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1-900-Hot-Vala – Megan    

SUMMARY:  Earth customs are so fun to teach.

RATING:  PG-13  


2018 – ChristianGateFan   

SUMMARY:  Twelve years after season ten, the Ori are gone, all members of SG1 are happy, and the world is safe…or so they think.  What happens when an unexpected old acquaintance of Vala’s returns, shockingly changed and bringing a dangerous threat to Earth? 



2018:  A Christmas Story – ChristianGateFan   

SUMMARY:  Christmas has come again, and this holiday season is even more hectic than usual.  With so much to do, and problem after sometimes dangerous problem, will the Jackson family ever stop and remember what’s important this time of year?

SEQUEL TO:  2018



2019:  Blessings in Triplicate – ChristianGateFan   

SUMMARY:  A disastrous mission follows a happy announcement.  Will everything be all right, or will one of Daniel and Vala’s children perish before it even has a chance at life?  Both changes and danger are ahead for SG1.

SEQUEL TO:  2018: A Christmas Story



2026:  Like Father, Like Daughter – ChristianGateFan   

SUMMARY:  The summer before college, Daniel and Vala’s daughter Janet temporarily joins SG1.  Daniel and Janet are captured by natives on a mission, but not all is as it seems.  What will happen when tragedy strikes?





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