Skinning the Cat  

                                                                                                                                               By:  Bone  




COMPLETED:  April 18, 2006


WARNINGS:  Sexual Situations





Daniel barely gave him the chance to toe off his unlaced boots before Cam was pushed down on the small bunk that took up most of Daniel’s room on base. Cam bounced once, and grinned as he watched Daniel strip off his t-shirt, revealing his tight stomach and unbuttoned pants. This was the kind of surprise that he could get used to, and from the hungry expression on Daniel’s face, he needed it himself. Cameron gladly shifted his legs apart, letting Daniel fill the space between as Daniel settled over him.


This was precisely what they needed to get over a long week full of doom and gloom. The Orii were still a little too much idea over substance for him to worry about; give him something to shoot at, and then he’d take care of business. The return of Vala after they thought they’d finally get a bit of peace was much more of a blow. He was glad that Daniel had figured out a way for them to spend some “quality” time together.


The weight that pressed down on his legs sent a small sound from the other side of the room where none should be quickly diverted Cameron’s attention away from Daniel’s lips. The only light in the room came from the accent lighting that displayed Daniel’s artifacts. Cameron squinted towards the open closet trying to make sense of the dark shapes.


“What the fuck?” Cameron yelled once his tongue caught up with his eyes and brain.


Sighing, Daniel dropped his head to Cameron’s chest holding him in place when Cam tried to jump off the bed. “Just hear me out, okay?” Daniel asked waiting for the tension to go out of Cam’s muscles.


Cam couldn’t take his eyes off the closet until he glanced down at the top of Daniel’s head and saw how tightly the man was holding himself together. “So why is Vala in your closet?” he asked himself swiftly cooling down from the excitement of finally getting Daniel alone for a moment.


“After they had to bring her back through the Gate, Landry got fed up when she caused a melt-down in research lab two and ordered me not to let her out of my sight. I tried to get Teal’c to baby-sit but he had another meeting with the Council, so…” Daniel trailed off at the end, wiggling uncomfortably under Cameron’s look of disbelief.


The wiggling did remind Cameron of his previous intent in the proceedings, but didn’t keep him from wondering how a man as smart as Dr. Jackson would come up with such stupid ideas. “So,” he said trying and he imagined probably failing to keep the humor out of his voice, “you decided to tie her up and stick her in the closet?”


“She likes it!” Daniel said a little defensively then shifted; noticing Cameron’s renewed interest and lifted himself up enough to slip a hand under Cam’s shirt, hiking the shirt up.


Cameron groaned softly as Daniel found his nipple and bent down to worry it between his teeth, but he couldn’t quite take his mind off the closet and the eyes that never seemed to leave him. “Couldn’t we at least shut the door?”


A soft mumble answered him causing Cam to look back down and find Daniel’s head buried in his shirt. Rolling his eyes, Cam pulled the shirt the rest of the way over his head. Daniel, taking the hint, kissed and licked his way up Cam’s chest before stopping to repeat himself. “The chair’s too big; her legs get in the way.”


Lowering his head, Cameron pressed his lips to Daniel’s, tilting his head and running his tongue along Daniel’s lower lip. Kissing Daniel was his new favorite sport and his preferred activity. Daniel could go from soft and sweet to demanding and hard in less time then it took Cameron’s eyes to glaze over during one of their debriefings.


Another moan from the closet caused Cameron to break the kiss and look over. Quickly, Daniel sat up, straddling Cameron’s hips and grabbing his face with both hands. He carefully turned Cam’s head to face him, “Just keep your eyes on me, Cameron. She’s already ruined enough of my life, she’s not messing this up too.”


Daniel bent and claimed Cameron’s mouth, sitting back as he did so, grinding the fleshy part of his ass into Cameron’s groin. Soon Cameron forgot there was anyone else in the room at all.



                                                                              ** The End **   


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