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Part 1:  Not All Are Lost


Part 2:  Finding a Way


Part 3:  The Line Between


Part 4:  Drifting


Part 5:  Smoke and Mirrors


Part 6:  Drawing Back the Curtain


Part 7:  When the Veil Lifts


Part 8:  The Silence Lingers


Part 9:  Do Angels Weep?


Part 10:  Glimpses of Time


Part 11:  Final Release


Part 12:  A Prayer for the Dying



CATEGORY:  Action, Angst, Drama, Psychological Thriller

WARNINGS:  Violence, Captivity, Torture, Physical and Psychological Abuse, Terror, Assault, minor reference to child abuse



AUTHOR’S NOTES:  This is my attempt at a psychological thriller so expect quite the array of twists and turns within, also despite what the story may seem like initially this is NOT a death fic.  Remember that in these types of stories not everything may be as it seems.  : )


I do hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it!  Feedback is much appreciated!  (Remember that a happy author is a well-fed author!)


I would like to thank Becky for her infinite patience, guidance and support throughout the writing of this story.  Her encouragement and wonderful feedback is what helped make this story into a reality.  Thank you so much Becky for all your help!  : )


ARCHIVING:  This story is not to be archived elsewhere without my permission.  Thank you!



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