Sometimes He Misses Jack  

                                                                                                                               By:  Morudai  




COMPLETED:  January 22, 2006

WARNINGS:  Implied m/m


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  rotschopf’s fault, I read a D/C that she did and it opened the door.  I am formerly a strict Jack/Daniel fan.  Written for a writing exercise, “Write about an argument that starts in bed”.  I didn’t intend to write D/C, it’s just what came out.



He didn’t mean to say it. He certainly didn’t mean to say it out loud. If he had even thought about ever saying it loud, it wouldn’t have been while they were in bed. Not in bed, not after sex, not after nearly having been killed on a mission yet again.


“Stop. Please.” Daniel holds his hands up. His glasses are on the bedside table but he’s by the bathroom door now, and the few steps across the room have become treacherous territory. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for that to come out.”


“What? You were going to keep that to yourself?” Cameron is louder than Jack ever had been. He has arm flourishes and the use of several languages for swearing. “Ruminate on it in the dark? Let other peoples attitudes color whatever we have here?”


“No.” Daniel winces, speaking carefully. Sometimes he misses the simple arguments or discussions he’d had with Jack. He sighed. Jack never gave a shit what other people thought. He worried for his ‘kids’ but he never worried for himself. “No, I wasn’t ruminating on it. I heard it in passing. If I’d actually given it to thought, I would imagine that you had heard something of a similar nature. I’ve always been something of a joke at the SGC.”


“You.” Cameron growled, stalking across the room to Daniel, poking him in the chest with an index finger. “You have never been a joke.” Each word pronounced and stressed with equal strength, anger and determination. “Not when O’Neill ran SG1. Not now. Not ever.”



                                                                               ** The End **  


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