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The first time Daniel admitted he loved him was several years ago, and now he can barely remember it.


Itís all a haze of gun fire, life threatening situations, and miracles that would make a Goaíuld cry.


Itís Sam and Jack on their wedding day and the birth of their first daughter, blue eyed and blond haired like her mother, loud like her father and a cheerful Cassandra with the family she always wanted.


Itís Tealíc finally marrying Ishta in a ceremony that nearly made both warriors cry.


Itís Braítac and Jacob Carter and Selmac and Garshaw and Hammond and Oma Desala looking out over the years to see what theyíd accomplished and the future that awaits their children and students.


Itís Landry grinning from ear to ear after the birth of his first grandchild.


Itís Tomin finally realizing that the Ori were far from Gods and Adairís look of abstract horror when the point was finally driven home with Danielís third death at the hands of the Ori.


Itís the fury of the Ancients finally called down at the same incident and the storm clouds that rolled in and wiped out half of the entire Ori fleet.


Itís Vala finally able to be reunited with her daughter and husband and her look of horror at the small house in Colorado Springs that Tomin asked Hammond for, Hammondíd promised all three a position in the SGC, but Vala never once complained out loud.


Itís the return of the Atlantis expedition, Elizabeth newly married to Caldwell, Teyla and Bates and their son named after his motherís father, Simpson, Lorne, and Parrish and heís never quite figured out how that one works but it does and the three of them are ridiculously happy, itís Sheppard, McKay, and the gorgeous blond bombshell of a scientist from Taranis, Norina who keeps both of them in line and their constant bantering, itís Stackhouse and Markham and Sora, who joined the expedition after Cowenís downfall, and their two little boys that look like mirror images of their fathers but have theirmotherís fighting skills, itís Ronon and Kate Heightmeyer who helped him through the darkest parts of his life and who loves it when he growls and sweeps her off her feet and their little girl that Ronon was afraid to touch at first, itís Carson and Laura and their twins who have their fatherís looks and motherís personality and skills, and itís Radek Zelenka engaged to Miko Kusanagi and his panicked pleas for help when Miko announces theyíre expecting their first child.


Itís the victory celebration that lasted three days and nights and showed all Earthís alien allies how you really celebrated the end of a war, no one can exactly remember what happened but from the pictures no one really wants to.


And itís Danielís small smile every time Cameron expresses amazement over something thatís happened and his unwavering faith in good and truth and mankind.



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