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AUTHORíS NOTES:Betaíd by claudiasaron







The first time he nearly died the feeling of not having enough time overwhelmed him for months.


He kept getting the urge to confess things and he could tell it was getting on peopleís nerves.


Sam didnít need to know that he was willing to vouch for her and OíNeill if it ever came to that or that her hair was sticking up in the back because of her helmet.


Tealíc didnít need to know that he was the toughest guy Mitchell had ever met but that his jokes made no sense.


Landry didnít need to know that Mitchell respected him and had a slight fixation on Daniel that wasnít completely healthy.


Siler didnít need to know that Mitchell thought he was one of the unsung heroes of the SGC, okay, well maybe he did, but the hug was a bit much.


Harriman ran before Mitchell could get to him and Major Griff and Col. Reynolds threatened to shoot him if he tried anything.


The aliens on P3Z-646 didnít need to know that he regretted never getting to second base with Betsy Smith in 11th grade and they sure as hell didnít need to know that he had a monstrous crush on Daniel although they probably could tell.


Daniel finally had enough when Cameron started crying when he told him how heíd died the first time and dragged him home for a long hot fuck that brought Cameron back to realityÖafter he woke up.



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