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Generally Speaking – Ankh   

SUMMARY:  General Landry has discovered Cameron Mitchell’s kryptonite and Jack O’Neill has to step in.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, Jack/Daniel

RATING:  PG-13   


I Can Do That! – Number 6  

SUMMARY:  Cameron continues in his pursuit toward Daniel.

SERIES:  What’s in a Name, Anyway?

SEQUEL TO:  Whatever It Takes



Metaphor – synecdochic  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Cam’s trying his very best, but he’s beginning to get worried it might not be good enough.  Daniel’s got an advantage:  he knows his best has never been good enough.

RATING:  NC-17   


Peeled – Sorcha Luxor   

SUMMARY:  Daniel contemplates love, life, sex and skin.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, Daniel/Others



The Subtext of a Name – Tenaya  

SUMMARY:  Daniel has a few questions about Mitchell’s choices.

RATING:  PG-13  


Whatever It Takes – Number 6 

SUMMARY:  Daniel learns how to say goodbye to Jack, while Cameron daydreams about Daniel.

PAIRING:  Jack/Daniel, Daniel/Cameron

SERIES:  What’s In a Name, Anyway?




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