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Ad Infinitum – Alice J. Foster   

SUMMARY:  Jacob O’Neill and Alexandria Jackson woke up to find out they traveled back in time to 2006.  Can they help the people they love find an Ancient secret?

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jack   


Another Look – Milena_d  (Off-site Link) 

SUMMARY:  A normal mission turns out to be a look into a surprising side of Vala when SG-1 travel to a planet she used to call home.   


Bondage – Wonderland   

SUMMARY:  Vala shows Daniel a little freedom. 


Can’t Blame It on the Mistletoe – spacegypsy1

SUMMARY:  A short Daniel/Vala Christmas ditty.

SEQUEL TO:  “Blame It on the Mistletoe”


Chappa’ai – Maeve Bran   

SUMMARY:  Dr. Daniel Jackson is late for a very important dinner date.   


Consequences – 6beforelunch   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Days of Our Lives – gioia_gg   

SUMMARY:  A few selected moments from their lives.   


Hidden Majesty – Pip   

SUMMARY:  They knew better, but that knowledge wasn’t enough…



Homecomings and Happy Endings – Wolfen Moondaughter  (Off-site Link)   

SUMMARY:  Feeling real hope for the future for the first time since the Ori threat began, Daniel and Vala find moments to explore what “home” and “love” mean.

SEQUEL TO:  Allies   


In the Choices We Make – Anjirika   

SUMMARY:  From the time SG1 encounters the dragon, the search for the sangraal takes them places that they did not expect.  And a connection between two members of SG1 grows exponentially as the race to defeat the Ori reaches its climax. 


In the Night – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  Daniel & Vala in a tent offworld.    


It Makes You Happy – Nicole aka Me   

SUMMARY:  A mission to a deserted planet has interesting consequences for the two. 


Lessons Never Learned – spacegypsy1

SUMMARY:  Well, Daniel never learns from his mistakes and the Fruitcake can be instigative.


Lucifer – Fiara Fantasy  

SUMMARY:  An evil that spans the universe awakes from his sleep of eternity.



Messing With You – Maeve Bran   

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala talk about Ascension and life, the universe and everything.   


‘Not Dates’ Are for the Queen of Diamonds – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  ‘Not Dates’ end with coffee, pleasant goodnights and separate beds.   


Of Boxer Briefs and Blindfolds – Wonderland   

SUMMARY:  Some day, she knew she would push him too far.   


Origin – Wolfen Moondaughter  (Off-site Link)   

SUMMARY:  A visit from Vala’s past prompts her to (reluctantly) share with Daniel and Sam the horrors of her childhood.

SEQUEL TO:  Solace   


Returned – Fiary Fantasy   

SUMMARY:  Vala comes back!



RSVP – spacegypsy1

SUMMARY:  Vala’s technique in getting Daniel to translate something.


Safe and Sound – Maeve Bran 

SUMMARY:  Vala in the infirmary after the end of “Flesh and Blood”.   


Stickers – spacegypsy1

SUMMARY:  Yet another silly Daniel/Vala story.  Using the prompt – Sticker.


Surrender the Heart – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Daniel capitulates to Vala’s guile.   


The Backwards Fall – hariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  Everything is always more than it seems.   


Thief of Heart – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Companion to “Surrender the Heart”.  


Unending Love – Maeve Bran   

SUMMARY:  Vala and Daniel have a serious talk the morning after.   


Unending – The Return – BkWurm1

SUMMARY:  Takes place during Unending immediately after Teal’c goes back and stops them from forming the time dilation field.  AU from there on.   


Untitled – 6beforelunch   

SUMMARY:  In which Daniel learns that caller id does not always tell the whole story.  


Wanted – Pip   

SUMMARY:  They are outlaws together in a darker world.   


What Time Forgot – Kamiikiteiru   

SUMMARY:  The big scene in “Unending” with D/V thoughts from both characters added in.   


You and I, Both – officersun524   

SUMMARY:  Daniel/Vala, post “Counterstrike”.




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