Submissions Information


1.      Story submissions are welcome and encouraged. 


2.      Stories for a particular archive must include that particular pairing within.  For example, stories submitted to the Daniel/Cameron Archive must involve both Daniel Jackson and Cameron Mitchell, while stories for the Daniel/Vala Archive must contain stories involving both Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran.  The same holds true for the Damon/Elena Archive.


  1. All files initially will be .doc files, but the following formats are acceptable:  .txt and .doc


  1. Please include the following information when submitting stories to any of the above listed archives:






            Season/Spoilers (if necessary)

            Content Warnings

            Summary (if not provided it will simply state “not supplied”)

            Author’s Notes (if included)

            Author’s Website (if you have one)

            Author’s Feedback Address


  1. There are several ways to submit your stories to the above listed archives:


Either post your story to a Stargate or Vampire Diaries list and include DC Archive, DV Archive or DE Archive in your archive permission.


Join the LiveJournal community/communities for the DC Archive List, DV Archive List and/or the DE Archive List then post stories directly to the comms.




Send the file in the body of an e-mail or as an attachment here.



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