What's in a Name, Anyway? (Series by number6)



CATEGORY:  Pre-Slash


WARNINGS:  Bottom Jack


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  This story is the combination of part one and two of the series.  I would like to thank Pie, Saladscream and Sean for their help and support.



PART 1:  Learning to Say Goodbye


Daniel Jackson was tired.  Ever since he could remember, each time there was a stressful situation at the SGC, he would end up exhausted. He just wanted to finish this report and go to bed, sleep as much as he could. Avoid reality. He still couldn’t shake the tension that his encounter with the Ori had left with him. He rubbed his eyes, took a deep breath and suddenly he noticed he wasn’t alone in his office.


‘Please, Vala, leave me alone’ thought Daniel, thinking the mercenary-trader-and constant-pain-in-the-ass was trying to attract his attention once again. He looked up and was surprised to see Jack standing in the doorway. There he was, General Jack O’Neill, the man he had loved for so long. The longest relationship he’d ever had, on any level.


Though it was a nice surprise, Daniel could not hide his anger. Last time they had talked over the phone, Jack told him he couldn’t see him before leaving to go to Atlantis.


“Hey, wow! What the hell are you doing here?”


“Nice to see you too.”


“No, I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting to see you.”


After his first reaction the Linguist realized the General was wearing his dress blues. Boy did he love his Jack in uniform! Correct that: Jack, plain General Jack O’Neill. He reminded himself their relationship was over. He called it quits, but he still loved the man, so much that he was the only person Daniel could admit to about being scared of the threat the Ori posed.


“I’m hungry,” was Jack’s response to his heartfelt confession. It wasn’t necessary to say anything else.


“Me too,” he said following the older man.


Half through the way he decided to change plans. To hell with his pride and Jack’s innuendos. He would satisfy his real hunger.


“Jack I want to show you something I have in my quarters,” said the younger man, trying to hide his nervousness. Once inside the VIP room, he closed the door and jumped Jack. He ran his hands through the shortened silver hair. Kissing and pressing him against the wall.


The General did not have time to even breathe once the horny Archaeologist furiously slipped his tongue into Jack’s mouth and started to unbutton his uniform. Jack didn’t mind though, tasting Daniel’s sweetness was like honey to him. He was enjoying this passionate primal Daniel Jackson. The intensity didn’t stop Jack from taking an inspection of his surroundings. When he realized there was a security camera in the room, he pushed the civilian away.






“Whatcha doing…are you trying to get me discharged, Danny boy?”


“Oh, don’t worry Jack,” said Daniel pointing to the camera “it’s off, see no red light.”




“One night Vala got into the security room and was checking out what I was doing.”


“That bitch. I swear I’m going to kick her ass so hard she won’t need the Stargate to go back to wherever the fuck she came from.”


“I had the camera disconnected Jack. She’s leaving in a few hours…”


“Daniel, are you sure you want to do this?…Last time I checked, you were pissed at me.”


“Still am,”…said Daniel both glaring and batting his eyelashes “but I need you now…and since I’ve been to the infirmary twice, almost got burned to death, missed the Daedalus, and gave away our galaxy to the Ori…”


“Danny, it’s not your fault,” said Jack, while embracing and kissing the younger man.


The men did not waste time undressing each other. Lips locked, tongue touching tongue, knee rubbing knee, erection pounding against erection. They reached the bed and fell into it still holding each other. Jack managed to roll Daniel onto his back and stay on top of him. He had wanted to do this for a long time, to get lost in the deep glare of the blue eyes focusing on him, to feel the heat coming from the fit body. He caressed the silken skin; pressed himself against the man he so desired.


It didn’t matter how grown up Daniel was, to Jack the linguist would always be the wonder boy he first met.


“Ah Daniel,” said a very happy Jack, touching the solid shoulders and biceps. His hand kept touring the strong body beneath him, until he cupped the firm buttocks. How amazing it felt!


Without stopping to kiss him, he grabbed Daniel’s legs and put them over his shoulders.


Daniel took a deep breath and looked at Jack, he wanted to tell him to put a condom on, but the soldier read the civilian’s gaze and looked at him while putting saliva on his hand. He could do this, he hadn’t had sex with anyone else but Daniel in the last year or so. Then Daniel decided he would have none of it, he gathered his strength and with his legs pushed Jack to the side, changing positions and staying on top.


Jack was surprised by the move, and gasped for air. He knew better. He was dealing with an alpha Daniel Jackson, and when he was in that mood, nothing could stop him. Once he saw Daniel mimicking him, putting saliva on his hand, he decided he’d better bite his lip and firmly grasped the comforter with his fingers.


Jack relaxed and felt Daniel slowly penetrate him. He closed his eyes and tried to loosen up by taking deep breaths.


The younger man needed this, he needed to let out all his concern, guilt, fears, and anger. He started to rhythmically pound the older man and breathlessly he repeated over and over “Jack”.


“I know. This time only,” was the response from the General.


Both men kept staring at each other, letting the heat invade their bodies. They didn’t need to say anything, they knew that after this was over, Jack would go back to DC and Daniel would try to get to Atlantis.


Daniel deliberately went deep into Jack accelerating his rhythm. Jack exploded and his cum seeped between both men’s abdomens. Then Daniel collapsed on top of Jack filling him with himself…


                                                                                                              * * * *

The event horizon closed and Vala was gone. Daniel felt relieved. Deep inside he liked her, she was a very interesting individual, but not to be trusted with the truth. The archaeologist unconsciously rubbed his wrist, he thought of the annoying situation he has gone through since Vala had put the Goa’uld bracelet on him that linked them both together.


He turned towards the door and the friction from his briefs against his sore dick reminded him to walk slowly. ‘It was worth it’ he thought. He smiled thinking how interesting life was. In one day he had said goodbye to an unwanted admirer personified in Vala Mal Doran, a woman who in many ways had fucked him over. And strangely fucking Jack’s ass had allowed him to let go of Jack O’Neill, the love of his life.


Now he could concentrate on what he loved to do: translations. Curiously, he felt good – for the first time in weeks he felt better, at ease.


Letting Jack go was hard, but there was nothing else to do. The career soldier did not want him to transfer to Washington DC, he claimed there wasn’t a strong enough excuse for it.


Basically, Jack wanted to avoid any gossip, to him the SGC was one thing, but the game in Washington was a different jungle. Most importantly, he didn’t want to retire yet.


The scholar tried to understand the General’s point of view, but the sadness that invaded him when realizing the well-defined priorities evaporated into rage. He recognized that Jack’s innuendos, and his reluctance to communicate would never change. That’s when he decided to move on.


He knew Jack had been hurt when he told him it was over, but he couldn’t keep his life on hold anymore. He had recognized there was no future for the Jack & Daniel fantasy he had had. Jack loved him, he was sure of that, but the older man might never be able to connect in a way the civilian wanted, so he had decided to go to Atlantis.


Daniel thought that a few weeks ago it would had would taken the immensity of another galaxy to get his life back together, and move on from the love he had for his ex silver fox.


Now walking towards the elevator, he understood that he was already over Jack O’Neill.


It made sense to him. The presence of the older man would always be there in his life. This time the separation from someone he loved was not traumatic. He was not surviving the person he was estranged from. Jack was alive. He would not have to mourn the loss of a lover, he’d only have to adapt to a new life without the smart ass General in it.


Somehow, making love with Jack in the previous hours had changed the mood in the separation. Now they could be friends. Daniel was sure that the love affair had come to a natural end. The more he thought about it, the more certain he was, it was over.


As a sign of a new stage in their long friendship, Jack gave him the pep talk he needed, while holding him in his arms.


“Daniel it’s not your fault the Ori found out about our galaxy… Sooner or later someone would have given away our planets.”


It was the best time Daniel had enjoyed in a long while. Now, if he only could believe in life’s analogies, he could see the symbolism. He was walking to get it an elevator and go up!


                                                                                                         * * * * * *

PART 2:  Whatever It Takes


Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell had come to Cheyenne Mountain still on Cloud 9, grateful that General O’Neill had taken him to test the new F302. What a rush it was to pilot again! Even more exciting, the General had given him hopes of retaining the original members of SG1.


After he was briefed during a quick meeting, he looked for the top civilian of the SGC. One of the SF had told him the Doctor was on his way to level 25. He walked to the elevator and waited, wondering how long it would take for the archaeologist to arrive.


‘I know he’s coming, no need to go to his office,’ Cameron told himself while he waited impatiently. He was still wondering how long it would take Daniel Jackson to get there when the elevator opened and his favorite civilian came out with a bunch of documents in his hands.


The Colonel tried to keep his cool, but couldn’t hide his enthusiasm when told that Vala had left about an hour ago.


Now that the distraction of Vala Mal Doran was gone, he could test the waters and see if the foremost expert in Ancient language could be attracted to him.


“I missed the going away party? Hope you saved me a piece of cake,” said a playful Mitchell.


“Now that she’s gone, I can finally get some work done around here.”


“Yeah about that. The whole SG1 thing? You never gave me a firm answer. What do you say I make it official?” said Mitchell waiting for an affirmative response, but to his surprise the linguist was fainting. He grabbed him softening the fall, and yelled for a medical team. He helped the medics put Jackson on a gurney and stayed at his side the whole time.


‘What is it now Daniel?’ Cameron kept thinking, as he looked at the unconscious man lying in the infirmary bed. ‘I hope it’s nothing serous’. He remembered how in the different mission reports of SG1, there would often be a mention of an encounter between the archeologist and the CMO of the base.


While recovering in his own hospital bed, Mitchell had read the “adventures” of SG1 as though it was a serialized novel. He was really good at memorizing facts and numbers, but he had to admit to losing count of the many times Dr. Jackson ended up unconscious and/or dead.


It struck him that he was sitting on a chair by the man’s bed, and realized he might have looked like General O’Neill in the same situation. How many times did the General sit by his civilian…anxious, concerned…at a loss?


Cameron stood up and got closer to the bed. Making sure no one was around, he held Daniel’s hand pretending he was looking for evidences. He enjoyed touching the soft and silky skin. His hands kept venturing up Jackson’s arm. He thought the man had a great build. Strong biceps, nice forearms. He knew how the Doctor looked. In the past weeks, he’d had the chance to check him out. What a handsome man. He stared at the face and thought how peaceful and young Daniel looked.


Cameron didn’t fool himself. He was aware that, more than simply lust, he felt incredibly attracted to the Doctor, to his personality. He smiled thinking of the many missions where Daniel had saved his teammates, civilizations and even whole planets. As a military man he understood what needed to be done to consider a successful endeavor. He didn’t like to admit it, but in past missions he had done stuff he had regretted, experiences that involved measures he knew O’Neill, Carter, and Teal’c had taken following their army training. In that sense, he sympathized with the General, the Lt. Colonel, and the Jaffa of SG1.


However, the civilian worked on a totally different level. One that made Cameron stand in awe of the archeologist. It seemed to him that while the others were the epitome of courage, force, and sometimes destruction, Daniel Jackson showed the same characteristics, but also embodied hope, determination, peace, and life.


He loved the meticulous way Jackson detailed every mission. As a matter of fact, most of the reports he had read were penned by the linguist.


Cameron put his hands in his pockets and wondered whether Vala might have had something to do with the linguist’s current state.


Dr. Lam had said Jackson was unresponsive. He seemed to have the same symptoms as when he was wearing the bracelet on. Mitchell followed his intuition and requested a team be sent to bring Vala back.


                                                                                                              * * * *

It had been 15 minutes since SG11 had retrieved an unconscious Vala. Mitchell was waiting along side with Dr. Lam for Jackson to awake; when he did so, the Colonel was looking intensely at the man. He really wanted to kiss him, but aware he couldn’t do that, he decided to go for safe and “funny.”


“Good Morning Sunshine!”


“Aggh!” was Jackson’s response.


Mitchell couldn’t know he’d just done what a foster brother used to do to Daniel. The guy would wake him up with a “Good Morning Sunshine” before forcing him into oral and anal sex.


Hours later, the scientist told him that in order to brake the bracelet’s link, they had to pay a visit to a top scientist off world named Arlos, so to Cameron it was a no brainer. The new mission of “SG me” would be to go to that planet and achieve permanent detachment between Daniel and Vala.


He walked into the locker room thinking he would do anything to get Vala out of the picture. Even if it meant wearing the crap he was holding in his hands. He looked forlornly at the leather shirt, pants, and trench coat given to him. Before he threw the clothes out of sight, he reminded himself that it was a mission to help Jackson get rid of Vala.


He knew she posed no threat in his pursuit of Daniel’s heart, but the woman was annoying and driving everybody crazy. Especially Jackson.


He did not like Vala one bit. Ever since he’d read the report on how she stole the “Prometheus” with Dr. Jackson in it; how she manhandled him, and though there was no mention of it, rumor had it that the scientist and her had gotten quite personal in the loneliness of the big space craft.


Still looking at the garments picked for him to wear by that woman, he remembered the number Vala was wearing when she first came to the SGC. A cyber dominatrix whore. That’s how she looked. No wonder Jackson couldn’t take her seriously. ‘Give me a break,’ he thought. ‘Jackson deserves someone way better than her.’ He allowed himself to be a little bit cocky and swinging his head with a smile “like me!” But then he thought of Jackson’s reaction about rejoining SG1.


The last few weeks had been a roller coaster for the Colonel. He wasn’t over the whole SG1 fiasco, as he liked to call it. He had waited for so long to come to the SGC and join SG1. Fought his way through an excruciating recovery therapy, so he’d be ready for action, only to find out that the flagship team no longer existed as he knew it. Cameron did not like the idea of two letters a dash and a number to lead. He came to the Star Gate Command to work with and learn from Colonel Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and the Jaffa Teal’c.


Mitchell didn’t realize the anger he used to throw the boot he just took off his foot, but he did notice the looks from other soldiers that were leaving the locker-room. He decided to cool down, and thought of when Daniel came to see him at the hospital.


Granted, most people had paid visits to thank him for his role in preventing Anubis’ attack on earth, but when the boyish multi hyphenated genius came into the room and sat on the chair, Cameron felt something twitch in his crotch. That’s when he knew there was hope to walk, to feel…Just looking at Daniel cleaning his glasses while talking and seeing those amazing blue eyes centering on him gave Cameron a semi hard-on…which he knew was a promising treat. After all, he had gone through weeks of being told he might not walk again, nor ever feel anything down there!


Now while unzipping his trousers, he had a full hard on; something he didn’t want to show in a locker room. So he remembered how Dr. Daniel Jackson had initially refused to change his plans of going to Atlantis instead of staying to work with him. That effectively took care of the erection.


He was already disappointed that Sam had gone to Area 51, and Teal’c had decided to stay and help with the formation of the Jaffa government, but Daniel Jackson was different. He admired the legendary scientist who had broken hard-assed Colonels like Edwards, who since the Unas impasse, had requested the expertise of Dr. Jackson in every mission he felt necessary.


Colonel Makepeace, though disgraced for his shady behavior, had nothing but accolades to describe Dr. Jackson. And Colonel Reynolds could only be described as a cheerleader for Dr. Jackson. As a matter of fact, Reynolds was the one who started Colonel Cameron Mitchell’s infatuation with the archaeologist. Which made him think, “Is Reynolds attracted to Jackson?…Fuck…Reynolds has the hots for Jackson too!!!”


Now that Cameron acknowledges his attraction for the scientist, he could understand Colonel Reynolds’ so-called ‘love’ for ‘the meaning of life stuff’ and everything that had to do with a certain bespectacled man.


Reynolds had confided how he admired every member of the SG1 team, but he’d been won over by the ‘geek’ who always stood his ground to make sure the right thing was done in every instance. The man that had sacrificed himself to save millions on Kelowna.


Cameron took his shirt off and cleared his throat. He remembered when a mournful Sam told him how painful it was for her to see her friend die from radiation poisoning, and then ascend to a higher plane of existence with the Ancients.


Again he thought that setting aside how handsome the scholar was, he was flabbergasted with the personality, sincerity, and goodness of Dr. Daniel Jackson.


He knew these feelings were leading him into a mine field, so he had to be very, VERY careful.


He had to consider the regulations about getting involved with a subordinate. Even worse, he had to bear in mind how in the military, a relationship with someone of the same sex could cost him his future and career.


Finally, he had to think about the paramount obstacle in his quest for Daniel Jackson: Jack O’Neill. The first Colonel the archeologist had broken in.


It was known that the now General had a soft spot for Jackson. There were rumors about it being more than a friendship. Cameron had refused to hear any gossip at first. He thought Jack O’Neill was one mean ‘sonuvabitch’, one not to be messed with. He couldn’t be gay!


However, “Jack & Daniel” had been visiting the Nellis base once, and it only took Cameron a lunch with the two men to put his gaydar on high alert. They were not obvious, but there was something about them…they would pick on each other, finish each other’s sentences; sometimes, it seemed as though they were communicating telepathically. In other words: they behaved like a married couple…and a happy one for that matter.


Since that encounter, Cameron had wished he had something like that in his life. Such an intimate interaction. He remembered the way the Colonel would make a smart-ass remark, and Jackson would raise his head, look at him, adorably pouty. Then O’Neill would get this unique expression on his face-as though he were apologizing or something. The younger man would not and blink-accepting the apology.


Besides, no one would dare talk to the General the way the archeologist did. Not only he had read about it on the reports, but it was legendary within the SGC staff how Daniel Jackson had called an armed and enraged Jack O’Neill a “stupid son of a bitch” and not only gotten away with it, but also had the then Colonel apologize and give justifying explanations for his actions.


Yeah, that in itself was a huge obstacle. Jack O’Neill. A man who would rip him apart if he messed with his lover.


Cameron finished buttoning up his shirt and looked at himself in the mirror.


“Fuck, I look like one of those cheap sluts from Folsom Street…that fucking Vala…bitch!”  







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