Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 

                                                                                                                                                By:  Kitanne 


CATEGORY:  General



AUTHOR’S NOTES:  Short, sweet, and un-betaed. Part of my V-Day project.



Cameron stopped at the top of the ridge, looking down at the dark valley beneath him. He knew that below him lay the small Pukrane village, the simple farming village that surrounded the Stargate but in the early morning, the first of the planet’s two suns barely peeking over the horizon, it seemed much more menacing then it did once the suns rose and burnt off the fog.


He headed along the ridge to the place where it widened into a worn path, humming that stupid pop song that seemed to always be on the radio when he pulled away from Cheyenne Mountain at night.


Trudging up the slightly muddy path, he spotted Daniel just inside the centuries old temple’s crumbling walls. Sam said he’d wanted to get a few more notes on the writings he’d found there before they returned to the SGC but hadn’t responded to his radio. Which, in normal situations, didn’t mean much, the archeologist was famous for getting entranced in his work but meant even less on a planet with some sort of magnetic interference that Carter had explained in far too many words.


“Daniel! You coming?”


Cameron frowned; sometimes he couldn’t tell if Jackson really was that big of a space case or pointedly ignoring him. He sometimes suspected the later, Dr. Jackson really could be a bitchlord when he wanted too.


He tried again, “Daniel, seriously, get your archeologist’s butt moving or Sam’s gonna finish the coffee.”


Still nothing. That was odd, because Jackson did the best impression of a rabid dog that Mitchell had ever seen if you dared finishing anything resembling caffeine without notifying him.


He walked up to the archeologist and bent over to look into his face, fully prepped to whack him gently upside the head. Inside, he just grinned.


Daniel’s forehead was propped on his left hand, his eyes closed and chest rising softly as his other hand dropped off his knee, a pencil teetering in the sleep loosened grip of his fingers.


Cameron shook his head and sat down next to him, waiting until his favorite archeologist woke up.



                                                                               ** The End ** 


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