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CATEGORY:  Action, Angst, Drama, General

SEASON/SPOILERS:  Contains spoilers for Season 4

WARNINGS:  Violence, Adult Language



AUTHOR’S NOTES:  Downingtown is a real location in Pennsylvania.  It is located in Chester County.  The tales of the Downingtown tunnels and mansion, as well as the rumors of a possible gate or portal to the underworld existing there is part of the local tales of the area.  The Jane Doe murder case referred to in the story is a real murder case that occurred back in July 1995.  The case itself remains unsolved.  The murder case mentioned in Las Vegas that almost paralleled the Downingtown Jane Doe case occurred around the same time and also remains unsolved.  The rest of the story is completely fictitious created from my own imagination and elaborating on a few local tales to carry the story along.


This story serves as a response to table fic prompt # 36: Other Haunted Location from the Paranormal25 LiveJournal challenge community.


I do hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it!  Feedback is much appreciated!  (Remember that a happy author is a well-fed author!)


I would like to thank Becky for her infinite patience, guidance and support throughout the writing of this story.  Her encouragement and wonderful feedback is what helped make this story into a reality.  Thank you so much Becky for all your help! : )


ARCHIVING:  This story is not to be archived elsewhere without my permission.  Thank you!



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