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PROLOGUE:  Desperate Times


PART 1:  Desperate Measures


PART 2:  Safety in Numbers


PART 3:  Subtle Determination 


PART 4:  Among the Missing


PART 5:  Unexpected Guest


PART 6:  Closing In


PART 7:  I Dream of Fire


PART 8:  Check Mate


PART 9:  Race Against Time


PART 10:  Stepping Stones


PART 11:


PART 12:



CATEGORY:  Angst, Drama, AU

WARNINGS:  Dark, Non-consensual Situations, Sexual Situations, Assault, Violence, Terror, Implied Rape (referred to but not graphic) 



AUTHOR’S NOTES:  This story may be disturbing to some readers due to the issues covered within, so please read the warnings before proceeding.  Thank you!


I’d like to thank Becky for her help and support throughout the writing of this story without her the story might never have been.  Thanks so much Becky!  *hugs*


ARCHIVING:  This story is not to be archived elsewhere without my permission.  Thank you!



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