SG-1 Team


                                                                        The Night Sun Part 3

                                                                                                                      By:  Stacy L.




The speakers inside the gate room of the Cheyenne Mountain complex began announcing, "Incoming travelers...Incoming travelers..."


General Hammond stood inside the control room watching as the chevrons to the Stargate on Earth began to move of their own accord. He commanded, "Close the iris!"


As General Hammond's orders were quickly obeyed everyone watched the computer screen intently waiting for a GDO code to flash up on the screen signifying the return of their people. As the code suddenly appeared confirmation was voiced, "It's SG-1, sir."


"Open the iris!" came General Hammond's immediate reply.


General Hammond then made his way to the embarkation room to greet the members of SG-1. He watched as first Jack then Sam stepped through the gate followed by their Jaffa friend and teammate Teal'c. Hammond waited patiently for Daniel to step through. Doctor Jackson didn't appear and the wormhole began to disengage behind the team causing Hammond to become extremely worried about the now missing archaeologist. He questioned, "Colonel O'Neill, where is Doctor Jackson?"


Jack looked up at his superior officer with lines of worry crossing his face. He then answered, "He was...taken, sir."




"By Osiris sir," added Sam.


"What? Why didn't you go after him?" demanded Hammond.


Sam spoke up, "We tried sir... Battle broke out...Osiris' guards managed to get to the Stargate. They dragged Daniel through with them, sir."




"Yes sir. He had been struck by a zat gun blast. He was unconscious when taken through the Stargate, sir."


"So why didn't you go after him?"


"We tried to sir, but the gate disengaged and the DHD shut down before we could get the address."


"You're telling me that one of my people are still out there in hostile territory?"


"Yes sir."


"That's unacceptable Major! I will not have a member of my team being held prisoner some where!"


"Sir, we don't know where Daniel has been taken. Teal'c doesn't even know where Osiris would go. We can't find him because we have no idea where he is."


"Well start searching! Where would Osiris go?"


"We don't know sir... Sir, a suggestion if I may..."


"Please do."


"When we searched for Seth here on Earth we searched the mythology surrounding him. Maybe if someone were to look up the myths...maybe... I don't know...maybe we could find a clue as to where Osiris went."


"Good idea Major. It's worth a try. Nyan is presently cataloguing some artifacts related to Osiris. You may want to start with him. He may be able to come up with something, but first I want all of you to report to the infirmary."


"Yes sir," came the unison response.


                                                                                   * * * *

After getting a thorough check up from Doctor Fraiser they all headed to the research lab on base to speak with Nyan. Sam entered, "Hello Nyan. How are you doing?"


"Major Carter...I am doing fine. Thank you."


"How do you like it here?" she asked the young man. He was one of the newest members of the SGC. Nyan was not from Earth. He had been on one of the planets that SG-1 had visited. The team had met Nyan on the last planet Carter's Cold Address Program had dialed. They were all captured and held as prisoners. Nyan had helped the team to escape the planet and had returned with them to Earth badly injured himself. While in recovery Daniel had approached the young man to tell him that he was welcome to stay here on Earth if he liked. Daniel offered the man a job to help him with his research and categorizing of the multiple different artifacts he had collected while on missions off-world. Nyan had readily agreed. The two had worked closely together more nights then Sam could count. During that time Daniel and Nyan became good friends, close friends. She wasn't too happy to tell Nyan that Daniel was now missing.


Nyan responded to Sam's question, "Your place is truly fascinating."


"I'm glad you like it."


"Major Carter? Is Daniel not with you?"




"He said that he would stop in when he returned from your latest mission. Daniel does not lie..."


Sam looked at the young man again. How could she tell Nyan that one of his closest friends was now...gone...abducted against his will...being held somewhere? She looked down not sure how to start then cleared her throat and began to speak, "Yeah, uh Nyan...Daniel is why we're here."


"Is he in trouble? Is he hurt?" questioned the young man worriedly.




Sam struggled with how to break the news to Nyan then Jack interrupted, "Nyan, Daniel has been taken prisoner."


"By whom?"




"Osiris? I have heard of Osiris in Daniel's books. I have just finished categorizing an artifact. Can I help?"


"Yes you can."


"How? Please tell me what I can do to help Daniel."


"We need to know any possible places or other gods that Osiris might get in contact with. Where he would take Doctor Jackson..."


"I will look into it."


Nyan spent most of the following night doing just that, referencing and cross-referencing many of the young archaeologists' notes and texts on the subject of Ancient Egyptian mythology. He was sure the answer to Daniel's location was in those books somewhere. He came up with a list of possible places relating to Osiris and his cult of Ancient Egypt. He slept very little that night determined to find anything that could possibly help locate his friend.


                                                                                   * * * *

Sam entered Nyan's office early the next morning seeing that Nyan was still wide awake, a ton of books stacked all around him. The way he sat at his desk with books piled around him reminded her so much of Daniel and she frowned as she began to worry about where her friend could possibly be now. She looked at him worriedly, "Nyan, did you stay up all night?"


"What time is it?"


"6am... Nyan, have you been here all night?"


"Yes Major Carter. I have been searching Daniel's texts and notes for any possible locations Osiris would take him."


"And have you found anything yet?"


"I have several ideas, yes..."


Just as Nyan prepared to tell her what he had found during his late night search Teal'c and Jack entered the room. Jack questioned, "Any luck?"


"I have found references to several places that Osiris was worshipped at in Ancient Egypt. If these...gods, as you say, in fact are living the life of the Egyptian deities then I may have something."


Doctor Fraiser entered the room interrupting everyone. They all turned around to look at her as she announced, "General Hammond would like to see you, all of you... Nyan, you as well."


All four of them turned and followed Doctor Fraiser to the briefing room. As they entered the conference room Sam saw her father sitting in one of the chairs at the table. She quickly walked over to him and hugged him smiling at him she said, "Dad, it's good to see you... What brings you here?"


"I was wondering if Doctor Jackson was here."




"Sam, this is very important. Is Daniel here?"


"No dad. He's not."


"So it's true then?"


"What's true?"


"Sam, rumor is that Doctor Jackson has been captured. I wanted to see if our information was accurate."


"It is...but how?"


"We have several spies scattered throughout the galaxy on multiple planets. One of our operatives overheard a mention of Daniel Jackson being taken prisoner. We may have information that will help you get him back."


"What? That's great!"


"Rumor is that Osiris has been returned to power, and he has taken Doctor Jackson as his prisoner..."


"That's true dad... We ran into Osiris on our last mission. He took Daniel. We can't locate him."


"Osiris has been out of power for quite sometime. He will have limited places to flee. He is most likely on a planet controlled by another Goa'uld. One who would protect him and hide him if it becomes necessary."


"One Goa'uld protect another? I just don't see that happening Jacob," added Jack.


"Jack, if one of the Goa'uld want something from another he will protect them. Some of the symbiotes are related and would be more likely to protect another if such was the case..."


"So it would be safe to say that Osiris went to a planet of someone close to him?"


"Yes. For instance, Isis would be his first priority..."




"Isis is Osiris' queen. He would make locating her his first priority."


Sam added, "Well uh, dad, Isis is..."


"Dead," replied Doctor Fraiser. Doctor Fraiser continued, "The canopic jar we found that contained her symbiote was damaged in transport. When Sam and I pulled her from the jar she was perfectly preserved but essentially dead."


"Does Osiris know of this?"


"No dad. He knows she’s here...that's all."


"Why doesn't he know that she’s dead?"


"Because even under torture from the hand device Daniel refused to tell him what happened to her. He simply said that she was trapped like him and that we have the jar."


"Are you telling me that Doctor Jackson and Osiris have a past history?"




"Just how much of a past history?"


"He left Earth in his ship after we tried to neutralize him."


"Okay well that's not bad..."


"And Osiris took over the body of a childhood friend of Daniel's..."


"Wow. You're not serious? He sure knows how to pick them."




"I'm sorry."


"He's right, you know...why is it that every woman Daniel gets involved with ends up with a snake in her head?" replied Jack.




"Sorry Major...continue."


Jacob said, "If Osiris and Doctor Jackson have a past history in which he told him nothing Osiris will not go easy on him. It has now become personal..."




"So Osiris will take his anger out on Doctor Jackson first for refusing to give him his answers and now because he has something that Osiris wants..."


"Have you heard anything about where Daniel might be, Jacob?" inquired Jack.


"There are rumors that he is on Ta-hetchet."




"Ta-hetchet is a planet that is presently under control of Anubis."


"Anubis?  Excuse me?"


Nyan spoke up, "Anubis was, or rather is, the Egyptian god of the underworld. I have been reading about him in Daniel's books. Ta-hetchet was one of the places he was worshipped at in Egypt."


"That's great, Nyan..." complimented Sam.


Nyan smiled shyly then continued, "I have been reading through Daniel's notes...he is very thorough when explaining things, especially when they relate to ancient times."


Jack smiled then said, "That's Daniel for you...Ancient times are his passion..."


Jack's voice then trailed off and his smile faded as concern for Daniel's safety filled him. Sam looked at Jack noticing how sullen he suddenly was. Daniel was important to all of them. They all cared for him, but no one had as deep a bond with him as Jack did. They had grown closer and closer as they explored unknown worlds. Daniel was like a brother to Jack...a younger brother. If they could not bring Daniel back Jack would have a very difficult time dealing with his loss. They all would. She remembered even now how Daniel's supposed death had affected them once before. They had thought him dead once before thought he died, burned up before their very eyes when all along he had been held prisoner. She wasn't about to believe him dead now. He was too valuable to Osiris alive. Sam only feared that Daniel would be tortured to death then brought back to life in a sarcophagus only to suffer and die again and again. She prayed they would get to him before that happened. She felt chills climb her spine just thinking about it. Jacob interrupted her thoughts as he asked, "Sam, are you all right?"


"Yeah dad, just..."


"Sam, we will get him back."


"I know. I know we will. It's just that..."




"I fear Osiris will...torture death then...bring him back only it all over again."


"Sam, no matter how quickly we get to him he will be tortured some, expect to find him in a cell or in chains. Osiris won't let him go.  He doesn’t want to lose him again."


"He could escape."


"Yes but Sam, our operatives have also heard he’s being kept under heavy guard around the clock and once Osiris is finished with him he’s to be traded…to Apophis for the bounty on his head."


"There's no way in hell that's going to happen, Jacob!" responded Jack in sudden outrage.


"Doctor Jackson has a very high price on his head. Apophis recently increased it. We have no knowledge of why this is the case..."


"We all have bounties..."


"But Doctor Jackson has one of the highest bounties next to Teal'c. Why does Apophis want him so badly?"


Sam answered, "Well, it's safe to say Amunet could be part of that reason, and the boy...the Harsesus child... Plus Daniel figured out how to get the gate working. If not for him we would’ve never destroyed Ra, Sokar, Hathor and Seth. We would've never destroyed most of Apophis' fleet. He has good reason to want Daniel want us all dead."


"He wants Doctor Jackson alive. Dead he is of no value to Apophis. ALL of you are more valuable alive then dead..."


"Dad, do you have the address for Anubis' planet?"


"It's too dangerous to go there right now. We have an address, but no one has been there. We have no idea what lies in wait for us."


"What about sending a M.A.L.P. through?"


"No. If that is Anubis' planet he’ll have guards protecting the gate, especially now if Osiris is also there. Doctor Jackson would be moved before you even got to the planet. We had an operative there, but he hasn’t reported back for quite some time. We fear he’s been neutralized."




"We don’t know. He stopped transmitting several months ago."


"So go after him."


"If Doctor Jackson is there and we attempt to reestablish contact with our operative they’ll move him, and we won’t be able to find him... If our operative is under deep cover there and we attempt contact we’ll expose him."


"We have to try. He could be there."


"We need to have a plan of attack, but first you all must go get some rest."


"We're fine."


Doctor Fraiser added, "Sam, I would have to agree with Jacob. All of you are exhausted. You need to get sleep or you'll be no good to Daniel."




"That's an order."


"All right," grumbled Sam very unhappily.


                                                                                   * * * *

Daniel started to wake up. He was wondering why his arms hurt so badly. Where was he? He opened his eyes and waited for them to adjust to the semi-darkness of his cell realizing that he was hanging upright. He then glanced up seeing the cell door and remembered where he was. His attention was drawn back to the pain in his shackled wrists. He noticed that he was still hanging by his shackled wrists, so he quickly placed his feet under him. His arms were killing him, but he wasn't about to let that show. They ached from being held in such an uncomfortable position over night. His whole body felt stiff. Daniel once again glanced around the room noticing that he was still alone with the exception of the two jackal guards standing directly outside his cell door. The jackal was an animal often associated with Anubis. Anubis was even referred to in some of the ancient texts as the jackal god. His association with the underworld and the mummification of Osiris in the myths helped contribute to that name. Anubis was also the god responsible for overseeing the weighing of the heart of a person in the afterlife against a feather. If the heart was heavier than a feather it was fed to the Eater of the Dead. If it was as light as a feather the souls of the dead were given passage to meet up with Osiris. The connection between Anubis and Osiris throughout Egyptian mythology is why Daniel wasn't extremely surprised that Osiris would flee to Anubis' planet and Anubis would willingly offer to protect Osiris. Daniel heard the approach of someone and wasn't surprised to see Kelsham, Osiris' First Prime, open the cell door to admit Osiris. Daniel only saw Sarah, but he knew that Osiris was presently in control. He wanted to try to reach her and hoped that he would be successful.


Osiris looked at his First Prime then ordered, "Kelsham, prepare our case he should decide not to speak."


Osiris approached Daniel.  He smiled at Daniel sinisterly then said, "I trust you slept well, Daniel Jackson."


"Oh yes, yes I did..."


"We have much to talk about."




"I trust that you have found your sleeping quarters satisfactory."


"Oh yeah. Love the décor. Love what you've done with the place."


Osiris smiled evilly at the young archaeologist then continued, "I have waited a long time for just this opportunity. We have much to discuss, and you will tell me what I want to know."


"No. I don't think so."


"Or you will suffer for your silence. Either way you will tell me everything I want to know. I guarantee it. Humans have a very low pain tolerance and lack the regenerative capabilities that we have. You are weak and therefore you will fail."


"Well now you're rather overconfident... Do you get very far being that arrogant?"


"Silence human!"


Daniel fell silent then he watched as Osiris walked over to the orb sitting on a pedestal to Daniel's right. Daniel watched as Osiris waved the hand device over the globe causing it to turn on. Osiris then continued, "Do you know what this is, Doctor Jackson?"


"A metallic orb..." Daniel responded with an attitude. He knew he shouldn't be getting smart with Osiris, especially since the Goa'uld could kill him with that hand device in a split second, but he also knew Osiris wouldn't kill him...yet. He'd be damned if he’d make this interrogation easy on the Goa'uld.


Osiris replied to Daniel's taunt, "Insolence... This will record every minute, every second of your...interrogation. I want to record the day you finally break under my methods of extraction."


"Oh really? How interesting."


"Yes, a very ingenious creation this orb... Kelsham, is the human ready should your services be required?"


"Yes My Lord."


"Good. Daniel Jackson how is it that you know of the existence of the Goa'uld?"


"Lucky guess..." came Daniel's cocky reply.




Kelsham chose that particular time to ram the shocking device the Goa'uld loved to use to torture their victims to Daniel's right side. Daniel couldn't help it he screamed out as the device was applied to his flesh. He was ready to kill, but the pain temporarily subdued him. He didn't realize until the pain started to ease up some that he was now hanging from the shackles.  The electric shock was strong enough to knock him off of his feet. He recovered slowly forcing his feet back under himself.  He then glared coldly and sinisterly up at Osiris.


Osiris approached him touching the newest spot of burnt skin on Daniel's side. Daniel yanked violently away again glaring coldly at Osiris. Osiris said, "Such a perfect body...perfect specimen. You would most certainly make a rather nice host, Doctor Jackson. Perhaps I should give that thought some serious consideration... I must warn you that if you choose to not give me the answers I seek you will suffer. I will have to mark up that strong, vibrant body of yours, such a shame to let such a perfect specimen go to waste for refusing to speak. Now I will ask you have you learned of the existence of the Goa'uld?"


Osiris placed his hand against Daniel's cheek then uttered, "Tell me..."


Daniel jerked away ordering, "Don't touch me!"


"How do you know of our existence? Answer."




Daniel screamed as the shocking device was rammed near his lower right kidney. Again his feet flew out from under him, and he hung by his shackled wrists now breathing heavily. When he felt strong enough to stand again he placed his feet back under him, glaring at Osiris.


Osiris smirked then said, "Spirit...very few humans possess such a quality... If you will not tell me how you know of us then tell me where Isis is."


"I told you...she was trapped like you on Earth."


"Then where is she?"


Daniel just looked at Osiris still glaring at him and remaining stubbornly silent. Osiris demanded, "Where is my beloved?"


"I'm not going to tell you that."


Osiris nodded at Kelsham who then rammed the electric prod against the back of Daniel's neck. Daniel screamed loudly practically straining his voice. The pain was immense. He couldn't breathe, couldn't focus...all he felt was the pain. Nothing but the pain…severe, endless agony… He had never before felt such horrible, excruciating pain. It felt as if his brain was being electrocuted, like a thousand tiny mines just blew up inside his head. He saw blackness, heard ringing in his ears then collapsed hanging by his chained wrists blood now rolling out of his nose and mouth.


Osiris commanded Kelsham to stop and watched as Daniel slipped into unconsciousness. He was literally hanging by his shackled wrists. His breathing was heavy and sweat broke forth across his face. Osiris stated, "You were to lower the settings, Kelsham. Why did you not?"


"My Lord, I did as you commanded."


Osiris lifted Daniel's face up and examined him noticing the human was sweating and paler then normal. Osiris continued, "The jolt almost killed him. He is unconscious. He will remain unconscious for some time, but he is alive. Kelsham, this is just a human. He has no symbiote within him. We must put the weapons on a lower setting or expect to kill him. He must be allowed to rest now. We will continue the interrogation tomorrow. Adjust those settings now."


"Yes My Lord."


"I want him checked on throughout the night. Report any possible changes you see in him to me. Remember that I want to use the sarcophagus as little as possible."


"Yes My Lord."


He did as he was bid checking on Daniel throughout the night. Daniel didn't wake up until later the next day. He groaned and started to come to. His head throbbed excessively and his throat felt dry, parched... He coughed then focused on breathing.  What had happened? Why did he feel so weak? He wanted to comfort the pain in his head but as he went to pull his right hand down to do just that he felt it jerk to a stop...shackles. He had forgotten about those again, but now that he remembered them he could feel the excessive pain his arms were now in. It was obvious to him that he had been hanging from his arms for several hours. Daniel tried to place his feet under him. He was unsuccessful the first time, but the second time he managed to stand up.  He could feel stinging pain in his right side and kidney. He remembered that damned Goa'uld torture device had been rammed against him. He had a feeling that his stay here was going to be long and rather painful. He could feel wetness at the corner of his mouth and was sure that it was blood. He would have to remain strong and remember that Sarah was possessed... He had a hard time seeing evil in her, so he had to be very careful not to reveal anything and not to be distracted by her. Osiris would most likely play on that and also being in her body, blending with her, provided him with at least some knowledge of Daniel's life. He hoped that Sarah was strong enough to at least prevent the Goa'uld larva from digging into those memories.


He heard the cell door open, but didn't look up. Kelsham entered and walked over to the prisoner. One of the guards had gotten him when the prisoner made noise. Kelsham knew that the young man was probably awake so he questioned, "Why do you fight him?"


Daniel looked up, a puzzled expression on his face, he asked, "Wha...what?"


"Why do you fight him? He will only torture you until you reveal to him the answers he seeks, and once he kills you he will again make you rise from the dead only to torture you again. Why fight him?"


"Why do you serve him?"


"He is my lord. It is an honor to serve him."


"Your lord? Kelsham is it?"


Kelsham nodded his head in response. Daniel continued, "He is only using you. To him you are a host...nothing more, nothing less..."


Kelsham felt angry so he punched Daniel in the face yelling, "LIES! ALL LIES!"


Daniel was caught off guard by the sudden strike and could feel the burning left behind from the impact. He turned back to Kelsham looking at him grimly. Kelsham said, "You must drink to sustain yourself. Here."




"It is not drugged. I assure you."


"I don't trust you. No."


"Why do you refuse that which you desire?"


"Let's just say that I've learned to be cautious by nature."


"There are no drugs in this water."


"And I'm supposed to believe you? I don't think so. Drugs are one of the many ways the Goa'uld use to extract information from their prisoners."




"Don't treat me as if I’m stupid. Even now he’s controlling you. The only reason you’re speaking to me is because you thought I’d fall for your trick. I know the Goa'uld, and I know what they are capable of. You will not get any answers from me."


Kelsham's eyes lit up bright white then he drove a kick into Daniel's gut. Daniel gasped and doubled over feeling air whoosh out of him. He coughed several times then again forced himself upright. He looked at Kelsham when he was breathing normally again saying, "Ooh, did I hit a nerve?"


Kelsham's only response to that question was a punch that he drove into Daniel's right side right where he had been burned on the previous day. Daniel groaned aloud as the pain in his side became immense. He lowered his head clenching his eyes shut trying to wish the pain away, at the same time he was trying to conceal just how painful the strike really was. He refused to allow Kelsham to see his suffering and pain.


Kelsham spoke up, "Last chance...drink."


Daniel remained completely silent. Kelsham responded, "Fine...suit yourself."


Then Kelsham left the room to tell Osiris of Daniel being awake.


Daniel waited until he was sure Kelsham had left before he left himself fall. He was struggling to remain upright, probably due to the previous days exposure to the shock device. He didn't want Kelsham to see the effects of the torture. He looked above him at his shackled wrists but saw no way to successfully free himself from them. Then he looked at the orb glad it was not on.  He then left his head fall forward, closing his eyes. Sleep took him shortly, thereafter...


                                                                                  * * * *

On Earth...


General Hammond sat in his office in total silence. He was wondering about the young archaeologist who was now Missing In Action.  He hated to think of one of his own people as MIA, but there was no denying the truth of what had happened to Doctor Daniel Jackson: the man had been taken only a few days ago by the Goa'uld Osiris. General Hammond was very worried about him. He knew that Jackson was probably undergoing some kind of severe torture right now at the hands of the insane Goa'uld, and there wasn't a damned thing anyone could do about it! They had no idea where Osiris took Daniel all they had was speculation. Jacob Carter had arrived on Earth to tell them of the rumors he had been hearing regarding the young man's abduction. The only thing they had to go on was guesses...guesses regarding what planet Osiris would've fled to with Jackson. Jacob seemed to think that he could possibly be on a planet named Ta-hetchet. Nyan seemed to believe that was where the young man possibly was also. Either way they had to at least investigate it. Hammond didn't know just how much longer his team could stand by waiting for the go ahead to search for and rescue their young teammate. Hammond noticed that the remaining members of SG-1 were handling the disappearance of Doctor Jackson extremely hard. They each blamed themselves for his loss. They wanted to get Jackson back alive and well, but sitting by and doing nothing was slowly driving them well as Hammond. He decided to confront Jacob regarding the possible locale of Daniel Jackson that he had spoken of recently. He couldn't wait any longer. His mind was continually filled with images of what Doctor Jackson could possibly be enduring at the hands of Osiris.


General Hammond searched for Jacob Carter and approached him commenting, "Jacob, my people say that the Tok'ra have an idea of where Doctor Jackson may be..."


"That is correct, George."


"Then why hasn't a search and rescue team been assembled?"


"George, all we’re working on is pure speculation. We have rumors, that's all."


"Well, rumors are better then nothing."


"We cannot attempt to go to those coordinates...not yet. It’s too dangerous. If we do we’ll be captured and taken before Anubis. He has the Stargate under heavy guard at all times. If we are discovered and Osiris is there with Doctor Jackson he’ll be warned. Osiris would flee taking Doctor Jackson with him, and we would most likely not be able to locate him a second time."


"We have to get Doctor Jackson back. We can't just abandon him there. We must try to get to him. I will not stand by and allow one of my team to suffer under duress of torture while we stand here twiddling our thumbs holding what could possibly be the address of his location. I refuse to leave one of my people out there without looking into it."


"I know how you feel George, and I know that making such a request is very hard to do. But you must realize we, the Tok'ra and myself, have Doctor Jackson's best interests at heart. If he is on Ta-hetchet we mustn't do anything that will send Osiris thinking that we are even closing in on him. He will flee at the first signs of trouble, and he will not leave Jackson behind. We will lose his locale thus dooming him to a life of suffering and pain..."


"Jacob...what are the chances of Doctor Jackson getting away? He’s a very resourceful man. What are the chances of him escaping?"


"I would say rather slim. Doctor Jackson is very resourceful, but he’s most likely chained in an upright position and locked in a cell under heavy guard around the clock. Our sources say that Osiris is taking several precautions to make sure there is no escape for him."


"So we have to get him out."




"I won't just leave him. Could we use a serpent guard, or two, possibly to get Doctor Jackson out?"


"Serpent guards? What do you mean?"


"Teal'c has his old uniform. He also has a couple of friends willing to help us if needs be. Would say, one of Apophis' guards arrive on Anubis' planet for any reason?"


"Only to procure a prize...from Anubis. They are enemies. Anubis wants complete rule over the system lords and Apophis has that now. They are rivals."


"Is there any way we can get onto that planet to look for Doctor Jackson? Ships? Anyway?"


"There must be a way. There always is."


"Then how do we get in?"


"Good question."


                                                                                   * * * *

Daniel Jackson jumped awake when he heard the approach of someone, so he quickly placed his feet under himself. He didn't want to appear weak at all to his captors, so he made himself stand on his feet. He watched as Osiris walked into the room and for just a split second he was looking at Sarah before Osiris had taken her as a host. As she approached him he felt uneasy remembering this was not Sarah but Osiris, a Goa'uld who was only interested in torture and who was evil. Sarah was in there somewhere probably trying to fight to get out, but Osiris was in control at the moment.


Osiris made a quick overview of Doctor Jackson ascertaining just how strong he was. He noticed a fresh bruise on Doctor Jackson's cheek and figured that Kelsham had given that to him, as well as the start of fresh bruises splashed across the man's abdomen. Osiris then spoke, "Kelsham said that you refused to drink."


"Did he now?"


"Yes. Why?"


"No reason."


"You must drink."




"To sustain yourself."


"So you can interrogate me more?"


"You do not drink because you want to die?"


"No, I don't drink because it's drugged."


"There are no drugs in the water I assure you, Doctor Jackson."


Daniel released a sarcastic laugh then continued, "Right...I don't trust you. I don't believe you."


"Then you are a fool."


"Well, I would rather be a fool then choose to believe you."


Osiris glared at Daniel after he made that comment then backhanded him across the right side of his face. Daniel felt himself jerking against his restraints and could feel the shackles digging mercilessly into his now raw, sore wrists. He shook his head to clear it then refocused on Osiris. He noticed Osiris glance up as a man entered his prison. He didn’t recognize the stranger and apparently neither did Osiris. The man spoke in Goa'uld, "My Lord Osiris..."


"What do you want?" demanded Osiris of the intrusive stranger.


"Anubis has sent me to help aid you in interrogating the prisoner."


"Very well you may join. I was just preparing to question the human again."


Jotham nodded his head in response. Daniel rolled his eyes thinking, 'Great now I get to be beat up by two people instead of one...this is turning out to be a bad day...'


Osiris eyed up Daniel then continued, "You refused to answer my questions before and suffered for your refusal. You will suffer again and suffer more if you continue to refuse to answer the questions I ask of you."


Daniel stared directly into the eyes of his torturer saying, "I'll solve your problem for you...I don't know anything and even if I did I sure as hell would never tell you."


Osiris stepped up to Daniel and raised the hand device. He then spoke, "Daniel Jackson, one day you will learn the consequences of defying me."


With that said Osiris activated the hand device. Daniel merely grimaced clenching his eyes shut as he felt the current from the Goa'uld hand device drilling into his mind. He hated those things. He noticed the pain didn't seem as intense as before. Past exposure to such a device must create an immunity of some kind to the devices' effects. Osiris only wielded the device a short time knowing that longer exposure to the device would kill the human. He pulled away and Daniel left his head fall forward.  He felt as if he had an extreme migraine, like something had just burned into his brain. He clenched his eyes shut trying to block out the pain and discomfort he was now experiencing.


Osiris was rather surprised when Daniel didn't scream or make noises upon exposure to such a device. He remembered even the last time the human showed quite a high tolerance to the device. He was able to ram something in Osiris while being tortured. Osiris never had that happen before. He was kind of angry that the device didn't seem to have as strong an affect on Daniel as it does on other humans, but as he looked at the young man holding his head forward he knew the device did cause some pain. Osiris waited to see what Daniel would do next when suddenly he looked up glaring at Osiris, challenging him with his eyes. Daniel Jackson was definitely unlike any other human Osiris had encountered. Doctor Jackson didn't seem to have any fear of him. He also knew that Osiris was not a god. He even pointed out that he was a false god. He saw no fear in Doctor Jackson from him only concern for the host and anger towards Osiris. He could see spirit in the man's eyes, a rare quality in a human. He also saw challenge in those eyes. Doctor Jackson didn't fear him only despised him. Osiris continued, "I will ask you again...what do you know of the Goa'uld?"




"What do you know of the Tok'ra alliance?"


"Did you say tok...ra? What the hell is a tokra?"


"You are not as stupid as you pretend to be. You have knowledge of such things. It would be in your best interest to volunteer such information..."


"Serve you? I would rather die a thousand deaths then to serve you."


"You may very well get such an opportunity, Daniel Jackson. I'm sure you know of the sarcophagus...humans are such an easy race to mend. I could kill you as many times as I so choose only to bring you back to destroy you once again."


"Resurrection? Is that one of the ways you convinced the people of Bursiris that you were a god?"


Osiris lashed out backhanding Daniel excessively harsh across the face. He struck Daniel with such great force that Daniel literally flew to his left only to be brought to a painful, jarring halt as the chains stopped his progression. He nearly groaned aloud as he felt the shackles ripping into his wrists again. He could feel wetness at the corner of his mouth and knew it was blood. He shook his head to clear it then refocused on Osiris saying, "You only know how to rule by force. You are no god.  You’re a parasite who must take a host to survive. I despise you and your race for what you do to people...for how you enslave people."


"It is the sole purpose of your race...breed to serve the Goa'uld as hosts...that is your purpose. That is why you are allowed to live only to provide us with hosts. You are slaves. You must learn to bow to your god."


"Boy, that’s some imagination you have there. You have a big superiority complex, don't you?"


Osiris was so angry that he again held the hand device above Daniel's forehead and activated it. Daniel almost groaned aloud as the pain sliced at his head pounding harder this time making his head hurt more. He already had a headache; the device only escalated it. Then Osiris turned it off glaring at Daniel with his glowing white eyes he continued, "You have much to learn.  Tell me of the Tok'ra."


"I told you... I don't know...what you’re talking about..."


"The Tok'ra, Doctor Jackson. Tell me where they reside."


Daniel recovered some then looked up saying, "I don't even know what a Tok'ra is, so how would I know where they live?"


"I was informed that there is a rather high price on your head, Doctor Jackson..."


'Now where the hell did that come from?' thought Daniel. Only a moment ago he was questioning about the Tok'ra. How the hell did they suddenly get onto the topic of the bounty on his head that Apophis had placed there? Daniel was a bit confused.  What kind of tactics was Osiris using now? Was he trying to confuse him to make him accidentally slip and reveal something or what? Daniel had no answers to his unspoken questions so he focused on Osiris listening as Osiris continued, "It seems that Apophis would like to get his hands on you. For Apophis to even know of you, you must have had a previous association.  Lying to me will not help you only cause you more pain. Tell me what reason could he have to want you alive, Doctor Jackson?"


"Apophis did you say? Never heard of him..."


"Do not lie to me, Doctor Jackson. Tell me what I want to know. Why are you of such high value to Apophis?"


"He's a false god, right? Sort of like you?"


Daniel prepared himself for the next onslaught from the hand device. He was sure it was about to come after that last comment he made, and just as he expected Osiris again raised it activating it. Daniel felt immense pain slicing through his mind, more pain than previously. His head felt ready to explode. He struggled not to give voice to the pain and felt sweat break out across his face. Osiris then deactivated the device. Daniel left his head fall forward and tried to control his now heavy breathing. He clenched his eyes shut, desperate for the severe pain in his mind to end. He realized that he was breathing heavily and started to hear ringing in his ears... He was close to passing out he was sure, but stubbornly refused to do so.


Osiris watched Daniel waiting to see if Jackson was unconscious. Just when he thought for sure the human had blacked out Doctor Jackson raised his head again glaring at Osiris, looking at him as if he wanted to reach out and strangle Osiris to death.  Osiris spoke up, "Hmm, very interesting… You seem to be somewhat unsusceptible to the effects of this device. Why is that?  Tell me Doctor Jackson, what is it about you that makes you more tolerant of this device then others of your species?"


Daniel just watched Osiris. He glanced to his left as he saw movement out of the corner of his eyes and saw the person who Anubis had sent to aid Osiris with the interrogation. Then he refocused on Osiris who continued, "Could repeated exposure to this device create that kind of tolerance? Or is there something in your brain chemistry that makes you less susceptible?"


Daniel glanced down as he felt blackness wash over him again, but he forced his head back up saying, "I have no idea what you're talking about..."


"Don't you? Why do you insist on lying to me repetitively?"


"How can I lie when I don't have any idea what you’re talking about?"


"You will tell me what I want to know Daniel Jackson, or you will die a thousand times."


"I know nothing."


Osiris became outraged and without thought activated the hand device. Daniel nearly screamed as the device dug deep into the recesses of his brain creating a severe migraine and causing him to feel lightheaded and dizzy. Osiris suddenly deactivated the device and Daniel allowed his head fall forward. He remained conscious for only a few moments longer then blacked out.  Osiris ordered Jotham to check on Daniel. He reported, "My Lord, the human is unconscious."


"We will continue this interrogation later."


He then ran his hand over the recording device shutting it down.  Then he left the room.


When Jotham was positive that Osiris left he checked Daniel again. Doctor Jackson was indeed unconscious. He noticed several bruises and burns on Doctor Jackson's body. He knew of Osiris' arrival the day he had appeared and knew that Doctor Jackson would suffer. He just had to figure out how he could best help Doctor Jackson without revealing his true purpose for being on Ta-hetchet. He had to help Doctor Jackson. He had no choice. He couldn't leave him here to continue suffering. He checked Doctor Jackson over once again then left shortly thereafter.


                                                                                   * * * *

The Next Day...


Jotham made his way to the prisoner making sure not to be spotted. He stopped before the two guards now standing watch outside Jackson's cell. They allowed him to pass without problems. He approached Jackson, who glanced up briefly. Daniel said, "Hello, so where's your buddy Osiris? Thought for sure he’d be with you."


"Doctor Jackson, I have water. You must drink."


"No. No thank you."


"I swear to you it is only water."


"Kelsham put you up to this?"


"Kelsham? No, I came here of my own free will."


"Osiris know you're visiting?"


"No. Doctor Jackson, please drink. You are fast becoming dehydrated. You have not consumed water in several days. You cannot survive much longer without it. Even now your voice cracks...please drink."


"Nah, don't think so."


Jotham lowered his voice saying, "Doctor Jackson, you will be no good to your friends if you refuse to drink."


"I have no friends."


"Please, I insist. You must drink."


Daniel was very thirsty but wasn't about to drink from that cup. He glanced towards the orb. Jotham said, "It is not recording now. If it were I would not be here."




" be caught giving you water could blow my cover."


"Your cover? What?"


"I am Jotham of the Tok'ra."


"Tok'ra? Yeah right."


"It does not matter whether you believe me or not, Doctor Jackson. You must drink."


Jotham held the cup to Daniel's cracked, dried lips. Daniel hesitated eyeing Jotham up suspiciously before accepting the water.  Something about Jotham made him want to trust the man. He choked on the water as the cool liquid flowed over his parched, dry throat. Jotham spoke in a hushed tone, "You must drink slowly, Doctor Jackson. You have not had water in several days.  You must take it easy."


Daniel only drank a little bit more before nodding his head saying, "Thank you..."






"You are welcome, Doctor Jackson."


Jotham then bowed his head and left the room. Daniel again made a sweep of the room with his eyes. He had to get out of here, but how? His hands were shackled above him. There had to be a way! There just had to be! He noticed the two guards still remained just outside of his cell. Osiris was being very cautious, or rather Anubis was.  They were guards of Anubis not that was definitely interesting. Why would Osiris not place his own men outside of his cell?


                                                                                   * * * *

Jack O'Neill was becoming less and less patient the more days that went by without Daniel. He couldn't help but fear the worst. He had a strong feeling that Daniel's stay with Osiris was anything but serene. He hated to think of what kinds of torture Daniel might be enduring. He felt so damned helpless, also. Jacob said they had a locale for Anubis' planet and that the Tok'ra were sure Osiris was there, yet they refused to go look for him. Jack was prepared to do it himself despite the risks.


Jack entered the conference room seeing Jacob. He said, "Jacob, can't we get a ship? Something? We can't just leave him there."


Jacob looked up as Jack O'Neill disrupted his thoughts. The man was very upset. He looked as if he hadn't had sleep in several days. Jacob wouldn't be surprised if that was the god's honest truth. Jack was very worried for his friend and growing extremely impatient with his want to go into space and search everywhere for Daniel. Jacob listened to Jack's questions and decided to fill him in, "I have acquired a ship just for that purpose. We leave today."


"Well all right!"


"But first, George must be briefed."


"Let's make the briefing quick. I don't like the idea of Daniel being held by a snake head."


They decided to go in covert with Teal'c and a Jaffa friend of his preparing to dress like guards. Jacob's only worry was that once he transported the team to the planet's surface the ship would no longer be cloaked. If Anubis detected a threat he'd have to do some fancy flying to get out of there and return to retrieve the team. He also wondered about Doctor Jackson. What if Jackson wasn't even on the planet of Ta-hetchet? Then what? And what if he was on that planet? Where would they even begin to look for him? The planet was huge. Daniel could be anywhere.


They boarded the ship and prepared for embarkment. Jack was glad to finally be doing something other than sitting around to find his friend. He approached Jacob and questioned, "How long will it take us to get there?"


"Ta-hetchet is a remote planet in the distant Palleon Galaxy. It will, in fact, take us several days to get there by ship."


"Several days? Daniel may not have several days!"


"Daniel will be fine. Osiris will not kill him as long as he holds information that Osiris needs, and if Doctor Jackson were to die from his harsh treatment Osiris would surely revive him in the sarcophagus to continue again. Even if Doctor Jackson revealed what Osiris wants to know he would keep your friend alive. He is of great value to Apophis plus...Osiris enjoys tormenting his victims, his prisoners..."


"Well, that's not good."


"No, it isn't...but at least we know that Doctor Jackson will be alive."


"What if we use hyper speed...?"


"We will but Ta-hetchet is still quite a distance.  It will take us at least a week to get there."


"A WEEK? A minute ago you said a couple of days!"


"A week is a couple of days, Jack."


"No it isn't! Jacob, are you sure you have the right coordinates?"


"Yes Jack. Stop worrying."


"Who's worried?"


The two fell into a companionable silence both men feeling on edge. Jacob broke the silence later saying, "Jack, there is one more thing that I should probably warn you about."


"And what is that?"


"We’re going to Ta-hetchet based solely on rumors...Doctor Jackson... It is possible that..."


"Spill it Jacob."


"It is possible that Doctor Jackson may not be on that planet at all, Jack."


"I don't want to hear that!"


"I know Jack, but you must realize that is a possibility."


"No. Daniel's on that planet...somewhere. I'm sure of it."


"We also have to accept the possibility that even if Doctor Jackson is on that planet we may not be able to locate him."


"Would you stop doing that!"


"Jack, I'm only warning you..."


"Well, stop thinking so negatively! Daniel is on that planet and we will find him. We’ll bring him home!"


"I hope so, Jack. I really do hope so."


                                                                                  * * * *

Jotham returned to Daniel's cell early the next morning. He was very worried for the young man. Osiris seemed very determined to get all the information he could out of him. Osiris planned on beating it out of Doctor Jackson. Jotham remembered hearing rumors of just how cruel and sadistic Osiris used to be when he was in power. He enjoyed acquiring prisoners and conquering lands. He greatly enjoyed torturing those same prisoners so far he was going rather easy on Doctor Jackson. He was being careful to injure Doctor Jackson enough that he would feel pain and anguish but not enough to severely injure. He wanted the man to suffer slowly and painfully. He wanted to drag out Doctor Jackson's interrogation and make the man suffer for his continued defiance and insolence. Osiris derived great pleasure out of making his prisoners suffer.


Jotham approached Doctor Jackson and gently placed his hand under Daniel's chin lifting his head. Daniel jerked awake muttering, "NO!" and pulling away from Jotham at the same time. He regretted the sudden movement as his head retaliated by sending slicing pain throughout his mind. The pain washed over him nearly sending him back into unconsciousness. He felt lightheaded as the pain slicing his head nearly took his breath away. He tried to focus and recall where he was. He vaguely heard someone's voice prompting in a gentle tone, "Doctor Jackson? Doctor Jackson..."


Daniel couldn't yet focus the pain in his head was nasty and seemed to render any thought useless. He muttered, "Wha...what?"


"Are you all right, Doctor Jackson?"


Daniel inhaled deeply then tried to stand up. He then opened his eyes attempting to focus on who kept calling his name. The image swam before him then righted itself again. As his vision cleared he recognized Jotham. Then he tried to talk but ended up coughing instead. Despite the water he had been given yesterday he still was dehydrated and so very thirsty. His tongue darted out to moisten his lips and he attempted to clear his throat speaking in a hoarse whisper, "What? What do you want, Jotham?"


"I'm sorry I startled you, Doctor Jackson. I didn't mean to...I was merely trying to see how you were."


"No problem."


"How are you feeling?"


"Just peachy Jotham, just peachy."






"I brought you some more water. Here you must drink."


He raised the glass to Daniel's lips. Daniel opened his mouth to accept the water. Before Jotham tipped the glass he said, "Remember to take it nice and easy, Doctor Jackson. You're still dehydrated. It will be hard for you to swallow the water.  You must take it slowly."


Jotham tipped the glass slightly and Daniel could feel the cool liquid flowing into his mouth. Then Jotham pulled the glass away.  Daniel coughed again as the cool water seemed to burn and sear his dry, parched throat. He swallowed several more times then Jotham inquired, "More?"


"Yes...please... Thank you."


Jotham helped Daniel to drink more water. Then he questioned, "When was the last time you had nourishment, Doctor Jackson?"


"Several days... Before I was brought to this planet."


"I will go see if I can find some food for you. Would you like more water?"


"Yes, thank you..."


Jotham helped him drink some more water then gave Daniel the time he needed to prepare for another drink. He questioned, "More?"


Daniel turned his head away. Jotham looked at the glass of water. It had been full and now it was half empty. He was glad that Doctor Jackson drank more water, but it still wasn't near enough. Doctor Jackson hadn't been given water since his arrival here either except for the last time Jotham had given him some, it had been offered to him previously by Kelsham, but Daniel had refused to drink any it. Jotham was glad he had refused. He found out later that the water had in fact been drugged so Doctor Jackson was right about the water when he had accused Kelsham of drugging it. Jotham knows that for humans to sustain life they needed lots of fluids. Doctor Jackson was sorely lacking that. He wanted to order Doctor Jackson to finish the water he offered but knew to force him wouldn't help at all. He needed water and nourishment and hadn’t received either since his arrival here...too much water now would probably make him ill. Jotham decided he’d bring more water to Doctor Jackson later and maybe, just maybe, he could coax the young archaeologist to accept more of the precious liquid he so badly needed.


Jotham found himself scanning Doctor Jackson's body for injuries. There were two new bruises on the man's face from earlier when Osiris had backhanded him but other than that there was no new visible injuries. He noticed though that Jackson's left arm had blood rolling down it. The shackles must've broken the skin on his left wrist...probably as a result of that second vicious backhand Osiris threw. Jotham said, "I must go, Doctor Jackson. Osiris will not leave you unattended for long."


Daniel nodded his head letting Jotham know he understood then watched as the man exited his prison. Once Jotham was gone Daniel again focused on his present predicament. He eyed the shackles up leerily and yanked on them, of course they didn't loosen at all only renewed the pain in his aching wrists and jarred his very sore, stiff shoulders. His arms felt practically numb from being forced to remain in such an uncomfortable position for so long. He had to get out of here and soon.


He heard approaching footsteps and watched as Osiris again entered his cell followed by Kelsham. He noticed rather quickly that Kelsham again held the shocking device in his hand. He was in for another long day... He watched as Osiris smiled menacingly his way then approached the recording device and activated it with the hand device. Osiris then approached him saying, "How are we feeling today, Doctor Jackson?"


Daniel said nothing only glared at Osiris. Kelsham quickly rammed the shock device against Daniel's left side causing Daniel to jump at the sudden pain and grimace. He still glared at Osiris without breaking eye contact even when the device was applied to his flesh. Kelsham ordered, "Answer your lord..."


"I'd rather die."


Kelsham rammed the shocking device against Daniel's left side again and held it there longer this time. Daniel's only indication that it hurt was a loud gasp as the device burned his flesh. Kelsham pulled it away. Then he looked at his lord. Osiris nodded towards him indicating that he could turn up the voltage some.  Kelsham did so willingly.


Osiris stepped closer to Daniel and placed his hand to Daniel's right cheek caressing it. Daniel found himself in the past when Sarah was uninhabited. The two had dated for a time. He had to force those memories of Sarah away. This was Sarah, but the parasite was controlling her. Osiris was controlling her. She wasn't herself. He had to remember that. He drove a kick into her sending Osiris flying backwards in surprise. As soon as he kicked out Kelsham rammed the shock device to the back of Daniel's neck. Daniel screamed as the electric current elicited by the weapon traveled throughout his mind. His head felt ready to explode. The pain became excruciating. Instead of pulling the device away, as Kelsham usually did, he held it there showing Daniel no mercy. Daniel felt his body convulsing in response to the electric current now penetrating his entire being and felt blackness closing in. Suddenly the pain stopped and Daniel fell forward hanging heavily by his shackled wrists. He couldn't speak, couldn't focus, as he felt nauseated and weak. He tried to place his feet under him but with little success. He tried a second time and fell then finally on the third try he managed to get his legs under him and stood still hung over. Kelsham yelled, "You will pay for daring to attack your lord, human!"


Then Kelsham drove a kick to the back of Daniel's right leg. Daniel screamed as the leg gave out on him sending his feet out from under him. He nearly screamed as his wrist shackles stopped his descent by jerking him to a stop. Kelsham then moved directly in front of Daniel raising his foot he drove a painful kick directly into Daniel's gut. Daniel tried to double more as the pain took his breath away yanking violently against his restraints on his downward descent. He nearly puked as a result of the kick and couldn't miss the very distinct loud sickening crack that occurred immediately after the brutal kick was delivered signifying a now broken rib.


He knew he had at least one broken rib now. He could feel his body enveloped in pain. His gut and leg throbbed also. Just when the pain eased up some Kelsham drove another vicious kick into Daniel's side jolting Daniel's ribs yet again. Daniel felt blackness wash over himself, but didn't pass out...yet. Kelsham raised his foot to again kick Daniel when Osiris ordered, "Kelsham!"


Kelsham looked up at his lord seeing the anger and rage in his eyes. Osiris then said, "You may go now."


"My Lord..."


"I will deal with the human. You may go."


"Yes My Lord."


Osiris watched as Kelsham left then eyed up Daniel dispassionately. The stupid fool dared to kick him! How dare a human do such a thing! He watched as Daniel hung by his shackled wrists coughing and wheezing. When the coughing subsided Osiris listened to the prisoner's breathing pattern. He was trying to recover... Osiris approached Doctor Jackson staring at his hung over form. He then reached down and entwined a handful of Doctor Jackson's short hair in his fingers yanking brutally harsh on Daniel's hair.


Daniel screamed and clenched his eyes shut in pain as Osiris jerked his head up and wrenched it backwards. Daniel realized that he was voicing his pain so he quickly silenced his scream and clenched his eyes shut grunting as the extremely tense pull on his hair made his head throb and pound all the more.


Osiris looked down into the pain-ridden face of Doctor Jackson's then tightened his grip harsher on Jackson's hair forcing his head back even further than before. He waited patiently for Doctor Jackson to open his eyes getting angrier with the young man by the minute.


Daniel felt the pain enter his body and mind as first one kick then another was delivered. He nearly passed out when he heard the loud crack of a rib as it broke. The pain that followed the loud, sickening crack sent waves of nausea and anguish through him. He immediately felt the struggles in his breathing. He could tell that he was wheezing and hated the sound of his own breath. He forced himself to stay alert and to breathe normally. Then he suddenly felt a vicious, agonizing grip in his hair and felt the force of his head being yanked upwards. He struggled to gain control over all of his agony then finally started focusing, but the struggle was proving to be rather difficult. His entire body was enveloped in pain and anguish. He felt as if he had been run over by a truck. He could barely focus as the pain drilled at him reminding him, letting him know that it was there. He literally forced himself to focus on, not Sarah...she was not Sarah this was Osiris. He had to remember that... He opened his eyes to focus on the beautiful face of a young woman that he had once loved, a young woman that he cared a great deal for but who now, like Sha're had been, was trapped in a nightmare. He found himself feeling sorry for Sarah. She was there inside. She could see everything, hear everything. She was a silent prisoner trapped in her own body by the parasite who now inhabited her. He had often wondered if the host knew and saw what the parasite did. Sha're told him once, when she had been pregnant with Apophis' child, that she saw all the horrible things that Amunet had made her do, and she coped by trying to block out all those evil things. Now Sarah was in there watching helplessly as Daniel was being tortured and tormented. He knew that she would never willingly hurt him or make him suffer as he was now being made to, but right now she had no choice. Osiris was still strong.


As Daniel stared into her eyes he thought he saw the slightest hint of sadness and regret there. He suddenly felt the pressure ease up in his hair and wondered why Osiris would ease up on the painful grip. Suddenly she spoke… Sarah, it was Sarah's voice, of that Daniel was certain. She spoke three words, "I'm sorry Daniel."


Daniel froze in shock. Was that Sarah or was it a trick? He began to think that the pain was getting to him and making him think and hear things that weren't real, but he felt himself focus intently on her and again heard the voice of Sarah as she said, "I'm sorry for hurting you, sorry..."


Then in the next instant he felt the grip in his hair tighten up, and he felt his head being yanked harsher backwards. He nearly yelped in pain as his head was wrenched viciously backwards. He uttered a groan of anguish and closed his eyes in pain. Right before the grip intensified he saw the whiteness of the Goa'uld's eyes: Osiris was back with a vengeance. He yanked harsher on Daniel's hair causing Daniel to whimper in response. He realized that he was again voicing his pain and quickly clamped his mouth shut. He felt ready to black out as his head throbbed immensely and his vision started to cloud up.


Osiris stared intently into his prisoner's face and was certain that his host had managed to speak to the young man. Osiris was extremely pissed. He deliberately increased his hold on the man's hair wanting to cause him excessive pain and make him suffer all the more for daring to bring his host back to the surface. He also wanted her to see the extreme pain in Jackson's face as the hold was increased to punish her for daring to attempt to resurface. Osiris was focused on those thoughts thinking of how he wanted the man to suffer when he felt Doctor Jackson's body go suddenly lax for a moment. He silently cursed not wanting his prisoner to pass out just quite yet and eased his grip on Jackson's hair some. He noticed that Jackson's breathing was no longer as strained and labored as it was immediately after the kick that had succeeded in breaking his rib. Osiris waited for Jackson to again open his eyes.


Daniel felt the easing up on his hair and managed to again open his eyes and look at Osiris. Osiris glared at him wickedly then said, "Doctor Jackson, you will soon learn the penalty for daring to defy me. I should allow Kelsham to get another chance at you. How long do you think it would take for Kelsham to beat you to unconsciousness? Kelsham is a very loyal and devoted servant. He will not treat you kindly after today."


With that said Osiris figured that he'd toy with Daniel's mind again. One advantage to being in this host was that Jackson had feelings for the woman and Osiris could use that to his advantage playing mind games with the young man and making him suffer physically, psychologically and emotionally. In blending with this woman Osiris had also received her memories...that included memories of her life and time with one Doctor Daniel Jackson. He could use those memories against the man and mess with his mind. The man was considered brilliant so Osiris just couldn't resist testing the man to see how much he could take. He smirked evilly at Doctor Jackson then, with his free hand, he pressed his right hand gently across Daniel's cheek.


Once again Daniel remembered Sarah and Osiris could see the man remembering. Daniel quickly blocked out the memories of her before they again overtook him. Osiris began to stroke his cheek, much like Sarah used to do. Daniel jerked violently away from him, but the iron grip that Osiris held in his hair didn't allow him much room to maneuver. Osiris smirked sinisterly at Daniel seeing the torment in the younger man's gaze. He was fighting against the onslaught of memories the simple gesture brought to the surface. Osiris continued to stroke Jackson's cheek just to watch the young man squirm. He then said, "My host used to do this, didn't she? When you were upset or worried... I have all of her memories, Doctor Jackson...all of them. I know everything that she knows about you."


Daniel felt himself tense up at that thought. He hoped, actually he prayed, that Sarah had managed to block some of those the memories that had the power to hurt him all over again. She had grown up with him. They had even dated for a time. Sarah knew some of those secrets of Daniel's past that he kept buried behind a safe wall. Very few people had access to those secrets...Sarah was one of those people that Daniel had confided in. She knew things that could badly hurt and damage him again in the long run. He just kept holding onto the faith he has in her that she managed to keep those damaging memories of his hidden from Osiris' prying mind.


Daniel saw the taunting in Osiris' eyes. Osiris was enjoying making him squirm. Daniel remembered just how readable his eyes could be at times and quickly slammed the wall down over them so that Osiris couldn't see his thoughts and feelings so easily.  Daniel glared at Osiris then responded to Osiris' last taunt, "I don't think so."


"Really? How can you be so certain?"


"Because Sarah would never give you access to those memories. She is so much stronger then you give her credit for."


Osiris' eyes glowed white in response to that comment and Daniel felt the grip on his hair again intensify. He gasped but quickly fell silent. He must've struck a nerve with that last comment...good maybe he had been right about Sarah keeping his personal memories he had shared with her locked up away from Osiris...Daniel hoped she did...


Osiris continued his taunting of Daniel as he pressed his fingers to the vein on Daniel's throat where he could see even now the life blood being pumped through the human's veins. Daniel tensed immensely from the contact. As Osiris touched his throat he remembered all too well the time in that pyramid back on Earth where Osiris nearly strangled the life out of him only to toss him to the floor when he refused to answer the questions Osiris had posed.


Daniel suddenly felt his head drift forward followed by another wave of blackness that washed over him. His eyes drifted shut briefly and his body again momentarily went lax. Osiris knew the human would slip into unconsciousness. He had to be in extreme pain after that lengthy exposure to the shock device and the brutal kicks Kelsham had delivered him as punishment for daring to kick his lord. Daniel Jackson hid his pain well. Osiris was actually impressed by the human. The human was a lot stronger than Osiris ever gave him credit for. Osiris became aware of Jackson's eyes drifting shut again a second time and knew that Jackson would soon slip into oblivion. He posed a question, "Now would you like to answer my questions? I can end all this pain if you'll just let me. I have a sarcophagus here. Give me the answers I seek and you shall be placed in it, healed and set free."


"Set free..."




"No, don't think so..." came Jackson's response over a rack of sudden coughing. His throat was still parched and dry from lack of water and his screaming didn't help much either.


Osiris merely looked at him then continued, "Tell me what I want to know. How do you know of the Goa'uld? Where is the location of the Tok'ra Resistance? Why does Apophis want you alive?"


Daniel again refused to answer any of the questions Osiris posed to him so Osiris tightened his grip on Daniel's hair even more then demanded, "Tell me."


"I'm not going to tell you..." came Daniel's near whispered reply. The anguish was building up inside again, and he could feel the blackness stalking him calling to him to give up and follow. Daniel wanted so much to do just that, but he couldn't...not just yet...


Osiris suddenly released Daniel's hair quickly then he lashed out in anger at the younger man for again refusing to tell him what he wanted to know. He drove a kick to Daniel's gut then backhanded him across the right side of his face. Daniel choked out a scream, which lapsed into a cough and he yanked desperately at his shackles trying to pull his arms down to comfort the surmounting pain in his stomach and rib cage. As quickly as he had doubled over severely at the waist he flew to his left from the brutal strike Osiris caught him with across the face. Again he released another choked scream as he was jerked violently against his restraints.


Osiris quickly shut off the recorder and left the room. Extremely angry with Jackson for his continued refusal to give him the answers he demanded. He vowed that he would get those answers one way or another. Doctor Daniel Jackson was going to be with him a very long time...a life time, and if it took that long for the man to speak then so be it.


Daniel wanted to scream out in anguish, to beg for the pain to end. He felt tears trickling down his face as a result of the vicious kick to his gut. The second kick jarred his broken rib and made him gasp horribly for breath. He hung from his shackled wrists knowing that even though he wanted to he wouldn’t be able to stand on his own two feet. He hurt too damned much. He felt blackness swamp him and nausea overtake him. He very nearly did vomit. Breathing was becoming harder, more of a desperate struggle. The broken rib made it rather difficult. He tried to focus but had no luck at all. He knew that he was about to pass out. In the next instant blackness snatched him and dragged him deep into the wonderful world of nothingness, of oblivion.



                                                                                  * * * *

Jotham returned later as he had planned. He entered and froze when he saw Doctor Jackson literally hanging from the restraints on his wrists. Blood now covered both of his arms from the shackles cutting deeply into raw flesh and he wasn't moving, at all. Jotham quickly approached the young archaeologist fearing for him even more now than before. The young man's left leg was all that held him upright and even that leg wasn't doing to good a job. His right leg was bent as sharp as it could bend in the position he was secured in. He spoke softly, "Doctor Jackson? Doctor Jackson, can you hear me?"


Jotham gently lifted the man's face up and noticed that he was pale and sweating. Fresh blood ran from his mouth and a new bruise was appearing across his cheek. He could see the glistening wetness on the man's face, tears of pain that Jackson had shed no doubt. As he examined Doctor Jackson's body he noticed nasty bruising and scratches all along his ribcage. He gently touched the bruised flesh pressing only slightly. Doctor Jackson gasped and moaned in pain at the slight touch. Jotham pressed a little bit more causing Doctor Jackson to suddenly mutter, "Don't... God, please don't."


Jotham could hear the young man's breathing suddenly become ragged. He spoke up, "Doctor Jackson? Are you awake?"


"I am now..." came Daniel's muttered response. He coughed violently and hissed as the coughing jarred his rib. Jotham questioned, "What happened?"



"Osiris happened."


"You still refuse to give him the answers he seeks?"




"Doctor Jackson, what happened to your ribs?"


He again gently touched the flesh above one of Daniel's lower ribs. Daniel again hissed and inhaled shakily. Then he spoke in a hoarse whisper, "Broken...have at least one broken rib courtesy of Kelsham and Osiris... Clocked me pretty good...several bruised as well..."


"I have to get you out of here."


"Forget it...too heavily guarded."


"You cannot stay here. He will kill you."


"And then revive me again..."






"Oh... I brought some more water. Do you think...?"




Jotham brought the water over to Daniel and noticed the young man struggling to pull his head upright. Any movement sent pain searing across Daniel's head and neck. He hated it. Jotham noticed him struggle, so he gently lifted Daniel's head pressing the cup to his lips. He tipped the glass and Daniel only took three swallows before he started coughing. Jotham said, "Slow down. You're trying to drink too much too fast.  Ready?"


"Yeah..." came Daniel's strangled, hoarse whisper of a reply.


Jotham helped him drink more then, after Daniel turned his head away, he said, "I brought food if you'd like..."


"No...thank you…"


"Aren't you hungry?"


"Yes, but the sound of food...makes me feel sick..."


"All right... How do you feel?"


"Like I got hit by a train..."


Jotham smiled at the young man's ability to still make a joke even when he was in extreme pain. Jotham could see the sharp creases of pain and the beads of sweat that crossed Doctor Jackson's facial features. He was in pain, but he wasn't letting it get him down. Jotham knew he would have to act soon. He knew to help Doctor Jackson would blow his cover, but he was having an extremely hard time watching the man suffering. He had hoped that the rest of SG-1 would attempt to rescue their young team member, but he also knew if SG-1 hadn't showed up here yet then they probably had no idea where their friend was being held. Maybe it was about time he used his communicator to contact the Tok'ra, but Anubis was even more paranoid now than ever before with the arrival of Osiris and Osiris' special guest. Anubis was being very cautious. In fact, he wanted Doctor Jackson just as much as Osiris does. He wants Jackson to use to get the upper hand with Apophis, to use his communicator now would most likely be suicide. The harsh whisper of Daniel Jackson's stopped his thoughts. He asked, "What?"


Daniel again moistened his lips with his tongue as forming words was becoming more and more difficult due to lack of water.  Even with the water Jotham was so graciously offering Daniel was still badly dehydrated and weaker than before due to lack of food. Daniel spoke up hating the way his voice grated and was barely audible even to his own ears. He watched as Jotham leaned closer to him so he wouldn't have to strain his voice. Daniel couldn't even begin to tell the young man how much he appreciated that simple gesture. He questioned, "What were you thinking about?"


Jotham looked at Doctor Jackson then said, "Why your friends have not yet come for you."


Daniel coughed saying, "They...don't"


Jotham noticed how the young archaeologist's voice trailed off. His voice was getting weaker, more strained. Lack of sufficient water intake was doing that. Jotham looked at Daniel then said, "Why don't you try to get some rest. Okay?"




"Would you like more water?"


Jotham held the glass of water up to Daniel who merely turned his head away. The water was making him sick. He knew that he should be forcing himself to drink and that the main reason he was feeling sick was due to lack of water combined with lack of food, but he couldn't make himself drink anymore...not right now anyway.


Jotham looked into Daniel's eyes seeing the pain and torment, the tiredness and exhausted ness reflecting in his eyes. He said, "Okay Doctor Jackson, okay... I'll try to come in later to give you some more water."




Then Daniel smiled at him. Jotham responded by smiling back. Then he said, "You just get some rest, all right? I'll figure out some way to help you...just rest. Okay Doctor Jackson?"


Daniel smiled then nodded his head and slowly lowered it closing his eyes. Jotham quickly cleaned up any evidence that he was there then checked on the young archaeologist again. Daniel Jackson was asleep. Jotham was very glad for that. The man needed some rest. What he really needed was to get out of this dungeon as well. Jotham would have to work on that. He then quickly exited the cell noticing the one guard immediately lock the cell then move back into his position outside Daniel's prison cell.





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