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WARNINGS:  Sexual Situations





"Jackson, I'm bored." Cameron sat on the desk, his legs swinging gently over the edge as Daniel continued to pore over his books. Cameron would never understand what was so fascinating about them, that kept Daniel on the base most nights. "Let's go out and do something, hit a club or catch a movie. Something that involves leaving this base!" Daniel glanced up, pausing in his translations.


"Hit... a club? Who talks like that?"


"Me. Come on, Jackson! Those texts have been waiting a coupla thousand years already, one more night isn't going to hurt anything. Besides - I'm bored!" Cameron bounced off the desk, and walked over to Daniel, clamping his hands down on the doctor's shoulders as he peered over to look at the book. All he saw was scribbles, probably in Ancient but he couldn't be sure. But Daniel didn't falter, continuing to translate the text.


"Just because you're the leader of SG-1 does not make you the boss of me."


"Well, how about we pretend it does?"




"Aww, come on, Jackson!" Cameron threw his hands up in frustration, and began impatiently pacing behind him. "Just one night, please! Carter doesn't think it's safe yet to separate, and all we've done since we destroyed that Supergate is... this!"


"Well, that Supergate we destroyed was the first, but not the last. The Ori are coming, and there might be something in these Ancient texts that could help us."


"Has there been, in any of the dozens of books you've poured over in the past two weeks?" Daniel paused, looking up as he contemplated how to best answer this.


"Well, no, not directly, but there have been several references - "


"You and your references!" Cameron virtually leapt back over to Daniel, grabbing his shoulders and pulling him around in his chair slightly, squatting in front of him with his elbows resting on Daniel's knees. "Look, I'll make you a deal - you come to a bar with me tonight, we'll have a few drinks, make a few friends, and if you really don't have a good time, then I promise I will spend however long we have left together in here, helping you translate." Daniel eyeballed Cameron over the rim of his glasses. "Well, I'll assign someone to help you translate them." Both men held each other's gaze, waiting for the other to break first. Cameron tilted his head to the side, and let a sly grin slowly break on his face. After a minute more of this, Daniel put down the pencil, and gently pushed Cameron's arms off his knees.


"Okay, fine. I'll go out with you." Cameron stood up, triumphant, before turning back to Daniel.


"You don't have to make it sound so gay, Jackson. Unless, you know... there's something you haven't mentioned yet." Cameron winked at him, as he turned to walk out the room. Daniel stood up, taking his glasses off and following behind Cameron, his gaze drawn to the way Cameron's peachy ass-cheeks moved in the regulation-issue pants. "Like what you see back there?" Cameron laughed to himself, Daniel rolling his eyes as they walked down the hallway.


                                                       * * * *

Daniel really wasn't having fun. As he took another sip of his Corona, a chunk of lime being drawn into his mouth through the bottleneck and catching in his teeth, he glanced around him once more. At least, he tried to, but the smoke in the bar was making his eyes water. Cameron came bounding up to him, hopping up onto the barstool next to where Daniel sat, a huge grin on his face.


"So, you having fun yet?" Cameron motioned to the bartender for another drink, as he waited for Daniel's answer. When he turned back, he saw the look in Daniel's eyes. "I'll take that as a no then. Come on, buddy, you're not even trying!" The bartender put a Corona down in front of Cameron, but before he could serve another customer, Cameron grabbed his arm lightly. "We'll get four tequila shots as well." As the bartender moved to get the drinks, Daniel tried to protest.


"Cameron, thanks, but I'm not really a heavy - "


"Jackson! Lighten up, buddy! Once you get these down you, you'll feel a whole lot better."


"I seriously doubt that..." Daniel looked at the shots, laid out in front of him, cautious. He remembered the last time he'd done this, back in college, and how he couldn't remember anything after midnight from that eventful evening. "Cameron, I'm really not sure, I think I'm just gonna - "


"Go home? No chance. We're here now, I'm definitely not leaving, so unless you want to risk both of us falling on our asses once you get further than 100 feet away - " Cameron noticed the bartender was stood there, gazing oddly at the comment, so he handed him three $10 bills to shoo him away, "then you're just gonna have to have some fun." Cameron downed one of the tequilas, handing another one to Daniel. For his part, Daniel considered the tequila with a distant look, before resigning himself to it and swallowing the sour alcohol. Cameron slapped him on the shoulders, jumping up off the barstool. "That's my boy! Now, come on, let's talk to some girls! Or, you know, there's probably some cute guys if that's what you're in to..." Daniel smirked at Cameron, as they both knocked back the second shots, grabbed their beers, and headed out to mingle.


                                                       * * * *

"Jackson, I think you're gonna have to help me here... the keyhole won't stop moving..." The brunette that had accompanied them back from the bar sat in the hallway, giggling at Cameron's feeble, drunken attempts to open his apartment door. Wearily, Daniel took the keys from Cameron, and opened the door, swinging it open with one arm while he stood in the doorway, waiting for Cameron and the woman - Laura? Lauren? He couldn't remember - to go inside before following them. Cameron headed straight for the fridge, grabbing as many beers as he could, as the woman crashed onto the couch. Daniel lent over the kitchen counter, folding his arms to rest his head on. It wasn't long, though, that he felt the chill of a cold beer can on his arm. He glanced up, to see Cameron stood over him, pressing a beer into him. He couldn't tell if Cameron was swaying because of all the tequila the colonel had drunk, or because Daniel himself was a little on the inebriated side. It was probably both.


"No, thanks, I'm beat."


"Come on, Jackson..." Cameron continued pressing the beer into him, before Daniel swatted it away with his arm. The can fell over the edge of the counter, hitting the floor hard. It rolled for a minute before it burst open, beer spraying out onto the floor. Cameron started laughing, hard, as the woman, who Daniel finally remembered was actually called Hannah, came over.


"I could go for a beer, Cam." Daniel rolled his eyes to himself, as Cameron stifled his laughter to attempt a sexy comeback.


"Baby - call me Shaft." Hannah tilted her head at him for a moment, before starting to laugh herself.


"Seriously?!" Cameron stepped over the pool of beer, handing Hannah a can as they went to sit down on the couch.


"Completely seriously, it was my callsign back when I actually flew for a living. Jackson, come over here and join us!" Cameron patted the cushion next to him, gesturing for Daniel to sit, but ending up spilling half his beer over the carpet. Daniel stood up, rubbing his eyes.


"No, you know what? I'm beat, I think I'm gonna leave you to it." Daniel headed towards the door, before he realised that they still didn't know if the effects of the Jaffa bracelets had worn off yet. He turned back to Cameron. "Guest room?" Cameron slammed his beer down on the table, standing up unsteadily to show Daniel the way as Hannah busied herself with taking off her heels. He grabbed Daniel by the arm, pulling him down the hallway.


"It's right... down... here!" He yanked on a door handle, throwing the door open. He patted Daniel on the back before he entered the room, throwing himself on the bed. "It's real comfy in here." He started bouncing on his ass, as Daniel came and sat down on the edge of the bed. "It's even comfier than my bed. I might have to join you once I'm done with Hannah out there." Daniel turned to Cameron, who had that sly grin on his face again, his trademark deadpan look fixed on his face.


Cameron threw his head back and laughed. "I'm only messing." He stood up, walked to the doorway, before turning back to Daniel. "We'll try not to be too noisy."


He winked at Daniel before leaving the room, closing the door as he left.


Daniel lay back on the bed, slowly unbuttoning his shirt as he thought about how torturous the night had been. His thoughts soon turned to Cameron, and before he realised it he was actually hoping Cameron would come back and join him. After a moment, he sat up, somewhat surprised.


"I really did have too much to drink." Pulling off his shirt and throwing it across the room, he slumped back on the bed. As he quickly fell to sleep, he remembered how Cameron's ass looked in those jeans tonight, and he wondered if tequila made every guy a little bit gay.


                                                       * * * *

"Jackson!" Daniel awoke with a start, sitting up slightly before he felt the side-splitting headache hit. Clutching his forehead with one hand, he blinked a few times before his eyes focused on Cameron, standing in his doorway. He was clad solely in a towel, his hair still wet from a shower. Daniel sat up fully, the headache lessening slightly.


"What are you doing?" Cameron came in, the door swinging shut behind him, as he came and sat down on the bed next to Daniel.


"Just thought I'd see how you were feeling. I'm thinking not too great." Daniel lay back again, groaning. "In case you were wondering, I feel fantastic. Hannah... that girl knows how to please a guy." Cameron lay back too, turning his head to look at Daniel.


"You really don't have any airs or graces, do you?" Daniel closed his eyes, resting his hands on his stomach.




"You realise I didn't mean it as a compliment, right?"




"Okay then." The two men lay in silence for a moment. Eventually, Daniel turned his head to look at Cameron, who had closed his eyes. "Um... Hannah?" Cameron didn't even open his eyes to respond.


"I told you - it's comfier in here." Daniel was too sleepy to argue, so he lay his head back on the pillow, drifting back off to sleep.


                                                       * * * *

It was the front door slamming shut that woke Cameron up. His head was fuzzy, and he realised he'd fallen asleep in the guest room. As he tried to will away the headache, he began to realise it was a little more than just falling asleep - somehow, during the night, he had snuggled up to Daniel. His head was resting on Daniel's chest, one arm draped over his torso with Daniel's own arm curled under him, holding him close. His eyes flew open, as he wondered how drunk he'd been last night, and how to extricate himself without waking Daniel up. Gently, he began to sit up, noticing that at least he still had the towel around his waist. He was sat halfway up, though, when he felt Daniel shift on the bed. Wincing with embarrasment, he hoped Daniel hadn't woken up.


"Where are you going?" Too late. He paused, wondering if Daniel was just as embarrased.


"Well, uh, I didn't think - "


"You don't have to." The words were out before he realised what he'd said. Daniel's eyes slammed open, his throat quickly drying out. Had he really just said it?

Cameron couldn't turn around, frozen in shock. "Uh, I mean, I, uh... crap." Daniel sat up, resting his forehead in his hands. Cameron unfroze, and couldn't believe what he was about to say next.


"What are you trying to say?" Why was he continuing the conversation? Cameron's brain was telling him to get out, put some clothes on and pretend like this morning hadn't happened. He was certain that Daniel would want the same. But... there was something nagging him, at the back of his mind...


"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to put you on the spot like that." Daniel peeked out from the side of his hands, at Cameron's naked back. It felt like someone had just torn out his stomach, a pit of fear - and possibly nausea - steadily rising in its place. Finally, Cameron turned around. Daniel lifted his head up, and the two men finally looked each other in the eye. Cameron took one glimpse into Daniel's dark blue eyes, and began to comprehend what he was going to do. For his friend; with his friend.


"It's okay." Cameron reached over, and clasped the back of Daniel's head in his hand, pulling him into a kiss. It was nervous, both men trembling as they succumbed to their feelings. Cameron's lips were soft - softer than Daniel imagined they would be. He tasted smoky, like the bar from the night before, but Daniel didn't really care. Slowly, his tongue snaked out into Cameron's mouth, eager to taste more, to touch more. As he lay back down on the bed, his hands both holding Cameron's pale torso and guiding it down on top of him, Cameron's tongue reciprocated, exploring Daniel's own mouth with verocity. Daniel began to run his hands over Cameron's smooth back, taking his time to caress all the contours of his flesh and bone. Neither of them could explain what was happening, but at that moment it wasn't important. All that mattered was the kiss... and what would come after.


As Daniel began groping at the towel, Cameron broke off the kiss. Daniel lifted his head slightly off the pillow, lips pursed, eager to continue kissing. But Cameron knew he wanted more; Daniel's hands pulling the towel off suggested as much.


"I've got... provisions in my room, Jackson. Wait here." Cameron bounced up, as Daniel watched him go - his thick erection bobbing in the air, his pert ass-cheeks just crying out to be grabbed and slapped. He could feel his own erection straining underneath his clothes, and he began to undo his jeans, his flies almost bursting open from the force of his boner. As he yanked his jeans off, throwing them across the room, he began to pull at his boxers - but changed his mind. He wanted to give something Cameron to work for. Daniel lay back down, pawing gently at his cock, through the flimsy material. He ran his tongue over his lips slowly, savouring the taste of Cameron wherever he found it. He desperately wanted Cameron to return, to feel his lips on his, Cameron's hands teasing his body. He couldn't wait much longer - as he pinched and rubbed his nipples with one hand, Daniel reached his other into his boxers, taking hold of his throbbing cock and jerking it roughly. He wanted so much for Cameron to be here now.


"Ever heard of waiting, Jackson?" Daniel looked up, and saw Cameron stood in the doorway. His cock was still erect, pointing up and out like a flagpole with no flag. In his hand, he held some lube, a condom - and a blindfold.


"Who's that for?" Daniel gestured at the blindfold, as Cameron came and sat down over Daniel, straddling him as he lay the stuff he'd brought back in with him on the bed beside them. He leaned over and kissed Daniel once more, harder than the first time, his tongue teasing Daniel's with slow, measured movements. Daniel grabbed the back of Cameron's head, holding him in place as he groped his ass, the feel of Cameron's flesh almost too much for Daniel to handle. But Cameron had other ideas - he pulled away, sitting upright, writhing slowly over Daniel's confined cock as he reached for the blindfold. Daniel moved his hands up Cameron's legs, lightly dancing his fingers over the muscly thighs, determined to drive Cameron just as wild with anticipation as he was. Cameron let that sly grin of his creep over his face, as he brought the blindfold up over Daniel's face.


"Trust me, Daniel." He lowered the blindfold over Daniel's eyes, but Daniel reached up and grabbed one of Cameron's wrists with his hands.


"No. Call me Jackson." Cameron snickered, slightly surprised that Daniel found something so simple a turn on, as Daniel let him proceed with tying the blindfold.


"Well then, how about - "


"I'm not calling you Shaft." There was a moment of silence, before both men burst into laughter. Cameron stretched himself out so he was lying fully on top of Jackson, his own penis thrusting slightly at Daniel's boxers. He ran a finger over Daniel's lips, pulling away each time Daniel tried to take it into his mouth. Cameron guided Daniel's hands back to his ass, felt them dig in, as he made his thrusting motions stronger, harder. His face was mere centimetres away from Daniel's, he could feel Daniel's sweet breath on his lips. He drew the moment out for as long as possible, the anticipation building up until it was almost too much to bear, before kissing Daniel softly, pulling away every few seconds - just to keep him guessing.


Cameron could feel his orgasm building, his balls already starting to tighten, but he didn't want it to be over. Didn't want to stop touching, stop feeling. He slinked down Daniel's body, replacing his lips with his fingers in Daniel's mouth, and he felt him furiously sucking away at his digits. Cameron yanked down Daniel's boxers, allowing his cock to bounce up from the cotton confines. He flicked at it playfully, running a finger up the shaft. Daniel arced his pelvis up off the bed in response, wanting - craving - release. Cameron took his time, first delicately drumming his fingers up and down the shaft, before tentatively kissing and licking Daniel's cock. The sensations were intense, Daniel was bucking wildly on the bed, he wanted nothing more than to grab Cameron right now and fuck the shit out of him. But Cameron wasn't in a rush, he was having too much fun teasing Daniel. As he ran his tongue, slowly, gracefully, from the base of Daniel's cock, right to the tip, he started pinching at Daniel's nipples with his free hand, tweaking the pert nubs and completely getting off on Daniel's uncontrollable writhing. Cameron needed pleasure, needed to feel what Daniel was feeling, so he sat back up, straddling Daniel, nudging his knees right up into Daniel's armpits, squeezing his body hard. With one hand behind him, roughly jerking Daniel off, Cameron guided Daniel's lips to the tip of his cock, bobbing in midair directly over his face. Daniel could taste it, licked his lips, wanted more. With one swift move, he grabbed hold of Cameron's cock with one hand, opened his mouth and took it all in. Cameron gasped - he'd had blowjobs before, but this felt... different. Better. Daniel started to slowly wank the base of Cameron's penis, as he eagerly lapped at the shaft, his head moving up and down quicker than even he could conceive. Cameron was still jerking Daniel off, but the movements were getting more erratic, as his own pleasure intensified. Before long, he could feel the familiar tightening of his balls, his toes starting to curl, and he knew that any second now he would spurt in Daniel's mouth, his hot, salty cum dripping down the back of his throat. But that wasn't what he wanted.


He yanked his cock out of Daniel's mouth, as Daniel groaned for it to return. As he held Daniel's cock with one hand, he grabbed the condom, ripped it open fiercly. He was aching for an orgasm, his penis throbbing harder than it ever had before, but still he wanted to put it off, withhold the climax, for both of them. He quickly rolled the condom down Daniel's penis, as he bucked and fidgeted beneath Cameron's touch. Cameron picked up the lube, squirting a liberal amount down Daniel's cock, rubbing it all over with his hand. He could tell Daniel was close, but this wasn't over yet. He moved his body down, down, until his ass was right on top of Daniel's cock. He felt it nudge at his asshole, the tingling sensations spreading out all over his body, causing him to shiver uncontrollably. But Daniel had his own plans - he knew what Cameron wanted, and he grabbed Cameron's waist hard, slamming him down on his cock.


The pain was instant, but fleeting - they sat, still, for what felt like an eternity, Cameron's cock softening, his head lapsed back as he felt Daniel filling him up completely. After a few moments, the sensation lessened, but he didn't want it too - Cameron started to gyrate, moving up and down, and around, on Daniel's cock. The feelings inside him ached, yet satisfied Cameron, and he could feel his cock starting to harden up again already. As his movements got faster, rougher, Daniel sat up off the bed, wrapping his arms around Cameron and holding him tight to him. Cameron, for his part, wrapped his legs around Daniel's torso, his ankles meeting round his back, and the two sat there, thrusting and gyrating, holding each other like nothing else mattered. Slowly, Daniel moved one hand round, down, deep into the pit formed by their two bodies meeting, and grabbed a-hold of Cameron's pulsating cock. It felt almost too hard, like it was about to explode forth with cum, so he began to jerk at it, pulling it roughly as he continued to thrust his own cock deep into Cameron's asshole. They started pawing at each other, kissing everywhere and anywhere, licking, biting. It was almost dreamlike, both Daniel and Cameron almost detached from the moment, watching it from above.


Cameron was first to come, pausing his own body's movements as Daniel roughly jerked the orgasm out of him, cum spurting out of the tip and down, all over Daniel's hand and below. As his body was wracked with orgasmic shivers, his ass muscles tightened around Daniel's cock, and that was all it took to coax an orgasm out of him too. Cameron felt every pulse of Daniel's cock, as cum shot into the condom, he was sure the sheer intensity would be enough to break the latex completely. They sat still, holding, groping, light, delicate kisses placed on necks, shoulders; lips. Finally, as their sweat mingled in the air with the smell of Cameron's cum, the salty taste of sweat filling their mouths as they kissed, massaging their lips and tongues as if to calm each other, they disentangled. Daniel fell backwards onto the bed, out of control of his own body, musturing just enough energy to tear off the blindfold. Cameron let himself fall down next to him, on his back too, and they just lay there, the feelings and sensations they had just experienced etched into their minds. It was a perfect moment, the calm after the storm, but it couldn't stay like that. Someone had to break the silence; Cameron had to break their silence.


"Well, at least I'm not bored anymore, Jackson."



                                                                                  ** The End **   



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