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SEASON/SPOILERS:  Season 9 “Ripple Effect”

WARNINGS:  Multiple Partners, Sexual Situations


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  After “Strangers We Know” and “Chain Me to the Wall” as part of smut_69 in the slot of “orgy”.





Whistling while he walked down the hallway was probably not the most subtle thing Cameron Mitchell had ever done. He couldn’t help himself though, the past couple of days his feet had barely touched the ground. The second his head hit the pillow, his mind was overcome with images of himself and the alternate Jackson and Mitchell engaged in sloppy, hot, and unrestrained sex.


He knew it wouldn’t last much longer, but he just wanted to gather enough memories to keep him going after the other teams were sent back to their Earths. Cameron was more then willing to go with the flow that led him to Jackson and Mitchell. They had an established relationship and for whatever reason wanted to include him. Who in their right mind would pass that up?


In just the past few days, Cameron had experienced the most mind-blowing sex of his life. He had fucked and been fucked in ways he’d never imagined. When Mitchell had pushed inside him on that second day, while he lay on top of Jackson, Cameron could have easily died happy and not cared where he ended up for eternity.


It was understandable then, that Cameron was distracted by his prospects that he wasn’t paying the strictest attention to his surroundings. He turned the final corner to his destination and ran smack into Daniel’s chest. He bounced backwards a few steps as a jolt surged straight to his dick at the sight of Daniel blocking his path with his muscular arms crossed against his chest.


“What are you doing, Cameron?” Daniel asked, staring straight at Cameron as though he could see straight through flesh and bone. His voice was low and intense with none of the normal friendliness that had come to rule their shared conversations.


Cameron’s mind threatened to explode as he searched for an adequate cover story, and he almost wished it would, because then he wouldn’t have to even attempt to explain. He opened his mouth to reply, “I was just-”


Shaking his head, Daniel jerked his arms to his sides, shoving them in his pockets as if he was afraid of what they might otherwise do. “Don’t lie to me,” he said softly, his voice at odds with his obvious agitation.


Suddenly Cameron knew that this was a set up, and he went instantly cold from the inside out. All the anticipation and arousal flew away to be replaced with a sickness that began to eat away at his stomach. “You know,” he said simply, looking at the wall, the floor, anything but the disappointment that must be written all over Daniel’s face.


“Both Teal’cs remembered to disable the monitors in the rooms, but apparently you kept the other Jackson and Mitchell to busy to think about it,” Daniel said using one hand to push up his glasses and rub at the side of his face. “What are you doing here, Cameron?”


This time the question wasn’t accusatory, it was as if Daniel was entreating him to explain and trying to reserve judgment. Cameron looked up as he recognized that he was being given a chance and found that the fight had gone out of Daniel’s stance. He was just standing there, arms hugging himself around his midsection. Cameron had never seen Daniel looking so alone and lost; he never even stopped to consider what his next move should be.


Cameron crossed the three steps separating them, carefully and slowly raising a hand to rub against the stubble left on Daniel’s cheek. The other man permitted the touch but didn’t move an inch either forward or back, so Cameron took that as a signal to go ahead. He leaned forward, conscious that he was still treading on unstable ground and placed a hesitant kiss on the corner of Daniel’s mouth.


The kiss wasn’t much, barely there before Cameron pulled back, but Daniel had closed his eyes and started to tremble. Raising his other hand to fully cup Daniel’s face, Cameron leaned in again, lingering longer until the lips underneath his opened up to him. This kiss was better then any he’d shared with the altJackson, because this was his Daniel. This was the man that he had nagged into rejoining SG-1, the man he had spent the last few months learning from and trying to get to know better.


Suddenly Daniel’s arms came up and shoved him away, breaking all contact between their bodies. “I’m not going to be some kind of replacement for him,” Daniel spat out retreating once more to anger and his own personal space.


“That’s not what this is about,” Cameron said, holding his hands up to try to ward off the attack he knew Daniel was capable of. The shove had startled him, but really, he should have known that Daniel could manhandle him if he really wanted to.


“Oh yeah, well you tell me what it was about, then. Because from where I’m standing it looks like you didn’t want to bother starting anything with me, but the second Mr. Throws-Himself-All-Over-You shows up you practically sit up and beg,” Daniel said twitching as if he wanted to start pacing the length of the hallway.


Cameron shook his head, and tried to get back into Daniel’s space by placing a hand on Daniel’s hip. “It was about you, Daniel, it always has been. That’s why I wanted on SG-1 in the first place,” Cameron said ducking closer and hoping that he was reading the other man right. Jackson had told him to confront his Daniel, but he just hadn’t been willing to lose what respect he’d gained so far.


Pushing suddenly, Daniel had Cameron up against the wall, pinned with a hand in the middle of the chest. “You have a funny way of showing it,” Daniel not-quite-snarled before crashing his lips against Cameron’s.


He spared a second to wonder vaguely if all the Daniel Jacksons could be this pushy, before Cameron used Daniel’s distraction to shove up and reverse their positions. He slid a leg between Daniel’s pushing up to rub against the hardness he found. “Let me show you now,” he said bending his neck so that he could lick and kiss up to Daniel’s ear.


Daniel jerked up, bucking against Cameron’s leg while soft sounds of need escaped his lips from Cameron’s attention. Cameron moved back down to Daniel’s neck and followed Daniel’s adam’s apple as it bobbed up and down as Daniel tried to speak. “Show me then,” Daniel finally said. “Show me with them.”


Cameron brought his head up sharply, any blood that hadn’t been making its way south was headed that way now. “Are you sure?” he asked, cocking his head a little to try and see if Daniel really mean what he said or if he was just trying to prove something.


“Well, you seemed to be having a good time with them,” Daniel said his face blushing a bit more though he stared Cameron in the eyes. He moved his hands so that they were firmly in place on Cam’s butt. “If were going to get into this, I need to have the same experiences that you had.”


After a staring contest that had to have lasted all of five seconds, Cameron roughly pushed himself away and grabbed Daniel’s hand, hauling him down the hallway. The door to Mitchell’s and Jackson’s room slid open at his touch and he pulled Daniel through it, standing there panting while the alternate them looked up from where they were playing a card game.


“It looks like things are about to get interesting,” Mitchell drawled sitting back as he took in the newcomers and their obvious state of arousal.


Cameron breathed hard as he watched Mitchell and Daniel kiss, his doppelganger had been right – that was way hot. Jackson pressed up behind Daniel, kissing the back of his neck while undoing both their pants and letting them hang loosely on their hips. Cameron let his own hand drift down to the obvious bulge in the front of his own pants as he watched the three of them rub together.


“This isn’t a spectator’s sport, you know,” Mitchell taunted as he broke away from Daniel leaving him glassy eyed with swollen lips, and looked over in Cameron’s direction.


Cameron’s sure he’s not quite as smart mouthed as this version, but he shrugged, and walked over to push between Mitchell and Daniel. He ignored Mitchell’s protest, and took Daniel’s face in his hands, running his thumbs over Daniel’s lower lip. “How ya doing there, Danny?” he asked as Mitchell pushed him forward to grind against Daniel’s growing erection.


“Uh,” Daniel said, clearly nearing the edge of his ability of speech as Jackson insinuated his hands underneath Daniel’s shirt, scratching his blunt nails over the soft skin he found there. Daniel swallowed as he concentrated his focus on Cameron’s face. “Wow. Um, it’s a little overwhelming.”


Mitchell rested his head on Cameron’s shoulder while he let his fingers dip below the waistband of Cameron’s pants. “Generally we have a very strict hazing ritual for rookies, but I suppose this time we can let you call the shots,” he said lightly, his warm breath puffing against Cameron’s ear.


If it were possible, Daniel’s eyes grew even bigger and he leaned in and kissed Cameron hard, his hands moving to Mitchell’s hips and pulling the three of them even tighter together. “I want to fuck you,” he said against Cameron’s lips unwilling to pull away long enough to get even that short sentence out.


“Sounds like a brilliant idea,” Jackson said, joining the conversation and starting to work on Cameron’s pants. “Daniels on top and Camerons on bottom.”


                                                                                                               * * * *

The logistics of managing four large guys was a little daunting until Jackson finally took over and the others gratefully let him. That was how Cameron ended up on the bed on all fours with Daniel kneeling close behind him, and Mitchell standing in front of him with Jackson plastered to his back. They were all thankfully quite naked, and Cameron couldn’t help but stare at the cock right in front of him while pleasant shivers ran down his spine at the thought of what Daniel was getting ready to do.


                                                                                                               * * * *

Daniel looked down at Cameron’s exposed back, his head hung between his shoulders and his panting breaths shook his entire body. Daniel’s own hands trembled as he placed them on Cameron’s hips and guided himself close. He was conscious of Mitchell and Jackson’s heated gazes, but he shut them out, concentrating on the play of muscles in Cameron’s back.


He braced his knees inside of Cameron’s legs, and was thankful of the other man’s steadiness that helped him keep his own nerves in check. This wasn’t quite the way that he’d imagined their first time taking place, but then again, nothing in their lives was normal. He’d wanted to become physical with Cameron for months, but if he’d learned anything from the fiasco with Jack, it was that he was never making the first move again.


The lube made the long slide in smooth, but he held back from plunging in, playing it out, enjoying every small and soft noise Cameron made. He shivered despite the heat coming off them both in waves, and thanked every deity he’d ever run across that he had happened to be cycling through the security feeds at just the right time.


                                                                                                              * * * *

Cameron groaned as Daniel started moving behind him, and clutched the sheets in his fists. He lifted his head, neck straining and back arching as he reveled in the sensation of Daniel filling him and heat rolling through his body. He knew that Daniel was good at everything he did. Why would fucking be any different?


Hands petted down his cheeks, thumbs finding their way into his mouth. Cameron opened his eyes to see that Mitchell had stepped closer to him, and groaned again at the light shining through Mitchell’s eyes. He sucked hard at the fingers inside his mouth, rolling his tongue around them and then biting lightly at the pads.


“Can you take it?” Mitchell asked, cocking his head and jutting his hips forward to make his point perfectly clear. His cock hung low, and pointed straight at Cameron as if he was the lucky winner of spin-the-bottle.


Cameron grinned, but lost the rakish look he was going for as Daniel started rocking his hips back and forth. “I can take anything you got,” he said through his shudders.


                                                                                                              * * * *

Mitchell shifted forward until the tip of his cock pressed against Cameron’s lips. He hissed as Cameron opened his mouth letting Mitchell sink into his heat. Staying still for a moment to let Cameron get used to the rhythm of Daniel behind and Mitchell in front, he was aware of Jackson’s hands stroking down his back and sides urging him on.


He began to move, gently matching Daniel stroke for stroke, but kept one hand at Cameron’s jaw to feel for any distress. He closed his eyes and let his head roll back on his neck, enjoying the suction of Cameron’s mouth. Fingers probed at his opening and he bit down on a groan, spreading his legs and leaning forward to rest his other hand on Cameron’s shoulders.


Pausing while fully inside of Cameron, Daniel leaned over Cameron’s back and captured Mitchell’s lips with his own. Mitchell’s brain was going to explode with the three simultaneous stimulations and the high-pitched keening sound coming from his throat might have been embarrassing if he hadn’t been so desperate to come before he was pulled apart.


                                                                                                               * * * *

Jackson slid another finger into Mitchell’s ass when Daniel broke away from Mitchell to turn his attention back to thrusting into Cameron. He’d never thought his little game would go this far, but he was glad it did if it meant that this universe’s Daniel could be as happy with his Cameron as Jackson was with Mitchell. He added a third finger and watched as Mitchell stuttered his rhythm and ran his fingers through Cameron’s hair as an apology.


He knew that none of the others would last very much longer, so Jackson stepped behind Mitchell and pulled Mitchell’s ass onto his cock, holding him carefully to make sure that no one was overwhelmed. As soon as he could, Mitchell began erratically thrusting into Cameron’s mouth and then grinding back into Jackson’s crotch.


Placing one arm across Mitchell’s chest and holding onto the other man’s shoulder for support, Jackson started pumping his hips just a little more, straining to make it to the edge but stop just short of jumping.


                                                                                                               * * * *

Daniel thrust into Cameron one final time, his fingers tightening hard enough to leave bruises as he came.


                                                                                                               * * * *

Cameron shuddered as Daniel rested his weight on Cameron’s back and reached around to tug on his cock. Stroking once, twice and then holding on gently as Cameron came all over Daniel’s hand.


                                                                                                               * * * *

Mitchell tried to utter a warning to Cameron, but by the time he made his tongue work, it was too late and his cock was pulsing into Cameron’s mouth. The sight of the other man’s throat working up and down trying to swallow all of it, made his chest tighten. He leaned back into Jackson contracting around him and reaching backwards to encourage him to thrust harder.


                                                                                                               * * * *

The smell of sweat and cum was heavy in the room, and Jackson was close to his release. Mitchell tightened around him, the muscles from Mitchell’s calves to neck flexing as he reached around to put his hands on Jackson’s hips and pull him forward. He looked up to see Daniel and Cameron both watching intensely. With a jerk, he was coming harder then ever before, thrusting in and out a few more times to milk all the sensation he could.


                                                                                                               * * * *

The bed really wasn’t big enough for all four men to collapse on, but somehow twisted together and on top of each other, they managed it. Daniel curled around his back as Cameron pressed up against Mitchell who was firmly held from the back by an already asleep Jackson.


“You did real good,” Mitchell said softly pressing a chaste kiss to Cameron’s lips, before he lifted his head to look of Cameron’s shoulders. “You too, rookie. Nice show.”


Daniel mumbled incoherently and nuzzled into Mitchell’s offered hand before he settled back into Cameron’s neck.


“They’re so cute when they’re doped up on afterglow,” Cameron said shifting a little so he could move his arm to trace light patterns with his fingers against Mitchell’s skin.


Mitchell smiled lazily, “They are. I figure we’ve got about twenty minutes before they wake back up.”


“What are we ever going to do to fill the time?” Cameron asked, false innocence dripping from his voice.


“I’m sure we’ll think of something.”



                                                                                ** The End **  


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