Going Down Through the Keyhole  

                                                                                                            By:  Number 6 



CATEGORY:  Established Relationship


WARNINGS:  Sexual Situations, Female Masturbation


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  I would like to thank the amazing job of Alpha/Beta Saladscream and Sean.  They make the story much better than it originally was.



‘Why is Daniel so damn handsome?’ Vala asked herself, completely annoyed.


She looked at the man of her desires while he was talking to some natives, giving all his attention and listening respectfully. She couldn’t help a pleasurable shiver when she took in the expression on his face. He had a very intense look, immensely blue eyes, and that semi pout on his lips. How badly she wanted to kiss him. There was the short brown-reddish hair, too. She really wanted to run her fingers through it – something she had done before and it had felt really good.


Vala thought of the many opportunities missed. The times she had fought with him when she’d first met him. Every touch had been filled with electricity, even when he’d been hitting her back. Just the feel of his skin touching hers made her soar into erotic rapture.


Then there were the many times she’d tried to sleep with him. Unfortunately, each attempt ended in the same result: Vala servicing herself.


Slowly, she managed to get closer to the group where the object of her attention was talking. Daniel Jackson was telling these people how important it was to stand up to the Ori. And that was part of her attraction to the archaeologist. Not only was Daniel physically gifted, but he was also the most intelligent man she’d ever met.


Now Daniel excused himself, saying good night to some people, and walked to the room allotted to him.


At that point, Vala had made up her mind. Tonight was the night. She would do anything in her power to seduce the innocent looking man. To enact her plan, she grabbed a bag of Goa’uld artifacts she had brought with her.


She turned on the bracelet that would make her invisible and followed the man without being noticed.


Daniel went up the stairs, took the old looking key out of his pocket and seemed to hesitate for a moment on what door to open. All of the sudden Vala heard something coming from behind one of the doors – the one Daniel decided to use.


She tried to get in, but the man of her dreams was fast and decisive. She leaned against the door and heard someone talking to Daniel. From her bag she took a device and put it in her ear so she could hear better. Then she inserted another artifact into the keyhole; with this she would be able to see everything that was going on in the room.


“I’ve been waiting for hours.”


“You’re exaggerating,” the archaeologist said in a very seductive tone. Then with his most innocent look, “I tried to get away as soon as I could…but I’ll make the wait worth it for you.”


‘So that’s how it is,’ Vala thought, repressing her anger. She now knew why Daniel kept himself away from women. He liked boys…or should she say men. Because the guy with him was definitely a MAN.


Then her anger turned into interest. In spite of herself, she was soon captivated by the unfolding scene.


Daniel walked towards the man, and slowly took the guy’s shirt off. ‘Nice strong back,’ she thought. Then Daniel caressed the man’s chest, while the strong armed guy proceeded to yank Daniel’s shirt off as fast as he could, and kissed him on the mouth. Once they moved, she could see them both. It was Mitchell!


Vala jumped back as her eyes widened.


“Son of a bitch!” she whispered, thinking not only didn’t she stand a chance with Daniel, but now Mitchell was also off the market. ‘Fuck,’ she thought. Two of the hottest men around were busy with each other!


Then she reflected on why she was shocked. Somehow, it didn’t surprise her that those two were into each other. So, was it because they were men copulating with each other? Nah, she was aware of same sex relationships and it didn’t bother her. However this one was the first ‘man to man’ encounter she had ever witnessed. ‘That’s it,’ she answered herself; she grinned, wondering when was the last time she had been shocked by anything.


It had been years.


Somehow she couldn’t look away. She observed how the men were undressing without missing a beat. It was obvious they had done this before – many times. Cameron took Daniel’s glasses off, and moved toward the nightstand where he deposited them. In the meantime Daniel unzipped his trousers, toed off his shoes, and let the pants slip off with a wriggle.


She marveled at how they managed to do all this while still kissing passionately. ‘Ah! The wonderful testosterone stamina,’ she thought, as her brain slowly over-loaded on the raw sexuality of the scene.


The image of these two handsome men touching each other was too much for her.


Now they were taking off their underwear. Without realizing it, the eroticism emanating from the room was inebriating her; Vala unbuttoned her blouse unconsciously.


She let a little gasp escape when she saw Daniel’s erection; he was a more than average guy. Then her eyes panned to Cameron’s dick. ‘Big boy! No wonder they call him shaft,’ she thought appreciatively.


Vala kept unbuttoning her blouse. She closed her eyes and her lip trembled with the thought of Daniel touching her the way he was feeling up Cameron.


She opened her eyes again and witnessed how Cameron and Daniel crashed on the bed in what seemed a very erotic wrestling match. The Colonel was on top, furiously kissing the civilian, who in return kissed back, sliding his fingers over Cameron’s fit back and arms.


Totally mesmerized by the male porn show, Vala had one hand absently caressing her right nipple, while the other hand was finding its way through her underwear. She kept looking at the intertwining muscled legs, at the tanned hands cupping the taut buttocks. Suddenly, the men changed position and Vala licked her lips.


Daniel was feverishly stroking Cameron, while his butt was being greedily fondled by strong hands.


Her breathing quickened as the two men started to move their hips in unison. Cameron kissed and licked the angelic face, drops of sweat beading on his forehead. He grabbed Daniel and they switched position.


“I want to fuck you so badly. Sit on it baby.”


“Not yet, I don’t want to come yet,” a breathless Daniel said, turning his attention to Cameron’s nipple. He sucked it for a little while and then started to use his tongue like a feather, slowly teasing the skin. Cameron’s face flushed in ecstasy as Daniel traced a wet path over his abs, paused to flick at his navel, and then continued down to his crotch.


Vala stroked herself, imagining the sweet torture of that nimble tongue between her legs.


Then the tongue touched the tip of the dick, the lips covered the crown, and Daniel devoured Cameron.


“Oh yeah… That’s what I’m talking about!”


Vala whimpered as the room filled with Mitchell’s moans and Daniel’s little slurping sounds. Her fingers stroked in time with the slip and slide of Daniel’s lips over Cameron’s cock. She shared their pleasure, fingers dancing over her fevered wet flesh, until she felt the intensity overwhelm her, and before she could stop it, a guttural scream was wrenched from her. The men stopped for a second and looked towards the door. Vala tried to control her breathing and bit her shaky lip.


She gingerly wiped the sweat from her brow.


When she looked again. They were back at it!


Vala was amazed that seeing Daniel in such intimate interaction with Cameron didn’t bother her. Thinking about it, she came to the conclusion that if ‘her’ Daniel was to be with someone other than her. It better be a man. And who better than handsome and valiant Cameron?


She tried to get her breath back, and rested her forehead against the door.


Vala smiled, happy and smug to have had one of her best orgasms so unexpectedly, just looking through a keyhole.


                                                                                       * * * *

Vala was leisurely reclining next to the door, still recovering from the floor shaking orgasm she’d just had, when she heard someone coming up the stairs. She realized it was Colonel Carter, so she decided to deactivate her invisibility bracelet. 


“Vala!” a very surprised Sam said, “What’s going on?”


“Oh, I just wanted to share something really good with you, Colonel Carter.”


Vala enthusiastically signaled to Sam to get closer to the door.


“Here, take a peak. It’s one of the most exciting things I’ve ever watched. Trust me, I’ve done quite a few things myself, but I wish I had one of those two with me!”


Sam was intrigued and after double guessing Vala’s actions, she kneeled and looked in the artifact placed in the keyhole.


Cameron and Daniel were still lost in their lust.


Sam’s eyes widened at the sight of Daniel lying in bed, supporting his weight on his elbows, a satisfied expression on his face as he looked at Cameron giving him a blowjob. The pilot was holding the civilian’s dick with one hand and was slowly sucking it up and down, with his eyes fixed on Daniel’s.


Samantha Carter gasped and immediately looked down, mortified by what she’d just seen. She put her hands against the door, trying to compose herself.


Vala, intrigued and surprised by the other woman’s reaction, pushed her aside and looked for herself.


Daniel had reached for Cameron’s head, and was gently guiding his motions.


Vala turned to the woman next to her and studied her. She knew the Colonel wasn’t disturbed by the notion of two men having sex. Also she was pretty sure that Sam was not attracted to her teammates in a physical or romantic way. So what was it?


At that moment, looking into her eyes, Vala realized what bothered Samantha: she was embarrassed by watching the intimacy of two people.


Amazed at how prudish the older woman could be, she decided to tease her a little bit more.


“Aren’t they wonderful? Never thought Daniel would be that big…and Mitchell, no wonder they call him shaft!”


“That’s one way to put it,” said a very deeply blushing Sam, trying to hide how uncomfortable she was. “I think we shouldn’t be prying into their privacy.”


“Let’s see,” Vala said, rolling her eyes, “Like you people from Earth say: ‘we’re not getting any’. So what’s wrong with using some furtive, free, and fabulous incentive to achieve our own pleasure?”


Very insulted, Sam let Vala know she didn’t need to spy on her teammates to satisfy herself in any way. She was a very fulfilled individual.


“So why are you so upset about seeing Mitchell doing what he’s doing to Daniel?” Enjoying the moment, Vala added, “He certainly knows how to go down in style! Maybe you could learn a trick or two, Colonel.”


“I don’t need to learn anything. As a matter of fact, I don’t’ need to have this conversation,” a very distraught Sam announced, rising up from her crouch. In her haste to leave, she forgot how close she was to the stairs and lost her footing, tripping down the set of steps.


Vala rushed downstairs and asked the Colonel if she was OK; Samantha was in pain and needed help to get up.


They took their time to get her back on her feet, and after a few minutes, a very concerned and furiously blushing Daniel came down to help. The women couldn’t help but realize that he was fully clothed. For a moment, Samantha forgot her pain, thinking that if she hadn’t seen what had been going on a couple of minutes ago, she would not have had any clue. The archaeologist looked worried, but otherwise he didn’t even have the smell of sex on him. “Bastard!” Samantha grumbled at him, then noticing the puzzled look of Daniel, she tried to cover her outburst at her friend by saying, “My ankle really hurts.”


In the bedroom, Cameron was jumping up and down, trying to get rid of his erection. Not knowing what the noise outside was about, he was still amused by how much Daniel turned him on. Realizing that thinking about his boyfriend wasn’t helping, he started to do some calisthenics.


                                                                                       * * * *

A day later, Vala was sitting in a chair, looking out the window. The village was quiet at that time of night. She turned around and looked at the young Lieutenant sleeping in his bed. The kid had been really good to her. Good enough to make her forget Daniel for a moment. She looked at the building across from hers. Specifically, she paid attention to the light shining from the small window on the second floor. Temptation niggled at her, but she decided against spying on Daniel and Cameron again.


She half guessed what was going on in that room. She couldn’t know that they had already reached their climax. At the moment the two men were lying together in bed. Cameron resting his head on Daniel’s chest, running his fingers over the taut abdomen.


Daniel was looking at him, amused. He kissed Cameron on the head.


“Are you thinking which movie we resemble at the moment?”


“No,” Cameron said with a little laugh. “Actually, I was thinking about Sam.”




“Well, did you notice she was looking at me kind of weird?”


Daniel grabbed Cameron’s chin and made him look up.


“I noticed she was looking at us in a very inquisitive way. I knew something was up. At first I thought Vala had something to do with it.”


Cameron raised his hand and wagged a finger in agreement with Daniel.


“But when I looked around, it didn’t make sense. Sam is a very careful soldier. To fall like that… Then when I came back, I noticed the artifact in the door of your room.”


“…they were watching us!” Cameron completed the thought.




They both couldn’t help but laugh. They certainly felt sorry for Sam, but the whole situation was funny.


Equally amused was Vala. Still sitting in the chair, she drank from a bottle of “Wild Turkey” bourbon and listened to a song on the Lieutenant’s Mp3 player.


“All you ever do is bring me down,

Making me a fool all over town,

They all wonder why I wear a frown,

That’s cause honey all you do is bring me down.”


She smiled, thinking that Cameron certainly was not wearing a frown, though he had gone down on Daniel, who once again was not playing a fool anywhere. The archaeologist had kept his cool all the time he was accompanying Colonel Carter and her inquiring looks.


Vala did feel sorry for Sam. Though she admired the woman of SG1, Vala was astonished with the female warrior’s behavior and the consequences brought upon herself.


After Samantha had kneeled to look through the keyhole, she had reacted like she almost had slipped morally. Her attitude of being holier than thou had backfired on her. Samantha Carter had gone down, and because she felt she fell from grace, she ended up with a broken bone.


As for herself… Vala thought ‘Oh well’, feeling she’d been up and down so many times, it really didn’t matter. Her only regret was, she had gone as low as trying to force Daniel to do something he didn’t want to do.


She noticed the young Lieutenant had awoken, and was looking at her.


Vala Mal Doran got up, walked toward the young man and decided to go down with style, fun, and pleasure.



                                                              ** The End **  



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