SG-1 Team


                                                                        The Night Sun Part 1

                                                                                                                     By:  Stacy L.




As Daniel Jackson emerged from the Stargate he felt invigorated. He loved exploring the unknown and learning of new cultures and civilizations. A professor of Archeology, Doctor Daniel Jackson was laughed out of the archaeological community for his outrageous theories regarding alien races who created the great pyramids of Egypt. Shortly after his drop in popularity in the field of science he was approached and asked to join a Top Secret government project. His job was simple enough…to use his knowledge of other languages and cultures to decipher some markings on a round spherical metallic object. He deciphered the glyphs determining that they were actually star constellations. With his help a team traveled to another planet, and soon the project became known under the title of Stargate. His simple discovery led to the project's creation. Soon teams were created to venture out into the unknown reaches of space to learn what they could...and here, now, Daniel stood at the foot of the Stargate on a new, uninvestigated planet. He loved the feelings of euphoria and excitement that traveled through his body and mind when he and his team ventured onto a strange new world.


This particular planet was in fact another result of Dr. Samantha Carter’s “Cold Address” software program. She created the software to randomly re-dial Stargate sequences that didn’t make a connection the first time they were dialed. Some of the Stargate addresses didn't connect due to the fact that on some of the planets the gate may have been buried or destroyed by the inhabitants of the world. The first time a planet was dialed up with the software the team of SG-1, made up of four people:  Dr. Daniel Jackson, Dr. Samantha Carter, Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c, were nearly killed. They had been captured and tortured for answers as to where they had come from and if they were spies. The team had barely escaped that planet with their lives, and the memory of that particular mission made the team feel just a tad bit uneasy about this mission.


The M.A.L.P. readings came back with information regarding the planet and its atmosphere, which closely matched that of Earth's. On the M.A.L.P. readings no surrounding villages or houses could be found only the indigenous plants and trees appeared.  The four disembarked shortly thereafter.


Daniel again found himself thinking of the time when Sam's software had made its first hit. He was unaware that he had been staring off into nowhere until Sam's voice cut through his thoughts, "Hey Daniel, are you with us?"


"What Sam? Uh yes, yes I am."


"Are you sure? You seemed a little...distracted."


"No, I'm fine. Really Sam."


"You're sure?"


"Yes positive."


"All right then let's go."


Daniel looked up noticing, for the first time, that Jack and Teal'c were nowhere to be found. With a puzzled expression on his face he inquired, "Where's Jack and Teal'c?"


"Teal'c found a path. They went to investigate."




"Daniel, are you sure you're okay?"


"Yeah, why?"


"Just checking... Come on. Are we going to stand here all day or investigate?"


Daniel glanced at her once more then headed towards the footpath that Jack and Teal'c had taken only moments before. Daniel found himself scanning the area for any hint that the planet was inhabited. Any signs of inhabitants weren't fast in coming.  The fact that there was a footpath in the woods leading somewhere indicated that they were not the only visitors to this place.  Daniel was anxious to find the planet's present inhabitants and to talk with them and study their culture.


As Daniel and Sam continued on down the path they came across two tall pillars erected on either side of the pathway. Daniel stopped uttering, "Wow."


Sam stopped and noticed him approach one of the pillars, so she joined him questioning "Daniel...?"


"This is an obelisk."


"An obelisk?"


"Yes... These were erected in front of pyramids in Egypt. They were often paired such as this, but presently none are paired any where in Egypt. Only a few of these things still exist on our world... Sam, this is incredible..."


"Yeah...exactly what are they for?"


"Obelisks were erected to represent the sun, or the rising of the sun. Most of them had baboons at the bases to represent the morning sun."




"Yes, baboons..."




"It was believed that since baboons are known to greet the rising sun with great excitement they are representatives of the rising sun..."


"Well, didn't most of these things look triangular at the tops?"


"Yes they did."


"So why does this have a circle at the top?"


"Good question. Obelisks were carved like a triangle at the tops in order to reflect the rays of the sun. They were usually placed near burial tombs and temples. Obelisks were sacred in Ancient Egypt due to their close connection with the sun."


"Daniel, these have hieroglyphs on them. Is that normal?" questioned Sam as she examined one of the stone pillars close up.


Daniel didn't speak instead he again looked at the very top of the obelisk. There was a circle, a black circle, carved at the tops of each pillar...but why? He then looked at the hieroglyphs Sam had pointed out running his fingers slowly across the symbols.  He muttered, "These are Ancient Egyptian..."


"What do they say?"


"I know these symbols."


"What are they?"






"Pages from the Papyrus of Ani..."


"Papyrus of Ani?"


"Yes, the Egyptian Book of the Dead...or rather the Book of Going Forth by Day. These are different pages from the text."


"Daniel, we should go..."


"Here’s the Hymn to the Sun God Ra... 'Hail to you, you having come as Khepri, even Khepri who is the creator of the gods.  You rise and shine on the back of your mother, having appeared in glory as King of the gods. Your mother Nut shall use her arms on your behalf in making greeting. The Manu-mountain receives you in peace, Maat embraces you at all seasons. May you give power and might in vindication--and a coming forth as a living soul to see Horakhty--to the Ka of Ani...'"




"I'd like to come back here to study these closer, Sam."


"First, we need to find out what, or rather who, we're dealing with here. Come on. Let's go."


"All right..."


Sam couldn't miss how Daniel didn't exactly move when she told him to. Daniel was so curious... He had a very hard time walking away from artifacts when he discovered them. Sometimes his curiosity wound up getting him into trouble. Sam spoke up again, "Daniel..."


"Yeah...yeah, I'm coming Sam."


Daniel hesitantly turned from the obelisks to look at his friend. He muttered, "I'm coming..."


Daniel followed Sam on down the path. The two fell into a companionable silence as they continued to follow the path they had discovered. She noticed Daniel perking up as they were approaching the end of the path. Daniel was such a curious person, always looking for new things to study and new knowledge to acquire. She smiled as she saw Teal'c and Jack waiting for them at the end of the footpath.  Jack looked slightly irritated. He quickly spoke up, "What took you so long?"


Sam quickly answered, "We did some sight seeing, sir."


"Really? How interesting."


"We thought so sir," answered Sam with the slightest hint of sarcasm in her voice. Daniel quickly interceded, "Jack it was amazing..."


Before Daniel got the chance to fill Jack in on the discovery of the obelisks they were interrupted by one of the local inhabitants. Jack looked to Daniel who quickly piped in, "Hello...we’ve come in peace. I'm Daniel Jackson and this is..."


"Why have you come?" demanded the stranger.


"We are peaceful explorers. We have come to learn about your become friends."


"You are not wanted here. Leave!"


"We would very much like to get to know your people..."


"You must leave. You are not wanted here."




A young woman rushed over and interrupted saying, "Verdon, do not be rude to our guests."


"Marna, do not interfere. They must leave this place before it is too late for them. He will be angry if he finds them here."


Daniel perked up quickly questioning, "He? Who is...?"


"He is our god."


Jack interceded, "Does your...god have a name?"


"Yes, but it is blasphemous to speak it."


"Blasphemous? That's some god you have there."


Daniel left a nervous cough slip, but quickly cleared his throat feeling that once again Jack had successfully insulted a new race of people. He quickly covered for his friend, "Forgive my friend. He does not understand your culture. Please continue."


Daniel couldn't help but notice that Jack was glaring at him out of the corner of his eyes. Daniel was used to Jack's responses to some of his statements. He merely ignored Jack and focused on what Verdon was telling him.


"He is our god, the one true god. He will destroy you. You must go. You must return from whence you came. Quickly now, before he discovers your arrival. Many of my people are very loyal to him. They will go to him and speak of your presence here. He will not be pleased."


Daniel looked at Jack who merely shrugged his shoulders in reply. Daniel again cleared his throat and attempted to try talking to Verdon questioning, "Verdon is it?"


The man only nodded still eyeing up Daniel and his team with suspicion and overlying fear in his eyes. Daniel continued, "Hello Verdon. I’m Daniel, Daniel Jackson, and these are my friends Sam, Jack and Teal'c..."


Upon seeing Teal'c, Verdon quickly bowed uttering, "Forgive me My Lord, I did not see you."


Daniel looked at Teal'c then at Jack with questions in his eyes. Obviously these people viewed the Jaffa as gods. Daniel looked at his friend. He knew how Teal'c felt about "gods"...he also knew that Teal'c didn't like being referred to as a god either. Teal'c quickly replied, "I am no lord. You may rise."


The man hesitantly looked up. Both Jack and Sam glanced at Teal'c for a moment then back to Daniel who continued, "We are visitors, peaceful explorers..."


"You must return to your ship. Quickly now before it is discovered."


Sam interrupted, "We have no ship."


"Then how have you arrived here?"


"Uh, through the Stargate..."


As soon as the mention of the Stargate occurred everyone nearby gasped and looked at the four new strangers in fear and worry. It was fear of the unknown that made them stare. The team looked up as someone quickly uttered something then took off at a dead run. Jack raised his hand indicating the newest deserter saying, "Okay, now where is he going?"


Marna looked at Daniel in worry then said, "It is too late. We must go."


"But why?" questioned Sam in surprise.


"Because He will send his guards here to search for you. You must come quickly this way. There is no time."


They all looked at one another then followed Jack as he went where Marna was leading them. She led them inside grabbing four robes. She handed them to everyone then spoke up, "We will hide you among our people. You must put these on quickly."


They quickly pulled the robes up over their heads and down over their clothing. Then Marna continued, "Our lord will send guards to search the village for you. You must stay out of sight. Keep the robes covering all of you and pull the hoods up over your heads." 


They did so then Sam asked, "Now what?"


"We wait," was Marna's only response.


                                                                                      * * * *

A guard entered the chamber of his lord. He saw his lord looking out over the forest. No one has seen their lord's face only the glowing whiteness of his eyes. No one quite knew if it was magic or something else that made their lord's eyes glow a bright white. He was greatly feared throughout the land. He now stood with his back to the guard still fully robed with the hood properly placed over his head.


He was looking out the window thinking of how he had arrived on this planet. He has been patiently waiting for a time to come in which he could finally leave this place. His ship had crashed onto the surface of this planet. The damage to his ship was extensive and the inhabitants of this world were primitive. They, unfortunately, lacked the supplies or the knowledge needed to repair his ship. He had found out quickly that there was no Stargate on the planet either, no visible Stargate. The inhabitants of the planet had buried their Stargate years ago. He immediately put the people to work digging up the Stargate, and had had quickly gained control over the inhabitants of the planet. Once they had seen the whiteness of his eyes and the power of his hand device at work they had quickly believed that he was a sorcerer, a god. They began to worship him as such... Humans were so easily controllable. He has been laying down the groundwork for his plan to reign supreme over the system lords. He had planned on using the Stargate to leave this infernal place and take his position as supreme ruler, but it was taking more time than he ever expected to accomplish his goal. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted as a guard spoke up, "My Lord..."


He turned towards the intrusive voice seeing one of his guards bowing before him. He spoke loudly, "You may rise and speak."


"Thank you, My Lord. One of the humans wishes to speak with you."


"Of what?"


"The human says that travelers have arrived in the village, My Lord."


"Send the human in."


"Yes My Lord."


One of the villagers, by the name of Selvin, immediately entered and bowed before his lord. Selvin was a warrior with a warrior's heart. He also had a thirst for power and control. He looked for any opportunity he could find to get more power.  Seeing his chance to attain more power, Selvin had quickly decided to report to his lord about the mysterious travelers in the village. Selvin spoke, "My Lord."


"You may speak."


"Thank you, My Lord."


He walked over to his throne and sat upon it, looking down on the human who had requested to speak with him. He questioned, "What has brought you before me?"


"Strangers, My Lord."




"Yes from another planet. They said that they came through the Stargate, My Lord."


"How many?"


"Four, My Lord."


"No one else has followed them?"


"No My Lord... One of the travelers appears to be a...a Jaffa, My Lord."


"A Jaffa? In these parts?"


"Yes My Lord. A Jaffa has not been present here for many years. He is the first since the gate was buried, My Lord."


"Do have names?"


"Yes My Lord, but I did not hear their names spoken."


His eyes flashed white upon hearing Selvin's response. How could the fool not think to get their names? The human quickly bowed his head afraid to look into his god's glowing eyes. He spoke evenly to the human, "Bring one of these travelers before me. If you do not I will be forced to destroy your village. Is that understood?"


"Yes My Lord."


"Good... Go with one of my guards. You will hand one of the travelers over to me."


"Just one, My Lord?"


"If we have one the others will surely follow. Do as I ask and do not question me."


"Yes My Lord. I am sorry, My Lord."


"Do not disappoint me."


"No My Lord."


When Selvin was given the signal to leave he quickly exited with one of the guards. He couldn't wait to prove his total allegiance to his lord by capturing one of the travelers.


                                                                                       * * * *

Selvin returned to the village with one of his lord’s guards beside him. Selvin loved the reactions he got from the villagers when they saw who accompanied him. For once in his life he felt...powerful.


Verdon quickly entered Marna's home upon seeing Selvin returning with a guard. He entered and saw the four visitors dressed in robes. He couldn't help but feel that Marna was making a big mistake by hiding them here. If they were discovered in her home Marna would be executed as a traitor. Verdon didn't want to see that happen. He looked to Marna saying, "Selvin has returned. He has a guard with him."


He nervously looked from Marna to the four strangers then back to her again continuing, "They cannot stay here."


"Why has Selvin returned? What does he say?"


"Our god is demanding one of the travelers be brought before him."


"One? Who?"


"He did not use a name only said that one traveler must be turned over or all of us would suffer for hiding them."


"But why?"


"I do not know..."


Marna interrupted Verdon before he could continue with his argument, "We cannot turn them over."


"We have no choice. We must do as our lord demands."


"No, I refuse to turn them over."








"Because you know what he will do to them…"


"Marna, we do not know these people. They have arrived here mysteriously. We do not even know if we can trust them."


Jack interrupted, "Uh...excuse me?"


Neither Verdon nor Marna paid any attention to him. Marna spoke up, "I cannot believe that you, of all people, said that..."


"I know your son went to serve our god but..."


"WENT? He was taken from me by force! He did not go willingly!"


"He was selected during the last Transformation. It is an honor to be selected by our lord to serve him."


"He was taken from me! My son is no more! The demon inside of him has changed him!"




"No!  I no longer see my son when I look at him. He has been made a demon! Now you are asking me to turn someone else over to that monster? I will not!"


"He has threatened to destroy the village should we refuse."


"He would do no such thing!"


"Yes he would."


"No, he would not!  If he were to destroy us he would no longer have slaves. He would no longer have his selection of our people to turn into his army. He is lying to you, Verdon."


"Marna, do not speak of such things! You will be banished or worse executed! Keep silent your opinions, or you will be punished!"


"I will not turn them over to him!"


"Then I will."


As soon as Jack heard Verdon say that he pulled out his gun and aimed it at Verdon saying, "Uh...I don't think so."


Verdon stopped and looked at O'Neill in surprise, anger and total distrust. Then he spat out, "I told you that you could not trust these strangers!"


Daniel tried to defuse the situation and make Verdon see reason by speaking up in a calm yet firm tone, "Verdon you must listen..."


"No! You are all evil! You tell nothing but lies!"


Marna said evenly, "Verdon, you must listen... If you tell Selvin of these four then you will lose me forever. I refuse to turn them over. They are our guests. I will not allow you to hand them over to the enemy."


"He is our god not our enemy!"


"What kind of god enslaves his people? What kind of god forces his people to give up their children willingly so that they may be made demons? Tell me this Verdon, answer me this."


He only glared at Marna refusing to speak. Marna continued, "If you turn these people over to him they will either be killed or made evil. Could you live with that decision?"


"Yes I could."


"And what if these people are good people? People who have only arrived here to be friends? What if they are good-hearted?  Verdon, think about what I am telling you. If you were in their place and they in ours would you want them to turn you over to a god they have never known? Would you?"


"No...  Marna, we have no choice."


"Yes we do, Verdon. We always have a choice. We can help them to flee this place before they are found."


"If we refuse to turn them over he will destroy us..."


"No, he will not."


"If we help them to flee this planet he will only be further angered and who do you think will suffer in our place, Marna?"


"I will not turn them over."


"You have no choice!"


"Yes, I do and I have made my choice!"


"Are you prepared to suffer the punishment for your crimes...even if that means your death?"


"Since when is doing the right thing a crime, Verdon?"


"If they are found here you will suffer greatly for aiding them. You will be declared a traitor and then banished or executed...  Are they really worth it?"




Verdon gave up his argument then continued, "Very well Marna. I will help you protect them, but you must remember that if we are caught there will be no escape for us."


"I understand."


"Do you?"




Daniel looked from Marna to Verdon then back again, sure the two had reached a decision. Daniel then looked at Jack who still held the gun in his hand. Daniel lowered his voice then said, "Uh Jack...I think you can lower your gun now."


Jack looked at Daniel then at the two who had just agreed to help them. He then slowly lowered his gun and put it away.  Daniel looked at Marna then said in that soft-spoken voice of his, "Thank you. Thank you both for your help. We know how much of a risk you are taking just by allowing us into your home. Thank you."


Marna smiled up at Daniel then nodded her head in acknowledgement. Suddenly the sound of bells filled the air. Sam questioned, "Bells? What do the bells mean?"


"A gathering... You must stay here so you will not be spotted. I will let you know what is said. You will be safe here among us.  We must go."


Marna and Verdon left her home and went to the center of the village where a meeting was now being called to order.


                                                                                       * * * *

Jack looked at his team then said, "I, for one, am not staying here. I'm going to go see what this is all about."


Daniel stepped towards Jack, a look of worry on his face, saying "No wait Jack... You can't. If you're spotted they'll capture you."


"Daniel, one of us needs to see what this is about. Now I’m not willing to risk any of you so I’ll go."


"Jack you..."


"Daniel, don't argue with me."




Jack held up his hand to silence Daniel's complaints then said, "The rest of you will remain here. I'll be back shortly."


Then, with that said, Jack quickly exited Marna's home slipping into the crowd of villagers accumulating in the town square.


Daniel wasn't too happy about Jack's decision. He had a bad feeling about this place and didn't know why. He had an even worse sense that something bad was going to soon happen. Sam looked at Daniel noticing that he seemed kind of on edge. She questioned, "Daniel, are you okay?"


"Yeah Sam. I just...  Yes."


"Okay. We'll just wait here for the Colonel to return."


"...And what if he doesn't?"


Daniel's simple comment served to silence everyone and make them feel just a little bit worried.


                                                                                       * * * *

Jack O'Neill entered the mob of people crowding in the center of town. He stayed towards the back keeping his head as concealed as possible without limiting his view of the people around him. He saw the man who ran off earlier standing beside what appeared to be one of Apophis' guards... Was Apophis here? Was he their god? Jack didn't know. So many Goa'uld used similar guards that it was often difficult to tell just which guards belonged to which Goa'uld. Jack felt a bit uneasy about the whole situation. Something wasn't right here, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He felt uneasy but had no idea why.  He listened as the guard told the villagers what would happen if they defied their god by refusing to turn over the strangers. He gave the villagers an ultimatum, "You will have until sun rise to turn over the strangers, or you will suffer the wrath of the Night Sun."


Jack wondered just what, or rather who, the Night Sun was. He planned on asking Daniel about it once he got back to the house. Daniel might know what the reference was used for. Jack watched as the gatherers started breaking apart after the speech was given. 


                                                                                       * * * *

Marna returned to her home seeing her visitors waiting for her. She noticed that the one called Daniel looked at her in worry.  Then he spoke, "Marna, where's Jack?"


"Well here..."


"No...No, he's not."


She noticed the young man's voice sounded strained. He looked very worried and worry could be heard in his voice. She had a feeling this young man was very close to the one calling himself Jack. She questioned, "What do you mean?"


The blond haired woman interrupted. She looked almost as worried as the young man, if not more. She said, "He went outside to join the others..."


Marna rapidly cut in, "WHAT?" Now she knew why the visitors seemed so worried. Their friend had left the house and joined the villagers. He had yet to reappear. Marna feared the worst and prayed that she was wrong. Surely their missing team member wouldn't have been captured, would he have?


Daniel cut into her thoughts as he spoke again "You… You didn't run into him? You didn't see him?"




Daniel looked at Sam and Teal'c in worry. Teal'c spoke up, "Perhaps he is just exploring, Daniel Jackson..."


"I don't think so, Teal'c. I have a very bad feeling that Jack..."


Verdon suddenly raced inside. He looked fearful and upset. Marna asked, "Verdon, what is it? What is wrong?"


He didn't look at her instead he focused on the three remaining strangers saying, "Your friend...has been captured."


"What?" questioned Sam then she uttered, ""


Verdon looked at her then continued, "You were told to stay inside. Why did your friend not listen?"


"He wanted to know what was going on."


"We would have told him. He walked right into a trap. He should have remained hidden until we said it was safe."


Daniel cut in, "Wha…what do you mean he walked into a trap?"


"He revealed himself by walking out there."


"No. No, he kept himself covered..."


"I told you that there are people who are loyal to our god. People who would willingly turn him over... We are a close group of people. My people notice immediately when someone does not belong...that is why we insisted that you stay here. He is a prisoner now."


"How can you be so sure?"


"Because I saw the guard taking your friend."


"We need to get him back."


"Our lord is probably expecting you to do such a thing. He is baiting you so that he can capture the rest of you."


"There's no way we're leaving Jack there. No way."


"I agree with Daniel. We have to rescue him."


"I concur," added Teal'c.


Verdon interrupted, "Are you crazy? You attempt a rescue, and you would no doubt become prisoners yourselves."


"Well we have to try," came Sam's quick retort.


Daniel added, "Yes we do. Verdon, where would they take him?"


"To see our lord."


"And where is that?"


"At his place."


"Where is"


Verdon led Daniel to a window and pointed to a place on the horizon. He said, "Do you see the place out beyond the villages?"


"Up on the hill? Yes..."


"That is where he stays."


"How long of a walk is that exactly? It looks rather far to travel on foot."


"The trip is long, yes."


Sam looked over Daniel's shoulder seeing the place on the horizon. She questioned, "Has anyone ever been inside?"


"Well yes. A few have."


"Do they know how the place is laid out both inside and out?"


"Some may know...yes."


"We're going to need to know the lay out of that place if we go inside. We'll need to know how many guards he has and where they’re posted..."


Teal'c interrupted to add, "And the whereabouts of O'Neill."


"Yes Teal'c..." replied Daniel.


"Verdon, where would prisoners be held?"


"In his dungeons most likely."


"Dungeons? He has dungeons?"


"Yes he does."


Teal'c commented, "Your false god does not sound pleasant."


"False god? He is not a false god."


"Verdon, I believe he is," spoke up Marna.


"That is why you may endanger yourself. Accusing our god of being false is a crime, Marna."


"But what if it is the truth, Verdon?"


"We will no longer speak of such matters."


"You may avoid speaking of my beliefs only so long, but they will come up again. Why can you not see how evil our...god is?"


"Marna enough."


"No. You need to hear what I have to say. You cannot pretend we have no issue here."




"Verdon, why do you persist in defending him? He is not a god. He is a demon. Only a demon would make someone give up a child to be made evil..."


"Marna, you must stop spreading these lies."


"They are not lies, Verdon."


Daniel spoke up just then catching both Marna and Verdon's attentions as he did so. He said, "Uh excuse me...could we, uh, get back to what we were discussing? How do we find Jack?"


Sam added, "Yes. We need to focus on locating the Colonel. Now the two of you know more about this place then us. Are you willing to help us locate our friend?"


"Yes," answered Marna.


Daniel commented, "Good. Uh thank you...again."


"It is our pleasure. Come you must eat first before we continue."


"Eat? No, I'd rather locate my friend."


"Daniel, is it?"




"You will be no good to your friend if you do not first take care of yourselves. You must first eat. Come...please join us."


"Marna, we thank you for your generosity."


"You are most welcome, Daniel."


Daniel nodded to Marna then sat down at the table. Sam and Teal'c followed in suit. Most of the meal was eaten in silence.  Each knew that the other was worried about Jack and they all were determined to get him back.


                                                                                      * * * *



Jack O'Neill had thought that no one had spotted him, but he was wrong. As he was preparing to head back to the house he had been captured and taken to the place on the distant horizon Daniel had just been shown. Jack was angry. He was angry that he got caught and just...angry. He began to worry about the rest of his team and prayed that they wouldn't also be captured along with him. Jack didn't know what to expect. Apophis maybe? Or some other Goa'uld out there parading as a god? Jack knew one thing for certain: he would soon find out...





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