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CATEGORY:  First Time

COMPLETED:  March 21, 2006

SEASON/SPOILERS:  Season 9.  “Crusade”.



AUTHOR’S NOTES:  Thanks to my beta’s Annie and Blairbear – This fic has improved leaps and bounds because of your help!  As always, all mistakes remain mine!





Vala walked into the men’s locker room with a smile on her face, nodding to the men as she passed them. She spotted Cameron Mitchell towards the back of the room, shaving in the mirror. ‘Nice body,’ she thought to herself as she checked out his towel-clad figure. ‘This is going to be fun.’ She had thought about how she was going to announce her presence to her teammates of the SGC and thought why not cause a little excitement. Pretend to come on to Cameron as Daniel – wait until he’s totally freaked out – and then proclaim, “Vala’s back!”


Luckily, it looked as if Cameron was running late this morning, and by the time Vala entered the locker room, most of the other men were just finishing getting dressed and were on their way out. As Cameron finished rinsing his face the last officer left the room and Vala locked the door behind him. Hearing the click of the lock, Cameron turned around to face Daniel.


“Daniel?” He asked, toweling off his face. “Your acting real strange this morning – was there something you needed?”


Vala sauntered Daniel’s body over to Mitchell; placing his hand on Cameron’s newly-smooth face and whispered, “Just this…” then leaned in and kissed him.


Cameron’s first response was exactly as Vala had expected; his eyes widening in surprise as she vaguely made out a “what?” coming from his mouth that was now covered with Daniel’s. But a second later it was Vala who was taken by surprise. Instead of pushing Daniel away and giving her the chance to use her “Vala’s back!” line, Cameron’s mouth opened slightly and he leaned in, deepening the kiss. His hand reached around behind Daniel’s neck and his fingers threaded through his short hair. Vala was lost in the kiss; amazed at how passionate the other man was in his actions. It wasn’t until a sudden hardness began to rub against Daniel’s thigh through the towel Cameron was wearing, that she was brought back to reality.


Pulling away, Vala looked into Cameron’s flushed face. “Ummm, Vala’s back?” she said. Cameron’s eyes – which a second ago had been filled with heat and passion – suddenly went wide. “Vala…you mean…shit.” He quickly turned around, suddenly conscious she supposed of the fact that he was half naked and totally aroused. Before she could say anything he disappeared behind one of the long rows of lockers.


Five minutes later, Cameron reappeared, fully dressed, with a look on his face that Vala couldn’t read. “We need to find Carter,” he said unlocking the door and heading out into the hallway of the SGC.


                                                                                                              * * * *

“Mitchell, If I had known…” she said as she followed him down the hallway towards the mess hall. “I mean, I never would have… It was supposed to be a joke…” Cameron didn’t stop walking.


“Look, just forget about it okay,” Cameron hissed, not slowing down and obviously trying to keep his voice down. “Let’s just figure out how you’re communicating with us again. Carter will be able to figure it out.” He opened the door to the mess hall and Vala followed him inside.


                                                                                                              * * * *

Cameron rested his head on the cool wall of his temporary quarters for when he had to stay on base overnight. He closed his eyes, wondering what the hell he was going to do. They were taking a short break from hearing Vala’s tale of what was going on with the Orii and it was the first time he had a chance to just stand and think about what had happened in the locker room earlier that morning. He knew now that it wasn’t Daniel that had kissed him; even though it was Daniel whose hair he had run his hands through and whose lips he could still taste. Cameron shook his head, trying to clear his mind.


But he couldn’t do it. He had been thinking about Daniel as more than a team member for the last few months now and having actually experienced being that close to him, only to have it taken away was making him feel used. Maybe it was time to approach Daniel for real – he already knew that Daniel was into guys as well as women. But would Daniel be into him? He hadn’t come out to any of his team members yet. The military’s policy on don’t ask, don’t tell made him very cautious of whom he trusted with his secret. Not that he thought he couldn’t trust his team members; but it was a big deal to him. And there were very few people that knew the truth.


Sighing, Cameron pushed himself off the wall, and, decision made, headed to Sam’s room to see if he could find anything out from her. If anyone would know if Daniel had ever thought of him in that way, Sam would – the two of them were like brother and sister.


                                                                                                               * * * *

When the door to Sam’s quarters opened, Cameron rushed inside without waiting for an invitation. He needed to get this over with fast if he was gong to do it at all. “Hey, Cameron…everything okay?” Sam asked when he brushed by her into the room.


“Yeah, well – sort of…” Cameron stopped. He wasn’t sure about how to ask her what he wanted to, and he wasn’t off to the best of starts. From Sam’s reaction, Cameron concluded she was used to this kind of conversation – no doubt having been on the listening end of Daniel’s problems (Teal’c and Jack didn’t seem the type to “talk” about their feelings) after being on a team together for nine years. She sat on the bed and simply waited for him to continue.


“Um, okay – I was just wondering if you had ever… I mean if Daniel had ever…” ‘Shit – just come out and say it Cameron!’ he thought to himself.


“Has Daniel ever mentioned having a thing for anyone on the base?” he said in a rush. Okay, not exactly what he wanted to say, but it was a start.


Sam looked at him, confused, “A thing for anyone on the base? Like who? You doing recon for one of the nurses or something?” she asked with a grin, leaning back on her hands.


Cameron shook his head. “I was actually wondering if he had mentioned anything about…me.” There, he said it, it was out.


That got her attention. Sam sat up from her relaxed position on the bed with a surprised look on her face. “You? You mean…”


He nodded his head – looking away from her for a second to glance at the door. He could just walk out. Walk out and pretend like this had never happened. If he didn’t bring it up again, maybe Sam wouldn’t either. He turned back around at the feel of an arm around his waist. Sam had moved from the bed and was…hugging him?


“Cameron, I’m really glad that you feel like you can come to me with this. I know it can be a real risk, considering who we work for. You really have to trust someone in this organization if you want to come out like that to them. It means a lot that you feel like you can talk to me about it.”


Okay, not the reaction he was expecting…hoping for maybe, but definitely not expecting. Sam pulled back and surveyed him.


“So what brought this on? I mean, I’m guessing you didn’t just wake up this morning and decide to have a thing for one of your team members – but something must have spurred you to talk to me about it.”


“Yeah, well, you know how I brought Vala to the mess to find you?”


“Ye-ah?” Sam replied. Cameron could tell she was trying to urge him forward with his story…


“The truth is she found me first,” he said, the memory of what had happened washing over him again. He moved over to the spot on the bed that Sam had just vacated and sat down. “She found me in the guy’s locker room. Apparently she thought it would be a great way to make an entrance – by coming on to me as Daniel in the locker room and then laughing at my reaction when she revealed herself as Vala.”


“Oh no,” said Sam, realization dawning on her face.


“She kissed me – and was a bit shocked when, after my initial surprised reaction, I kissed Daniel back. Not the reaction she was expecting – nor any of the other reactions I was having considering I was dressed only in a towel.” Cameron blushed slightly and put his head in his hands. Sam came over and patted him on the shoulder. “I told Vala to just forget it, and I think she understood that this isn’t something to go talking to everyone about, so I’m not so worried about that, it’s just…”


“I’m guessing that after experiencing kissing “Daniel”, watching him from afar just isn’t going to cut it anymore,” she finished for him.


Cameron sighed and nodded. He could tell she was thinking back to her long relationship with Colonel O’Neill where all they were able to be was friends and co-workers. He imagined that now they were a couple she couldn’t imagine things going back to the way they were before. Glad that she at least understood where he was coming from, Cameron looked up from where he was sitting on the bed.


“Look, Daniel has never said anything about you, not in that way. But that doesn’t mean a whole lot. Daniel is pretty closed when it comes to his love life. If I want to know if he is interested in someone I usually have to be the one to bring it up. I know he considers you a good friend – and friendship is something that Daniel doesn’t take lightly – so you can take heart in that.”


“Maybe you could talk to him for me,” Cameron said.


“Want me to slip him a note during study hall?” Sam said with a grin. Cameron grinned back, realizing how high-school that sounded. The phone on Sam’s wall rang and she picked it up. “Carter…Yes Sir…” She hung up the phone and turned back to Cameron. “We’re needed back in the interrogation room. The General wants to finish this up with Vala so we can get Daniel back as soon as possible, apparently there are some issues with the meeting he was supposed to be in.” Cameron got up and they walked towards the door. “Look, once we get this figured out with Vala, and Daniel is back, I’ll see if I can talk to him tonight. We haven’t hung out just the two of us in awhile. I’m not promising anything, but, if I can figure out how to work it into the conversation I’ll do my best to try and feel him out about it.”


Cameron stopped just before they went out the door and gave Sam a quick peck on the cheek. “Thanks Sam. Not just for talking to Daniel; you know, for being cool with everything.”


Sam smiled at him and they headed back to see how Vala’s story would continue to unfold.





Daniel finished changing into his street clothes and closed his locker. It had definitely been a strange day. After getting the short version of everything Vala had told SG1 while he was on the other side, it was decided that the only thing for them to do would be to find Merlin’s weapon and hope to get it back in time to use against the Orii.


After General Landry had approved the mission, he insisted on everyone going home for the night and getting some rest so that they could embark in the morning, fresh and ready to go. Daniel hoped Vala was alright – not sure exactly what happened to her once the connection was broken. She was a tough woman; Vala could take care of herself.


And then there was Cameron. What was up with him today? He barely had said a word to Daniel when he got back, except to make sure that he was unharmed and doing fine. When the general told them to go home and get some rest, Cameron had grabbed his bad and left without even changing into his street clothes. Shrugging his shoulders to no one in particular, Daniel said goodnight to Teal’c, who planned on staying at the SGC and doing his kel’no’reem, and walked out of the locker room. Sam was waiting for him, leaning against the wall opposite the door.


“Daniel,” she said when she saw him. “You sure you’re feeling okay? No side effects from the connection?”


“Yep, I feel perfectly fine,” said Daniel as they walked down the hallway. “The Doc cleared me a few hours ago.”


“Good,” she said. “Hey, we haven’t hung out, just the two of us, for awhile. It’s still pretty early and I’m sure we could both use some down time after everything that went on today. What do you say to ordering a pizza and hanging out at my place for a few hours? You can head home later.”


Daniel shrugged, pleased with the invitation. He and Sam had become very close; brother and sister close, over the last nine years and she was right, it had been awhile since it was just the two of them. “Sure, pizza sounds good. You sure you don’t want to invite Cam or Teal’c along?”


“Teal’c is pretty set on his kel’no’reem and Cam mentioned he had some stuff to take care of before we go off-world tomorrow, so it looks like it’s just the two of us,” she said as they headed outside to where their cars were parked. “I’ll meet you at my house. Why don’t you use your cell to order the pizza and I’ll stop to pick up some soda.” Beer would have been nicer, but getting even slightly drunk the night before going off world to look for a weapon that could quite possibly save Earth, didn’t seem like such a good idea. Daniel checked to make sure he still had a copy of Sam’s house key and they headed off in separate directions.


An hour later Daniel and Sam were comfortable on Sam’s couch, stomachs full of pizza, just chatting about life in general. It had been a long day and Daniel was seriously considering crashing in Cassie’s old room tonight rather than drive to his apartment. With Cassie staying on campus at college, Sam had offered him the room when he mentioned he was tired.


“So Daniel,” Sam said, taking a sip of her soda. “I’ve spilled all the details of what has been going on with me and Jack the last few months, what about you? Any prospective guys or girls on your radar?”


Daniel thought for a minute. Should he tell Sam that he recently had his eye on a certain Air Force Colonel? A certain male Air Force Colonel. “Well, actually there is someone I’ve kind of had my eye on…” he started. Then he blushed. He wasn’t very good at hiding it when it came to wearing his heart on his sleeve. As much as he wanted to tell Sam he just thought Cameron was a good looking guy – he knew deep down it was more than that. As teammates they had clicked quickly and their friendship had been growing over the last year. He admired and respected Cameron – and even though the guy drove him nuts sometimes, he found that he didn’t mind. He enjoyed spending time with Cam, and really felt like Cam enjoyed spending time with him as well, which was a nice feeling.


He could tell that Sam knew exactly what he was thinking by the look on her face. They had been friends for way too long for something like that to escape her attention.


“You like him don’t you?” Sam surmised, smiling. “I mean, not just he’s nice to look at – you really like him,” Sam finished, her smile growing larger.


He wasn’t sure how she knew exactly who he was talking about, but she did. Daniel grabbed another soda out of the bag and flipped on the TV, his mind still mulling over his feelings for Cameron. Leave it to Sam to get him talking about it – she always managed to break through that barrier to his love life he left up most of the time.


“So, are you going to tell him?” Sam asked, crossing her legs and grabbing the remote from him to turn off the TV.


“Wasn’t planning on it,” he said, grabbing the remote back. Daniel gave her the look he reserved only for when he was absolutely done talking about something and she seemed to get the hint, letting him flip the channels to find something to watch. They sat for the next twenty minutes joking about the show that had come on, when the doorbell rang. Sam looked at the clock on the mantel.


“Who’s stopping by at this hour? It’s almost 11:00?” She asked as she headed for the door.


Cautiously, Daniel kept his ears out for any commotion, he knew Sam could take care of herself, but, the big brother in him still got concerned sometimes. His ears perked in surprise when the next voice he heard, was Cameron’s.


                                                                                                              * * * *

“Cam; hi,” Sam greeted the newcomer as the Colonel stepped through the doorway, slipping out of his jacket in the process. Then quietly – “What are you doing here?”


“I’m sorry Sam.” Cameron said, matching her voice level. “I know I said I wanted you to talk to him for me – but I can’t sleep, and I can’t get anything done. The most I’ve been able to concentrate on is running, and after a few miles of that I’m a little exhausted.”


“You ran here?” she asked. “That’s impressive.”


“Yeah, well, it wasn’t something I would normally do. That’s pretty far even for me; but I went out for a run, to try and clear my head, and I just ended up here. I need to talk to Daniel. If anything, at least I can get this off my chest and we can move on.” Cameron glanced around Sam’s body to glance in the living room where he figured Daniel would be.


“Well I need to tell you something first…” Sam started, stopping as they both heard Daniel walk into the hallway.


“Hey Cam, glad you could make it. Didn’t expect to see you; Sam said you had some stuff to take care of before we went off-world.” Daniel said, stifling a yawn as he ran his hand through his hair.


‘God, Daniel’s cute when he’s sleepy,’ thought Cameron, admiring the curves in the other man’s bare arms.


“I’m going to have to turn in soon though; hopefully the offer to stay in Cassie’s room is still open Sam?” His eyes looked over at Sam with a hopeful glint in them. ‘Damn those eyes… Breathe Cameron.’ Cameron took a steadying breath.


“Of course Daniel,” replied Sam. “But…” Cameron cut her off again.


“Hey, Daniel, before you turn in, could I talk to you for a second – in the living room. It’s kind of important.” Cameron glanced down at his hands and realized they were shaking slightly. He stuck them in his pockets. ‘Get a grip on yourself, Mitchell,’ he muttered to himself.


“Yeah, sure…” said Daniel, concern evident in his voice. He started walking towards the living room with Cameron following behind him.


“But Cam…” Sam tried one last time. Cameron, however, just turned and smiled at her.


“I’ll be okay,” he whispered so only she could hear. “Just give us a few minutes, alright?” Without waiting for an answer, he disappeared into the living room.


                                                                                                              * * * *

Cameron paced the room a few times, deciding that he couldn’t sit down and do this; he needed to be standing. Daniel sat on the couch, the concern on his face showing more and more every second. Cameron didn’t want him to be concerned and knew he had to just come out and say what he came to say – just like with Sam at the SGC. Only this time he wasn’t telling a friend he was falling for a guy; he was telling a friend that he was falling for him.


“Cam, is there a problem? You’ve been acting strange since I got back,” Daniel said, using his fingers to quote “back”. He stood up and put a calming hand on Cameron’s shoulder. Cameron turned around to look at him and then walked over to Sam’s fireplace and started fiddling with the photographs on the mantel. Finally he turned to look at Daniel again.


“I guess I just needed to tell you this – I know that Vala has a thing for you and she talks to you a lot. So when we do finally find her I’m sure this will end up getting out one way or another. I just want you to hear it from me first.” He sighed – this was going to be harder than he thought. Daniel was listening intently from across the room. He seemed to recognize that Cameron needed the space right now.


“See, she sort of kissed me – as a joke – as you – this morning,” Cameron said. “And, well – I didn’t react exactly the way she expected me to. I sort of kissed her – you – back.” There, he said it. He looked at Daniel – waiting for the hammer to fall. For Daniel to tell him that he was flattered but didn’t think of Cameron that way or for him to simply walk out. That was a scenario he had played over and over again in his mind all night.


Daniel’s eyes were doing that thing that they did when he was trying to decipher some ancient tablet; like he was working out a puzzle in his head. Then, slowly, he walked over to where Cameron was standing. Cameron forced himself not to look down – not to act self conscious when all he wanted to do was curl into a ball and hide. He looked at Daniel’s eyes – which no longer were working on the puzzle, they seemed to have figured it out. Then before he knew what was happening, Daniel leaned in and brushed his lips against Cameron’s.


It was like a first kiss all over again – Cameron leaned in and felt Daniel open his mouth, inviting him in. He was hit with all kinds of sensations – the way Daniel’s mouth felt on his, the way their tongues wrestled, the way he tasted. Cameron placed his hands on those arms that he was admiring earlier – allowing himself to run his hands up and down Daniel’s biceps, wanting to feel every inch of them. Daniel’s arms snaked their way around Cameron’s waist and pulled him in closer and deepening the kiss. Cameron moaned quietly into Daniel’s mouth and allowed his hands to roam, settling finally on the small of the other man’s back. When they finally broke apart for air, both men were panting and flushed. Cameron leaned his forehead against Daniel’s and looked into the other man’s eyes.


“Wow,” he said with a grin.


“You can say that again,” said Daniel, matching the smile.


Cameron moved his hands so they were resting on the back of Daniel’s head, absently running his hand through the archaeologist’s short hair. He didn’t think he was ever going to be able to do this again – and this time was different – this time there was no pulling away, no look of surprise – it was real.


“Ahem…” Both men turned to see Sam standing in the doorway. “You guys are just too cute together, you know that don’t you?” She said with a grin on her face. Looking back at Daniel, Cameron was glad to see he wasn’t the only one blushing; Daniel’s face was red as well. They moved apart slightly and Cameron’s body protested at the loss of contact. Daniel must have felt the same way because a second later Cameron felt an arm work its way around his waist. Knowing he was probably grinning like an idiot, Cameron turned his attention back to Sam.


“Umm, is this what you were trying to tell me earlier?” He asked; the idiotic grin replaced with a sheepish one.


“Ya think?” She said and Daniel snorted.


“Yeah, spending way too much time with Jack!” Daniel said with a laugh. Cameron made a mental note to ask him about that later.


Sam took a couple steps into the room and Cameron noticed for the first time that she was holding something. She tossed them each sweats that were obviously Jack’s for when he was staying in town. “I know you guys have a lot to talk about – but it’s getting late, and we have to go and try and save the world tomorrow – again – so we should all probably get some sleep. You guys can crash in Cassie’s room.”


“No objections here,” Cameron said. He was exhausted. Physically the run over had finally come crashing down on him and mentally…well let’s just say it had been a very draining day. He hoped Daniel would understand his need to just be close to him tonight. Now that their feelings were out in the open he felt like he had all the time in the world with Daniel and he wanted to enjoy every minute of it. He didn’t want their first time together to be with him physically and mentally spent. That was supposed to happen afterwards! Daniel nodded in agreement and, after giving Sam a quick hug, they headed to Cassie’s bedroom.


                                                                                                               * * * *

“You actually ran here?” Daniel said ten minutes later, shaking his head in disbelief as Cam walked out of the bathroom. Daniel flicked Cam with the towel Sam had given him to wash up with before bed. “You’re nuts, you know that, right?”


Cam laughed, stretching his arms – giving Daniel a nice view of his abs underneath the t-shirt he had changed into along with the sweatpants that were just a little too long for him. “Believe me, it’s hitting me now – I just couldn’t sleep – not without knowing…”


Daniel walked over to him and gave him a kiss – a small kiss, one that assured the other man that this was for keeps, and that he didn’t need to worry anymore – and headed into the bathroom himself.


As he washed up – he had already changed while Cameron was in the bathroom – Daniel thought about the events that had just unfolded. His mind also wandered to what they had to do tomorrow – saving the earth again. While it was almost comical after the fact, the impending doom still wasn’t something you got used to. Whatever the outcome though – he was happy – happy that he was with someone he cared about, and someone who obviously cared about him. Really cared about him – it wasn’t a short hike to Sam’s from Cameron’s apartment!


Daniel laughed a little to himself, shaking his head in amazement at the thought that someone would do that for him. Drying off his hands he opened the door and shut the bathroom light off. He stopped a few steps into the bedroom and smiled, allowing himself to take in the view.


Cameron was curled up on the bed – not even under the covers yet – and fast asleep. He was on his side, with one hand curled around a pillow under his head and the other draped over his chest. He sighed a little in his sleep, feet shifting slightly.


Daniel was amazed at how peaceful and relaxed he looked. Stripping off the t-shirt he was wearing, but staying in his sweats, Daniel lay down next to Cameron, snuggling up next to him.


Cameron sighed again in his sleep, a happy sigh, and his arm found its way around Daniel’s waist, Cameron’s nose nuzzling itself into the back of Daniel’s neck.


Daniel felt his eyes grow heavy and seconds later, he too drifted off to sleep.


                                                                                                              * * * *

Unbeknowest to both men, Sam Carter stood quietly in the doorway of the room, a smile on her face as she watched the two peacefully drift off to sleep. She turned and walked back down the hall to her own room.


Whatever the next few days held for them, she was happy that Daniel and Cameron had discovered their feelings for each other and was sure that they would all make it through okay.  






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