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A Question of Ownership – Bone   

SUMMARY:  Get a haircut and get a real job.   


Cam’s Great Idea – Bone

SUMMARY:  Cam pitches a film idea to Daniel.  


Couple’s Counseling – Bone    

SUMMARY:  Cameron finally corners Daniel and they hash things out.

SEQUEL TO:  Couple’s Night  (Off-site Link)   


Generally Speaking – Ankh    

SUMMARY:  General Landry has discovered Cameron Mitchell’s kryptonite and Jack O’Neill has to step in.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, Jack/Daniel   


History in the Making – Bone 

SUMMARY:  Sometimes the legacy is more important than the truth.   


Links of Love – J. Dax   

SUMMARY:  Daniel’s a vampire.

SEQUEL TO:  Dark Stars 

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, Jack/Daniel   


Romanticide – rotschopf 

SUMMARY:  Daniel gets one Valentine’s card after the other and is quite irritated by it.

SERIES:  Happy Holidays 3 


Tell Me No Lies – Bone  

SUMMARY:  Daniel can ask him anything.  Anything.


That’s Mister Shaft to You – Bone 

SUMMARY:  None supplied. 


The Body Remembers – janedavitt 

SUMMARY:  None supplied. 


The Subtext of a Name – Tenaya

SUMMARY:  Daniel has a few questions about Mitchell’s choices. 


When Push Comes to Shove – rotschopf

SUMMARY:  Daniel is fed up with Cameron’s behavior.

SERIES:  Happy Holidays 4

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, Jack/Paul implied




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