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A Fairytale:  Endless Nightgioia_gg   

SUMMARY:  First night.   


A Playground for Jack – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  Jack and his playthings.

PAIRING:  Jack/Vala/Daniel   


Boredom Factorgioia_gg   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Chains of Freedom – hariboo_smirks   

Installment 1

Installment 2

SUMMARY:  A massive AU.  It’s the Stargate world we know and love, but not.  The characters and the relationships are the same, but not.  It’s an adventure, a romance, an epic because it’s looking to be long, and it has comedy as well, at least I hope.   



SUMMARY:  Daniel, Vala, and dinner.  What could go wrong? 


Coming Along – Divine Joker  

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Daisy Duke and Texaeryn_b   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Downpour – Little Heaven

SUMMARY:  There was no pressure valve here, no downpour to clear weeks of oppression, and Daniel was starting to think that before much longer, it was going to degenerate into another pinching, ball-crushing, hair-pulling fiasco. 


Elucidation – Alice J. Foster  

SUMMARY:  Vala has some questions for Daniel regarding Tau’ri porn.   


GrailSorcha Luxor 

SUMMARY:  Daniel dreams, then awakens – but of whom, and to whom? 


Guinevere Comma Not – Ari

SUMMARY:  This is not a love triangle, not a relationship, not usual, not typified, and most certainly not Camelot.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron/Vala 


I Am My Beloved’s – Ten9

SUMMARY:  Badly injured, Sam falls through a quantum mirror and into a reality where Janet Fraiser still lives.

PAIRING:  Sam/Janet, Daniel/Vala   


I Love Having Fun with Youshadadukal 

SUMMARY:  After Cameron left, the fun goes on between Daniel and Vala.

SEQUEL TO:  Threesome  


Je Ne Sais Quoi – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  “This was becoming less and less a game.”   


Keep Holding On – Magnavox    

SUMMARY:  A different kind of connection…   


Life is too Shortaeryn_b   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Sam/Cameron   


Not Everything – Divine Joker     

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Only IntellectualRysler 

SUMMARY:  A Daniel/Vala PWP. 


Pretending Not to Break – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  They pretend it’s not their fault.    



SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala are quarantined after potentially contracting and alien illness.   


Retaliatory Strikejanedavitt 

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala end up in bed, but it doesn’t go according to plan. 



SUMMARY:  A Daniel and Vala centric version of “Continuum”.



Speaking My Language – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  1 Daniel, 2 Valas, and a whole slew of languages.   


The Best Laid Plans – Whisper

SUMMARY:  Jack pays a surprise visit to Daniel, but ends up with a surprise all his own.

PAIRING:  Jack/Daniel/Vala, Daniel/Vala, Jack/Vala 


The Crown of Janus – Lady Grey   

SUMMARY:  Vala steals Daniel from the SGC and hoodwinks him into helping her become filthy rich – and along the way, he learns an important lesson about judging others.   


The Deal – Nicole aka Me   

SUMMARY:  Vala wants something from Daniel.   


The Goddess and Her Lotaraeryn_b   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


The Next Best ThingEm 

SUMMARY:  During “Unending”, Daniel has trouble adjusting to the possibility of leaving everything behind.

PAIRING:  Jack/Daniel, Daniel/Vala 


The Proper Use of an Office ChairEm

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala explore the proper use of an office chair. 


This Empty ApartmentEm 

SUMMARY:  Daniel suffers a sleepless night after “Beachhead.” 



SUMMARY:  The title says it all.

PAIRING:  Cameron/Daniel/Vala   


Two Guys (For Every Girl)hariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  Vala stretches her neck allowing Jack room to erase her scar with his touch, it’s one of his things and Vala likes it, opening her eyes she meets Daniel’s across from her.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala/Jack   


Vala and the MenRysler 

SUMMARY:  Not supplied.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala/Cameron 


When the Sun Goes DownAssilem   

SUMMARY:  Vala convinces Daniel to take her to watch the sunset.




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