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July 16, 2010


Carmina Burana – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  Daniel’s idea of a night on the town.



Chains of Freedom – hariboo_smirks   

Installment 1

Installment 2

STATUS:  WIP – New Parts Added!

SUMMARY:  A massive AU.  It’s the Stargate world we know and love, but not.  The characters and the relationships are the same, but not.  It’s an adventure, a romance, an epic because it’s looking to be long, and it has comedy well, at least I hope.

RATING:  NC-17   


Five Things Vala Would Miss About Earth If She Left – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  And where else in the galaxy can you get a mocha latte at 3am?

RATING:  PG-13   


Five Times Vala Left the Base Without Permission – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  Title, self explanatory



Keep Holding On – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  A different kind of connection…

RATING:  NC-17   


Meal Included – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  Daniel knows how to put on a show…



This Empty Diorama – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  Vala talks to Sam during ‘The Road Not Taken’.






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