Waiting for Jack  

                                                                                                                                          By:  Lissa Knight 



CATEGORY:  Drabble

WARNINGS:  Adult Language



Daniel was tired and cranky. He hadn’t heard from Jack in over three weeks, and that was too long in his book. Of course, he was sure D.C. was just ‘breathtaking’, but all the same, a little phone call wouldn’t hurt. Then again, he’d always been the gatherer to Jack’s hunter, the little lady waiting and worrying.


That was why things were so different with Cameron. For once, he had the chance to be the one in the know, holding all the cards. Of course seeing Cameron running after him was not necessarily what he needed to get a kick, so he had pretty much quit trying to be the dominant alpha male and they’d settled into a relationship based on equality. And fucking. The smooth with the rough, Cameron liked to call it, and he was right.


It was a kind of synchronicity that he’d always struggled for with Jack but never really achieved. Jack was old school, and never pretended otherwise. And that was the appeal; pure, unabashed machismo of the highest caliber.


Daniel sighed as he recollected one of a million fights they’d had, and how each one always managed to get him right where Jack wanted him. He smiled at how it had taken him far too long to realize that was what did it for Jack, what pushed his happy buttons. And even when he had figured it out, he loved playing the petulant peacemaker to Jack’s fiery lets-just-shoot man.


It made for great foreplay.


Foreplay with Cameron was an entirely different matter, and one that he was still trying to feel out. It seemed to be more about Cameron slipping something secret and suggestive into their group meetings and reconnoiters; something only Daniel would pick up on. It was subtle, and hot. And it was a world away from beating your lover around the head and dragging him back to your cave. Daniel grinned at the analogy. He’d always liked Jack’s ‘cave’, scattered with fishing paraphernalia that had never got used when he was around.


But Cameron sent his signals out low and quiet, sometimes just muttering the occasional ‘Come on’ into Daniel’s ear as he strode past, P90 in hand. To everyone else, his mind would seem 110 percent on the job at hand, but to hear those choice phrases let Daniel know he really didn’t want to wait any longer to have him. He was getting aroused now, thinking about Cameron’s deep growl, the hunger in his voice when he sought him out to whisper in his ear. The effect those words had on him were not coincidental. If you grow up with a true love of words and language, you’re always going to get that mental switch flipped by a stolen moment and an eloquently breathed intention.


Yep, he was lucky, alright, being with Cameron. In return, he sometimes tried to catch him off guard, entering his personal space when no-one was around and just breathing ever so heavily onto Cameron’s neck. He liked watching him shiver slightly, and hear his throat offer up the beginnings of an unvoiced desire. Those days would always end with the ripping of BDUs, the licking of skin and the satisfaction of a great fuck.


He looked at his phone, with no missed calls on it, and smiled. Jack will always be Jack, but Cameron – well, finding out about him could take even longer…



                                                                                ** The End **   


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