By:  Bone   



CATEGORY:  Drabble

COMPLETED:  April 3, 2006


WARNINGS:  Adult Themes







Daniel liked his sweets. Besides reading, refined sugar was the thing that he had missed most when he’d lived on Abydos. He always tried to have some on mission even if Jack teased him about trying to bribe his alien captors into not killing him by giving up his chocolate. Daniel just shrugged and told Jack not to mess with success.


It had started in the first foster home that he’d been assigned to. Every time he began to cry from loneliness, or because he was scared, his foster mother would break off a piece of chocolate and sit with him until his eyes were dry again. That had lasted too short a time, but chocolate as comfort food had stayed with him a lifetime. And past that as well.


He wasn’t hard to please either; he loved everything from lemon to hazelnut; white, dark and mild chocolate. Of course, Cameron tasted pretty good too, Daniel thought as he paused long enough to lick at the hollow of his lover’s throat before he moved down to the butter caramel sauce slathered down the middle of Cameron’s chest. This possibly wasn’t the best behavior reinforcement for when Cameron forgot his ice cream, but Daniel figured he’d cross that bridge later.



                                                                             ** The End ** 


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