Machine 2 Machine  

                                                                                                                                        By:  rotschopf   



CATEGORY:  Angst, Established Relationship, PWP

COMPLETED:  April 16, 2006

WARNINGS:  Sexual Situations, Spanking, Uniform Kink, Power Play, Language


AUTHOR’S NOTES1:  The title comes from Doro’s “Machine II Machine”.





Cameron tried to turn the key in the lock as silently as possible. He had no idea if Daniel was home yet, but the last thing he wanted was alarming his angry lover to his presence. Granted, Daniel probably had a fair right to be pissed off, but Cameron still thought it was his business if he decided to risk his career or not, and sooner or later, their relationship would get out. He was sure of that.


He closed the door behind him with a scarcely audible click and crept down the hallway towards his former room that now served as a guestroom. He had barely managed to take a few steps, when he froze in place: “Don’t bother, Cameron. I’ve heard you.”


Cameron closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. Figures that Daniel was already home. On the other hand, Cameron was glad about that. The sooner they got what happened at the Mountain out of the way, the sooner they could go back to normality again. Thus, he turned around and walked into the living room area, leaving his keys on the table.


Daniel was sitting on one of their couches, reading a book. He almost looked normal to Cameron if it weren’t for the tiny lines of anger around Daniel’s mouth. He only glanced up briefly, his gaze hot and cold at the same time, before he returned to his book.


Cameron was dumbfounded. That he hadn’t reckoned with. He had expected to get a lecture of proper behaviour while being anywhere but their home, but not the silent treatment Daniel was giving him. “Daniel?”


Daniel didn’t react at first, continuing to read his book and leaving Cameron wondering what was expected of him. Then, Daniel bookmarked the page and put the book away before he looked at Cameron. Cameron shivered. He had never seen that look on Daniel’s face before, and it was both scary and arousing at the same time. Still, Daniel didn’t say a word, obviously contenting himself with unnerving Cameron with his unwavering gaze.


“Change into your dress blues, colonel,” Daniel said eventually.


“Daniel?” Cameron asked hesitantly, frowning.


“Do it if you don’t want to spend the rest of the week in the guestroom,” Daniel replied evenly, picking up his book again, which, Cameron realised, was more for show than anything else.


He shrugged and walked into the bedroom. If Daniel wanted to play it this way, Cameron was the last person on Earth to keep him from that. The only thing that truly bothered him was Daniel addressing him by his rank, which was a first. What had that been about? And why did Daniel practically order him to change into his dress blues when he was obviously too furious to even consider having sex with Cameron?


He didn’t know, and he decided that he would just wait for Daniel’s next move. It was really the best way to deal with this. Yeah, he would let Daniel do what he thought he needed to do, and get it over and done with. He straightened his uniform jacket and picked up his cap before he returned to the living area.


Daniel was still sitting on the couch, reading his book, but he looked up briefly when Cameron came back. “Stand at attention, colonel,” he said softly and turned back to his book.


Cameron stared at Daniel, but complied with the order nonetheless. Everything to put Daniel into a better mood again, he thought. Well, almost everything, but he couldn’t deny that Daniel’s attitude excited him. He only wished he knew for how long he was supposed to stand at attention. Don’t think, Mitchell, he thought. He addressed you by your rank. Act on it.


He cleared his throat. “Sir?” he said on pure instinct.


“Just a moment, colonel. I want to finish this chapter before I deal with you,” Daniel replied in the same soft and too sweet voice he had been using ever since Cameron had come home.


“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.” Slowly but surely, realisation dawned on Cameron. Daniel addressed him by his rank; he only reacted to being addressed as ‘sir’; he had Cameron change into his dress blues. Everything about the setting screamed ‘power play’ at Cameron, and he would be damned if he would give in that easily. But hadn’t he given in already by doing what Daniel wanted? And since when did Daniel get off on power play?


At last, Daniel bookmarked the page again and threw the book on to the couch. He wiped his hands on his denims before he stood up. “I’m disappointed in you, colonel,” he began, his words in stark contrast to the soothing voice that washed over Cameron. “Very disappointed,” he repeated as he started to circle Cameron.


“I’m sorry, sir,” Cameron replied automatically, keeping his eyes on a picture on the wall.


Daniel snorted, and the only thing that told Cameron that Daniel was standing right behind him was his hot breath fanning over his nape. “I bet you are. And I’m going to show you just how sorry you are, colonel.”


Cameron frowned. “Sir?” What exactly was Daniel up to? Surely, he wouldn’t just bend him over the next table and spank him rosy before he fucked him. Cameron gulped. Just the thought of Daniel doing exactly that had his prick standing at attention, and he was more than certain that Daniel knew it.


“What are you thinking, colonel? Feeling me up on base where practically everyone could see it, and know immediately that you and I are more than just friends and roommates?” Daniel whispered next to Cameron’s ear, not quite touching him. Still, he could feel the heat emanating from his lover; the tamed power beneath the calm surface.


“I wasn’t thinking, sir,” Cameron admitted, and it was the truth. He hadn’t been thinking about who might see him putting an arm around Daniel’s shoulder to let his hand glide downwards for a quick grope and pat on his ass.


“That’s what I thought.” Daniel started to circle him again, reminding Cameron of a predator stalking his prey rather than his lover; Daniel screamed power and dominance at Cameron, alpha even, and he wasn’t sure he liked this side of the otherwise calm and gentle archaeologist. “I mean, I shouldn’t really care if you put your career on the line,” Daniel continued, the purr in his voice matching his stance. “It’s your career after all. But I do care. And you know why I care?”


“No, sir, I don’t,” Cameron retorted, his own temper beginning to flare. He was still not sure what Daniel was playing at, and that fact irritated him more than anything else.


“Because it reflects on me as well, colonel. You treated me like your bitch. Like I’m your possession, and I don’t care if that was your intention or not. I’ve never felt so humiliated in my life, colonel, and I’m going to show you that you don’t own me; that this is a relationship of equals. I’m not the prissy woman in this relationship. I’m a man just as you are. And since you seem to be unable to keep your fingers to yourself even when it’s inappropriate to feel me up, I’m going to have to teach you not to touch me.”


Cameron closed his eyes, slapping himself over the head. No, it hadn’t been his intention to treat Daniel like his bitch, but it didn’t matter. All that matter was that Daniel felt like he had, and Cameron knew that he would take whatever Daniel wanted to serve; he deserved it. “What do you want me to do?” he croaked, wanting nothing more than to take Daniel into his arms and make it better, but he figured that this was something Daniel wouldn’t allow right now.


“I’ll give you three choices, colonel, and it’s up to you which punishment you’re gonna take,” Daniel replied quietly, sitting back down on the couch. “You can either sleep in the guestroom for the next week and keep your fingers off me for the entire time.” Cameron’s lips tightened, trying to keep his temper in check. That was something he wanted to avoid at all cost. He liked sleeping next to Daniel with his lover wrapped tightly around him; loved waking up with him and spending at least five minutes with waking him up with soft kisses all over his face before he would get up and put on the coffee. “Or you can change into your dress blues every evening when we come home from work and be at my beck and call. You won’t be allowed to touch me either. Or you can walk over to that couch, drop your pants, bend over and accept twenty slaps with my hand on your bare ass. What will it be, colonel?”


Daniel wanted to spank him? Where did that notion come from? And hell if his dick hadn’t just hardened even more at the idea of bending over for Daniel. “I will take the slaps. Sir.”


Daniel smirked. “What are you waiting for, then, colonel?” he purred, standing up slowly. “Drop your pants and bend over.”


Cameron did as Daniel asked. He walked over to the couch, undoing his belt as he went, and dropped his uniform trousers together with his boxer briefs before he braced himself against the armrest of the couch. He felt utterly vulnerable and exposed, embarrassed even, but he couldn’t deny that he was harder than fuck, images of Daniel spanking him before he nailed him floating through his mind. “I’m ready for you, sir,” he muttered, waiting for the first strike.


“Stay like this,” Daniel said, the husky quality of his voice being the first real sign for Cameron that Daniel wasn’t as unaffected as his calm act suggested. “I want to savour the view,” he added, sounding nearer than he had been mere seconds ago.


Cameron tried not to jump when he felt Daniel’s hands on his ass. He wanted to push back into the caress to increase contact, but he knew that Daniel would stop his ministrations as soon as Cameron dared to move. This wasn’t about tender and loving intimacy, or even about sex. This was about Daniel showing him that he couldn’t just walk around the Mountain, feeling him up for everyone to see. Suddenly, Cameron felt like a small boy who had done something especially naughty and needed to be punished physically because words had fallen on deaf ears, and he felt bad for putting Daniel into a position where he needed to do exactly that, no matter how hot the thought made him.


“I won’t fuck you, if that’s what you’re thinking,” Daniel murmured. “But I will play with your ass and make you come so hard without even touching your cock.”


This time, Cameron could hold back neither the slight push back into Daniel’s hands nor the moan as Daniel started to dip his fingers into the cleft. Daniel talking dirty to him had always been a major turn-on since he usually refrained from using profanity.


“You like that idea, don’t you, colonel?” Daniel purred. “Me bending you over and fucking you so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a week.”


“Yes, sir,” Cameron replied, surprised by his own admission, but it was the truth. He did like the idea a lot, and it didn’t matter that he never had as much as a finger up his ass. The fact that it was Daniel, who wanted to do this to him, made all the difference.


“I thought so.” Cameron sensed Daniel moving behind him, and soon after that, he felt a slippery finger at his entrance. He tensed involuntarily, prompting Daniel to stop. “Have you done this before, colonel?” Daniel asked, the tip of his finger still rubbing over Cameron’s hole.


“No, sir, I haven’t,” Cameron admitted, the concern in Daniel’s voice being enough to evaporate some of the tension. As he had anticipated, Daniel stilled, but he left his finger where it was, though he didn’t quite understand why. Daniel ought to have known that he had only topped so far. Unless… Unless Daniel had again assumed something that simply wasn’t there. It didn’t matter. Cameron wanted this, and he wanted it now. Thus, he squirmed back until he felt the digit breaching his outer ring of muscles. “Please…”


Cameron’s action apparently had been enough to put Daniel at ease again because he slid the finger in to the hilt, letting it rest inside Cameron’s body. “Count, colonel,” Daniel whispered before he delivered the first slap.


Cameron had expected it to hurt, but he hadn’t felt more than a slight sting, and it made him wonder if Daniel had done something like this before. “One,” he finally said, bracing himself for the second stroke.


The next salve came in quick succession and stung a little bit more as Cameron’s ass became tender, but it didn’t do anything to make his erection wilt. On the contrary, the combination of Daniel having one finger in his ass, the slaps and the now gentle hand caressing his hot flesh only served to excite him more. “Two, three, four, five,” he finally pressed out, shifting to get more comfortable on the armrest. However, his movement also moved the finger inside him, and Cameron couldn’t help but cry out when his sweet spot was stimulated, sending sparks of pleasure throughout his nervous system. “Holy shit.”


“Like that?” Daniel asked, both amusement and arousal audible in his voice; Cameron could only nod. “Let’s see if you’re going to like two fingers up your pretty, little ass,” he said at the same time as he slipped in a second finger into Cameron. “Does that hurt?”


“No, sir, it doesn’t,” Cameron replied breathlessly, strangely touched by Daniel’s concern. But he hadn’t expected anything else from his lover, no matter how angry he was, and he was confident that Daniel would stop if Cameron asked him to. On the other hand, it would mean one of the other two options for punishment, and Cameron still didn’t want to spend one week without falling asleep and waking up next to Daniel.


“Good. But this will,” Daniel added before he slapped across Cameron’s ass again.


Holy Hannah, Cameron thought. That had indeed hurt, but it had felt good as well. The perfect contradiction: pain and pleasure; the sharp sting on the slaps and the gentle caress afterwards. In any case, his cock was dripping, and he desperately wanted to touch it, but he also knew that Daniel wouldn’t allow it. “Six, seven, eight,” he counted, keenly aware of the heat emanating from his ass.


“You can always ask me to stop, colonel, but you’ll have to choose one of the other punishments if you do,” Daniel said, confirming what Cameron already knew. “Do you want me to stop?”


“No, sir, I don’t,” Cameron gritted out, squirming when Daniel squeezed his tender cheeks.


“I knew you could take it,” Daniel muttered breathlessly, delivering the next four strokes, each stinging more than the one before. “You should see yourself now, colonel,” he whispered when Cameron was done counting. “You look so hot like this, bent over, my fingers in your ass, your cheeks glowing… So fucking hot…”


Cameron whimpered when Daniel’s fingers moved in his ass, pressing more firmly into his prostate. He knew, then, that he would come with the last slap. He simply knew, and he asked himself, not for the first time, if Daniel had found his kink without either of them knowing or trying, because, holy hell, he would come, if it was the last thing he’d do for a long time.


The next four strokes brought tears to Cameron’s eyes, but he didn’t care because each slap also brought him closer to orgasm, and he needed to come. He shivered uncontrollably when Daniel licked over his oversensitive skin, only to blow across the wet stripes he had left, cooling the skin further, but heightening Cameron’s arousal another notch. “Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen,” he growled, drawing blood as he bit his lips to take his mind of the pain in his backside and keeping himself from coming before Daniel was done.


“That’s right, colonel,” Daniel agreed readily, brushing his knuckles over Cameron’s irritated skin before he brought down his hand three more times, stopping at nineteen.


Cameron wanted to scream. One more slap was all he needed. One more stroke across his ass, one more rub over his sweet spot, and he would come, but Daniel seemed to be inclined to leave him hanging just there for a bit longer, letting him become aware of his tightly drawn balls, of the precome crawling down the length of his prick, of his painfully hard nipples that rubbed against his uniform shirt, and of the hot and angry feeling in his ass, on his ass, everywhere. Daniel’s soft and soothing touches were both torture and relief, but not nearly enough to take him the final steps into blissful oblivion. “God, Daniel,” he eventually moaned. “Finish it. Let me come, please…”


“Make that twenty-five, colonel,” Daniel growled, the sound pushing Cameron even closer to the abyss, and he didn’t care that his slip of tongue would bring him five more slaps because he knew he wouldn’t feel them when he came, if he came.


Cameron barely registered the twentieth stroke and the flick across his prostate because his world exploded into a white-hot maelstrom of pleasure when he came as soon as Daniel’s hand landed across his buttocks once more. Someone screamed, and he realised that it was him, but he didn’t care, only aware of the pleasure and pain in his system, every additional slap of Daniel’s hand causing a new eruption of ecstasy and colours and spunk, and he pushed back against the fingers, wanting, no needing them deeper in his ass as Daniel delivered the final five strokes, and he couldn’t stop coming time and again until he had nothing more to give, collapsing boneless over the armrest.


The first thing he became aware of again was a gentle hand cleaning him with a wet cloth and the soft murmur that accompanied the final ritual. He wished he could stop panting, wished he could find enough strength to turn around to give Daniel something, anything back. He hissed in discomfort when Daniel rubbed a cooling lotion into his skin, realising that his ass started to numb the longer Daniel massaged his buttocks.


“Are you okay?” Daniel croaked. “You blacked out.”


“I’m good,” Cameron replied, his throat scratchy and sore from his screams. Good screams. Very good screams.


He moaned pitifully when Daniel pulled him upright before he yanked his trousers up, tucking his uniform shirt in before he zipped him up and redid his belt. “Thank God. I thought I’d overdone it there for a moment.”


“Where the hell did you learn to do that anyway?” Cameron asked, turning around gingerly and grinning when he noticed the wet spot on the front of Daniel’s jeans.


“My second boyfriend,” Daniel mumbled. “He got off on getting spanked, and I developed a taste for it over time.”


Cameron pulled Daniel close, certain that he wouldn’t be pushed away and linking his hands together on the small of Daniel’s back. “Seems like you’ve discovered my kink, Dr. Jackson.”


Daniel blushed. “I just wish I hadn’t found out like that, Cam. What were you thinking?” Daniel shook his head. “No, don’t answer that. You already said you weren’t thinking. Just—don’t do it again. I never felt as humiliated and embarrassed as in that moment.”


“I know that now,” Cameron muttered. “And I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. You’re not my bitch, and I definitely don’t see you as my possession. I didn’t realise that my actions would make you feel like that. But I still wanna know what on Earth or any other planet in this galaxy spurred you into that? I truly never figured you to be one for power play.”


“Would you’ve listened if I’d just told you?” Daniel retorted defiantly, raising his chin and daring Cameron with just one look to contradict him. “You needed a lesson, and I needed to know that you trust me enough to let me do something like that.”


Cameron gulped. “Only you, Daniel. You should know that by now.”


“Yeah, about that…” Daniel smiled softly, tracing Cameron’s lips with his fingers before he pulled Cameron close enough for his breath to ghost over Cameron’s split lips. “I wanna be inside you, Cam.”


Cameron licked his lips nervously, licking over Daniel’s in the process. Thinking about having Daniel inside him while he was horny was one thing. Talking about it afterwards, especially with Daniel stating so clearly what he wanted, was a whole different matter. But it was still something Cameron wanted. He just needed some time to wrap his head around the concept. “I want you inside me,” he admitted, brushing his lips over Daniel’s. “Just give me some time to get used to the idea.”


Daniel chuckled. “I was quite surprised that you let me go as far as I did. I didn’t plan on doing it, but I couldn’t resist.”


“As I said, I do want you inside me. At least, if my dick’s a good indicator,” he added with a smirk, wincing slightly when Daniel pecked him on the mouth. “Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have bitten my lips.” He moaned half in pain, half in pleasure when Daniel licked like a kitten over the bite marks, and he felt his cock stirring again. “Stop that now, Daniel, or you’ll be the one that can’t sit down tomorrow,” he growled, digging his fingers into Daniel’s back.


Daniel tried to look innocently at him, but the mischief dancing in his eyes told Cameron everything he needed to know. There ought to be a reason why Cameron was still in his dress blues after all. Cameron grinned and walked Daniel backwards into their bedroom, kicking the door close behind him.


                                                                                                              * * * *

flesh on flesh, sweat on sweat

hot as hell, cold as steel…


two animals, machine to machine

you got some primitive feel

 two animals, machine to machine

spinnin’ in circles, spinnin’ inside the wheel…

~machine 2 machine~ 


                                                                                                              * * * *

AUTHOR’S NOTES2:  If anyone is complaining right now that Daniel’s out of character…think about “Absolute Power”.  He does have it in him nods.


AUTHOR’S NOTES3:  I deliberately didn’t include D/s as a warning because D/s isn’t what most people think it is. Power play is what most people write, not D/s.  Thanks. 







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