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Action Jackson – Bone  

SUMMARY:  Daniel decides to press a kink button or two…or three, or four…  


All About Vala – Lisa Michelle   

SUMMARY:  Vala wants them both.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala/Cameron   


And What Danny Wants, Danny Gets – Betsanne

SUMMARY:  Jack finds out that Daniel is attracted to the new CO of SG-1, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell.  What will Jack do?  Simple, whatever Danny wants, Danny gets.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron/Jack 


A Sudden Blow – Kylie Lee  

SUMMARY:  Jared Kane is back.

SEQUEL TO:  Cascade

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, Daniel/Jared Kane  


Balance to the Light – J. Dax    

SUMMARY:  Daniel as a vampire.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, Jack/Daniel   


Beloved Pet – Bone 

SUMMARY:  Cameron likes to be tied up.  It’s a good thing that Daniel likes to be the one to tie Cam up.  


Bound – anyasbuttmonkey    

SUMMARY:  Circa “Avalon”, what could have happened had the second Jaffa bracelet wound up on Cameron rather than Vala?   


Bound – Lissa Knight 

SUMMARY:  None supplied.  


Cascade – Kylie Lee

SUMMARY:  While SG-1 is on the planet Pelos for a first-contact negotiation, Daniel suddenly gains the ability to speak the language.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, Daniel/Jared Kane   


Chain Me to the Wall – Bone

SUMMARY:  On their way back to the SGC, Cameron gets an education.

SEQUEL TO:  Strangers We Know

PAIRING:  Jackson/Cameron/Mitchell 


Change of Perspective – rotschopf 

SUMMARY:  Sometimes, the universe requires a change of perspective. 


Dark Stars – J. Dax  

SUMMARY:  Daniel as a vampire.

SEQUEL TO:  Balance to the Light

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, Jack/Daniel, Skaara/Daniel   


Depth Charge – synecdochic  (Off-site Link) 

SUMMARY:  Cam fucks up a lot, but his biggest fuckup is thinking that Daniel’s just this guy, you know.   


Dinner in Bed – Amara M 

SUMMARY:  Daniel teaches Cameron the proper way to eat sushi.   


Distracted – micehell    

SUMMARY:  You call Sam Sam, you call Vala Vala, you call Teal’c…okay, that one’s not really valid, but, still, you call all the others by their first name, but you never use mine, and I want to know why.   


Distraction – thothscribe81 

SUMMARY:  While searching for the key to Merlin’s machine, Cameron decides Daniel needs some distraction.  


Dress Blues – rotschopf 

SUMMARY:  Cameron should’ve called before coming home.

SERIES:  Happy Holidays 1 


Guinevere Comma Not – Ari 

SUMMARY:  This is not a love triangle, not a relationship, not usual, not typified, and most certainly not Camelot.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron/Vala 


Hard Rain – Lissa Knight

SUMMARY:  None supplied. 


How Strait the Gate – Ivory Gates  (Off-site Link) 

SUMMARY:  Cameron knows exactly what he wants.  Daniel knows what he’ll do to get what he wants.  But are things always exactly what they seem to be? 


Interesting – Bone

SUMMARY:  Daniel confronts Cameron about his fraternizing with the prisoners.

SEQUEL TO:  Strangers We Know and Chain Me to the Wall

PAIRING:  Cameron/Daniel/Mitchell/Jackson 


Just a Thought – Bone

SUMMARY:  While on a mission, Daniel learns that there’s more going on inside Cameron’s head then he’d ever thought. 


Like Water, Lying – synecdochic  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Jack comes back to Colorado to visit, and Cam thinks he has lost Daniel’s attention for the week.  Except he hasn’t, not at all, and maybe that’s scarier.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, Daniel/Jack/Cameron   


Love is a Verb – Bone  

SUMMARY:  None supplied.  


Machine 2 Machine – rotschopf 

SUMMARY:  Cameron knows that he pissed Daniel off, but he would never have reckoned with the consequences…

SERIES:  Happy Holidays 5 


Metaphor – synecdochic  (Off-site Link)   

SUMMARY:  Cam’s trying his very best, but he’s beginning to get worried it might not be good enough.  Daniel’s got an advantage:  he knows his best has never been good enough.    


One on One – janedavitt 

SUMMARY:  Khalek’s given Daniel something to think about that he’d rather forget. 


Peeled – Sorcha Luxor 

SUMMARY:  Daniel contemplates love, life, sex and skin.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, Daniel/Others  


Playground – Caroline Mullen and Gateroller   

SUMMARY:  Life is just one great big playground.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Jack/Cameron   


Popcorn, Hoodies and Milk Mustaches – Bone  

SUMMARY:  Just a team movie night;  Cameron being devious, and Daniel getting horny.  


Rumor Has It – Amara M   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.

PAIRING:  Sam/Daniel/Cameron, Sam/Vala   


Skinning the Cat – Bone

SUMMARY:  A little “quality” time. 


Stories People Tell – Amara M   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.

PAIRING:  Sam/Daniel/Cameron, Sam/Vala   


The Next Day – thothscribe81 

SUMMARY:  The day after admitting their feelings for each other, Daniel and Cameron head back to the SGC, making a quick stop at Daniel’s apartment.  Smut ensues.

SEQUEL TO:  Surprise 


The Perks of Being a Civilian Working for the Military… – Llewellynprince

SUMMARY:  Cameron learns about the perks of being a civilian working for the military. 

SEQUEL TO:  Why Not Giving Archaeologists Coffee… 


The Strangers We Know – Bone 

SUMMARY:  While Cameron waits for his team to bust him out and take back the ship, he gets an unexpected visitor. 


Threesome – shadadukal  

SUMMARY:  The title says it all.

PAIRING:  Cameron/Daniel/Vala 


Vala and the Men – Rysler

SUMMARY:  None supplied.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala/Cameron 


Waiting for Jack – Lissa Knight  

SUMMARY:  None supplied.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, Jack/Daniel  


What Did You Expect? – bugchicklv  

SUMMARY:  None supplied.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron, John/Rodney, John/Dixon, Dixon/Martouf, Dixon/Surprise  


Why Not Giving Archeologists Coffee… - Llewellynprince 

SUMMARY:  Cameron learns what happens when Daniel doesn’t get coffee in the morning. 




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