Much Ado About Daniel  

                                                                                                                             By:  rotschopf  



CATEGORY:  Established Relationship, Humor, Romance

COMPLETED:  January 20, 2006

WARNINGS:  Language





Cameron leaned down, kissing a half-asleep Daniel gently on the mouth. He wanted to do so much more than that, but with Daniel having been injured again on the latest mission and four other people in the apartment, it wasn’t really an option. “If you need anything, shout,” Cameron croaked, not worrying about the mushy quality of his voice.


Daniel tried to glare at him, but the effect was completely ruined by the face-splitting yawn. “Go,” he mumbled. “I can sleep alone just fine. You don’t need to baby sit.”


Cameron chuckled, brushing his fingers gently through Daniel’s hair. “Not baby sitting, Daniel. I know that you’re a grown man and can take care of yourself. I’m just worried about you. We all are.”


“Yeah, yeah,” Daniel muttered, demonstratively closing his eyes.


Cameron shook his head, smiling indulgently at the sleepy man before he headed back to the living room. It was a sight for the gods, to be honest. If Sam scooted any further to the edge of her chair, she would fall flat on her ass. Teal’c was studying some artefact on the mantelpieces, his tightly clasped hands behind his back the only indicator how worried he truly was. And General O’Neill? Pacing. If he didn’t stop anytime soon, he’d wear a crease into the floor.


“He’s asleep,” Cameron offered, stepping into the kitchen to get some refreshments; beer for himself, Sam and O’Neill; apple juice for Teal’c. Wordlessly, he handed out the beverages and flopped onto the couch, resting his head against the soft cushions. “How does he do that?”


Cameron didn’t bother to look up when he felt the sofa dipping. In fact, he was rather amused by the image running through his head, placing their faces on chicken sitting on their roost.


“He’s Daniel,” O’Neill said, taking a long swig from his beer. “I never managed to figure out why it’s always him.”


Cameron snorted into his bottle. “That’s not what I meant.” He grinned. “I mean, look at us. How does he manage to turn two light colonels, a two-star general and a Jaffa into fussing, over-protective motherhens?” The image of the chicken and the roost popped into his mind again.


O’Neill shrugged. “He’s my best friend.”


“I also have deep feelings of respect and camaraderie for DanielJackson. It worries me when he is injured in battle,” Teal’c supplied, his face stoic as ever. Only the faint glitter in his eyes told Cameron how true Teal’c’s statement really rang.


“It’s a brother-sister thing, I guess,” Sam admitted, ducking her head and hiding behind her bottle. “We all have seen him dying or believed him dead on more than one occasion.”


“Yeah, and I’m his lover, and concern for your partner comes with the love and relationship thing,” Cameron concluded. “That still doesn’t explain it. How he’s doing it. What’s it about him?”


Before anyone could answer Cameron’s question, they all turned their heads in sync towards the shuffling and snuffling noises coming from right behind them. Daniel was hobbling out of the bedroom, obviously trying to not put too much strain on his injured leg. He looked rumpled and sleepy, his hair completely mussed. He didn’t look at them, but rather made a beeline for the kitchen, almost tripping over his too-long grey sweats. The fridge was opened, followed by the distinct sound of someone drinking directly from the carton. Soon after, the fridge was closed again, and Daniel reappeared, the carton of orange juice still in his hand. At first, it looked as if he would go straight to bed again, but he stopped, glancing at them through heavy-lidded eyes. He smiled briefly, shuffling towards the couch. Without a word, he tilted Cameron’s head back and kissed him softly.


“Thank you,” Daniel murmured into Cameron’s ear, prodding him softly with his nose. “Love you.”


“Love you, too,” Cameron whispered in return, not caring one iota that his voice carried his emotions for everyone to hear.


Daniel smiled that special smile at him. The one that lightened up the room with a warm glow and made him feel that, for this small moment in time, he was the center of Daniel’s universe. He smiled back at him, feeling utterly flustered and happy, and watched a very bashful Daniel shuffle back into their bedroom.


When the door finally closed with a soft click, they all turned back to face the TV set, wearing identically goofy grins on their faces. O’Neill was right. Daniel was Daniel. There really wasn’t any other or better explanation.


“Any questions?” asked O’Neill with a knowing smirk, raising his bottle in toast.


Cameron shook his head, answering O’Neill’s toast by touching his bottle to O’Neill’s. “None whatsoever.”



                                                                                ** The End **  


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