Dress Blues  

                                                                                                                                                 By:  rotschopf  



CATEGORY:  First Time, PWP, Romance

WARNINGS:  Adult Themes, Kink, Language







Cameron froze on the spot when he entered the living room of the apartment he currently shared with Jackson. There were a lot of things he had expected to find on coming home. Jackson working, Jackson dozing, Jackson watching some documentary, Jackson not being at home…finding Jackson naked on the couch, jerking off to gay porn and fucking himself on his fingers definitely hadn’t made the list.


Of course, Cameron knew what the decent thing to do would be, and his inner heterosexual not-had-any-in-a-while male agreed with him. For all intents and purposes, Cameron wasn’t even supposed to be here. He was supposed to be in Tennessee, playing the perfect son and the gracious sibling, but his father had once again managed to ruin Christmas for all of them. He had never gotten over the fact that Cameron had joined the Air Force, and there had yet to be a family reunion where Cameron and he wouldn’t fight about that decision.


Granted, Cameron had played his part in the argument by actually showing up in his dress blues, with ribbons and all. But he had hoped that, one day, his father would be proud of him, proud for him. Not this year, as it seemed. And thus, Cameron had driven home, not once considering calling ahead and giving Jackson some warning. Now, he realised that he should have.


Jackson moaned, spreading his legs even wider against the couch, his eyes never leaving the TV screen. So far, it looked like he hadn’t noticed Cameron yet. Cameron swallowed hard, loosening his tie and opening the first button of his dress shirt. His uniform had never felt as hot and stuffy before as it currently did. And Jackson certainly had never looked that hot.


His inner heterosexual not-had-any-in-a-while male smacked him over the head, telling him that they had left those urges behind a long time ago and that they definitely weren’t that desperate. While Cameron might agree with his inner voice, he couldn’t stop his body reacting to the sight of Jackson pleasuring himself. God…but the man was gorgeous! Even more so in the throes of passion.


Cameron swallowed again, trying to summon the strength to retreat back into the hallway. He really shouldn’t intrude on Jackson’s privacy like that, but his feet refused to move. Instead, he let his eyes roam freely over Jackson’s body. His skin was glistening with sweat in the dim candlelight, making Cameron want to lick every single drop off that toned chest.


But more than that, Cameron wanted to taste those slightly parted lips, wanted to nibble and bite at them, only to soothe them with gentle licks of his tongue. He wanted to blow across that fine trail of hair that led directly to Jackson’s groin, wanted to see the skin pebble into gooseflesh. He wanted to tease those hard nipples, wanted to learn how sensitive they really were.


Cameron closed his eyes, trying to adjust his erection without making a sound. Again, he tried to move away from the scene, but his feet were still glued to the spot. He really shouldn’t watch this. And he certainly shouldn’t be as turned on as he was.


Another moan tempted Cameron to look back at the screen and he gaped. Jackson wasn’t just watching any gay porn. He watched military gay porn, the three guys currently involved wearing fake dress blues and shouting orders at each other. Without thinking twice and certainly without listening to the protests of his inner heterosexual not-had-any-in-a-while male, he bent down to get rid of his shoes and socks. He did realise that it probably wasn’t very wise to do what he wanted to do, but he didn’t particularly care at this very moment.


Jackson, or rather Daniel, considering what Cameron was about to do, arched of the couch with a low growl, closing his eyes. Quietly, Cameron moved, kneeling in front of Daniel. Without hesitation, he leaned in, licking across Daniel’s glans. Daniel jerked and gasped, prompting Cameron to look up at him. Daniel’s eyes were wide and dark with desire, but he could also see the questions and the embarrassment in them. Cameron smiled, pressing a soft kiss to the slit. “Let me do this, Daniel,” he murmured. “Please.”


Daniel groaned and relaxed, putting a tentative hand on Cameron’s head. Not pushing or demanding. Just gentle fingers that caressed his scalp. Cameron smiled and leaned in again, scooping up some of Daniel’s precome. Whatever the man had been eating or drinking, it had done a lot for his spunk’s taste; it was addictive.


Cameron sucked Daniel’s prick into his mouth, moaning in appreciation as more of the taste exploded over his tongue. He felt Daniel removing his fingers from his hole, and he instinctively replaced them with his. Cameron gasped as Daniel’s muscles clamped down around his fingers, envisioning what the pressure would feel like around his cock. The visual alone was enough for him to redouble his efforts to make Daniel come. He wanted him. He wanted all of him. All that Daniel was willing to give him.


Daniel’s growled “Cameron” was the only warning Cameron got before his mouth was flooded with spunk and he had a hard time swallowing everything Daniel had to give without spilling anything or choking on the fluid. Finally, Daniel collapsed back into the cushions, panting for breath. Cameron pressed a last affectionate kiss to Daniel’s spent prick before he looked up at the sated man. “Hey there.”


“Hey,” Daniel murmured in reply, his hand still playing with Cameron’s hair.


Cameron smiled, wriggling his fingers, which were still buried in Daniel’s arse. “Let me fuck you.”


“One condition,” Daniel said, tugging at Cameron’s hair to pull him up his body. “Leave your dress blues on.”


Cameron’s smile turned into a smirk as he brushed his lips across Daniel’s mouth. “I figured you might say that,” he whispered before he kissed Daniel properly. He fumbled with his fly, trying to free his dick without looking or hurting himself in the process. “Condom?”


“Don’t. You’re clean, I’m clean, so don’t bother,” Daniel said quickly.


“You sure?” Cameron asked breathlessly, praying that Daniel was indeed sure. He didn’t mind a condom, but the feel of skin against skin was still the best feeling he could ever imagine; without barriers, without inhibitions; the thrill of doing it without the safety net; the stark contrast to his still-dressed state.


Daniel didn’t answer, but wormed his hand between their bodies, aligned Cameron’s prick against his hole and bore down. Cameron sighed deeply as he sunk into Daniel inch by inch until his balls rested against Daniel’s arse. “Now, you said something about fucking me.”


Cameron growled, biting at Daniel’s lips as he flexed his hips. “Like that?”


“Not fucking yet, but you’re getting there,” Daniel retorted with a teasing smile, mischief and lust shining brightly in his eyes.


“Let me savour this.” Cameron nuzzled his face into Daniel’s neck, licking and nipping at the skin beneath his lips. “God, you taste so good.”


Daniel laughed softly, the rumbling shooting straight to Cameron’s cock. He shifted slightly, manoeuvring Daniel’s legs around his back. As much as he wanted to keep up the slow and shallow thrusts into the willing body around him, watching Daniel already had sent him into a state of mindless arousal and he began to give Daniel the fucking that he wanted. Daniel yelped and mewled and screamed when Cameron found his sweet spot with unerring accuracy. It was too much, too soon, too fucking much. Cameron squeezed his eyes shut, trying to prolong the experience, trying to hold on to the feeling of Daniel’s skin and sweat and the smell—god, the smell! He bit down hard on Daniel’s collarbone, tried to block out sensation Daniel’s blunt fingernails were creating on his back and he wished he were naked so he could feel those fingers and nails and hands on his bare back and—


He jerked, colours exploding in front of his inner eye, and he came, Daniel’s inner walls milking him, holding him, keeping him where he was, and there was no way he hadn’t died and gone to heaven. Someone was whimpering, and Cameron could swear it was him, and he didn’t care because he felt Daniel’s arse tightening even more around him as he came for the second time, soaking Cameron’s dress shirt and uniform jacket, and he really didn’t care because Daniel was kissing him passionately and gently and—Nimble fingers divested him of his shirt and jacket and he felt naked feet on his arse, his trousers sliding down to his knees. And Daniel was still kissing him and, oh my god, it felt so perfect.


Slowly, the red haze in his brain disappeared and he felt daring enough to open his eyes. Daniel’s eyes were still impossibly blue and wide, but the lust he had seen in them earlier had completely disappeared. All that remained was embarrassment and questions; Cameron hated the uncertainty underneath. He didn’t want Daniel to ask him questions, didn’t want to search for answers he didn’t want to know himself. Too complicated, too soon and still too fucking much.


Cameron offered him a smile, relieved when Daniel answered it with one of his beatific grins. The questions were still there and still unanswerable, but the embarrassment had made room for contentment and satisfaction. “Bed?” he murmured against Daniel’s lips, licking briefly into his mouth.


“Shower,” Daniel answered instead, squirming against Cameron. “Together,” he added quickly, pressing his heels into Cameron’s back when he tried to get up.


“You’ll have to let me go for that,” he said, chuckling as Daniel only wrapped himself tighter around his back. Cameron struggled out of his trousers and underwear before he slipped his arms around Daniel. “I see. Lazy sod,” he teased and stood up, fighting to keep his balance when he realised that Daniel’s delectable body came with weight. “And after the shower? My bed or yours?”


Daniel giggled. “That’s one cheesy line, Cameron. But mine is bigger.”


Cameron snorted. “Speaking about cheesy.” He prodded Daniel with his nose. “And we definitely have to sort out your uniform kink.”


Daniel only laughed.







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