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SEASON/SPOILERS:  Season 9 “Camelot”

WARNINGS:  Sexual Situations


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  Takes place following my other two fics, “Surprise” and “The Next Day” but you don’t need to have read them to read this.  Totally PWP!  Episode wise, this takes place during Camelot, a few hours after Cameron and Daniel beamed back down into Merlin’s library.


Thanks to lissaknight for giving this a once over and the confidence boost before I posted it!  Hugs  As always, any mistakes are mine.



“Damn it! It has to be here!”


Cameron glanced up at a frustrated Daniel who was paging furiously through yet another dusty bound book and grumbling to himself. ‘We’ve been at this for hours,’ Cameron thought to himself. ‘Daniel’s never going to find anything if he keeps the pace he’s going without a break.’ He quietly placed his P-90 down on the table and made his way over to where Daniel was standing. Coming up behind him, Cameron placed his arms around Daniel’s waist and kissed his neck. “We’ve been at this for hours,” Cameron whispered in Daniel’s ear, smiling to himself when he felt the other man lean back slightly into his embrace. “I think what you need is a little distraction to help move things along.” He began sucking at Daniel’s neck, tasting the saltiness of his lovers skin. Daniel moaned slightly, leaning back into him a little further. Cameron felt the book Daniel had been holding slip from his grasp momentarily before Daniel caught it from falling on the floor.


Cam…” Daniel managed to get out as Cameron continued to work his neck, this time biting down slightly on the sensitive skin. “Mmmm…that feels good…but… We don’t have time…”


Cameron released Daniel’s neck and turned him around, taking the book from his hands and placing it on the table next to them. He kissed the other man lightly on the lips and began to work his shirt out of the military fatigues that they were tucked into. “Daniel, your eyes are going cross-eyed…” He got the shirt out and began working on the buttons to Daniel’s pants. “You’ve been at this for hours without a break. You need to relax for a few minutes and give your brain a chance to catch up.” With the last button undone, Cameron lifted Daniels shirt up and began to kiss his way up the other man’s torso, stopping to dart his tongue in and out of his belly button. This caused another moan from Daniel as the other man gave in and began tugging at Cameron’s shirt.


Daniel pulled him up and caught him in a passionate kiss, devouring Cameron’s mouth with his own. Cameron pulled back slightly and ran his tongue over Daniels lower lip, nibbling on it slightly. He shrugged out of his jacket, allowing Daniel to pull his shirt up and over his head, before pushing the other man back up against the large wooden table that took up much of the center of the room. Daniel peeled his own shirt off and pulled Cameron on top of him. Cameron ran his fingers through Daniel’s sweaty hair, loving the feeling of the other man underneath him. He looked into Daniel’s eyes once before ducking his head and beginning to work his way down the archaeologist’s body. Daniels hands settled on Cameron’s hair as he kissed his way down his chest and to his navel. Cameron hooked his fingers around Daniel’s fatigues and boxers and tugged, pulling them down to his knee’s. Daniel moaned as his erection was freed from its restraints and gasped when Cameron closed his mouth around the throbbing cock and began to suck. Cameron worked his mouth around Daniel’s cock, licking up and down the shaft, pausing at the tip to swipe at the head and then engulfing the whole thing again. His left hand moved to rest on Daniel’s abdomen and hold the other man down as he began to writhe underneath Cameron’s assault on him. As he worked Daniels cock, Cameron used the fingers of his free hand to unbutton his own fatigues and release his own hardness and began to stroke himself to the same beat he was sucking off Daniel.


Daniel closed his eyes and leaned his head back as Cameron continued to suck him off in Merlin’s library. He tried not to buck his hips off the table as the other man took him deeper and deeper into his mouth. He glanced down and almost came right there, watching his lover move his straining cock in and out of his mouth. He watched as Cameron used one hand to unbutton his own fatigues and begin to stroke himself. Cameron moaned against Daniel’s cock. “God, Cameron—yes!” Daniel shouted, unable to stay quiet as his lover’s mouth did things to his cock that drove him wild. Unable to help himself, Daniel began to thrust into Cameron’s mouth, keeping up with the other man’s rhythm, trying to control himself so he didn’t thrust to deep. Cameron moaned again and began to suck harder and faster, bringing Daniel to the edge. Daniel glanced down again and saw that Cameron’s hand was now furiously pumping at his own cock, pre-cum beginning to build at the tip. “That’s it baby, faster, harder—god yeah,” Daniel moaned, closing his eyes again and enjoying the sensations running through his body. Cameron ducked lower and began sucking at his balls, then moved back up his shaft and licked at the pre-cum building at the tip of Daniel’s cock. That was all it took to bring Daniel over the edge. “Cameron, I’m gonna…” Daniel gasped as Cameron took him into his mouth again. And Daniel came hard, shooting his cum into Cameron’s mouth, Cameron swallowing every last drop. Daniel dropped back onto the table, spent as he heard Cameron grunt and moan as he came as well, his seed shooting all over his hand, Daniel watched from his spot on the table as Cameron got up a little weak kneed and pulled up his pants. Daniel grabbed at the loop on Cameron’s fatigues and pulled him onto the table with him.


“Now THAT is what I’m talkin’ about,” said Cameron with a grin as Daniel pulled him into a deep kiss. When they finally came up for air, Daniel looked at Cameron with a grin.


“Hey, I’m the one who just got the amazing head job,” he said, moving down to kiss Cameron’s adams apple. “When all this is over, it will be your turn for some attention.”


“Believe me Daniel, pleasuring you is enough to get me off anytime,” Cameron said, running his hand through Daniel’s sweat soaked hair. “And besides, you looked like you needed some distraction before your head exploded.”


“Well I’d definitely call that a distraction and I definitely think my brain has been thoroughly fucked and ready to go back to work.” Daniel shifted on the table and pulled a piece of parchment that had gotten stuck to his naked ass. “I’m going to assume that this is one thing that probably never happened in here when Merlin was alive.” He said with a grin as he climbed off the table and grabbed pulled his fatigues up. Cameron laughed as he used a bandanna from his pack to clean himself up.


“Hey, you never know,” he said grabbing Daniel’s t-shirt off the floor and throwing it to him. He pulled his own t-shirt over his head and began to button his pants back up. “I’m sure even Merlin had some trouble concentrating at times, whose to say that he didn’t need a little ‘distraction’ every once in awhile.” Daniel laughed and pulled on the rest of his clothes. He grabbed the book he had been looking at with a new vigor and out of the corner of his eye noticed as Cameron relaxed into one of the chair’s in the corner of the room and closed his eyes. Daniel grabbed a few other books and spread them out over the table they had just had sex on. He grinned to himself as he listened to Cameron’s breathing grow deeper. He was dozing off in the pos—sex glow. Daniel began to pour over the book he had been looking at before. He wondered absently to himself if Cameron would admit falling asleep while on duty. Probably not – he thought with a grin and went back to looking for the key to Merlin’s machine.



                                                                               ** The End **  


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