Hard Rain  

                                                                                                                                           By:  Lissa Knight  



CATEGORY:  First Time

WARNINGS:  Sexual Situations



Daniel licked his lips. Something tasted…sweet. He looked up to see the sky above him open, and rain started falling down fast. “Jackson, we need to move. Now” came the order from Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell.

Daniel’s brow furrowed. “I just need to finish this section –”

“NOW” Mitchell shouted, moving the tone up a gear.

“What’s the hurry?” he shouted back, still thumbing the outline of the relic.

“The hurry is I said MOVE IT, Jackson!” Mitchell retorted, with a take-no-shit kind of tone.


P3X-982 was a barren planet, nondescript except for the biannual rainstorms that the villagers were wary of, and with good cause, given the not too substantial nature of their dwellings. Locals were scurrying left and right, shepherding each other to the largest buildings.


The other members of SG11 were heading towards the town hall along with the throng of worried villagers. Daniel didn’t move from his spot, to the side of the stone-carved tablet he was trying to decipher. Rain dripped from his short, chopped hair onto his shoulders. The tablet offered no shelter, but he was determined, no, desperate to carry on. In all likelihood if he missed this window, it would be days before they’d be back out there.


Mitchell looked across at him. Rain was bouncing from Jackson’s shoulders down to the base of his back, and he was becoming more soaked by the second. He looked good, thought Mitchell. He let the image stand before him a lot longer than he should have before shouting an unequivocal “MOVE. IT. NOW.”

Daniel turned, and Mitchell felt his stomach knot. Jackson’s torso was traced through his black, soaked t-shirt. The cool rain had defined him, his nipples hard and his stomach harder. Unable to catch himself Cameron let his eyes fall down to the green army issue combats that were clung so willingly to Daniel’s hips.


His vision was broken with Jackson’s retort “Not gonna happen Lieutenant”


With no further conversation, Mitchell strode over to him with the full intention of moving him to shelter, whether Jackson liked it or not. He crossed the courtyard, shaking the rain off his hands as he regained his steady grip on his gun.


Jackson had turned back to his job at hand, and when Mitchell reached out and tapped his shoulder it took him by surprise. He spun round instinctively reaching to move the unseen hand. As his hand fell hard on Mitchell’s, the colonel’s gun fell to the floor and he felt a surge at the base of his cock he could no longer ignore. His other hand reached out for Jackson’s shoulder and pushed him back against the relic, and they both slammed up hard to the cold stone.

“What’s your problem?” shouted Daniel, his saliva mixing with the rain as it shot towards Cameron’s lips.

“My problem is you, Jackson” he shouted back, before acting on the ache in his gut and pushing his lips onto Jackson’s rough, cracked ones. He expected protest, shock, revulsion even, but Jackson’s lips parted as the rain pelted down and he pushed his tongue into Cameron’s mouth.

The fire in Mitchell’s belly grew as he grabbed Daniel’s arms and threw them hard against the wall. As he did, Jackson’s groin hit him hard, and he was HARD. Not wanting to break the feeling of penetration in his mouth by the archaeologist’s urgent tongue, but not wanting to let the moment pass he pulled his lips back a fraction, and still holding Daniel’s arms up said low and soft-“Didn’t think you had it in you, Jackson”

“I don’t believe I have yet” came the whispered reply.

If it was possible, this made Mitchell even harder. The rain had soaked them both through but there was no way he could stop now. His hands moved from Daniel’s wrists to his t-shirt, heavy and wet. He ripped it up and over Jackson’s head and threw it down on the deserted courtyard, his fingers moving quickly back and finding Daniel’s neck, holding him back whilst biting, as urgent as he felt it, from his nape to his defined shoulder.


Daniel’s fingers were moving now, finding Mitchell’s hips, sliding around his back momentarily to grab his butt and then moving, quicker, to his fly. He paused; appreciating the feel of the colonel’s cock straining against his coarse, wet BDU’s.


Cameron let out a low groan as he bit Daniel’s shoulder harder. He felt ready to give it his all right now, but fought, to stop this moment ever ending, and instead focused on Jackson, moving his lips up from the blood red bites he had left, up to Jackson’s ear, glistening in the rain. His tongue pushed into the soft opening as he heard Daniel groan. Taking this as a good sign, hell, a great sign, Cameron took his hands lower, tracing the defined abs muscles down and searching for the hard cock that had been pressing him.


The released each other in unison, hands gripping the base of each other’s cocks and finding an urgent rhythm that worked with the pelting rain.

“God you’re beautiful,” sighed Cameron straight into Daniel’s ear, his voice trembling with the feel of each pull on his cock.

“And you’re going to get it, for calling me beautiful” shot back Jackson, before quickening the pace and increasing the roughness on Mitchell’s cock. He could take it. Blinding nothingness filled Mitchell’s mind before a single thought – damn, I’m gonna get me some now – and he felt the fire in his groin shoot out like a million tendrils in his body, each exploding upon contact with his skin’s surface. His eyes found Jackson’s, as he looked at him amazed, blown away, and on fire, all at once. Daniel responded with intensity, never blinking. As he came, his hot semen hit the archaeologist’s abdomen as the rain spread him further still across his naked ribs.


With barely time to bask, Mitchell was being grabbed around his waist and his body turned face into the stone relic. His combats came down further as Jackson spread him and found a hot, wet spot between his cheeks.

“You…you taking it home Jackson?” He tried to use his usual brashness, but his urgency was too much to conceal.

Daniel began biting his ear as he slid up and down, creating a sweet spot that made him growl, “I’m just following orders, colonel. You told me to move it. I’m moving it.”

All Cameron could manage was “Oh sweet Jesus” before Jackson pulled him back till his coarse fingers were barely touching the wall and he felt Daniel’s cock sear into him – and he could think no more. The rain touched every sensation as he was filled by Jackson, meeting his urgency with heavy grunts, because – damn – this was the icing.


Jackson took him harder and he was piercing, until there was a slight shudder in the exquisite rhythm and he came. Cameron heard a sharp breath and his hands reached behind him for Daniel’s, finding him and holding his arms tight around him. Jackson’s head fell back against his and, through the relentless fall of the rain he heard him sigh. As Mitchell turned to look at the face of the man who had taken him so completely, Daniel avoided his gaze.

Cameron’s hands went to cup his face, and his thumb felt a tear leaving Jackson’s eye.

“Daniel?” he said gently “It’s okay.”

Daniel looked up at him, still weeping softly and simply said, “I know. With you, I know.”


                                                                              ** The End **  


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