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WARNINGS:Language, Sexual Situations, Flangst







The first time Cameron kissed Daniel, he was disappointed. He had expected fireworks and singing angels, but the only sound he was hearing was the clashing of teeth and the wet, sloppy sound of too much saliva. They sucked at each otherís lips like mad, their tongues shoved deeply into each otherís throats, and Cameron was almost convinced that neither of them would walk away from this with their tonsils still in place. He also realised that you really shouldnít jump archaeologists with glasses bigger than Tennessee to kiss said archaeologists, because Danielís glasses were digging painfully into Cameronís face.


When they finally came up for air, Cameron looked into Danielís unfocused eyes, noticing the little smile of happiness that was playing around Danielís lips. He waited for the contentment to settle in, but he felt slightly disgusted instead, and he certainly wasnít sure if he ever wanted to kiss Daniel again.


The first time Cameron gave Daniel a hand job, he had to reign in his giggles over the odd mewling sounds the man made, sounding more like a tortured cat than a guy in the throes of passion. He had always anticipated that Daniel would look hot and sexy when aroused, but he looked strange instead. And he smelled. Of sweat, of grime he had yet to wash away in the shower, and other things Cameron would rather not classify.


A feeling of nausea settled into the pit of his stomach, and he sped up his movements on Danielís dick to make him come as fast as possible to get the hell out of here. Daniel bucked into his hand, coating Cameronís fingers thoroughly with spunk. Cameron let go the moment Daniel was done and wiped his hands on some tissues he tore from the box of Kleenex on Danielís nightstand. Cameron didnít come.


The first time Cameron gave Daniel a blowjob, he barely managed not to gag. Though Daniel was freshly showered, Cameron was still able to taste faint traces of things he had never wanted to have in his mouth. Daniel seemed to like it though, considering the moans and requests for more. Another thing Cameron wasnít quite sure about was Danielís foreskin, and he really didnít know what to do with it at first, until he just pulled it back as far as possible and, inadvertently, triggered Danielís orgasm. Cameron really tried not to gag; he didnít swallow either.


The first time Cameron let Daniel fuck him, he thought of England. Literally. Or at least, he tried to think of something that would take his mind off the pain in this ass. Literally. He had lost his erection long ago and was glad he was on his hands and knees so Daniel wouldnít notice. Sparks of pleasure were flaring through him whenever Daniel brushed over his prostate, but not nearly enough to make up for the pain, or the uncomfortable feeling of needing a bathroom, and soon. He tried to focus on Danielís chapped lips against his spine, tried to imagine how it felt for Daniel. He didnít quite manage and happily fled to the bathroom as soon as Daniel collapsed on the sheets.


The first time Daniel said ďI love youĒ, Cameronís world tilted. He stared at the man who was looking at him bashfully, his bottom lip caught between his teeth as he awaited Cameronís verdict. Cameron couldnít do anything else but pull Daniel into his arms and hold on to him as tightly as possible.


The next time Cameron kissed Daniel, he moaned against his lips, teasing them open slowly with his tongue to invite Daniel to join the dance. He had plucked off Danielís glasses earlier and was outlining Danielís features with his fingers without breaking their sensual kiss. He came willingly when Daniel pulled him closer, a hot jolt of arousal shooting through him when he felt Danielís hard prick against his own.


When they finally came up for air, Cameron smiled at his lover, who wore the same dazed expression as the first time they had kissed. Only this time, Cameron was right there with him, caressing Danielís face with his nose and unable to contain the grin.


The next time Cameron gave Daniel a hand job, he reveled in the soft mewling sounds his lover made, thinking that Daniel was the sexiest and hottest thing he had ever seen. He rubbed his nose over Danielís sweaty skin, taking in his earthy and masculine scent. He wanted it to last, but Danielís sharp cries of pleasure were telling Cameron that it wouldnít take much more to make Daniel come.


He scooted even closer, rubbing himself against Danielís body and sighing when Danielís fingers closed around his dick. Daniel turned onto his side, searching for Cameronís lips with his mouth. When Daniel shot his spunk all over Cameronís cock, it was enough to make Cameron come harder than he had come for a very long time.


The next time Cameron gave Daniel a blowjob, he took his time to savour the taste of him. He was addicted to the salty and slightly bitter flavour, and to something that he identified as uniquely ĎDanielí. He played with his foreskin and dipped his tongue into the slit, barely able to keep from grinning when Daniel arched into his mouth and hands. He pulled back slightly when he felt the first warm shots of semen in his mouth, swallowing everything that Daniel seemed willing to give him.


The next time he let Daniel fuck him, he gazed up into his loverís eyes, encouraging him to come closer by pressing his heels into Danielís ass. He moaned when Daniel complied, his erection being trapped between them and being teased by Danielís abs. He saw stars when Daniel shifted slightly and found his sweet spot, the pleasure increasing tenfold. He didnít want it to end. He didnít want to give up the feeling of being filled so completely by Daniel. When they both came mere seconds later, Cameron wrapped himself even tighter around Daniel, listening to the sweet nonsense Daniel was whispering into his ear, and let himself lull into a sated sleep.


The next time Daniel said ďI love youĒ, Cameron smiled at him and pulled him close to kiss him softly before he put his mouth over Danielís ear to whisper the words back to him.



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