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WARNINGS:Sexual Situations, Language


AUTHORíS NOTES:Betaíd by bugchicklv.







Daniel was his first guy.


It was hot and fast and hot.




Every single time.


And itís great, un-fucking-believable great!


Because really, he canít remember the last time someone fucked him with the skill Daniel does. Well, actually heís never been fucked by anyone before Daniel so heís got nothing to compare it to but heís pretty sure that itís spectacular by any rate.


At least he hopes it is, because if it isnít and in the rare chance that he and Daniel break it off and he finds someone else (i.e. another guy) the sex would probably kill him Ďcause it comes pretty damn close as it is.


He couldnít walk after the first time, let alone move. His legs felt like jelly and his arms like lead and he was on cloud nine for the next nine hours.


So in retrospect, yeah, his first time with a guy was great, his first time flying was amazing, his first time with Daniel was god-damn-fucking-fantastic.



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