Silent Turmoil   


                                                                                                                                                       By:  Stacy L.   



CATEGORY:  Angst, Drama, POV

TABLE FIC PROMPT:  #032  Sunset.

COMPLETED:  November 19, 2006



AUTHOR’S NOTES:  This is a companion piece to “Silent Mourning” and serves as a response to the stargatefic100 LiveJournal challenge community for my Daniel Jackson prompt table.


                                                                                                               * * * *

Daniel’s POV


As I sit and gaze at an unfamiliar horizon, with an unfamiliar sun setting in the distance I allow my mind to wander. I’ve been here for some time now. I barely recall how I even came to be here. I had at one time hoped and prayed for rescue. I was certain they would come for me. They would never leave me behind. I was so sure I could rely on them so I waited, and waited…and waited. They never came and now I serve my life in prison, kept in a cell only to be retrieved when my captors want to interrogate me.


I rarely see anything outside of my cold dank cell or beyond the walls of the dungeon I’m held in. It’s a rare treat to be allowed to gaze out a window. I sit and soak up all I can knowing that I may never get to see the outside of my cage again. I try to silence my thoughts, keep quiet those disturbing memories that want to return to me, block those feelings of sadness and despair and crush the fear and certainty I feel that they have finally given up on me.


My worst fear is now being experienced. I’ve been gone too long. I have left them too often. They no longer remember me or recall who I am. They have finally learned to grieve for me, to forget me, to move on without me and as I continue to gaze at the unfamiliar sun I bow my head, lowering it in despair as I grieve for all that I have lost, for all that will never be again…



                                                                                     ** The End **   



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