Vala and the Men 

                                                                                                                              By:  Rysler 




COMPLETED:  September 24, 2005

WARNINGS:  Sexual Situations, Adult Language


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  For lady_lefaye’s Vala challenge.





“I can’t decide,” Vala said, walking into Daniel’s laboratory, where he and Cameron had been pouring over ancient clay tablets.


Daniel ignored her, but Cameron cleared his throat and asked, “Can’t decide what?”


“Which one of you I want. I mean, you both look the same, so it’s hard to judge. I’ve already tasted Daniel, so there’s that desire for the unknown thing, but…it was a lovely taste.” She folded her hands together and looked expectantly at them.


Cameron crossed his arms. “And if we’re not interested?”


Daniel, still studying a tablet, muttered, “She usually gets what she wants.”


Vala nodded.


Daniel finally looked up. “Vala?”




“Go away.”


She gave him the finger, an Earth eccentricity she’d learned and enjoyed, and left.


Cameron stretched. “My grandma warned me about girls like her.”


“What’d she say?”


“She said, ‘Get their numbers, but don’t let them get yours.’”


                                                                                                              * * * *

Daniel couldn’t sleep. He was hot, he was half-hard, and he was thinking about Vala. That he hadn’t been able to concentrate because of her he attributed to the wrist device. Linked as if they were soul mates. Or, rather, master and slave. It didn’t take his several Ph.D.s to figure out which one of those he was.


He also recognized that he hadn’t been with a woman in a long time. Not that he could, with Vala a few feet away. Not that he would, anyway. He had his work and he had his team and he had trouble talking to girls.


Vala didn’t require talking. She didn’t require flowers and she didn’t require Earth. With a frustrated sigh, Daniel threw off his covers and got out of bed. He walked down the corridor and entered Vala’s quarters without knowing.


And found her standing in the center of the room, lip-locked with Cameron. “I’ll come back,” he said, and turned to slip through the door.


Vala was there, blocking him. “Why don’t you stay?”


Daniel couldn’t get through the door without forcing her and he wasn’t sure he’d win a fight. He looked from her beaming face to Cameron.


Cameron smiled sheepishly. “I lost a bet.”


“You made a bet with her?”


Cameron half-shrugged.


Vala guided Daniel to a chair. “Hang out. Watch.”


Daniel knew she’d lock the door. He resigned himself to getting through this as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Vala was a woman to be indulged. She returned to Cameron, who accepted her kisses eagerly, as if there weren’t another man in the room. Or maybe he was just so confident he didn’t care. Daniel looked anywhere but at them. He studied the pictures of fighter jets on the walls, which he could name. He looked longingly at the small window that showed the corridor.


But he couldn’t block out the sounds. Slurping and sucking and little groans of satisfaction taunted him, and when Vala let out a low, guttural moan, he sighed and looked toward them.


Vala had pushed Cameron onto the bed, where he sat, now shirtless, his bare chest heaving with short breaths as Vala dug her nails across him. Her back was to Daniel, and he couldn’t help appreciating her lean curves and the way her ass swayed as she teased Cameron. When she sensed Daniel watching, she looked over her shoulder. “Doesn’t he have a beautiful body, Daniel? Big and strong?”


Cameron laughed. He grabbed Vala’s hips and pulled her closer. Vala threaded her fingers around his head, rubbing his short hair. “Did you know Daniel has a great body? He hides it under those baggy clothes—“


“My uniform,” Daniel protested.


“He pretends to be this geek, but he’s got a soldier’s body. Hard as a rock. Have you seen it?” Vala leaned down and kissed Cameron’s neck, under his ear.


Cameron almost giggled. “No, I haven’t.”


“Not even in the showers? Felt it on the field of battle when you’re saving each other’s lives? Never sparred or arm-wrestled?”


Daniel looked away.


Cameron coughed. “No.”


“Daniel,” Vala said, straightening. “Take off your shirt.”


“I don’t think so.”




He frowned at her.


“Do you remember some old cup with some pictures on it? Birds, Jackal heads…”


Daniel felt pain shoot through his head and neck. “Please tell me you didn’t drink out of it.”


“Well, it’s just some 11th century piece. That’s so new. Hardly ancient at all. I mean… You don’t really want it back, do you?”


Cameron shifted uncomfortably on the bed. “Vala…”


“This is blackmail.”


“She seems to be good at that,” Cameron said.


“It’s…” Daniel felt rage building inside him.


“That’s the expression I love. All that anger that can be molded into lust. Daniel, you are a beautiful sight. But if you don’t want to play… The guard’s right outside,” Vala said, resuming a seat next to Cameron and placing her hand on his thigh.


Daniel pulled off his shirt. He threw it at Vala as hard as he could, but it missed and fell into a crumpled heap.


“See, Cameron?” Vala purred the words, standing and walking over to Daniel. “He’s made of muscle. I bet Teal’c trains you, doesn’t he?” She ran her hands over his shoulders and down his arms, squeezing his biceps, and then stroking up his sides. At her urging he lifted his hands and put them on her shoulders and she responded by teasing his armpit hair.


She was pressed up against him, and leaning so that her breasts pressed just above his chest. He could smell her, sweat and soap and something slightly alien. Her body was soft, and she was rubbing against him. He hardened against her thigh, cursing because he knew she felt it, from the smug expression that crossed her face. She leaned down and kissed his temple. Daniel groaned.


Cameron was watching with detached interest, as if he and Daniel were two good old boys out on the town, as if they were buddies chasing tail. Daniel had charmed alien maidens before, even on base. Vala wasn’t the most dangerous, or even the first one he’d had to share. So he resigned himself to the warped male bonding experience, and choked down his jealousy when Vala turned away from him.


“You’ll get your turn, Daniel, but Cameron’s been harder, longer. Isn’t that right?”


Both men appreciated the arch in her stride as she crossed back to Cameron and knelt in front of him. “Am I your first alien, Cameron?” She slid her hand over the fly of his trousers.


Cameron threw back his head and laughed. “Yes ma’me.”


“Vala,” Daniel called from his chair.


“What, Daniel?” She was massaging Cameron’s inner thighs through his pants.


“Take off your shirt.”


She chuckled, and let Cameron pull it off as she worked open the top button of his fly. “Now we’re even.”


Daniel, tempted by the slope of her back, stood up and walked over, watching Vala’s body move as she bent to her work. He did his best not to look at Cameron’s cock, but heard the moment Vala engulfed it between her lips.


Cameron leaned back on his elbows and closed his eyes. “Damn.”


Daniel gave into what he wanted, and slid his arms around Vala’s waist. She giggled against Cameron as Daniel stroked her stomach and then unfastened her pants. He slid one hand inside, cupping her, surprised, even after all this, to find her actually wet. “You want this, Vala?”


Vala drew off Cameron’s cock so that it slapped his belly, and said, “Hurry up.”


Cameron groaned as Vala gripped him in one hand and nuzzled his balls. Daniel struggled with his trousers, getting them and his boxers to his knees before taking himself in his hand. He hesitated, looking at Vala’s offered wetness. Her hips and as gyrated underneath him, and Cameron’s panting was filling his ears. “Do I need—“


“I know what I’m doing,” Vala said impatiently, and Daniel penetrated her. She pushed herself against him, and he held her hips, to keep her still and move inside her at his own pace. Cameron was writhing on the bed, his abdomen twisting, as Vala again took him into her mouth. She sucked noisily, timing the up and down movements of her mouth with Daniel’s thrusts, until Daniel felt his balls tightening. He gripped her harder, and slowed, preparing for that perfect moment.


Vala lifted her head, moving up to kiss Cameron’s belly. She left his cock dangling and gently squeezed his balls. “Daniel’s going to come,” she said. “And after he’s erupted, after he’s spent, I want you to fuck me, too.”


Her words, or rather, her deep voice and rich, alien accent, sent him over the edge, and he came inside her, while cursing that she’d goaded him, that she had this much control over him. When his spurting subsided, he stepped back and pulled up his boxers. He knew his face was red and he was panting. Satisfied, he wasn’t sure if he should just leave.


Vala sat up, and offered him a smug smile. “Good for you?”


“Shut up.” Daniel grabbed her shoulders and pushed her backward on the bed, pinning her and kneeling on the bed. “You said it was Cameron’s turn.”


“I did say that, didn’t I?” She laughed, not struggling, but not completely pliant under his hands, either.


Cameron rolled to the side. “I wouldn’t have complained, but hell, I’m not back away from this.” Daniel slid back and Cameron crouched on top of Vala, meeting her eyes and smiling. “I hope he opened you up for me.”


Vala licked her lips. “Come find out.”


Cameron mounted her, and she sighed, wrapping her calves around his legs. He held himself up as he pounded her. Daniel scooted to the back of the bed and leaned against the headboard, watching Vala’s face contort in ecstasy as Cameron took her. He’d never had a chance to study her up close before; She was always talking or taunting or scaring him. Now, she was thoroughly distracted, and Daniel realized that she was thoroughly beautiful. The hints of vulnerability he’d glimpsed before were there as she clung to Cameron, as if she were afraid to truly enjoy the moment.


Daniel leaned forward and stroked her hair. The locks were sweaty and clung to his fingers, so rather than pulling, he massaged her scalp, hoping he was grounding her. Her hand disappeared between her body and Cameron’s, and when Daniel saw her bite her lip he knew she was touching herself. “I wonder,” he said, running his pinkie along the edge of her ear, “If you can come before Cameron does.”


Vala’s eyes narrowed with the challenge, and she arched, meeting Cameron’s thrusts with an invigorating rhythm. She looked above her and met Daniel’s eyes. She grunted, and set her jaw, and Daniel could feel her trembling under his hands. He was about to say something when Cameron let out a whoop.


“Jesus Christ.” Cameron stilled his hips, and then thrust forward with a harsh moan. He lifted his chin and grinned at Daniel before rolling off onto his back. “God in heaven. That was the ride of my life.”


Vala laughed. She leapt off the bed, and pulled a kimono off the closet door.


Cameron eyed her. “Did you…?”


“What?” She spun around, pulling her hair out of the back of the silk before and then wrapping the fabric around her. “Did you miss it?”


Cameron coughed. Daniel patted his shoulder.


Vala headed for the door. “I’m going to sleep in Daniel’s quarters. I never did like the wet spot.”


Cameron gave her a weak wave as she disappeared through the door.


Daniel rolled his head against the headboard and sighed. “I think she’s going to do the guard next.”


“Probably.” Cameron chuckled. “So, want to see who’s bigger?”


“I’ll get a ruler.”



                                                                            ** The End ** 


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