What’s in a Name?  

                                                                                                                                 By:  Bone  




COMPLETED:  January 29, 2006


WARNINGS:  Sexual Situations







“Cameron, is there something you want to tell me?” Daniel yelled from the living room, his voice carrying into the kitchen where Cam was busy cleaning up after dinner. They never left that much of a mess, but Daniel was very particular when it came to his cabinets and it was Cam’s turn to tidy.


He rolled his eyes, he hated when Daniel pulled that trick; it reminded him of how his mother tried to catch him into voluntarily answering to what he did wrong when she didn’t know. It was also pure Danny, so Cam also had to smile while thinking up a quick reply, “I’m madly in love with you?”


“Besides that,” Daniel answered, his voice getting closer as he walked down the short hallway toward the kitchen, his soft footfalls giving his position away.


Cam turned back to the sink to the last of the dishes, his arms wet up to the elbow. He liked washing dishes, it was relaxing to know that he could scrub them clean and they would be good as new. Plus, as Daniel had explained it to him before, a little work now meant more Daniel-time later.


Arms settled around his waist as Daniel leaned his weight into Cameron’s back, dropping his head to rest on Cam’s shoulder. Cam was surprised to feel Daniel’s growing erection pressing into his ass, and wiggled just a bit to let Danny know that he knew. “Um, Teal’c likes to wear red boxers with little kissy-lips on them when we get back to base?” Cam asked again, racking his brain for what he might have done.


Daniel breathed a laugh on his neck bending a little to kiss on the underside of his jaw. He tightened his grip, squeezing just a bit harder into Cam making him press rather uncomfortably into the corner of the cabinet in front of him. “I really didn’t need to know that,” Daniel said burying his face into Cam’s hair.


“Give me a hint?” Cam asked bracing his arms in the hot water so that he could push back against Danny’s groin. His own dick had picked up interest and was letting him know that the counter was not an acceptable replacement for Daniel’s warm flesh.


Rubbing his hands up Cam’s chest, Daniel also moved his head around to kiss and suck on the back of Cam’s neck. He moved around to settle his chin on the opposite shoulder, “Mongo Jackson.”


Cameron choked, all the blood that had been running south suddenly rushed back up to turn his face a bright red. The embrace that a moment ago had seemed sexy and hot, now only served to make sure that he couldn’t bolt. “I, uh, take it we got a package today?” Cam asked as soon as he could force the words out of his mouth.


“Indeed,” Daniel said, channeling his inner Teal’c trying to force Cameron to tell the story himself. He went back to tonguing at the pulse point on Cam’s neck, making it that much harder for Cameron to form coherent sentences.


“I just thought it might be a bit of fun,” Cameron said tilting his head to the side to give Daniel better access. Whether Daniel was angry or not, as long as he kept up what he was doing, Cam was willing to take what was coming to him.


Once he was sure that Cameron wasn’t going anywhere, Daniel pulled his arms back down and leaned back enough so that he could cup Cam’s erection with his hands. “And you though you’d just put my name on it?” he asked nipping a little at the now tender flesh.


Cameron groaned thrusting up into Daniel’s hands and then back into his groin. He was getting hotter, and it was not because of the now lukewarm water. “I couldn’t put my name on it,” Cam panted, attaining his previous state of arousal thanks to Daniel’s touch. “I thought it would be harder to trace this way.”


Turning the other man around, Daniel pressed him backwards hard, pushing dick to dick until they both ached. He reached up and grabbed the back of Cam’s head, bringing their foreheads together. “I could get used to the idea of you taking my name,” Daniel said, his lips moving against Cameron’s before he inched forward and brought them together there too.


Closing his eyes at the thought, a shiver ran through the entire length of Cam’s body, and he poured himself into the kiss. Daniel’s big hands came around to cup his jaw, while Cam could only grab at Daniel’s hips trying to bring them closer together.


“I was going to surprise you,” Cam said once they finally broke apart for air, kissing along Daniel’s cheek. Even when they weren’t kissing mouth to mouth, Cam could hardly leave Daniel’s face alone, kissing his cheeks, eyes, and along his nose. It was a habit that Daniel seemed to encourage wholeheartedly.


“Well you’re the one that’s going to get the surprise now,” Daniel promised, the growl in his voice sending shivers skittering through Cameron’s body.


                                                                                                              * * * *

Later that night, an empty box with the near-discrete label of “Victoria’s Adult Toys” lay beside the bed where the two men lay, spent near to exhaustion. They were face to face, with Cam’s head tucked slightly under Daniel’s, and Daniel’s hand lying on Cameron’s recently well-used ass.


“One more question, Cam,” Daniel said, moving closer to tangle their legs together before sleep overcame him. “Where did you come up with the name ‘Mongo’?”



                                                                                ** The End **  


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