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Beginnings – bugchicklv   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Breathe – SGSlashygirl   

SUMMARY:  Daniel breathes life into Cameron.   


Collateral Damage – Artifuss 

SUMMARY:  More than one civilian was hurt on that mission. 


Daniel Depressionville – Mari   

SUMMARY:  Someone else gives it a try to make Daniel smile.   


Fear – vampirefever    

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


First Date – Bone    

SUMMARY:  A trip to Hunan House on the 1st day of October.

SERIES:  31 Days of Daniel/Cameron   


In the End – Irish    

SUMMARY:  Daniel chooses not to be alone.   


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – Kitanne 

SUMMARY:  Cameron looks for Danny. 


Much Ado About Daniel – rotschopf

SUMMARY:  What’s the thing about Daniel?


Sometimes He Misses Jack – Morudai

SUMMARY:  He didn’t mean to say it.  He certainly didn’t mean to say it out loud. 


Sunrise – Llewellynprince 

SUMMARY:  Cameron loves the sunrise.  


Sunset – Llewellynprince 

SUMMARY:  Daniel loves the sunset. 


The Point – SGSlashygirl 

SUMMARY:  Cameron helps Daniel get to the point.  


Years – Llewellynprince 




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