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1-900-Hot-Vala – Megan   

SUMMARY:  Earth customs are so fun to teach.   


2026:  Like Father, Like DaughterChristianGateFan   

SUMMARY:  The summer before college, Daniel and Vala’s daughter Janet temporarily joins SG1.  Daniel and Janet are captured by natives on a mission, but not all is as it seems.  What will happen when tragedy strikes?  


A Certain Kind of Sunday – spacegypsy1

SUMMARY:  A week long courtship.   


After EffectsChristianGateFan   

SUMMARY:  Just after The Powers That Be, Daniel and Vala encounter the same prior again on another world.  It quickly leads to a bad development for Daniel, and Vala is the only one who can help him.  But will he let her?   


AftermathFiara Fantasy  

SUMMARY:  What takes place after the battle at the supergate. 


A Gift from AboveMilena_d  (Off-site Link) 

SUMMARY:  Something went wrong and they’ve paid for it.   


AlliesWolfen Moondaughter  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Vacation over, it’s time to get back to work – with some exciting developments!  Hope for the future of all races, especially the Asgard and the Tau’ri!  Happy reunions!  Also, the truth about Peri revealed…

SEQUEL TO:  Date with a Wild Child   


All Jacked Up – Pip

SUMMARY:  Daniel gives Vala the opportunity to let go.


A Love-Hate ThingWolfen Moondaughter  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Daniel’s and Vala’s states of mind during and somewhat after “that scene” in “Unending”.  


Baby Come Back – spacegypsy1

SUMMARY:  A revelation.  An accident.  SG1 fighting amongst themselves.  DV on and off again.  Friendships strained.  The “Band” is breaking up or is it?  Jack’s trying to help.


Beginning of the Rest – Pip   

SUMMARY:  This will be the beginning of the rest of their lives.   


Being FoundMilena_d  (Off-site Link) 

SUMMARY:  What if Daniel and Vala had been reunited soon after Prometheus Unbound, before any of Season 9? 


Best Served ColdLionchilde  

SUMMARY:  AU Daniel finally gets his revenge… 


Birds of a Feather – spacegypsy1

SUMMARY:  Goofy little ditty.  Prompt – Feathers.



SUMMARY:  SG-1 and Vala go bowling.   


Breaking Point – Pip

SUMMARY:  What would you do when brought to the breaking point?


Cats, Candles, and ConfessionsWolfen Moondaughter  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Landry and the rest of SG-1 discover the changes in Daniel and Vala’s relationship…

SEQUEL TO:  A Love-Hate Thing   


Chance on Love – Pip   

SUMMARY:  They don’t have time not to take a chance on love.

SEQUEL TO:  “She Didn’t Have Time”   


Cold Comfort – Maeve Bran  

SUMMARY:  Vala seeks Daniel after Counterstrike to get him to share some long bottled feelings.   


Cold Watersorrel_rowan   

SUMMARY:  Daniel, that scene in Unending.   



SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Composed, Played and Told – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  This shouldn’t have happened.  But it did.   


Compromises and Anticipationshariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  DV wedding fic.   



SUMMARY:  When a mission doesn’t go according to plan, enters one hell of a lot of problem.



Damn Her – Nicole aka Me   

SUMMARY:  Daniel’s thoughts after Vala’s kidnapping.   


Darkness Before DawnMilena_d  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Vala’s first Christmas might stay with Daniel longer than he’d thought.   


Date with a Wild ChildWolfen Moondaughter  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala finally “complete” their “date” – at Disney World, and with the rest of SG-1 in tow…  In this part, they go to Animal Kingdom – and another person joins the party.

SEQUEL TO:  Date with a World Traveller   


Date with a World TravellerWolfen Moondaughter  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala “complete” their “date” – at Disney World, and with the rest of SG-1 in tow…  In this part, they go to Epcot.

SEQUEL TO:  Date with a Martian Stunt-Woman

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jack   


Dear Daniel – Wonderland   

SUMMARY:  It’s a long way from DC to Colorado.   


Definitely Not in Kansasaeryn_b   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Domino Motionsorrel_rowan    

SUMMARY:  Vala is missing during the Ori war.  When Daniel finds her, he isn’t prepared for what he finds… 


Dying Fire Lights the Skyhariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  It had only been a matter of time.  For a mission to go wrong – they had been having too much good of luck as of late.   


Equated – Stacy L.  

SUMMARY:  Daniel comes to realize that Vala plays an important role in his life.   


Everything – Nicole aka Me

SUMMARY:  Ficathon story, written for dannysgirlsg1.


Everything in its Right Placesorrel_rowan

SUMMARY:  The morning after the night before…   


Eyes Wide Shutdvshipper   

SUMMARY:  A small moment that Vala will remember only as a dream.   



SUMMARY:  Post-Unending, stuck in a cave fluff.  


Family Matters – Pip 

SUMMARY:  Changes happen, boundaries are pushed, and a family learns not all things are certain, while something definitely are.


Feel the Rushdvshipper

SUMMARY:  Oh yes, Vala was having a very good time with Cam and Daniel (especially Daniel).


Feral Attraction – Pip

SUMMARY:  Desire is a most basic instinct.



SUMMARY:  AU Someone had actually laughed when she spoke the word…

SERIES:  Fire and Water 4  



SUMMARY:  AU “Avalon Part 2” revisited.

SERIES:  Fire and Water 1 


Five Seductions Vala Tries – Random   

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala – short and bittersweet.   


Five Things Vala Would Miss About Earth if She Left – Magnavox    

SUMMARY:  And where else in the galaxy can you get a mocha latte at 3am?   


Five Times Cameron Mitchell Catches Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran Making Outhariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  The title says it all.   


Five Ways Daniel Proposed to Vala – 6beforelunch   

SUMMARY:  “It helped to remember that Daniel had spent over a decade on SG-1, and so his idea of going according to plan was a little more liberal than most people’s.”   



SUMMARY:  Sometimes life is just too short.   


Formal Attire Not RequiredNel  (Off-site Link)   

SUMMARY:  Wherein Daniel is *not* paranoid, Vala broadens her skill sets and Cameron is having way too much fun.  


Friends and Lovers – spacegypsy1

SUMMARY:  SG1 along with Dr. Lam travel to Washington for a Presidential Summit and a little romance.



SUMMARY:  AU What does Daniel find in Vala’s diary?

SERIES:  Fire and Water 2  


Home Alone – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  What happens when Vala’s left behind at the SGC when the rest of SG1 goes on a mission?  She ignores the advice of her friends.   


However, WheneverMilena_d  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  A missing scene for Unending.   


Imagine – Nicole aka Me   

SUMMARY:  Daniel’s acting odd, Vala is determined to find out why.   


Imaginary FriendsWolfen Moondaughter (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Thanks to a little holographic intervention, the forty years inside the time dilation bubble weren’t as they might have otherwise been…

SEQUEL TO:  “A Love-Hate Thing” and “Cats, Cradles and Confessions”


Imagine if You Will – spacegypsy1

SUMMARY:  Sallis and Harrid were in bed when Vala and Daniel activated the communication stones.


InfluenceWolfen Moondaughter (Off-site Link)  

SUMMARY:  A sickness strikes SGC…

SEQUEL TO:  Origin

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Cameron/Carolyn   


It’s All in the Game – madd4the24

SUMMARY:  Sometimes we realize who our soul mates are at the most unlikely times.   


It Was NeverAssilem  

SUMMARY:  None supplied.  


Judge Not – Maeve Bran   

SUMMARY:  After the events of Dominion, Daniel comforts Vala with tales of the times SG1 have threatened each other in the line of duty.   


Just Another Missiongioia_gg   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.



Just Hold OnAvitarGirl  

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   



Kisses – Pip 

SUMMARY:  To some, kisses mean nothing.  To them, kisses mean everything.


Kubla Khan – shortstuff8379   

SUMMARY:  “You bastard.”  She scoffed inwardly as he blinked at the biting tone of her voice.  Had Daniel really believed she would just sit there and blithely accept his rantings?  No, she thought.  He hadn’t reduced her to that—would never reduce her to that.  Not even if they were trapped on this god-forsaken ship for a lifetime.  


Leaving Songhariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  Vala is faced with a choice.   


Lessons in LoveChristianGateFan   

SUMMARY:  When meeting a new people goes awry, a piece of Ancient technology turns Vala into a child, and the task of taking care of her until it can be fixed, if it can be, falls to Daniel.  And running into other trouble doesn’t help.   


Let’s All Go to the Drive-In – Maeve Bran   

SUMMARY:  Daniel explains to Vala a unique piece of earth culture.  Post “Bounty”.   


Life is a Circle – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Jack and Daniel in ancient Egypt, Mitchell in the middle, Sam, Vala and Teal’c in the distant future.  Will times collide to bring them back together again?   


Light Me Up – officersun524   

SUMMARY:  A Daniel and Vala piece that takes place after “Unending”.   


Losing ItIlna    

SUMMARY:  A year on the Odyssey takes its toll on Vala.   


Lost Onessorrel_rowan   

SUMMARY:  The aftermath is a hard place to be.   


Misappropriation of LivesMilena_d  (Off-site Link) 

SUMMARY:  The past will always find you, especially if you have something it wants.   



SUMMARY:  AU When going home to mother isn’t an option…?

SERIES:  Fire and Water 5  


Momento Found – Maeve Bran   

SUMMARY:  A post ep for Momento Mori.  Vala/Daniel one shot.   


More Than This – 6beforelunch   

SUMMARY:  This isn’t how she expected him to react.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Cameron/Carolyn   


Mr. Hyde Takes Controldvshipper   

SUMMARY:  With a woman like you, I’m a dangerous man.   


Once You Had Gold – Maeve Bran

SUMMARY:  Daniel contemplates his love life.   


Our Lives As HappenstanceMilena_d  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  A divergence in the lives of our team from one of the last scenes of the movie Continuum causes their future to change radically and permanently.   


Perchance to LiveMilena_d  (Off-site Link) 

SUMMARY:  Completely AU and completely D/V.  That’s all there really is to say.   


RabidWolfen Moondaughter  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Vala meets up with an old friend, only to lose her tragically at the hands of SG-1.  Will her relationship with her teammates – especially Daniel – survive?   


RainFiara Fantasy   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.  


Redefining Taste – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  Vala had the very two things she’d wanted for Christmas right in front of her.   


Rediscovered Hearts – Lionchilde 

Installment 1

Installment 2

SUMMARY:  Set in the “Fire and Water” AU in the third year of Daniel and Vala’s marriage.  


Same Story, Told Twicehariboo_smirks 

SUMMARY:  “Excuse me, it’s not like I have much practice at this.” Daniel gritted out through his clenched teeth, gripping Vala’s hips again, straightening his back and tensing his arms to hold her weight. “And it’s not like you’re light.” He muttered not too quietly.


Set the Fire to the Third Barhariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  He knows who’s calling.  She had called for the first time two days after Daniel and Jack’s still not sure how she got the number but then again, he really doesn’t care.   


Shadowland:  The Beginning – Pip   

SUMMARY:  Daniel has a destiny far greater than anything he could have ever imagined.



She’s Everything – Pip

SUMMARY:  She’s everything he ever wanted and everything he needs.



Skating Around the Issue – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala find time to skate, if not date.   


SolaceWolfen Moondaughter  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Daniel suspects Vala is more anguished over recent events then she’ll admit, and is determined to help her through.  Through the course of the evening both he and Vala are forced to face their feelings regarding Sha’re and Adria – and for one another.  


Somewhere Only We Knowhariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  Teal’c sees another lifetime pass him by.   


Spree – 6beforelunch

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Steps – Pip   

SUMMARY:  They have been given a miracle, and now they fight all obstacles to keep it.   


Steps:  Showdown – Pip

SUMMARY:  They face the toughest showdown of their lives.


Strawberries and Chocolate – Pip

SUMMARY:  “I can respect that.”


Sweet and Sourdvshipper

SUMMARY:  When Vala is presented with an opportunity, will she choose her desire or her truth?


Taking the Long WayLionchilde    

SUMMARY:  Daniel slowly set the statue down and reached out to lay a tender finger along her jaw… 


The Games Those Two Play – spacegypsy1

SUMMARY:  A little Daniel/Vala interlude.


The Hardest Partsorrel_rowan 

SUMMARY:  Five missing scenes for Dominion.


The Jello Series – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Teal’c tries to explain a little Star Trek info to Vala.  A short conversation between Vala and Teal’c while trapped on the Odyssey.  


The Perversion of the Ringdvshipper and Pip

SUMMARY:  LOTR Slash + Daniel, Vala, Cam and Carolyn = hilarity!

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Carolyn/Cameron


The Quest for ValaTriscia  

SUMMARY:  Strange visions lead Daniel to believe that Vala is still alive and in trouble.  With the help of allies and with the excuse that no one is ever left behind, he leads a mission into the Ori home galaxy to bring her home.



These Words of My Heartdvshipper   

SUMMARY:  Vala convinces Daniel to take her out to dinner.   


The Songs TrilogyAssilem  

SUMMARY:  “It’s okay to admit you care about someone.  It doesn’t mean they’ll die.  And the ones that have, you never have to let go of them…”

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Implied Daniel/Janet



The Wedding Planners – spacegypsy1

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala return from their honeymoon in the midst of a mission to discover they really aren’t married.

SEQUEL TO:  “Baby Come Back”


Training MissionDevra   

SUMMARY:  Expect the unexpected.   



SUMMARY:  AU Sha’re helps Vala with something special for Daniel. 



Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave – Pip   

SUMMARY:  Live Together.  Fight Together.  Die Together.   


Until the End of Time – Sue Corkill  (Off-site Link)  

SUMMARY:  Dive motels are pretty much the same all over the galaxy.   


Untitled – 6beforelunch

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Usual, Unusual – Pip

SUMMARY:   “You’ll find someone to love you quicker than you think.”



SUMMARY:  AU What’s bothering Vala on her anniversary?

SERIES:  Fire and Water 6 


Whatever I WantEm  

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Mitchell cave to Vala’s suggestion to play with handcuffs.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Cameron/Vala   


When the House Fallshariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  It takes a moment to change it all.   


Where I End and You Beginsorrel_rowan    

SUMMARY:  You can’t even look at the woman who’s dying to save you?   


Where Our Paths Divergedhariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  She came back.  If only for a while.  Then she left.  Again.   


Why Did I Say Yes?Fiara Fantasy  

SUMMARY:  Daniel teaches Vala to drive.  Of course it doesn’t turn out like he expected.   


Wild AnimalsMilena_d  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Daniel’s descent into hysteria.   


With or Without Youiheartvala   

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala’s relationship evolves.




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