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WARNINGS:Adult Language, Sexual Situations

AUTHORíS NOTES:Betaíd by bugchicklv.







The first time Daniel fucked him it went on for hours.


Hands. Mouths. Skin and sweat. And all Cameron could do was scream and hold on.


Hours and hours of Danielís mouth on his skin, Danielís hands on his cock, and Danielís cock inside him.


Cameronís voice gave out after the first hour, worn out to nothing more then a croak.


Cameronís blunt finger nails warped Danielís back, scaring, scouring, scratching, marking.


Cameronís legs wrapped like a vice around Danielís waist, muscles straining before giving up, going slack, and laying spread eagle.


Cameronís screaming every time he comes and that last time heís pretty sure he saw heaven, or at least Abydos.



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