By:  Llewellynprince  



CATEGORY:  Drabble

COMPLETED:  March 14, 2006




AUTHOR’S NOTES:  Beta’d by claudiasharon







The first time he almost lost Daniel the feeling of loss and dread lasted weeks and put him into a funk that took eight hours of the Three Stooges and Teal’c singing Row Row Row Your Boat and Rockabye Baby to bring him out of it and give him nightmares for the rest of his life because you know, Teal’c had to do the dance too, and Teal’c dancing was a scary, scary thing.


After the incident it took all of Cameron’s will power (which was decidedly less then he thought he had), Daniel’s threats of no more sex, and Teal’c and Sam’s constant interruptions to keep him from attaching himself to Daniel 24/7 like a cancer.


Which he does anyway as soon as they get off, Daniel started complaining about him getting girly-clingy after the first half an hour. Which is something to be said if the guy who dies all the time is complaining about him being clingy.


Sam had to keep yelling at him, Teal’c kept scaring the living begeezus out of him, hell even Siler and Harriman were in on the group effort, not that it didn’t do any good.


Despite their efforts he’s pretty sure the whole base and half the worlds they’ve visited knows about them.


Eventually, after two more near misses and a lecture from O’Neill about how he was going to die young if he kept worrying because it was never going to stop or even slow down, (Daniel had thrown a book at his head from the doorway…where he wasn’t eavesdropping at that) so he might as well get used to and have as much sex as possible (another book came flying at that one, but he thinks that one was Sam because it was a physics book) and never look back.



                                                                               ** The End **  


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