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COMPLETED:March 20, 2006




AUTHORíS NOTES:un-betaíd.







Daniel prefers the sunset, heís not a morning person no matter how much Cameron tries to make him one.


He likes the darker colors, cooler, it doesnít remind him so much of Abydos and Shaíre and Apophis.


Though now a days itís started reminding him of the Ori.


The pale colors remind him of the Priorís skin, their milky eyes ignorant to anything but the Ori and Origin.


It gives him a headache thinking about it, the cool night air helps, the colors relax him, then he gets all worked up again worrying the Ori are going to reach Earth while heís sleeping. Cameron has to get up in the middle of the night to calm him down when he has nightmares.


But he still prefers the sunset to the sunrise, cold to warm, blue to red.


Itís weird because Daniel canít stand the cold and he thrives in the heat.


But he canít stand the sunrise and he even stops working to watch the sunset.



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