The Strangers We Know 

                                                                                                                              By:  Bone 




COMPLETED:  January 24, 2006


SEASON/SPOILERS:  The Ripple Effect

WARNINGS:  Sexual Situations


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Challenge.  “Strangers” prompt from smut_69.





Cameron paced up and down the room that Teal’c-also had shoved him into once he’d turned over his pants and jacket. Somehow, he hadn’t thought that far when they’d been making the plan. He never could figure out if all spaceships were cold or if he just expected them to be so then they always felt cold. At least he still had his socks on.


The door behind him whooshed softly open and he turned quickly to find Daniel-also striding through the door. Cameron had looked through the earliest SGC reports, but he could never imagine a Daniel that didn’t stalk around with his nose in the air knowing he wasn’t a cocky bastard as much as he just knew exactly how to get his way. The black uniform that this one sported definitely added to the overall package.


And it made him loom, because Jackson definitely wasn’t really taller then Cameron.


“You here to tell me this is for my own good? That I’d do the same thing in your shoes? Cuz you’d be wrong,” Cameron asked crossing his arms over his chest and shuffling a bit toward the back of the bunkroom. He figured it’d be okay to antagonize this SG-1 team a little since they’d already proven they weren’t going to hurt his team. Much.


Daniel made sure that the door shut tight behind him before he turned back to Cameron and quirked his head and initiated the Jackson patented ‘Why must you be so obtuse?’ look number three. “No, I’m just here to ask you one simple question,” he said, quietly taking up a position leaning on the wall opposite from Cameron.


The brief fantasy of trying to overpower this Jackson quickly flew away as Daniel-also casually shifted his hips bringing his Zat into easy access. “Sure, I answer questions all the time, it’s forty-two,” Cameron replied, his voice perhaps a tad louder then strictly necessary, depending on the exchange of banter to keep him out of trouble until his SG-1 came through.


A small smile that wasn’t really a smile crossed Danielalso’s face, there one moment and gone the next, as he moved across the small gap between them to invade Cameron’s personal space. “See, I find that funny because the question I was going to ask you was how many times you’ve chickened out of taking the next step with your Daniel.”


Cameron would be really happy to see his Teal’c just about now. Hell, he’d be happy to see one of the science geeks, but his luck would never be that good. He dropped his arms to the side and looked at the door and away from Danielalso. “I don’t know what you’re talking about-” he began but didn’t get the chance to finish as Daniel slammed his hand against the wall next to Cameron’s head. He flinched but didn’t move as the alternate Daniel leaned in even closer.


“I’ve had a lot of time to watch you watch him. You look at his mouth, a lot,” Daniel nearly whispered, sliding so close that he was almost out of focus.


“Yeah? Well, he talks an awful lot,” Cameron replied not sure which was racing faster, his mind or his pulse. He could feel the heat that Daniel was giving off; in the cold room, it was the only source and Cameron couldn’t help but shift just a little closer.


Now Daniel-also did smile and he moved his other hand up to touch lightly at Cameron’s jaw line, “That’s probably very true, but you lick your lips while you watch.”


Cameron caught himself trying to lick his lips and winced as he saw Danielalso’s smile widen fractionally. “Maybe my lips are dry?” Cameron cursed himself for letting this fake Daniel get to him. He also wished he was wearing something a bit more substantial then his standard issue boxers.


“I don’t buy it,” Daniel said, his voice taking on a low rumble as he stretched more carefully into the other man’s space, brushing up against Mitchell’s side and turning his head to brush his nose against Cameron’s ear, “and I don’t think you do either.”


Any thoughts of escape fizzled and died at the one brief point of skin-to-skin contact. Cameron had to fight through a lump in his throat, and one in another part of his anatomy, to ask, “What do you want from me?”


“I think the more pertinent question is what do you want while you gaze so expectantly at your Daniel’s mouth?” Daniel squeezed closer bringing the pressure of his body to push Cameron back against the wall. His hand drifted down to lay spread over Cameron’s wildly beating heart. “What are you imagining as your eyes glaze over?”


“Oh, sweet Jesus!” Cameron exclaimed as he felt the first confident motions of Daniel’s tongue against his neck. His arms came up with a bare minimum of direction from his brain and pulled Daniel closer, his hands fisting in the back of the black jacket.


Cameron groaned when Daniel nudged his legs wider, the uniform scratching harshly over his bare skin as they settled into a slow bump and grind. He lifted his head as Daniel moved his exploration to the other side of his neck, licking and sucking at the newly exposed flesh.


The t-shirt Cameron was wearing pulled tight against the back of his neck as Daniel bunched it up in one hand so he could rub along Cameron’s bare hip with the other. Cameron was quickly headed toward a meltdown of epic proportion when everything just stopped. He bit back a small moan as Daniel pulled back just far enough so that they could see each other’s faces.


Daniel’s face was flushed, and his breathing quickened, Cameron spared a moment of wonder over the fact that he had managed to do that to the legendary Dr. Daniel Jackson. “Tell me what you want,” Daniel said, the timbre of his voice shooting straight to Cameron’s groin. “Say the words, or I walk out that door and I’m not coming back.”


Of course, a quick feel up like this could never be that easy and guilt free, and Cameron considered for a moment, trying to think past his pent up frustration and current hard-on that was still making itself felt against Daniel-also’s thigh. Here was a Daniel that obviously wanted him, that was willing to take him, and Cameron was not fool enough to turn that down.


“I want you,” Cameron said looking directly into Daniel’s eyes, for once, while licking his lips. He moved his hands from clutching at Daniel’s back to the front of his jacket where he could pull them back together.


Daniel was more then willing to be pulled back again, but just before their lips touched together, he paused again. “Where do you want me?” he questioned, moving a hand back up to tug at Cameron’s short hair. “Where do you want your Daniel’s mouth to go?”


Cameron didn’t bother trying to hold back his groan this time as he shut his eyes and saw a dozen different images of Daniel flash past his eyes: on his knees, underneath Cameron, on top of Cameron, and behind Cameron. “Just shut up and kiss me,” Cameron ground out, wishing he was more tired of being the one up against the wall then he was.


Warm lips covered his own and Danielalso’s tongue pressed into his mouth before he had time to fully appreciate the fact that he was kissing Daniel Jackson. Cameron tilted his head, and pushed his tongue forward to slide past Daniel’s, reaching as deep as he could. The heat was shocking, and the kiss wet.


“What else?” Daniel asked as they broke apart for air, sliding his cheek around the side of Cameron’s face so he could lick the point where ear met jaw.


Digging his fingers into the hard muscles of Daniel’s shoulder, Cameron subtly pushed downwards as he answered, “I’m kinda curious if my cock in your mouth would shut you up.”


A soft puff of air and feeling a smile against his neck told him that Daniel was amused. The other man sank to his knees, keeping his hands on Cameron’s hips to steady him. Cameron looked down to find Daniel gazing up at him close but not close enough until he deliberately licked his lips and lowered his head to breathe against the thin fabric separating them.


“Jesus!” Cameron exclaimed as his hips jerked forward and his head crashed back against the wall. His fingers tried to dig holes through the metal, and he had to concentrate to uncurl them and lay against Daniel’s shoulders.


Daniel’s fingers were just starting to curl around the elastic in his shorts when a high pitch beeping sound jarred both men back to reality. The fingers slowly slipped out of his boxers as Daniel shifted back on his heels. He quickly reached up to turn off the timer before moving his hands back down to massage the inside of Cameron’s thigh.


“Well that’s unfortunate timing,” Daniel said using Cameron’s legs to lever himself up. He leaned closer again, placing a kiss against Cameron’s lips, softer and sweeter then the one they shared before. “But believe me; I’ll be back for you.”


Cameron’s head bounced back against the wall as he closed his eyes so he wouldn’t have to watch Daniel walk away from him. “I wish you could,” he said, pinching the bridge of his nose hoping that he could get himself under control before his team came back for him.








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