“I would like to know what position DanielJackson will be in tonight,” Teal’c’s deep voice rumbled.


Jack looked over at Daniel. “What did I tell you? Everyone wants you!” he accused.


Daniel looked at him primly. “It’s only your imagination,” he said.


“And Teal’c?” Jack asked.


“Well, Teal’c is my boy toy on the side,” Daniel declared, devilry dancing in his eyes.


“I thought our relationship was to be a secret, DanielJackson?” Teal’c inquired.


Daniel and Sam laughed as Jack sputtered in mock outrage. Teal’c’s face was blank, but amusement shone from his eyes.


Daniel sighed. It was nice to have his family back together, even if it was only for a little while. He had missed Sam and Teal’c while they were away. Teal’c had been busy on Dakara, helping Bra’tac build the Jaffa council. Sam had gone to Area 51 for Research & Development. He was just glad they were back.


They walked out of Daniel’s office and made their way to the cafeteria.


“Hey guys, wait up.”


They stopped, turned and waited for Mitchell to catch up with them. “Where you going?” he asked.


“To the cafeteria for some lunch. Do you want to join us?” Jack asked.


“General O’Neill, I didn’t see you there,” Cameron said stiffly as he saluted him.


Jack quirked an eyebrow. “At ease, soldier. My friends call me Jack,” he said.


“Or jackass, depending on how the mood takes us,” Daniel replied.


Cameron looked as if he was restraining a smile. Jack looked at his lover and glared. “You know, I know where you live. Bad things happen to those who insult me,” Jack said firmly.


“Well then, you must be a busy man,” Daniel replied sweetly.


Cameron and Sam laughed, while Teal’c arched an eyebrow and gave a small smile. Jack’s eyes narrowed. “Watch your back, Danny, watch your back.”


Daniel smiled and walked towards the cafeteria. They stood in line to get their food and made their way to a table in the corner, talking about inconsequential things. Daniel decided that it was a good time to begin teasing Cameron. He kicked Jack lightly and when his lover looked at him, he raised an eyebrow and glanced over at Cameron.


Jack looked confused. Daniel picked up his chocolate pudding and spoon. He scooped out a bite and stuck it in his mouth, where he began to savor it. He looked over at Jack and saw the grin on his face as he realized what Daniel was doing. Daniel closed his eyes and moaned softly as he savored the taste of the pudding. He slowly sucked on the spoon, shifting it slowly in his mouth. He pulled it out slowly and scooped another bite. He sucked it in and began to move it in and out slowly, as he gazed at the wall, his expression absent. He continued this until the pudding was finished, his soft moans of appreciation low enough so only those at his table could hear.


He put the empty bowl down on the table and looked over at Jack, who was looking back at him with carefully hidden lust. He smiled sweetly at Jack and watched as his love licked his lips slowly. Shifting in his seat as his cock grew hard, Daniel looked at the others at the table. Sam was looking at him in amusement and surprise. Daniel figured she thought that he was teasing Jack, as it wasn’t unusual for Daniel to do so. He knew she was surprised that he would do it in front of Cameron.


Daniel looked at Teal’c, who quirked an eyebrow at him. Teal’c looked at Jack then back at Daniel, before looking at Cameron. He gave Daniel an amused look and nodded his head in understanding. Teal’c was always quick on the uptake. It was all those years of watching other people.


Daniel finally directed his gaze towards Cameron, who was still staring at Daniel with a glazed expression. There was lust shining in those eyes and Daniel licked his lips slowly. He watched as Cameron focused his attention on Daniel’s wet lips and shifted in his seat. Daniel knew then that Jack and he had a chance with Cameron. It would probably take a little more teasing, but Daniel was confident that by the end of the week, Cameron would be theirs.


                                                                                                              * * * *

The next couple of days passed and Daniel continued to tease Cameron. There was the banana trick in the cafeteria. He thought Cameron was going to pass out when Daniel deep throated the banana. Jack, too, had been affected by the tease. After lunch, he dragged Daniel into his office and proceeded to give him a blowjob, which Daniel reciprocated. They didn’t normally take chances on the base, but Jack didn’t care. He was turned on too much to wait.


Then there were the long stares, the licked lips, the sultry expressions, all of them to let Cameron know that Daniel was interested. He could see the definite signs of returned interest, but it still wasn’t enough for Cameron to approach Daniel. Daniel was getting a little frustrated. He had Jack to relieve the sexual tension, but now that Jack gave him permission to pursue Cameron, he was eager to get the man into bed.


Today had been a long day. They had a mission on PX9 785. It had started all right, but then the natives decided they didn’t like the looks of them and began to attack them with rocks and spears. They had run all the way back to the Stargate, which was a couple of miles away. The ground was wet and muddy as it had rained the day before, and by the time they had reached the Stargate, they were filthy.


Daniel decided that the shower was the perfect place to catch Cameron’s interest. Was it a bit clichéd? Hell yes, but damn it, if it worked, who cared? Daniel followed Cameron into the locker room and made sure to undress slower than Cameron did. Once Cameron was in the shower, Daniel undressed, got his soap and made his way to the shower stall facing Cameron.


Daniel turned on the shower and proceeded to get wet. He grabbed the soap and began to trail it slowly down his body. He moaned loudly in satisfaction as his body relaxed underneath the hot water. He slowly caressed his body, making sure to wash every bit of it. He peeked at Cameron and saw that he had the man’s full attention. Several minutes went by as he took his time washing up. He arched his back as he washed his hair. He made sure to give Cameron a full frontal view of his naked body. After rinsing his hair, he turned around, placed his hands on the tiled wall, leaned forward and let the water cascade over him.


Daniel was startled out of his thoughts by a hand sliding up his back. Daniel quivered as desire enveloped his body. He moaned softly when the hand lowered itself and caressed his ass. Waiting a moment, he turned around and saw that it was Cameron. The blue eyes had darkened in lust and he was giving Daniel a predatory look.


He smiled darkly at Daniel. “You’ve been teasing me for the last three days. Your long looks, your lustful stares, your sultry expressions and let’s not forget the incident with the pudding and the banana. All of that was designed to get my attention, wasn’t it? Well, now you have it. What are you going to do with it?” Cameron asked, his voice a raspy whisper.


“What do you think I should do with it?” Daniel asked, flicking his gaze over Cameron’s wet body. The man looked good. His chest was sculptured and Daniel’s fingers itched to trace it. His abs was flat but defined. He looked at the man’s legs and imagined them wrapped around him. He finally looked at Cameron’s cock and licked his lips in anticipation. It was long and not too thick. It was curved and it looked like it would be a perfect fit in both Daniel’s mouth and ass. Jack was a little bigger than Cameron was, but Daniel knew that he would enjoy it nevertheless.


Cameron placed both arms on either side of Daniel and leaned in to whisper hotly in Daniel’s ear. “Do you like what you see?” Cameron whispered.


Daniel closed his eyes as lust spread throughout his body. He began to pant softly, already anticipating Cameron’s touch. “Yes,” he moaned. His cock was hard and ready, waiting to be touched. He hissed as he felt Cameron’s finger trail down Daniel’s chest and stomach, until it reached his cock. He choked back a whimper as Cameron caressed it softly. His touch was to light to cause much friction and Daniel whimpered in frustration. He needed relief. He wanted to move his cock against something, anything, to relieve the ache.


“Look at me,” Cameron growled. Daniel reluctantly opened his eyes. He stared at the glowing blue eyes in front of him. He could see emotions raging wildly in Cameron’s eyes. “Do you want me to kiss you?” he asked softly as he leaned in and gave Daniel a soft, gentle chaste kiss on the lips. “Do you want me to touch? To caress you? Do you want to feel my fingers gliding across your skin?”


Daniel licked his dry lips and whispered, “Please, do something, anything.”


“How about if I fall on my knees right now and take your lovely little cock into my mouth and suck it? Would you like that? Would you like to hold my head as you fuck my mouth?” Cameron asked harshly.


Daniel’s breathing was erratic. He couldn’t believe the lust he was feeling. He couldn’t seem to catch his breath. Cameron’s words were making him boneless and it was hard for him to stand. He was glad that he had the wall behind him to keep him stable.


“Or would you rather I turn you around, push you up against the wall and fuck you? Would you like to feel my cock entering your body? Do you want to feel me as I slam into you hard, hitting your sweet spot, making you scream?” Cameron asked. “Would you plead for me to let you come? Would you yell my name?”


Daniel snapped. He reached up, grabbed Cameron’s head and pulled him into a hard kiss. It was wet, sloppy and dirty. There was no gentleness in the kiss. It was pure predatory, animal lust. Cameron pressed him against the wall and devoured his mouth. Their tongues dueled and Daniel moaned happily, when Cameron began to suck on his tongue. Cameron pulled back and gave Daniel a heated look. “What’s your answer, Daniel? How do you want me?”


Daniel tried to put his mind back together, but the kiss had made everything a little hazy. He couldn’t think straight. He knew there was something he needed to do, but he forgot what it was. All he wanted was to have Cameron fuck him here and now, fast and dirty.


Suddenly Cameron froze. He tilted his head sideways and listened intently, frowning slightly. Daniel saw something move in the corner of his eyes and he turned his head quickly.


“Danny boy, what did I tell you about this?” Jack asked softly from the shadows.


Cameron quickly stepped back from Daniel and Daniel slid down the wall. Jack looked from Cameron to Daniel with an arched eyebrow. He walked over to Daniel and helped him stand up. He looked back over at Cameron, who was standing at attention. Jack shook his head and looked back at his lover.


“You all right there, Danny boy?” Jack asked in amusement. Daniel had a dazed look on his face.


“Uh yea, I’m fine. I’ll um…find my mind in a few minutes, no problem,” Daniel said absently.


Jack chuckled softly. “That good was he?” he asked.


Daniel looked at Jack and sighed softly. “Oh yea,” he breathed.


“I thought I told you that I wanted to be there when it happened,” Jack said in exasperation.


“It’s not as if I planned for it to happen now. I mean, have you seen him?” Daniel asked as he waved his hand towards the confused Cameron. “He was wet and naked. I wasn’t about to let that opportunity pass by just because you weren’t here,” he said with a pout.


Jack looked at Cameron, who had a confused and bewildered look on his face. He wasn’t as stiff as before, but he still looked wary. Jack looked Cameron over and had to agree with Daniel’s assessment. The man was hot. He still thought that Daniel was the hottest thing he had ever seen, but Cameron was a close second. He licked his lips as he checked Cameron out. His gaze traveled up and down Cameron’s body and finally reached Cameron’s eyes. They were wide with shock, bewilderment and speculation.


“You know, he really wasn’t supposed to approach you yet. The condition was that it would only happen if I were here to join in. Apparently you’re just too tempting and he couldn’t restrain himself,” Jack said with a grin.


“Sir?” Cameron croaked out.


“I think under these conditions, you can call me Jack,” he said in amusement.


“Jack, don’t tease the poor man,” Daniel said.


“Yes, dear,” Jack drawled.


“You’re an ass,” Daniel said affectionately.


“Maybe, but you still love me,” Jack quipped.


Daniel sighed mournfully. “God knows why,” he said flatly.


Cameron cleared his throat. “Could someone please explain to me what is going on,” he demanded.


“Simple, my lover, him,” Jack said as he pointed to Daniel, “is in lust with you.”


Cameron blinked in surprise. “Right, got that one.”


“Oh, I just bet you did,” Jack drawled. “Now, Danny boy here was feeling guilty for lusting after you, while he is in love with me. Sadly, I work in Washington now, and I can’t get home as much as I want. Danny was starting to feel lonely and he needed someone who would…comfort him,” Jack explained with a smirk.


“All right, I’m with you so far,” Cameron said, his eyes beginning to light up in understanding.


“Now, I love Danny. I want him to be happy. He is lonely, he is in lust with you – ergo, sleeping with you would make Danny happy. Not to mention it’s hot as hell,” Jack said, his eyes sparking with heat. “The only condition I had was that the first time it happened, I wanted to be there. The thought of you and Danny together makes me hard enough to drill holes. You get what I’m saying?” Jack asked.


Cameron nodded and looked over at Daniel, who was leaning against Jack. “So you’re talking about a threesome,” Cameron said.


Jack grinned cheerfully. “See, now there’s the reason I picked you for this job. You’re a smart man, Mitchell. I want my Danny happy. If he wants to sleep with you, then by god, that’s what Danny gets,” Jack said firmly. “Of course, we weren’t sure about your sexuality, so I came up with a plan to have Danny here tease you and we would see if it worked. If it did, then Danny boy had a chance. If it didn’t, well then no one was the wiser and we could forget about it.”


“So the pudding, the banana…” Cameron trailed off.


Jack moaned in appreciation. “God, the banana. I couldn’t get him out of the cafeteria and into a supply closet quick enough,” Jack said lustfully. “I blew my body right here on the base.”


“Fuck,” Cameron breathed out.


Jack looked at him curiously and saw lust flare up in Cameron’s eyes. “Does that thought make you hot?” he asked.


“Hell yeah,” Cameron whispered.


“So you would be agreeable to this then?” Jack asked. “There’s no strings attached. If you say no, then we forget about this and move on. Nothing happens without my say so.”


Cameron gave Jack an assessing look. He nodded his head slowly. “I could get behind that,” he said. “You’re a sexy bastard. I would have no problems being with you and Daniel.”


“See Jack, I told you people thought you were sexy,” Daniel piped in.


“Yadda, yadda,” Jack replied. He glanced at Cameron and said, “If you’re agreeable to this, then meet me at Daniel’s house tonight around six o’clock.”


“All right, I will,” Cameron said.


Jack nodded his head decisively. “Good. Now let’s get out of here before someone walks in. It wouldn’t look good to have two naked men and a partially dressed man standing in the shower.”


“Why were you undressing?” Daniel asked.


“Teal’c and I were working out. I was coming in here for a shower when I heard you moaning. Be glad that I was the one that found you two and not someone who could cause trouble. Now come on,” Jack said.


“I’m surprised that no one has already come in,” Daniel said as they walked out of the shower.


“Teal’c is guarding the door,” Jack explained.


“Ah,” Daniel said in understanding.


“Teal’c?” Cameron asked in disbelief.


Daniel shrugged. “Sure. Teal’c knows about our little plan for you. Sam and Teal’c both know about Jack and my relationship. Of course, Sam has no idea about our plans for you. She can be a tad prudish about some things. It was hard enough for her to get around Jack and my relationship. If she thought we were hitting on someone else, well, she wouldn’t be all that happy,” Daniel explained.


“I thought Jack and Carter had a thing,” Cameron said, as they got dressed.


Jack snorted in amusement as he watched them dress. “There is no way that Carter and I would ever be able to get past the regulations long enough to have a relationship. We’re too military for that,” Jack said.


“Right, because sleeping with Daniel is so much better,” Cameron said sarcastically.


“Maybe not, but hey, Daniel is Daniel. There is no one better than him,” Jack said. He had a sappy look on his face as he watched Daniel getting dressed. He sighed wistfully as all the lovely, naked skin was covered up.


“I love you too, Jack,” Daniel said sweetly.


“Now, I want both of you kids to get out of here. I need to take my shower and maybe jerk off. I can’t seem to get the images of you two out of my head,” Jack said.


Cameron straightened his shirt and looked at Jack thoughtfully. He walked over to where Jack was standing and kissed him hard. Daniel gasped at the sight of his lover kissing another man. Damn, that was hot. Daniel could understand the sudden acceptance Jack had about him sleeping with Cameron. He watched, enthralled, as their tongues dueled and their moans blended together. They pulled apart, both panting harshly. Cameron licked his lips and said, “Oh yea, I’ll have no problem with this at all.”


With that said, he turned and walked out of the locker room, whistling cheerfully. Jack and Daniel stared after him. “He’s a cocky little son of a bitch, isn’t he?” Jack said with admiration.


“Yea, he reminds me of you,” Daniel said.


“Oh Danny, we are going to have so much fun tonight,” Jack said softly.


“That we are Jack, that we are.”


                                                                                                              * * * *

Daniel opened the beer and handed it to Jack. He always made sure that his fridge was stocked with Jack’s favorite beer. He watched as Jack took a drink. He leaned over and kissed him. He licked Jack’s lips to catch the stray drops of beer and sighed contently.


He pulled back and leaned to nibble on Jack’s neck, sliding his tongue along the neckline. He placed open kisses along Jack’s neck and heard Jack moan in appreciation. He felt Jack’s hands reach around him and pull him closer. Their bodies pressed together, causing their cocks to rub against each other. Daniel gasped at the sensation.


“So you think Mitchell will be here anytime soon?” Jack asked hoarsely. “I don’t think I can wait long before I have to fuck you, Danny.”


“Um…” Daniel said absently. He was tracing the line of Jack’s chest. Jack had taken his shirt off when he accidentally spilt some beer on it and hadn’t bothered to put another one on. Daniel leaned down and circled Jack’s nipple with his tongue.


“Oh that feels good,” Jack said thickly.


Daniel hummed quietly and continued to lick the nipple. He moved over to the other one and began the process again. He finally bit down lightly and Jack gasped aloud. He felt Jack’s hand come up and grab his head, holding him in place as he made small bites on Jack’s chest.


“You taste so good, Jack,” Daniel said softly. “I could spend all night just doing this.”


Jack chuckled softly. “Maybe you could, but I doubt I could last that long.”


Daniel pulled back and looked at Jack mischievously. “You wanna try?” he asked.


There was a knock on the door and Jack sighed regretfully. “We’ll have to try it some other time. Why don’t you go answer the door? I’m a little under-dressed.”


Daniel nodded and took a reluctant step back. He sighed, turned and walked towards the door. He opened it and saw that Cameron was standing on the doorstep, fidgeting slightly. He glanced at Daniel in surprise and his eyes narrowed. He flicked his gaze down towards Daniel’s crotch and his eyes darkened in lust.


“Getting an early start, Daniel?” he asked.


“Well, we had to do something while we waited for you. Jack is not exactly known for his patience,” Daniel said flippantly.


“I heard that,” Jack yelled from the kitchen. He walked into the living room as Daniel let Cameron into the house. “Don’t you believe him. I was standing there, quietly, drinking my beer, when he decided that he needed something to suck on.”


“Oh?” Cameron asked. “And what was it that he was sucking on?”


“Well, my neck and chest actually, but if you had been later, he would’ve gotten to my cock sooner or later,” Jack said cheerfully.


“I would’ve hated to have missed that,” Cameron said, his voice filled with arousal.


“Lucky for you, though, we didn’t get far,” Daniel explained. “Would you like a beer?”


Cameron nodded his head. “Please.”


Jack waved at Cameron. “Take your jacket off, sit down, stay awhile,” he said expansively.


Cameron took his jacket off and placed it on the back of his chair. Daniel walked into the room and handed Cameron a bottle of beer. Jack sat down on the couch, grabbed Daniel and pulled him onto his lap. Jack leaned back, parted his legs and moved Daniel around until he was leaning against him. Jack motioned to Cameron to take a seat.


Cameron sat down on the chair that was facing the couch. He took a sip of beer and watched Daniel and Jack intently. They made small talk, and the tension in the room began to build slowly. Jack was talking to Cameron about hockey and his hand began to move up and down Daniel’s chest absently. Daniel leaned back, closed his eyes and sighed contently. He could feel the caresses getting harder. Jack’s hand moved down his chest, to his stomach and he was gently petted. Jack’s hand stayed there a while.


Daniel shifted restlessly as his cock grew hard. He knew what Jack was doing. He was teasing Cameron. Daniel opened his eyes slightly and saw that Cameron’s eyes were watching Jack’s hand intently. Jack’s hand had lowered to Daniel’s cock and was stroking it lightly through his jeans. Daniel’s breathing began to deepen and he moaned softly as his cock became hard. He could hear Jack laugh softly as he pressed harder on Daniel’s cock. Jack put his beer down and placed his cold hand under Daniel’s shirt. He stroked Daniel’s stomach and reached up to pinch Daniel’s nipple.


Daniel groaned at the dual touch. His head fell back against Jack’s chest and he panted hard. He jumped slightly as he felt another set of hands on his legs. He opened his eyes and saw that Cameron was squatting before him. His hands began to caress his thighs and they reached up higher until they tangled with Jack’s hands.


“Do you want me to suck you, Daniel?” Cameron asked hoarsely. His blue eyes were dark with arousal, and Daniel could see the bulge in Cameron’s pants.


“I bet you would like it, Danny boy. Do you want Cameron to suck you?” Jack whispered hotly into his ear.


“Oh god, yes,” Daniel begged.


Cameron smiled at him and pulled down the zipper to Daniel’s pants. He tugged the jeans down slightly and Daniel lifted his ass so that Cameron could get his pants off. He was thankful that he decided not to put any shoes on. Cameron threw Daniel’s jeans and underwear over his shoulder and moved in closer. He caressed Daniel’s legs and moved them apart so that he could fit between them. He reached up, grasped Daniel’s hard cock gently and gave it a few gentle tugs.


Daniel moaned deeply. He watched with glazed eyes as Cameron bent his head and licked the head of his cock. He tasted the precome, licked his lips, bent down and placed Daniel’s cock in his mouth. Daniel gasped at the wet, hot, heat that surrounded his cock. He whimpered softly as Cameron sucked him lightly.


“Does that feel as good as it looks, Danny?” Jack asked. Daniel could hear Jack panting, and he could feel the hardness of Jack’s cock against his back. Jack was stroking his arms lightly and Daniel knew that if he looked at Jack, he would see brown eyes glowing with lust.


Daniel tried hard not to move, but he had an overwhelming desire to slam his cock into Cameron’s mouth. He whimpered as he felt Cameron’s mouth slide further down his cock. He yelped as Cameron swallowed him whole. He could feel Cameron’s tongue caress him and he moaned in appreciation. Cameron’s mouth was hot, wet and firm and it hugged his cock tightly as he sucked gently.


Several minutes passed and Daniel was ready to scream in frustration. Cameron had teased him into a frenzy, not giving him enough friction to come. He looked down at Cameron and demanded, “Let me come, damn you!”


Cameron chuckled lightly, his mouth still wrapped around Daniel’s cock. Daniel moaned at the sensation and began to plead. “Please…oh…oh…please…suck me harder…I want to come,” he said with a breathless whine.


Cameron lifted his head off Daniel’s cock and smiled predatorily. “Your wish is my command.” He lowered his head and swallowed Daniel whole. The suddenness of it made Daniel yell. Cameron sucked harder, lifting his head up and down while licking Daniel’s cock with his tongue. Daniel was close to coming. All he needed was a little push. He began to move his hips slightly. Cameron let go of Daniel’s cock, looked at him and said, “Grab my head and fuck my mouth,” he said hoarsely.


Daniel snapped. He reached down, grabbed Cameron’s head and slammed his cock back into Cameron’s mouth. He moved his hips frantically until he was close to coming. He felt Jack reach up and pinched his nipples, hard. That was it. Daniel yelled out as he came in a rushing climax. His cock pulsed several times and Cameron swallowed it down. Daniel collapsed bonelessly against Jack, his eyes glowing with satiation. His breathing was harsh, and his heart was racing.


Jack chuckled. “You all right there, Danny?” he asked.


Daniel moaned. Cameron looked smug and Daniel wanted to be irritated, but he was feeling too good right now to care.


“I think we should take this into the bedroom, don’t you?” Jack asked. Daniel sighed. It meant he would have to get up. He raised his hand and Cameron helped him off the couch. Cameron kissed him deeply and Daniel could taste himself in Cameron’s mouth. He deepened the kiss, enjoying it immensely. He could feel his cock twitch, and knew that it wouldn’t take much for him to get hard again.


Jack stood up and walked behind Daniel. He leaned forward and nipped Daniel on the ear. “Let’s go you two,” he said. He made his way towards his bedroom, Cameron and Daniel following behind him.


They entered the bedroom and Jack directed Daniel to the bed. Daniel laid down and looked over at his lovers. “What do you want, Danny?” Jack asked. “It’s your night. You tell us what you want.”


Daniel licked his lips and said, “I want to see Cameron kiss you,” he said.


Jack nodded. He turned and looked at Cameron, who was leaning against the wall, waiting for direction. He gave the man a crooked grin. “You heard what Danny said. Get over here,” Jack demanded.


Cameron smirked and took a step forward. His hands began to trail up Jack’s arms, until they reached his neck. Cameron grabbed his neck hard and brought Jack closer. He leaned forward and took Jack’s lips in a ferocious kiss. He bit Jack’s bottom lip and Jack gasped at the sensation. As his lips parted, Cameron plunged his tongue into Jack’s mouth and began to caress Jack’s tongue. He fucked Jack’s mouth with his tongue and Jack groaned helplessly.


Daniel watched it all in a daze. He was right. It didn’t take much to make him hard again. It was hot to watch Jack and Cameron kiss. He felt a spark of arousal that was fanned even hotter the longer they kissed. He saw Cameron pull back and trailed kisses down Jack’s neck. Cameron reached down and unzipped Jack’s pants. He reached in and grasped Jack’s hard cock.


Jack groaned aloud. “Damn, that feels so fucking good,” he rasped out. He kissed Cameron again, pulling him closer, his leg pushing in between Cameron’s legs. He placed his hand on Cameron’s ass and pulled him closer, causing Cameron’s cock to push against his leg. Cameron cursed at the friction against his cock. Jack unsnapped Cameron’s jeans and unzipped them. He reached around and pushed his hands into Cameron’s jeans, cupping his ass. His long fingers stroked down the valley of Cameron’s ass, and he flicked over the opening.


Cameron moaned loudly. “Ah, fuck,” he said harshly.


“Oh, I intend to,” Jack said huskily. He pulled Cameron into another kiss and this one was rough, savage, and primal. Daniel could hear the slippery sounds of saliva as their tongues intertwined with each other.


“Jack,” Daniel called out.


Jack pulled back and looked over at Daniel. “Yea?” he asked.


“I want Cameron to fuck me, and I want you to be in him at the same time. Can you do that for me?” Daniel asked sweetly.


Jack looked at Daniel and then at Cameron, who smirked, and grinned widely. “Sure ya betcha.”


Jack stepped back from Cameron and proceeded to take off his pants. He looked Cameron up and down. “Those clothes, off!” he demanded.


Jack walked over to the bed and laid down next to Daniel. “Hey, babe,” he whispered. He leaned down for a long, loving kiss. “Are you having a good time?” he asked.


“Oh yeah. Who knew it could be so hot to watching you kiss another man,” Daniel said. He was watching Cameron as he undressed. He felt Jack reach for his shirt and sat up to help Jack take it off.


He leaned back against the pillows and Cameron got on the bed. He crawled his way up to Daniel and leaned down to kiss him. He pulled back and asked, “Are you sure this is what you want?”


Daniel reached up and pulled him down for another kiss. “Yeah, I’m sure,” he said.


Cameron looked over at Jack, who nodded in agreement. “Oh, good, because I was really, really hoping to fuck you tonight,” he said brightly.


Daniel and Jack laughed. Jack reached into the night table and pulled out a bottle of lube. He threw it at Cameron and said, “Get on with it, soldier.”


“Sir, yes sir,” Cameron said smartly, humor shining from his eyes. Cameron took the bottle and parted Daniel’s legs. He grabbed one of the pillows and placed it under Daniel’s hips. He softly stroked the insides of Daniel’s legs. His hands trailed down to Daniel’s cock and he gave it a couple of gentle tugs, causing Daniel to moan softly.


Cameron opened the bottle of lube and poured some of it on his fingers. He reached down and with one wet finger, he stroked the area around Daniel’s hole. He teased Daniel, dipping his finger in briefly and pulling it back out. Daniel began to plead for Cameron to fuck him and he gently pushed his finger in. Daniel threw his head back and gasped loudly. Cameron pushed his finger in and out for a minute before pulling out. He poured more lube on his fingers and inserted another one. Daniel groaned thickly as Cameron hit his sweet spot. He began to scissor his fingers for a few minutes, then he added another finger.


Daniel started to beg. “God, Cameron, please. I’m ready. Just fuck me,” he whimpered.


“If you insist,” Cameron said. He pulled his fingers out, grabbed Daniel’s ass, and lifted him gently. Jack leaned forward, grabbed Cameron’s cock and held it firmly as Cameron entered Daniel’s body slowly. Daniel yelled out as he felt Cameron’s cock slide into him. There was a burning sensation, but it felt so good. He panted harshly and licked his dry lips, trying to wet them.


Jack leaned down and kissed Daniel, wetting his lips. “You look so fucking good, baby,” he whispered. “You look so hot. Are you enjoying the feel of his cock in you?”


“Yessss,” Daniel hissed.


Jack chuckled and pulled back. He leaned down and picked up the bottle of lube. “My turn now, soldier,” Jack said gleefully.


Cameron chuckled as Jack walked behind him. He gasped as he felt Jack’s fingers enter his body. “Fuck,” he yelled out as Jack’s fingers hit his prostate. After a few minutes of stretching, he felt Jack get on the bed and rise up on his knees. Cameron moaned in appreciation as he felt Jack enter his body. After a long, slow slide, he could feel Jack’s balls resting against his ass. “Oh,” he whimpered. “It’s been so long.”


“Well you won’t have to worry about that any longer. Not with my Danny here,” Jack said hoarsely. “God, you’re so fucking tight. You are so going to enjoy this ass, Danny.”


“Great, that’s nice. Now, shut up and fuck me,” Daniel demanded.


Cameron and Jack chuckled as they began to work in tandem, the motion of their bodies matching. Daniel began to plead, beg, moan, and whimper as he was fucked. Cameron began to pound into Daniel. He moved back and forth, whimpering as he fucked and was fucked. The tension between the three men began to build, as they got closer and closer to coming.


The room was filled with the scent of sex, and the strained groans of three men in throes of pleasure. Daniel was begging, Cameron was whimpering and Jack was cursing loudly. Daniel threw back his head and yelled as he came. His cock pulsed wildly and he groaned.


Jack watched his lover avidly. He loved to see Daniel’s face as he came. There was nothing better in the world than watching the pained pleasure that crossed Daniel’s face. Jack grabbed onto Cameron’s hips and began to slam into him. He heard Cameron yell as he finally came, and with three more pumps of his hips, his vision went white and he came. His hips pumped a couple of more times, before he collapsed against Cameron. He pulled out slowly, and helped Cameron as he pulled out of Daniel’s body. Cameron fell onto the bed, laying next to Daniel. Jack crawled to the other side of Daniel and lay down.


Daniel looked content and Jack reached up to caress his face. Daniel gave him a sleepy smile, reached over to kiss him, then leaned over to kiss Cameron. “Thank you two so much,” he said softly.


Cameron smiled smugly. “Trust me, it was no hardship,” he said.


Jack chuckled. “Well there was some hardship.”


Daniel groaned. “Jack, that was terrible,” he said.


“But funny,” Jack quipped. “Right?”


“No, Jack,” Daniel said.


Jack frowned lightly. “Well Cameron thought it was funny. Right, Cameron?” he asked hopefully.


Cameron shook his head. “Er…no,” he said.


“You two have no sense of humor,” Jack said with a pout.


Daniel chuckled wearily. “I think I’m going to take a nap,” he said.


“You do that Danny, because in a little while, we’re going to do it all over again,” Jack said gleefully.


“Oh yeah,” Cameron breathed, his eyes alight with lust. “Just, you know, after a nap.”


“Yeah, sure, you betcha,” Jack said sleepily. He put his arms around Daniel and pulled him close. He reached over, grabbed Cameron’s hand, and held it tightly. He didn’t want the man to feel left out. “Night, you two,” Jack said.


“Night, Jack,” Daniel said.


“Night, John boy,” Cameron quipped.


Jack snorted in amusement. “Cocky son of a bitch,” Jack muttered before falling asleep.


                                                                                                              * * * *

Daniel sighed as he watched Jack’s rental truck pull out of the driveway. The week was over and Jack was on his way to the airport. He was glad to have had the time with Jack, but he was going to miss him so much. He knew that it would be at least another year before Jack retired, but until then, they would have to make do with monthly visits and phone calls.


He smiled as he remembered the night that Cameron came over. He had been sure that it would be awkward the morning after, but he had woke up to Cameron giving Jack a blowjob. It had been hot and when Cameron had finished Jack off, he went down on Daniel. After he had come, Daniel had looked over at Jack, and with their ability to have a wordless conversation, they pounced on Cameron and teased him until he came with a yell.


Cameron spent the rest of the week with Jack and Daniel. At the base, they spent time getting to know each other. Jack said he wanted to know more about Cameron than what was in his file. He said that he didn’t let just anyone play with his Danny. Daniel was glad to see that Cameron and Jack got along so well. They were alike in many ways, and they both had the same sense of humor.


While Daniel would miss Jack, he was glad to have Cameron here to keep him company. He knew that Cameron didn’t love him, nor was he likely to fall in love with him. There had been references to a lover who had died in the attack in Antarctica. Daniel was glad to know that he was giving Cameron some kind of comfort. He didn’t want to play with the man’s emotions. Cameron had loved his partner very much, and he wasn’t remotely ready for a serious relationship.


Daniel knew that Jack had told Cameron to watch out for him, and he knew that Cameron would take that order seriously. He worried that Jack would be lonely, but Daniel knew that Jack was wired differently than him. While he may miss Daniel, he didn’t have the same desperate need to be held as Daniel did.


He looked out the window absently, jerking out of his thoughts when he felt arms come around him and pull him tightly against a warm body.


“Hey, you all right?” Cameron asked as he nibbled on Daniel’s ear.


“Yeah, I’m fine. I just miss him now that he’s gone. I won’t see him for another month, unless he has another surprise visit like this one,” Daniel said.


“I know, but I’m here for you. I told Jack that I would watch out for you and I plan to do just that, Daniel. Whenever you need me, I’ll be here for you,” Cameron said.


Daniel turned around and gazed at Cameron’s blue eyes. “Thanks, Cameron,” he said quietly.


“Not a problem. That’s what I’m here for,” Cameron said with a smile.


“Really? I thought it was for the really hot sex,” Daniel said brightly.


Cameron nodded his head eagerly. “Oh yeah, that too,” he said happily.


Daniel laughed. He leaned forward and kissed Cameron. “Why don’t we go into the bedroom and you can show me some more of that really hot sex,” Daniel said, arousal lacing his voice.


“Sir, yes, sir,” Cameron said huskily. He herded Daniel to the bedroom, and pushed him down on the bed. “Your wish is my command,” he said.


Daniel laughed softly. “Kiss me,” he said.


And Cameron did.



                                                                                ** The End ** 


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