New Year’s Resolution  

                                                                                                                                     By:  rotschopf  



CATEGORY:  Angst, Romance

COMPLETED:  January 7, 2006

WARNINGS:  Kink, Language


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  I was simply overwhelmed with the feedback I got for the first part.  Thanks so much, folks!  You guys rock!







Cameron felt too hot, and not in a good way. Too much alcohol, too many people, too tight a uniform, not enough fresh air. And Daniel. God, those trousers should be illegal. Tight in all the right places, emphasising his long, muscular legs in a highly erotic manner… Above that, Daniel was positively glowing. Happiness was coming off him in waves; he was radiant; gorgeous; beautiful.


He shook his head, taking another sip from his wine. This train of thought wasn’t helping in any way, and his inner heterosexual got-too-much-gay-sex-lately male agreed wholeheartedly. Not that the past week hadn’t been spectacular in every way. On the contrary. But that was exactly the problem.


He sighed, trying to loosen his tie a bit without looking ridiculous. Why was he wearing dress blues again? Oh, yeah. Daniel liked them. He had a kink for them, and he had admitted freely that the last week wouldn’t have happened if Cameron hadn’t worn them that fateful night. Why was he wearing them again? Oh, yeah. Daniel had asked him to. Right.


He should do it. Just—go over to Daniel and tell him that it needed to end before they were in too deep. Before real feelings developed. Who was he kidding?


He sought out Daniel in the crowd. Sam had really outdone herself with organising this little party for New Year’s Eve, but it was also an obstacle in Cameron’s quest to get Daniel alone for a little talk. And they had to talk. Badly.


Finally, he spotted Daniel on the far end of the room. Which was a very, very bad thing. He stood with his back to Cameron, hands in his pockets, which only served to tighten the fabric over his ass. He was listening intently to something Captain Hailey was telling him, and he so didn’t like the look she was giving Daniel. Great. Now, he felt jealous over some young, hot captain. Not good.


Daniel must’ve realised that he was being watched. Or stared at, if you wanted to be more specific. He turned his head slightly, seeking out the culprit with a sultry look. Cameron should’ve known that Daniel’s gaze would find him, should’ve known that the slight smile Daniel sent him over his shoulder would send shivers down his spine, and suddenly he felt even hotter, felt his trousers growing uncomfortably tight over his hardening prick, and this was so not good.


He sent Daniel a small smile before he practically fled to the bathroom, locking the door behind him. So not good. He slowly moved to the sink, staring at himself in the mirror. “There goes your New Year’s Resolution, Mitchell,” he murmured. “Straight to hell.” And for once, he and his inner heterosexual got-too-much-gay-sex-lately male were in total agreement.


Why was it always he who ended up in situations like that? He really shouldn’t have sucked Daniel off in the first place, let alone fuck him. For once, he should’ve thought things through instead of just jumping into the situation and figure things out later. Yeah, he definitely should’ve done that. Hell, the last week should’ve told him that there was definitely something more going on than a friendly buddy fuck. Daniel’s behaviour should’ve told him. Daniel’s happiness should’ve told him.


And then, the jealousy thing. What exactly had that been about? He had seen Daniel being friendly with a lot of people during the past year, and never had he felt jealous or protective of Daniel. Simply because Daniel could take care of himself. There was absolutely no doubt about that. None whatsoever. “Oh yeah, Mitchell. You’re in deep shit. That one took you down pretty good and you didn’t even realise it,” he said, sneering at his mirror image.


And just what had that Daniel-smiled-at-me-I-have-a-boner thing been about? Oh yeah, that smile. That smile Daniel seemed to have reserved especially for him. The three big ‘S’. Sultry, Sly, Sexy. And it always managed to have Cameron hard and panting for breath in a matter of seconds. He really should’ve known.


He turned around, leaning against the basin and covering his eyes with one hand. That smile was burnt into his mind for the rest of his days. Pretty lame, if he were honest. A goner with a boner. Cheesy. But still so true.


“Fuck it,” he thought, fumbling with his fly. “Might as well get it out of your system. For now.”


He almost ripped the seam when he finally yanked the zipper open, but he didn’t particularly care. He reached into his trousers, his eyes falling shut automatically as soon as he touched his already oversensitive glans. He suppressed a moan, freeing his prick from its confines. He smirked. He knew exactly what would happen if Daniel saw him like this now. Oh yeah, he definitely knew that. Daniel’s eyes would glaze over and he would smile that smile at Cameron before stalking him. He would pull Cameron into a rough kiss; demanding; taking; marking him as his. That was another thing which turned Cameron on. Daniel might be a bottom, but he was every bit as aggressive and dominating as Cameron.


Cameron sank his teeth deeper into his lip to keep from growling aloud. Oh yeah, Daniel’s aggressive side… The one that would just sneak up on him and kiss him and suck him dry without question before offering himself for retaliation. Passionate. So fucking passionate and beautiful and gorgeous… Cameron threw his head back, falling into a pool of red heat as he came to the image of Daniel’s sexy and sly and sultry smile, not caring where his spunk landed, not caring…just feeling and coming and the thought of Daniel… “Oh god.”


Cameron sank to the floor, still holding his spent prick in a loose grasp. Oh yeah. He was in for it. Deeply and irrevocably. He was in trouble.


                                                                                                               * * * *

When Cameron finally managed to leave the bathroom without giving anything away, Daniel was nowhere to be seen, and Cameron panicked. Had Daniel realised that something was going on? Cameron snorted. Of course he had. Daniel was one of the most observant people he knew. If anyone could’ve caught on, it was him.


Eventually, he spotted Sam talking to General O’Neill and made his way over to the pair. “General. Sam.”


“Mitchell!” O’Neill replied cheerfully, raising his bottle of beer in a mock toast. “Get yourself a drink and stay a while!”


“Thank you. Sir.” Cameron smiled tightly. As much as he admired the man, at the moment he had absolutely no desire to stay and chat. “Another time perhaps.”


“Ah, loosen up, Mitchell, for crying out loud! And what’s with you showing up in dress blues to a friend’s party? This is supposed to be fun!” O’Neill retorted with a teasing smirk, and Cameron was once again reminded of the reason he had put on the uniform in the first place. Daniel’s request.


“Actually, I was looking for Daniel,” Cameron said calmly, and he was proud of himself for sounding just the right side of friendly without raising any suspicions.


“Ah. The ever-elusive spacemonkey. Last time I saw him, he wanted to get some fresh air.” O’Neill pointed at the window behind him.


Cameron followed the movement, spotting Daniel leaning against the rail. His guts clenched almost violently. Daniel’s hunched-over posture and self-hug screamed defeat. The glow of happiness had completely disappeared, replaced by utter dejection and misery. “Excuse me,” Cameron said quickly, patting Sam on the shoulder and nodding at the general.


“Now, that’s just rude!” O’Neill complained, but Cameron couldn’t have cared less about the general if he had tried. His sole focus was on Daniel, and he wondered what had happened in the past twenty minutes. “You ignored him the entire evening, Mitchell,” he thought, groaning inwardly. So much for his New Year’s Resolution. Straight to hell if that meant to never see Daniel so miserable again.


He slid the double glass doors open, stepping into the cool December night. He knew that Daniel must have heard him, but the man didn’t even pretend to acknowledge his presence. For a moment, Cameron thought it would be better to leave Daniel alone and sort out things later. But his inner heterosexual maybe-we-should-rethink-the-heterosexual-part male smacked him over the head once more, telling him to move his ass over to Daniel.


Cameron squared his shoulders and joined Daniel, leaning over the rail to look over the city. “This is harder than I thought.”


“What exactly are you talking about?”


Cameron cringed. Daniel’s voice spoke volumes of how he felt. He was feeling hurt and neglected and utterly confused. No wonder. “Keeping my hands off you for an entire evening.”


“Is that why you’ve been avoiding me the entire time?” Daniel asked quietly.


“Sorta. Yes. One of the reasons,” Cameron stammered, cursing himself for his incoherency. Why would it be so bad to tell Daniel what he had been thinking about? Wasn’t Daniel the one person who had a right to know?


“I see.” Daniel took a deep breath. “Is this the part of the conversation where you tell me that the last week has been great, but that’s all it’s ever going to be?”


Cameron felt like someone had just kicked him in the balls. “Daniel…”


“No. No, I understand. You’re straight, you’re a lieutenant colonel in the USAF and are strictly speaking not allowed to fraternise with your teammates, let alone your male, civilian consultant, and the last week was great, but I’m not a woman. I get it,” Daniel spat, wrapping his arms even tighter around himself.


“Actually.” Cameron took a deep breath. There really wasn’t any reason why he shouldn’t tell Daniel the truth. “Yes, I was thinking along those lines. Yes, I wanted to tell you exactly that, though I wouldn’t have said it like that. Wanted. Past tense.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?” Daniel flared, turning around to glare at Cameron.


“I won’t lie to you. I wanted to break it off with you. But quite frankly, not for any of the reasons above, but they do apply in a certain way. I won’t lie about that either. But the last week…” Cameron closed his eyes, trying to find the words he needed to say. Those he wanted to say, and they really didn’t have anything to do with breaking it off anymore. “You know me, Daniel. I jump into situations without thinking about it. Deal with everything later. As I did with you. I didn’t think, and frankly, I didn’t want to think. Just feel. Thinking of last week… Yeah, we fucked a lot, and it was glorious. But that wasn’t what freaked me.”


“What freaked you?” Daniel queried softly, and Cameron choked on his feelings once more. How could he have ever possibly thought that he would be able to walk away from Daniel? Not a chance in hell. Not now. Not ever.


“The time between the fucking. The camaraderie we share. The comfort. Everything. It feels pretty good just to fall asleep with you and wake up with you. I wanted to break it off before you got hurt. Simply because I know myself. I jumped into the situation without thinking. And I wanted to call it quits before we both got in too deep. Before I have to realise three months from now—that it’s been a mistake. You deserve better, Daniel.” Cameron shifted slightly, looking at Daniel. “I don’t want to hurt you.”


“So, you’re not freaked by the fact that I’m a man?” Daniel asked, suspicion colouring his every word.


“Hell, no!” Cameron laughed. “You’re not the first man in my bed.”


“What is your New Year’s Resolution?”


Cameron frowned at Daniel’s off-topic and out-of-the-blue question. “What?”


“What is your New Year’s Resolution?” Daniel repeated slowly, and Cameron got the feeling that he had just missed a vital point in this conversation. Which wouldn’t be the first time. Daniel had lost him in the past on more than one occasion.


“Exactly that. Or was. And I’m not making any sense, am I?” Cameron smiled. “My resolution was to stop fucking around with you. In a way, it still applies, I think.”


“Mine was to never tell you how much the past week meant to me,” Daniel murmured, his self-hug tightening another notch.


“It’s not going to be easy,” Cameron replied, only realising what he meant when he had spoken the words aloud. “Keeping our relationship a secret, I mean.”


A small smile quirked Daniel’s lips, and Cameron felt the tension falling away from him like a ton of stones. “We have a relationship?”


“Well, we’re pretty much on the road to one.” Cameron smirked, but before he could add anything to his last comment, the doors slid open once more.


“Are we interrupting anything?” O’Neill asked, grinning from one ear to the other, which actually told Cameron that the general knew he was interrupting something.


“Actually, Jack, you are,” Daniel retorted, his brows trying to meet over his nose.


O’Neill smirked. “Too bad!” He tugged Sam out on to the balcony, and Teal’c closed the doors behind him with a soft click.


Daniel sighed, rubbing his nape. “Jack, this is a private conversation. You do know the definition of private, don’t you?”


“Never heard of such a thing. And what would you talk about with a man who shows up in uniform?” O’Neill took a swig from his bottle, sending Daniel a challenging look.


“He wears the dress blues because I asked him to, Jack,” Daniel shot back, but Cameron could hear the amusement in Daniel’s voice. Understandable, he guessed, since the only way to put up with Jack O’Neill was humour.


“What’s that supposed to mean?”


Cameron looked at Daniel and held out his hand. For a moment, he thought that Daniel wouldn’t take it. Wouldn’t see the offer for what it was. For a fleeting moment, Cameron was afraid, felt his heart sinking, thought he had made a mistake.


Then, warmth. The warmth and security of Daniel’s hand in his. The weight that anchored him to this reality.


“That,” Daniel said simply, and Cameron stumbled forward into his waiting arms.


Cameron winced, but not because he was afraid how Sam, Teal’c and O’Neill would react; Sam had just squealed into his ear. “I’m happy for you,” she said simply before she hugged them briefly. “And your secret’s safe with me.”


“We know, Sam. Thank you,” Daniel said, a slight blush tinting his cheeks.


O’Neill stared at them, taking another swig from his beer. “I didn’t see that one coming,” he murmured. “How long has it been going on?”


“A week,” Daniel replied, sounding happy and proud, and fuck, the glow was back.


“I see.” Jack downed his beer. “Well… Be happy!” Without another word, O’Neill turned around and went back into the living room, closing the glass doors none-too-gently.


“Okay, what did I just miss?” Cameron said, staring at the closed doors. “Why did he just get that pissed off?”


“Because I believe that O’Neill has similar feelings for DanielJackson as you have, Colonel Mitchell,” Teal’c said seriously, not even bothering with arching an eyebrow.


Daniel stared incredulously at Teal’c, then at Sam. “Sam?”


Sam looked decisively uncomfortable in her own hide, but she returned Daniel’s gaze evenly. “He wanted to tell you tonight.”


Daniel closed his eyes. “Shit.” He looked back at Cameron. “Do you mind if I…”


“No,” Cameron said quickly. “Go and sort it out. I won’t run away.” Without thinking about it, he pressed an affectionate kiss on Daniel’s mouth before he let him go.





As he had anticipated, Daniel found Jack sitting in his car, hunched over the steering wheel, head resting against his folded arms. He sighed. He’d rather not have this conversation right now, but he also knew that they needed to talk. The sooner, the better.


He opened the door and slid into the passenger seat. He was quite sure that Jack had noticed him, but was also ignoring him. “You okay?” Daniel asked finally, wincing at the croak in his voice.


“Mhm.” Jack straightened in his seat. “Shouldn’t you be in there?”


“So should you,” Daniel shot back, turning slightly. “What was that?”


Jack raised his brows. “What was what?”


Daniel snorted. “You know what I’m talking about.” Daniel rested his head against the window. “I just wish you had told me.”


“I wanted to tell you. Tonight,” Jack replied calmly in a, for him, uncharacteristically small voice.


“How long?”


“How long what?”


“Don’t play dumb with me, Jack,” Daniel hissed. “Not now. You know exactly what I’m talking about. So, how long?”


“Couple of years. Knew for sure when you did that—glowy thingy with the Oma Desala fanclub the first time. Maybe longer,” Jack admitted, not once looking at Daniel.


“A couple of years?” Daniel took a deep breath, not quite believing what he was hearing. “And you never thought about saying anything?”


“And just what should I’ve told you, Daniel?” Now, Jack was looking at him. Even in the diffused light of the streetlamp, Daniel could see that Jack was hurt, angry and—tired. Everything Jack usually hid behind his brass and sarcastic exterior was in plain sight, and it left Daniel wanting to reach out to his best friend.


But Daniel was also getting frustrated, though he hadn’t expected this to be easy. Not with Jack. “The truth?”


“And then what? Happily ever after?” Jack ran his hands through his hair. “I didn’t want to tell you because— I— We couldn’t have had a relationship. Back then, I mean. You were my teammate, my male civilian consultant. Then my subordinate when I got promoted. So, I really didn’t think it a good idea to tell you.”


“Nine years, Jack. Nine fucking years!” Daniel yelled. “I’ve waited nine years for you to tell me that you love me back!”


“Oh, and why didn’t you say anything?” Jack shouted before his eyes widened. “You love me back?”


“Loved,” Daniel stated matter-of-factly. “You grew closer to Sam when you were promoted, and I didn’t want to come between you two. You seemed happy.”


“Carter and I became closer because she knew, Daniel,” Jack sneered. “But it’s not like it matters.”


“It does matter, Jack. It does to me. I just— Damn! Nine years, Jack. And when I’m finally over you… When I finally found someone I can fall in love with… You drop that on me. And I feel miserable because I feel like—cheating on you. Somehow. God.” He plucked his glasses from his nose, rubbing across his eyes. “Why tonight?”


“Because I was going to retire at the end of January,” Jack said quietly. “Come back to Colorado, buy a nice house… That sort of thing.”


“If I just had known…” Daniel trailed off. That was the question, wasn’t it? What would he have done if he had known?


“Then what, Daniel?” Jack looked out of the window. “We still wouldn’t have been able to have a relationship.”


“That’s why Cameron and I are having one right now,” Daniel said bitterly, thinking about the man that was waiting for him to come back. And still be with him.


“Mitchell’s a fool. I cared about my career,” Jack retorted defiantly. “I had responsibilities.”


“Yeah, yeah.” Daniel waved dismissively, for once not having the patience of hearing Jack out. “A hint. Jack. A hint would’ve been all I’d have needed.”


“And you would’ve waited?” Jack snorted. “Come on, Daniel. What would you want with an old warhorse like me anyway?”


Despite the seriousness of the situation, Jack’s comment forced a smile on to Daniel’s face. “I’m an archaeologist, Jack. I like old things.”


“Why, thank you,” Jack muttered sarcastically.


“Look, Jack. Give me one good reason to not walk back inside. Tell me why I should take a chance with you, other than you retiring. Make me believe you want this. That the past nine years haven’t been wasted on my part.”


Jack stared incredulously at Daniel. “What do you want me to do? Get down on my knees and beg?”


“If that’s all you’re going to say, we’re done here,” Daniel snapped and opened the door.


“Daniel, wait!” Jack grabbed Daniel’s shoulder and pulled him back. “I’m sorry, okay? I don’t know what you want from me.”


“I want you to tell me why I shouldn’t go back inside and be happy with Cameron,” Daniel snarled, then sighed. “Nine years is a long time, Jack. I care for Cameron. I really do. I don’t want to hurt him for nothing. If I’m doing this, I want to know that it’s worth it.”


“You would give up Mitchell for me?” Jack looked amazed, even awed. “Sweet.”


“As I said. Give me a damn’ good reason. And I mean now ‘cause once I leave this car… Once I go back inside…”


“I get it!” Jack closed his eyes once more leaning his head against the backrest. He looked pensive and thoughtful, but under it, Daniel could see the sadness, the defeat. “I don’t know what I can offer you, Daniel. Other than that I love you and that I’m going to retire for you. And the fact that you need convincing tells me that your feelings for Mitchell run deeper than you care to admit. Let me finish, for crying out loud,” Jack barked when Daniel opened his mouth to protest. “You don’t come out to your friends on a hunch and you definitely don’t out your boyfriend along with it, who happens to be an officer in the Air Force!”


“A part of me still loves you, Jack,” Daniel offered, feeling more torn by the second. Why was he trying to goad Jack into fighting for him? Shouldn’t it be enough that the man Daniel had loved for the better part of nine years loved him back? One year ago, it would’ve been enough. Then, Cameron had joined the SGC. And had fought for him. Not openly, and Daniel doubted that it even had happened consciously. But thinking back now, Daniel realised that Cameron had always paid special attention to him. Be it the way he went after him to make him stay and leave the idea of going to Atlantis in favour of the SGC or not even asking if he wanted to rejoin SG-1, but rather just--*marking* him. Cameron had marked him as his back then. “Oh.”


“Yes, oh.” Jack sighed deeply, turning in his seat to look Daniel in the eye. “But the fact that you’re here and not in there means a lot to me. And it’s also so typically you, Daniel.” Jack shook his head. “Go back inside. Your man’s waiting for you,” he added gruffly, patting Daniel on the thigh.


“What about us, Jack?” Daniel asked softly. “What about our friendship?”


Jack didn’t answer him for a long time, just staring at him. Then, a small smile quirked his lips, lightening up his features for the barest of moments. “Give me some time to come to terms with what’s been happening, and I’m not just—talking about tonight.” He gulped. “We’re going to be fine, Daniel. Just—give me some time.”


Relief flooded through Daniel. “Thank you, Jack. This really means a lot to me.”


“I know.” Jack smirked. “You wouldn’t be here if it didn’t matter.”


“Ass.” Daniel laughed. “I, uhm. I have to get back in there.”


“Okay. I’ll be on your six in a couple of minutes.”


Daniel smiled again at Jack before he got out of the car to head back inside. He needed to talk to Cameron.


                                                                                                               * * * *

“Stop fidgeting!” Sam said, laughing at Cameron’s antics.


Cameron felt the blush creeping into his face. “Sorry. Can’t help it.”


“You’re over-thinking the situation, and that’s usually Daniel’s department,” she added with a smirk. “It’s gonna be okay.”


“How can you be so sure about that? From what you told me—” Cameron started when he felt a gentle bump into his shoulder; it was Daniel. “You’re back.” Cameron cringed. There was no way that this needy comment had just come out of his mouth.


“Yeah.” Daniel shuffled his feet, looking up at Cameron through his lashes, and Cameron felt himself melting. Oh yeah. Goner. Big time. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”


A feeling of dread rolled through Cameron and he nodded weakly, following Daniel out onto the balcony. He could only imagine what Daniel wanted to talk about, and quite frankly, he didn’t want to hear it. He didn’t want to hear Daniel saying that he would be staying with the general. Or anything else in that league.


Daniel walked the length of the balcony until he seemed sure they were out of sight from prying eyes. He turned toward Cameron, his lips quirking with the same amusement and mischief Cameron could see dancing in Daniel’s eyes.


“What’s going on?” Cameron asked cautiously, still sure that he didn’t want to hear the answer to his question. Daniel was hugging himself again, but it wasn’t the same defeated posture he had displayed earlier. It was the pose he usually struck when he knew something no one else did and felt completely at ease with that knowledge.


“You’ve been courting me,” Daniel said in that soft, addictive lilt that had Cameron’s dick standing at attention once more.


Cameron’s eyes widened slightly. “What?”


“Not overtly or even consciously. But you did. The whole year.”


Daniel’s smirk turned into a smile. “You fought tooth and nails to keep me at the SGC. You practically marked me when you didn’t give me a choice about rejoining SG-1.”


“Well…” Cameron really didn’t know what to say. Had he really been courting Daniel? Apparently so, especially if he put the bygone year into perspective with last week. What he had been doing on Christmas Eve had been pretty reckless, if not downright foolish. He had been so sure that Daniel would just let him do what he wanted. “Was it really just the dress blues?” he asked sheepishly. “On Christmas Eve, I mean.”


Daniel laughed. “Thinking back now… No. No, they weren’t. I’m not a guy who sleeps around with everything that moves, no matter how hot they look in dress blues. I admit that your uniform played a big part in it, but not exclusively.”


Cameron leaned against the rail and tugged Daniel between his spread legs. “I guess I needed to hear that. And yeah, I guess I’ve been courting you. Was I successful?” he added playfully, not caring that he basically sounded like an antiquated fool.


Daniel shook his head and leaned in to brush his lips against Cameron’s. “I’m here, am I not?”


Cameron rested his hands on Daniel’s hips. “You feel pretty solid to me,” he said lightly, grinning at Daniel’s snort. “You and the general?”


“We’re going to be okay. He needs some time to wrap his head around the fact that I’m with you and not him. In fact, it was Jack who stubbed my nose into my deeper feelings.”


“Deeper feelings?” Cameron asked, intrigued. “What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Well, I took a high risk by outing me to our friends. Even more so by putting you on the line as well.” Daniel smiled again, leaning even more against Cameron. “Jack’s right. I don’t do that for just a friendly buddy fuck.”


“I did play my part in that outing, you know,” Cameron muttered, burying his face in Daniel’s hair. Daniel’s scent flooded his senses, making him dizzy. “God, you smell so good,” he blurted out, flushing when he felt the soft rumble of Daniel’s laughter against his chest.


“You’re a very sensual man, Cameron,” Daniel murmured, bracing himself against the banister without breaking the full body contact. He rubbed himself slightly against Cameron, the contented little sounds he made almost sounding like the purr of a big cat.


Cameron chuckled, slipping his arms around Daniel’s waist. He could hear the commotion getting louder inside, and he figured that it must have been nearing midnight. Just as he wanted to mention it to Daniel, the balcony doors opened once more, and Sam, Teal’c and the general stepped outside. “Get a room, will ya?” O’Neill said good-natredly, and Cameron couldn’t help but admire the man. He doubted that he would be strong enough under similar circumstances to face his love interest and their partner.


Daniel moved away marginally from Cameron and glared at O’Neill. Sam quickly handed both him and Daniel a glass of champagne. “It’s almost midnight,” she said, pointing out what Cameron knew already. “We thought we’d keep you company to not raise any suspicions.”


“Indeed, it was O’Neill who suggested this particular course of actions,” Teal’c added in his typically dry manner.


O’Neill waved dismissively. “Yeah, yeah. Don’t rub it in, T. Is it midnight yet?” Instead of Teal’c, the peal of the church bells answered O’Neill’s question. “Happy New Year!” O’Neill said cheerfully, raising his glass in a toast. When he touched his glass to Cameron’s, their eyes locked for a moment. Hurt him, and I’ll hunt you down, his look was saying; Cameron just hoped that O’Neill could read the answer in his eyes as clearly as well.


“Happy New Year,” Daniel murmured, obviously unsure what he should do.


“For crying out loud, Daniel, kiss the shrub and get it over with!” Jack barked, but he was smirking.


Daniel shook his head, stilling again when Cameron tilted his head up. “Happy New Year, Daniel,” he said quietly before he covered Daniel’s lips with his, quietly formulating his updated New Year’s Resolution: Don’t fuck this up, Mitchell, or you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life. Yeah, that sounded about right, and even more so, when Daniel kissed him back.






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