By:  Lissa Knight  



CATEGORY:  Established Relationship

WARNINGS:  Sexual Situations


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  Huge thanks to rotschopf for bringing it back to life when I got a bad case of Bunny!dead hugs.  Big thanks to thothscribe81 for readin’ it and sayin’ it worked g.  And luv and thanks also to bugchicklv for takin a quick peek : )



The edge of a charged staff weapon his Cameron hard across the face, scraping his skin as it went.




He got no further as a second blow came directly to the base of his neck and he went down hard to the ground. Still conscious, he forced his eyes to open and focused on the feet in front of him, as blows continued to reign on his back.


He felt the familiar taste of iron as a mouthful of blood escaped his lips, and fought to get to his knees. The man standing over him was relentless; delivering hardened blows to the base of his spine. Of these, the third blow did what his aggressor wanted and caused Cameron to shout out.


A second later he fell silent, pouring all his energies into trying to stand, but this too was blocked by a second set of feet moving around him, stretching something over his face until he saw nothing. Cameron struggled to shake the blindfold off his temples, kicking out his legs and attempting to move his arms from behind him until he caught another sickening blow to his ribs and waited whilst the world around him retreated into blackness.


When he came round, the air stank of stale poultry and straw, and although he could not see where he was, he suspected it to be a cattle housing of some kind. His arms were suspended above him, blood drained from his fingertips and forearms numbed. He strained to see through the thick gauze covering his eyes, but as the fabric was too dense to get anything readable from, he tried to hoist his body up instead.


His knees were bent and his feet tucked beneath him, as if knelt in prayer. Only the knowledge that his arms were bared and trussed above him gave way to an altogether more ungodly pose. With no small amount of irony, Cameron pondered whether this is what you got for not praying hard enough in your youth.


He tried to hitch up his torso to give his arms leverage when he heard feet approaching and went instinctively still. The footsteps got nearer, moving from hard thuds on the stone flooring outside to more muffled footfalls on straw. He braced himself for the next stage in interrogation and straightened his bloodied jaw.


“I’m going to try and help you,” a voice whispered directly into his ear.


Cameron’s face turned towards the now-identified voice, and let out a small sigh of relief.


Jackson, I,” he started, still unable to see beyond the blindfold before being stopped short by a heavy kiss on his lips. Somewhere in his body, adrenalin was fucking with his senses and his back arched, accentuating the prone position he was still forced into. He felt his cock harden as Daniel’s hands worked to free him from the restraints.


More footfalls could just be heard moving from the stone to the straw and marching heavily into the cattle shed. Cameron felt Daniel’s hands working quickly, agitatedly trying to untie his arms.


“Just one more second,” Daniel was saying, until Cameron could feel no more movement on his restraints.


The next instant, he felt the shudder of a severe body blow as Daniel took the full force of an unseen weapon and fell slumped to the floor.


Jackson?” he asked, raising his voice.


Nothing. Then a softer voice: -




He felt movement around him and heard two sets of feet, picking up Daniel and moving him to Cameron’s left side. They worked in unison tying him up, with only slight murmurs of protest coming from their captive. Once they had done and Cameron was sure they’d left the cattle shed, he started again trying to wake him.


“Hey, you awake Jackson?”


“Just,” came the slow response.


“Okay, well we need to get ourselves out of these,” Cameron offered, shaking the restraints on his hands to make a point. He leant forward slightly in doing so, and realized that Daniel was only inches away.


“Lean in to me,” he asked, and although Daniel didn’t say anything, he felt elbows brushing up against his and the warm air of the man’s just-exhaled breath.


“Can you see anything?” Cameron asked.




“Okay, well I’m gonna try and lean across, and if you can get my blindfold and try ripping it away, maybe we can see what the hell we’re doing here.”


Daniel leant across, stretching his shoulders forward from where his arms were tied and began searching to find Cameron. He attempted a couple of lunges until his teeth made contact roughly with Cameron’s cheek, trying for a bite of the gauze blindfold but instead taking a connecting nip out of Cameron’s jawline.


Cameron said nothing, other than: -


“Again. Try again.”


This time Daniel leant across with more force, again taking a bite from Cameron’s cheek before holding it and ripping upwards with a mouthful of gauze. Just for a second, Cameron’s adrenalin raced again and he felt a surge of hardness before the blindfold yielded under the pressure and came away from his eyes. Blinking at the increase in light around him, he took a second or two to focus. He’s been right in suspecting it was a cattle outhouse, as he could see the straw that lay around them. Daniel was tied up next to him, arms bound upwards but in front of him. If he stretched fully, Cameron thought he could reach.


“Okay, so we’re both bound up, but so long as you stay there I’ll try and get your hands free,” he said softly to Daniel.


“Yeah, not really going anywhere,” Daniel replied, with a resigned tone that was reserved for each and every time SG1 found themselves in something similar.


Cameron gave a look of ‘natch’ for a second before focusing on the job at hand and swinging himself across to Daniel’s space as much as he could. His teeth searched for something to bite into, and he got Daniel’s wrists, exerting the full force he was trying to give to the ropes.


Daniel’s breathing came sharper, but he said nothing. Cameron looked at the bite mark he’d left on Daniel’s wrist and the red wheel that was coming up.


“Ah, sorry. I’ll try and get the rope next time,” he said sheepishly.


Instead of answering, Daniel stayed quiet and shifted his legs slightly. It was a familiar adjustment to Cameron, although not in this context. Sure enough, Daniel seemed to be moving to disguise his arousal. Cameron took another lunge forward and again bit down into Daniel’s wrist, tantalizingly close to the rope but missing it by a fraction. Still, he let his teeth come away slowly from Daniel’s skin and flicked his tongue slightly as he pulled away.


Daniel stayed still, his eyes still hidden by the blindfold and bracing himself into steadiness, but this time with an unmistakable hard on.


“Well I’ll be damned…” said Cameron, feeling his senses combining pain with stimulation and coming up with his own hardening cock.


“…he likes it rough.” He rolled the last word around his lips to articulate it fully, before taking another swing at Daniel, this time biting purposely at his forearms. He clamped his teeth down roughly on Daniel’s arm, keeping the flesh in his mouth as he heard a grunt in Daniel’s throat. He sucked down on the flesh, nuzzling it and moving along to Daniel’s wrist, which was already red and raw.


He threw a look at Daniel’s abdomen and saw he had given up trying to hide his hard on. Cameron would’ve taken it into his mouth if his hands were free, but instead could only push his own hips towards Daniel, their clothed cocks coming tantalizingly close without actually having the ability to touch. Still, looking at his lover, all holed up and nowhere to go, hard as fuck and skin raw to the touch was doing more than enough to push Cameron’s spunk near to the surface.


Jarring his shoulder against the restraints, Cameron through himself as far as he could get into Daniel’s space. If they ever got out of this, his shoulder was going to hurt like a son of a bitch, but his brain wasn’t doing the thinking right now.


He got as far across as Daniel’s neck and took a forceful bite just to the side of his jugular. Daniel’s skin was hot and heavy with perspiration, and Cameron found his lips sliding along Daniel’s neck before finding their place and biting down on his nape.


Daniel let out a cry, part in shock, part in pleasure. He leaned into the bite that had taken his last breath and gave a heavy groan as his knees started to buckle. Cameron could only look down as Daniel came, not able to take him into his hands or mouth, instead taking his attention back to the red bite marks and licking over them. Daniel recoiled with each lick, as each one caused one heavy judder after another, and his restrained cock gave way to being satiated at the same time his combats became sodden.


After the last bite, Cameron turned his attention to trying the catch the rope again, frustration and his erection giving him the impetus to get Daniel free. At a second attempt he bit into the ropes on Daniel’s wrists and began tracking along it, finding the knot and pulling at the weakest point.


After what seemed like an age, he achieved some leverage and the rope pulled just slack enough for Daniel to get his wrists moving. Taking over, Daniel snaked his wrist through the gap and pulled a hand free. He went straight to his own blindfold and ripped it off, focusing on Cameron and searching to look into his eyes. Cameron caught his look and returned it.


Daniel had one hand free, and took it quickly over Cameron’s jaw, stopping at his mouth so that Cameron could bite his thumb, and then moving down to trace a line past his stomach and onto Cameron’s cock. He maneuvered his hand over Cameron’s flies and pulled, wrestling the fabric until he had him, skin on skin, in his hand.


Cameron through his head back, letting out the biggest exhalation of relief as he came, Daniel’s touch giving him the final nudge over the edge into a cum drenched oblivion. His semen fell onto Daniel’s own saturated combats, and Daniel made no attempt to stop it, instead taking a second to give his own fingers a long deliberate lick. A smile played on Cameron’s lips for a second as he gave his final jolts, and his shoulders slumped along with his thighs.


Daniel watched him for several moments, cradling his chin in his hand before turning his attention back to his other hand. He tugged hard at the rope, jostling it and stretching it until he got both hands free, and set about untying his feet, before helping Cameron free as well. They sat for a moment, stretching limbs without talking, before Cameron broke the silence with a mischievous: -


“Maybe this job ain’t so bad after all.”



                                                                               ** The End **  


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