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A Friend in Need – janedavitt

SUMMARY:  Challenge fic. 


A Little Manipulation – Lissa Knight   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.  


Cameron, the Cocky Colonel – rotschopf

SUMMARY:  Christmas-song filk.  


Days – Llewellynprince   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Desecration – Bone 

SUMMARY:  None supplied. 


Disillusion – rotschopf 

SUMMARY:  That’s not how Cameron had thought a relationship with Daniel would be like… 


Distractions – bugchicklv   

SUMMARY:  The REAL reason Daniel was so tired at the beginning of the episode (“The Pegasus Project”).   


Fanboy – Tang Guangzhen    

SUMMARY:  Cameron deals with his little hero worship problem.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, Daniel/Jack   


First – Llewellynprince 

SUMMARY:  Daniel is Cameron’s first. 


Going Down Through the Keyhole – Number 6 

SUMMARY:  Vala is yearning for Daniel, while spying him, she discovers how hot Daniel and Cameron can be…this hotness not only brings satisfaction, but there’s some consequences to pay for Samantha. The song referred to is “All You Ever Do is Bring Me Down” by The Mavericks.


Hours – Llewellynprince 

SUMMARY:  None supplied. 


I Can Do That! – Number 6 

SUMMARY:  Cameron continues his pursuit toward Daniel.

SERIES:  What’s in a Name, Anyway?  

SEQUEL TO:  Whatever It Takes   


Lesson Learned – janedavitt 

SUMMARY:  Daniel’s words in “Prototype” come back to haunt him. 


Made of Gold – rotschopf

SUMMARY:  To be on the same page doesn’t mean you’re reading the same book.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, Jack/Daniel implied 


Months – Llewellynprince 

SUMMARY:  Confessions. 


New Year’s Resolution – rotschopf 

SUMMARY:  Cameron should’ve known if he had been paying attention. 

SERIES:  Happy Holidays 2


Night Maneuvers – Ankh 

SUMMARY:  Vala’s attempts at seduction send Daniel searching for sanctuary with unexpected results. 


Patience – vampirefever  

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Quick and Clean – Lissa Knight  

SUMMARY:  None supplied. 

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, Jack/Daniel  


Reluctant Heroes – Tang Guangzhen  

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Surprise – thothscribe81 

SUMMARY:  Takes place during the episode “Crusade”.  Cameron and “Vala” share a little bit more than a look in the locker room and now Cameron must figure some things out.  


Sweet – Bone 

SUMMARY:  None supplied. 


The Rumor Mill – Amara M   

SUMMARY:  Sam and Vala are stuck in a dead cargo ship, awaiting rescue from Teal’c…and the conversation turns to things Vala has heard around the SGC.

PAIRING:  Sam/Cameron/Daniel, Sam/Vala, Sam/Cameron, Sam/Jack, Sam/Janet, Implied Sam/Daniel   


Weeks – Llewellynprince 

SUMMARY:  Never enough time. 


Whatever It Takes – Number 6 

SUMMARY:  Daniel learns how to say goodbye to Jack, while Cameron daydreams about Daniel.

PAIRING:  Jack/Daniel, Daniel/Cameron

SERIES:  What’s in a Name, Anyway?  


What’s in a Name? – Bone 

SUMMARY:  Just a look at the life that Cameron and Daniel have made together.  They redefine the term “domesticity”. 




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