Chain Me to the Wall  

                                                                                                                                                      By:  Bone  




SEASON/SPOILERS:  Season 9 “Ripple Effect”

WARNINGS:  Sexual Situations


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  Episode tag for “Ripple Effect”, threesome.





When the thought first came to him, it had seemed so reasonable. After all, they were now five days away from being back at the SGC, and five days was an awful long time to have four adults shoved in a room made for one. Of course, he had asked Teal’c to usher Jackson and Mitchell to their new quarters, but it was his responsibility to check up on them from time to time.


Cameron rolled his eyes at himself, the truth was that he couldn’t get altDaniel’s promise of more out of his mind and it was making relations with his Daniel all the more complicated. Curiosity was eating away at him, and too many unanswered questions bounced around in his head. Plus, he was really hoping to get laid. Cameron slowed, coming to a stop in front of the door that held the alternate Mitchell and Jackson. He tried to take several deep breaths, but ended up gasping and making his heartbeat race faster. Get a grip, Mitchell! Cameron thought to himself, keying in the code to open the door before he could change his mind.


The room was identical to the small space that Cameron and SG1 had been held in before. Mitchell lounged barefoot on the single sized bunk to the right and Jackson sat propped against the wall directly opposite the door. Cameron had clearly interrupted something, and his sixth sense or his innate paranoia, told him that he had been the topic of discussion.


“It thought you might be coming by,” Jackson said to Cameron, but turned up the side of his grin to Mitchell who only rolled his eyes in return. He sat his arm on his bent leg and ran his fingers up to trace around his mouth.


Tearing his gaze away, Cameron swallowed and turned his attention to Mitchell. “Do I need to worry about you two trying anything?” he asked trying to ignore his libido, which devoutly hoped that Jackson would try something rather specific.


Unsurprisingly, it was Jackson that answered his question. “No.” he said using the wall to shove himself up and glared at Mitchell as he continued. “The most important thing now is to get the other SG-1s home to protect their Earths.”


“Ah,” Cameron said, finding himself glad that, as usual, Jackson had gotten his way over military thinking.


“Besides,” Jackson added, sizing Cameron up and pacing forward until they were only an arm’s length away, “you and I have some unfinished business.”


Jackson reached out, tangling his fingers in the belt loops of Cameron’s pants, and pulled gently but firmly until Cameron closed the gap between them. They shared the same breath for what seemed like an eternity before Cam looked up, letting Jackson catch his eye and take the lead in pushing their lips together.


Neither man was wearing his jacket, so as the kiss deepened and they began to push against each other, all they felt were muscles rubbing against muscles. Jackson shifted his hands to Cam’s hips, gripping hard enough to bruise and aligned their groins. Cam gasped, but Jackson swallowed it using the opportunity to shove his tongue further down Cam’s throat. Cam’s hand came up, grasping at the back of Jackson’s neck, his thumbs rubbing along Jackson’s jaw.


“Jesus Christ, that’s hot.”


The reminder that they weren’t alone in the room caused Cam’s head to jerk up and back, staring at the other Mitchell with his eyes glazed over and only slightly panting. He tried to jerk back away from the other man’s bulk, but Jackson held him tight, nuzzling into Cam’s neck. He moved his arms to circle Cam’s waist and turned his head to look in the direction of the bunk.


“I told you not to talk,” Jackson said, rocking his and Cam’s bodies together. Mitchell had sat up on the bed, leaning back against the wall and spreading his legs. One hand rested casually on the obvious bulge in the front of his pants. “You didn’t listen to me before, so you’re going to have to make up for it now.”


Cameron lifted his head over Jackson’s to stare at the other Mitchell. At the very least, these alternates’ relationship was certainly entertaining. Mitchell just shrugged and used his other hand to gesture them to go ahead. For the moment, Cam really couldn’t decide which fact was the most surreal: Jackson going down on his knees in front of him, or his nearly-evil-twin getting off on it in the corner.


A moment later, his pants were unzipped and hanging out with his boxers around his thighs. This Daniel Jackson certainly didn’t waste any time, or maybe he’d just decided he wasn’t going to be interrupted again. Cameron wasn’t the least bit surprised to see that he was already fully hard and aching to be inside Jackson’s mouth. He let his head fall back as Jackson softly blew over the shaft and then followed up with one long lick from base to tip.


The muscles on his thighs quivered as Jackson swallowed him whole and started moving his tongue along the underneath. Cameron quickly ran his hands through Jackson’s hair and then lightly over Jackson’s eyes. Soft gasps and whimpers escaped from his lips as Jackson’s hands started kneading the small strip of skin connecting his cock to his bellybutton.


Suddenly there was a steady weight behind him anchoring him in place. Later Cameron might wonder about how easily he accepted the situation that had lead to his twin tugging his t-shirt off and running his hands along Cam’s abs and pecks. Mitchell pinched at both his nipples at once, and Cameron moaned, twisted his head to search blindly for Mitchell’s mouth to kiss.


“I don’t recall that being part of my plan,” Jackson’s voice cut through the haze that had fallen over all of Cameron’s higher brain functions. He had sat back on his heels gazing up at the two Mitchells and lazily jacking Cameron’s cock.


“C’mon Daniel, don’t hate the pretty,” Mitchell said caressing his way down Cameron’s body to help Jackson curl around Cam’s dick. He then shifted Cameron forward so that he could move his fingers up to Jackson’s mouth. “And you’re leaving my man hanging here, I’m sure you can think of something to do with that smart mouth.”


Jackson rolled his eyes and nipped Mitchell’s fingers away lowering his head back to Cameron’s cock. He shuffled forward on his knees and curled his hands around the insides of Cam’s knees, bracing both of them together. He began to bob his head up and down on Cameron’s cock, alternating licking and sucking in different places.


This was a blowjob to top his rather short list, and Cameron knew it. Mitchell began rocking behind him, grinding his clothed erection into Cam’s bare ass. Again, muscular hands pushed and pulled at his hips, forcing him back into Mitchell and then forward into Jackson’s mouth. He wasn’t so much being torn apart by the sensations, as compacted together, tightening his sense of self.


Mitchell moved one hand further down Cameron’s body, pausing only briefly to palm Jackson’s hollowed out cheek, until he started to pull at Cam’s balls, rolling them between his fingers. Cam groaned again reaching behind him to fist in Mitchell’s belt and try to pull the three of them even closer together.


As though at some predetermined signal, Mitchell reached one finger back, pressing against Cam’s hole, and Jackson started humming around Cam’s cock. Cameron shouted Daniel’s name as he came, trying to surge forward only to be prevented by Mitchell’s arm, and held through his aftershocks. Jackson’s mouth stayed on him throughout, sucking gently at Cam’s sensitive flesh. Cam felt himself sinking and only their hands and arms kept him from falling to the floor. Mitchell drew up one hand and softly petted Cam’s chest while whispering words of nonsense in his ear. Mitchell’s soft southern accent flowed into the brain and blood, filling what had just been spent.


He still hadn’t opened his eyes, but the sudden warmth of a body pressing up against his front startled him. He blinked and found Mitchell and Jackson engaging in level three tongue hockey over his shoulder. He tried to slide sideways out of their embrace, but both men grabbed him to keep him in place.


“What? You got yours so you think you can just go?” Mitchell teased working a hand between Cam and Jackson. It was then that Cam noticed Jackson’s cock, hot and heavy, rubbing against his stomach.


Groaning as Mitchell’s hand wrapped around his cock, Jackson raised one hand to put over their shoulders, and the other to grip them in a kind of half-hug. He claimed Cameron’s mouth, using his teeth to scrape over his lips before he pulled back looking Cameron in the eyes, “I’ve got plans for you, Mitchell. And you’re going to love every second.”


Cameron was speechless, but in a few moments there was nothing to say. Mitchell started thrusting his hips into Cameron’s ass, and Cam felt himself responding, moving back to meet every jerk. He used the chance to move his head down and start to explore Jackson’s bared neck, mimicking the other man’s action before: licking here, sucking there and then he bit down hard on the muscle connecting shoulder to neck. Jackson came, trembling and rubbing against every spare inch of Cameron that he could find. It was Cameron’s turn to hold him up, fingers massaging the muscles on his Jackson’s back as the other man’s cum splattered against his stomach. Mitchell took a hand off Cameron’s hip, and used it to pull Jackson’s face up to meet his in a kiss. Cameron closed his eyes, wallowing in the heat and friction that surrounded him.


The movements behind him became ragged and harder, each thrust lasting longer against his ass. Cameron hoped that the next time there would be fewer clothes involved because he was pretty sure he was going to have some sort of canvas burn on his backside. Then Mitchell stilled, his hand moving us to splay against Cam’s cum-covered stomach while Jackson kissed away all the whimpers and moans.


Slowly the three detangled themselves and moved away from each other. Jackson flopped on the bunk looking up at his two Cameron Mitchells with a look of supreme satisfaction in his eyes. Mitchell had stayed where he was, eyes still a little glazed over, and wet spot on his pants widening by the second. Cameron moved back a little and would have pulled his pants up, but Jackson’s cum had dripped down everywhere.


“Here, let me get that for you,” Mitchell said dropping to his knees in front of Cameron and licking off the evidence of Jackson’s interest.


Cameron gasped and leaned back into the wall behind him. The sight of himself on his knees licking up cum had to be the most erotic thing he’d ever seen. His cock twitched twice in spite of the fact that he knew he couldn’t stay much longer, that he was supposed to go eat with Teal’c and he’d need a quick shower first. Mitchell finished, licking his lips as he sat back on his heels looking up at Cameron. “Uh, thanks,” Cameron said, bending down to hitch up his underwear and pants. This had to be the strangest experience that he’d ever gone through.


“Any time,” Mitchell replied, winking cheekily as he rose to his feet and walked over to settle back down by Jackson. He immediately threw one arm over the other man who snuggled back into Mitchell’s chest.


Shaking his head and looking for his shirt, Cameron wondered if he would ever have anything like that. The two men seemed so in tune with each other in mind and body. A sharp pang went through his stomach, as he thought about how many times he and his Daniel just didn’t connect. He found his t-shirt, pulled it over his head with a minimum of fuss, and then turned back to the other two.


“When are you coming back?” Jackson asked, his eyes boring into Cameron’s and not letting him look away.


It was on the tip of his tongue to say that he wasn’t coming back, that he couldn’t afford to start looking forward to something like this because it would be gone all too soon. Then it would be back to him trying to dance around his Daniel remembering how good Jackson felt against him. “I’ll be back after my next shift,” he said because apparently, it seemed as though his mouth had plans of its own.







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