The Next Day  

                                                                                                                                        By:  thothscribe81  




COMPLETED:  April 15, 2006

WARNING:  Sexual Situations


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  This is the sequel to “Surprise”.  It takes place after the season 9 episode Arthur’s Mantel, and right before Camelot.



Cameron and Daniel had woken up early at Sam’s house. They had both gotten a great night’s sleep, enjoying the feeling of their bodies snuggled up together. The talk the night before had been enlightening and exhausting…and both couldn’t be happier. When Cameron woke up, pressed up against Daniel’s back, the first thing he did was smile. He shifted slightly and took in the image of the sleeping man. It was an image he didn’t want to forget. The archaeologist looked so peaceful, so happy. Eventually Daniel stirred, smiled up at Cameron and accepted the kiss the other man gave him. Cameron ignored the stirring he felt in his crotch—‘not here’ he thought, willing himself to get his body under control. They quietly made up Cassie’s bed and left a note for Sam saying they would see her at the SGC. They decided together that it would make more sense to drive to Daniel’s house first, since he had his car here, and then after they got showered and dressed Daniel would drop Cameron off at his place so he could pick up his own car. Cameron still had clothes at Daniel’s house from when he stayed there for a few weeks when he first took the position on SG-1. The ride was comfortable, both men relaxed after a good nights sleep. Cameron kept his hand resting on Daniel’s thigh during the ride. They talked about the upcoming mission—what Daniel thought they might find.


Both men were able to stay composed as they got out of the car and headed into the building. Daniel glanced around quickly to make sure no one was in the hallway and leaned in and kissed Cameron. He broke it and grinned at the other man, pushing the button for the elevator. Cameron smiled back and reached up to run his hand through Daniel’s hair, as his other hand brushed over the front of Daniel’s pants. He was surprised to feel that Daniel had become slightly hard, but it was the slight moan that came out of the other mans mouth that broke through the sexual tension that had been building in both of them since they woke up. The elevator doors opened and Daniel grabbed Cameron by his shirt, pulling him inside. As soon as the doors to the elevator closed Cameron pushed Daniel up against the wall and devoured his mouth with his own. The kiss was heated and passionate. Cameron felt himself moan as Daniel returned the kiss with just as much heat. Tongues battled each other and Cameron broke the kiss taking the opportunity to suck on Daniels lower lip. This time Daniel was moaning louder, his hands roaming over Cameron’s body. Cameron almost came right there when he felt Daniels hand brush over his rapidly hardening cock. The elevator dinged and the two men separated reluctantly, trying to straighten their clothes as the door opened. Luckily no one was in the hallway and Daniel grabbed Cameron by the hand this time, dragging him down the hall to his apartment. Cameron leaned with his back against the door, using his tongue to play with the muscles of Daniel’s neck, feeling his pulse rate quicken and driving him wild as the other man fumbled with his keys. Finally he was able to find the keyhole and the two practically fell into the room, slamming the door behind them.


As soon as they were through the door, Daniel pushed Cameron up against the wall and pulled his shirt up over his head. His head ducked and he began using his tongue to tease Cameron’s nipples, moving from one to the other, giving each individual attention. Cameron pawed at Daniel’s back, aching to feel skin on skin. Daniel’s mouth moved up from his chest and began to suck at his neck. “God, Daniel!” Cameron gasped, the sensations running through his body overwhelmingly incredible. His hands tugged at the shirt tucked into Daniel’s jeans and Daniel pulled away for a second, allowing Cameron to pull the shirt up over his head. Pushing Daniel forward and away from the wall, Cameron led them over to the couch. His fingers fumbled with the button and zipper on Daniels pants, and were finally able to undo them. He pulled the jeans down, and heard Daniel gasp as his solid cock was finally free of its restraints. Daniel pushed him down onto the couch and kicked his shoes off, allowing him to step out of his jeans completely. Cameron took a second to take in the man in front of him, sweat pouring off his cut body, cock standing at attention. They both seemed to slow down, each wanting to take in every moment. Daniel knelt down in front of him and hooked his fingers on the waistband of Cameron’s sweats, slowly pulling them down over his hips so they pooled around his ankles. Cameron pulled Daniel up so he was looking him in the eyes. Both men were breathing heavily, and Cameron noticed the passion that was in Daniel’s eyes a minute ago was replaced by something else. Fear, questioning, longing. “Is this what you want?” Daniel asked, his voice raspy with desire. “We can slow down, we don’t have to do this right now if you don’t want to.” Cameron leaned in and covered Daniels mouth with his own, savoring the taste of the other man. They kissed for what seemed like forever, just savoring the feeling of being so close. Cameron slowly pulled back and looked Daniel right in the eye. “I want this Daniel, I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” Daniel grinned, the lust and passion returning to his eyes stronger than ever. His hand brushed over Cameron’s cock again and Cameron gasped, leaning his head back against the couch cushion. Daniel ducked his head and Cameron thought he would die when he felt the other man’s tongue run down the shaft of his cock. Daniel took him into his mouth and began sucking, humming slightly as he started at the head and sucked all the way down. Cameron’s hips writhed, and Daniel placed his hand on his chest, running his hand up and down his stomach. Cameron moaned, running his hands through Daniel’s cropped hair, allowing the archaeologist to bring him to the edge and back again over and over, bringing their cocks in alignment. Now it was Daniel moaning and bucking against him. Cameron pulled him into another passionate kiss, rocking his hips and grinding their sweat soaked cocks together. “Cameron, god, yeah… That’s it, harder…” Daniel gasped, breaking the kiss and trailing kisses down his jawline and neck. Cameron gasped as the sensations from his cock and from Daniel biting along his shoulder brought him close to the edge. Daniel surprised Cameron by flipping him over again, straddling him the same way Cameron had been a second ago. Their cocks rubbed together again and Cameron felt himself toppling over the brink. “Daniel, I’m gonna…” He managed to get out before his orgasm hit him and he came harder than he had ever come before. He bucked up against Daniel and felt his cum cover the other man’s cock. Daniel thrust against him one last time and then shouted Cameron’s name as he came as well, his cum mixing with Cameron’s on their stomach’s and finally collapsing against Cameron’s chest.


Cameron lay under Daniel, completely spent, enjoying the weight of Daniels body on top of him. His hand was lazily making circles on the small of Daniels back and he felt him shift slightly, nuzzling his nose against Cameron’s neck. “We have to be at the SGC in a little over an hour,” He murmured.


“Yeah, I’m kind of glad we waited to take a shower,” Cameron said and laughed when Daniel snorted his agreement. They lay there for another five minutes, neither men wanting to move, just enjoying each others presence. Eventually, with a sigh, Daniel pushed himself up and placed a quick kiss on Cameron’s lips. Cameron reached up and brushed his hand across Daniel’s face. He loved the fact that he could touch Daniel like this, so intimately, and that Daniel wanted him in the same way. With a slight groan, Daniel pushed himself off the couch and stood up, pulling Cameron up with him.


“I’m really glad you decided to come to Sam’s last night,” Daniel said, putting his arms around Cameron’s waist and pulling him into another kiss.


“I’m glad I was able to work up the nerve.” Cameron said with a smile. “Now come on, we need to get showered and swing by my house so I can pick up my car.” He grabbed Daniel by the hand and pulled him towards the shower.


Half an hour later—and with only a little bit of fooling around—both men were showered and changed into street clothes. Cameron stepped out of Daniel’s bedroom, fully dressed, and leaned against the doorway taking in the view. Daniel was standing at the counter in bare feet, shirt not buttoned all the way up, flipping through some Archaeology magazine, sipping at a large travel mug of steaming coffee. ‘Oh yeah,’ thought Cameron, ‘I could definitely get used to waking up like this.’ He allowed himself to watch for another second and then made his way into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around Daniel’s waist and placing a kiss on his neck. “Hey,” he said, nibbling on Daniels ear.


“Hey yourself,” said Daniel, leaning back into Cameron’s embrace. “Coffee is on, you can use that travel mug if you want.” He said, nodding at an empty cup he had left on the countertop. Daniel turned around in his arms and they shared one more kiss before giving into the fact they needed to get going. Daniel threw on some shoes while Cameron filled his travel mug, and refilled Daniel’s, and together they left the apartment to head back to the SGC.


                                                                                                              * * * *

After Daniel dropped Cameron off in front of his apartment so he could take his own car to work, he had a chance to really think about what had happened since last night. God, was it only last night? To Daniel it felt as if he and Cameron had been together forever already. It all just fit, and while it was still new and exciting – like the passionate lovemaking they had just shared – at the same time it felt comfortable and just…right.


Turning into the parking garage of the SGC, Daniel found that he couldn’t wait for Cameron to arrive. They had just left each other, and yet he was itching to feel his presence, to feel his body close to his. Shaking his head, he knew they had to be careful. While Sam was fine with their relationship, and he was sure Teal’c would be happy for them as well, there were plenty of officers in the Air Force that would not be so accepting. They had talked about it on the way to Cameron’s house, and Daniel assured Cameron that he knew going into this that they couldn’t be open in their relationship at the SGC. While Daniel wanted to shout his happiness from the rooftops right now, he was sure as hell willing to be as discreet as he needed to be. He was with Cameron now, and that was all that mattered. He glanced in the rearview mirror as he shut off his car and smiled when he saw Cameron pull into the garage. He pulled into the spot next to his and they got out of their vehicles at the same time.


“Hey,” said Cameron softly, as they made their way towards the entrance to the mountain. “God, I hate not being able to touch you here,” he said even softer.


“I know,” said Daniel, blushing slightly as they passed two airmen heading out to the garage. “We’ll be off-world in a few hours, then it will be just you, me, Sam and Teal’c.”


Daniel allowed his hand to brush Cameron’s slightly as they got into the elevator. He shivered at the contact, his whole body wanting more. He could see the need in Cameron’s eyes as well. Another officer – a Captain from the markings on his uniform, joined them in the elevator. Cameron made small talk with the officer as they rode down and Daniel began to switch his mind over to think about what he was going to need to bring with him off-world for this mission. As the three of them stepped off at the correct floor, Daniel turned in the direction of his office. He needed to check on some unrelated research before the briefing. He glanced back at Cameron who was turning to head towards the locker rooms. He nodded his head at the Captain and at Cameron. “See you at the briefing…Mitchell.” He said, hesitating slightly when he used Cameron’s last name. Cameron gave him a brief smile, letting him know he understood and turned down the hallway with the other officer.


“Just remember Jackson, we’re off-world in a few hours—don’t be late for the briefing!” Cameron threw over his shoulder as Daniel headed to his office. Daniel grinned as he continued down the hall. To the Captain walking next to Cameron that line was the leader of SG-1 making sure his team was on time for an important briefing. To Daniel that told him that Cameron was looking forward to getting off-world, and away from the prying eyes of the air force, just as much as he was.


                                                                                                              * * * *

As they moved out away from the gate on the planet where Merlin’s weapon was supposed to be kept, Sam couldn’t help but smile again at the new lovers as they made their way towards what looked like a road to a village. They had done a good job of concealing their new relationship, especially considering it had only become a reality the night before.  She had watched from her office as the two men walked down the hall together after arriving on base. Nobody on the base noticed anything different about them – Cameron had gone back to calling Daniel “Jackson” and Daniel dropped the “Cam” and had gone back to “Mitchell”. Only Sam, who had been waiting for them to arrive, was able to notice the little things. The way Cameron was staring at Daniel while he gave his debrief before the mission. The way that Daniel playfully slapped Cameron on the leg while they geared up. And the way that both men looked at each other right before stepping through the gate. Cameron called her over and she put her mind back on the mission at hand. The four team-mates headed away from the gate, despite all that had happened over the last 24 hours, all minds were now on the mission they had to complete.



                                                                             ** The End **  


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