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COMPLETED:March 20, 2006

TABLE FIC PROMPT:031. Sunrise.



AUTHORíS NOTES:un-betaíd







Cameron loves watching the sunrise, Daniel canít even get up before eleven, never mind being awake enough to understand whatís going on.


He tried waking him up a couple of times. The first time he got a black eye for his trouble. The second time he stayed well out of arms reach and yelled, Daniel woke up for about five minutes before glaring at him and going back to sleep. The third time he had two pots of coffee, Daniel strength, ready but even that couldnít keep Daniel up at six a.m.


He didnít try again.


He did take a picture every morning and leave it tapped to the coffee pot. Daniel kept them all in a photo album in a drawer in the kitchen next to the utensils.


Cameron canít figure out for the life of him why itís in the drawer next to the utensils.


Heís tried moving it, but somehow it always ends up back in the same drawer. Notably he doesnít get laid those nights either, so heís stopped.


Daniel fights dirty.


But he still likes the sunrise and he still gets up for a half an hour every morning to watch.



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