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Abandoned Dreams – Pip

SUMMARY:  Is living in a dream really living at all?


A Devilish ChristmasMilena_d  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  A Christmas poem.   



SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


A Promise Kept – Pip

SUMMARY:  None supplied.


A Quick Fix – BkWurm1   

SUMMARY:  A few years into their time on the Odyssey and Daniel and Vala have grown closer.   


As My Tears Evaporatedvshipper   

SUMMARY:  “Why do I have to keep going if you aren’t here?”   


At the End of the Roaddvshipper

SUMMARY:  Daniel has one last chance.


Binding MemoriesChristianGateFan   

SUMMARY:  Since the events of Memento Mori, Vala MalDoran has been remembering things from her time as host to the Goa’uld Que’tesh, and one of those memories might hold great importance to Daniel Jackson… 


Blame It on the Mistletoe – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  A short Daniel/Vala Christmas ditty.   


Calling Carddvshipper   

SUMMARY:  Vala finds comfort in a familiar place.   


Cameron’s Adventure in BabysittingAssilem

SUMMARY:  None supplied.  



SUMMARY:  Vala loves shoes.


Chatting – Pip   

SUMMARY:  Conversations held over AIM.   


Clockwork Sorrowdvshipper   

SUMMARY:  There’s something odd about today that causes Vala to be concerned for Daniel.   


Come CleanChristianGateFan   

SUMMARY:  A week after Vala’s return from the Ori galaxy, she and Daniel help with a car wash for the girl scout troop Cassie leads.  They get into a little mischief in the process, which leads to both learning a little something about the other.   


Comparing Notes – 6beforelunch   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.  



SUMMARY:  We’re allowed our secrets, deal?   


Consequence of Soundssorrel_rowan   

SUMMARY:  DV post Unending.  Spoilers for Unending.  Teal’c character study thing too.   


Couldn’t Drag Me Awaysorrel_rowan   

SUMMARY:  Daniel finds out something that happened in his absence that he isn’t sure he wanted to know about.   


Country’s CoolNerca Beyul  

SUMMARY:  Vala’s music surprises Daniel…  


Dancing in the Heavensdvshipper   

SUMMARY:  One day, I know someone will ask me what my wedding was like.  When they do, I’ll tell them I danced in the heavens held in the arms of an angel.   


Departurecrazedturkey  (Off-site Link) 

SUMMARY:  Cam’s a pretty upbeat sort of guy.  So he never really thought about what the world would be like after the Ori reached Earth.”

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Sam/Cameron   


Dinner – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  Daniel & Vala make dinner.   



SUMMARY:  AU Daniel makes a surprising discovery…  


DV DrabbleAngelQueen

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Every Me, Every Yousorrel_rowan  

SUMMARY:  We can’t seriously be considering following these orders, Vala said vehemently.  Sam replied quietly, Don’t make this harder than it is.   


Face of Strengthdvshipper   

SUMMARY:  Vala can focus on only one thing that might save her.   


Fire and WaterNerca Beyul  

SUMMARY:  Vala wants to know what about her annoys Daniel so much…  


Five Times Vala Left the Base Without Permission – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  Title, self-explanatory…   



SUMMARY:  AU Daniel wants to hold on.  


Girl’s NightAssilem

SUMMARY:  Sometimes being a girl makes everything right.  



SUMMARY:  Vala loves Daniel’s hands.   


Her Saving Gracedvshipper  

SUMMARY:  Vala’s new life involves more than just her.   



SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Hopes and FearsLionchilde   

SUMMARY:  AU Both Vala and Sam have reasons to be fearful…and the assurance of each other’s friendship.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jack

SERIES:  Rediscovered Hearts   


In Deepdvshipper

SUMMARY:  While Vala is off exploring in a cave, she finds herself in deep and Daniel must save her.


I Know – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Missing Scene, Daniel and Vala together before the ship explodes, what they said after I know, just a little bit of what might have been said between them.   


InsanityThalion pip   

SUMMARY:  “What had started as a slight disquiet for DanielJackson’s well-being upon missing the Daedalus had swelled to a genuine concern for his sanity.” 


Just to See YouAssilem

SUMMARY:  It’s really just to see her smile.   


Knowing Homedvshipper   

SUMMARY:  She found it amazing how one man’s presence could ground her so.   


LateThalion pip    

SUMMARY:  Vingettes with SGC members as Vala waits for Daniel to gate in.   


Leaving – natalia5345  

SUMMARY:  Vala’s ‘memories’ of leaving the SGC in Dominion.   


Maybe I Shouldn’t BotherNerca Beyul   

SUMMARY:  Vala’s moving in, and Daniel’s response is… well…   


Milk and Cookiesjanedavitt   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


MomentsThalion pip

SUMMARY:  Missing scene and post-eps for DV.

SEQUEL TO:  Numbers   


My Pants or Yours? – natalia5345   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


NumbersThalion pip   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Off My MindNerca Beyul 

SUMMARY:  Song-fic.  “I Can’t Get You Off My Mind” by Hank Williams.   


One Simple QuestionvalaMD (scifi_tv_addict)   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


One Step CloserAssilem  

SUMMARY:  He had finally made his decision.   


On the Road AgainvalaMD (scifi_tv_addict)   

SUMMARY:  What would happen if Daniel and Vala had to go on a road trip together?   


Our Life IfIlna   

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala think about what life might have been like.   


Passionate KissesAssilem    

SUMMARY:  Tastes different. 


Penelope Waitedsorrel_rowan  

SUMMARY:  Daniel gives Vala a piece of his mind and gets more than he bargained for.   


Potential – DsignG4    

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   



SUMMARY:  Vala really loves the rain.   


Reaching for the Arms of Morpheus – Kay Vegas   

SUMMARY:  This story takes place during the Season 10 episode, “Morpheus”.  Daniel has trouble falling asleep in the infirmary.  Friends do what they can.   


Remembering the Pastdvshipper

SUMMARY:  She had been cleaning out the wardrobe in her quarters at the SGC and came across the small pack she’d brought with her when she first came to Earth.


Rhapsody – shiny rosie    

SUMMARY:  Sometimes all you need is to stop for a moment…   


Seeing Is Believing – Divine Joker  

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Shall We DanceAssilem  

SUMMARY:  “I love this dancing thing,” she grinned softly.   


She Has No Timesorrel_rowan   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Shopping BagsChristianGateFan   

SUMMARY:  After Momento Mori Vala drags Daniel to the mall, and this is the fun that ensues, with a little bit of ‘ship as Daniel deals with his own inner struggles about his feelings for her.   


Simply Amazing – Pip

SUMMARY:  All it takes is something simple to spark something amazing.


Since I Found Serenity – Pip

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala share a sweet and serene moment together.



SUMMARY:  She sings.   


Smoke – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  Her voice is smoke.   



SUMMARY:  Vala’s curiosity has led her to a place few people have been.   


Somewhere She Can Staydvshipper   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Soulmate, Dry Your Eyessorrel_rowan  

SUMMARY:  A one shot based on a spoiler for the second SG1 film.   



SUMMARY:  Vala and the stars.   



SUMMARY:  Daniel notices the sunrise.   



SUMMARY:  AU Daniel returns from off-world and finds a rather big surprise.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jack

SERIES:  Rediscovered Hearts   


That Feeling – Pip

SUMMARY:  None supplied.


The Chinese Food Paradigm – 6beforelunch

SUMMARY:  The meaning of Chinese food.


The DateIlna   

SUMMARY:  Why had he agreed to this, Daniel thought, and not for the first time as he glanced up from his meal at the dark-haired woman seated across from him.   


The Hope of Morningdvshipper

SUMMARY:  They had found the glint of a bright future in each other that made everything worthwhile.


There’s No PlaceAssilem  

SUMMARY:  There is no place like home.   


The Salt of the Earthsorrel_rowan   

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala onboard the Odyssey.   


The ScarfWinterstar

SUMMARY:  Daniel deals with the loss of Vala after the beach head.   


The Voice of Solacedvshipper

SUMMARY:  In the dark, she heard his voice.


This Empty Diorama – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  Vala talks to Sam during ‘The Road Not Taken’.   


Together in the EndChristianGateFan   

SUMMARY:  Where were Daniel and Vala, and what were they doing at the precise moment the Odyssey blew up?  Did Daniel really remember something in the ‘gate room?  Are Daniel and Vala still going to end up together even though they don’t remember those fifty years?   


Too MuchvalaMD (scifi_tv_addict)   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Through the Darkdvshipper

SUMMARY:  Vala is scared and Daniel offers his shoulder for her to cry on.


Untitled – shiny rosie   

SUMMARY:  Daniel waits for the phone to ring.  


Wandering Soul – natalia5345   

SUMMARY:  Another Vala POV, this one is while she’s still at Sol’s diner during the time she was lost in Memento Mori.    


When Destiny Whispersdvshipper   

SUMMARY:  When it’s all laid out on the table, will Vala decide to trust Daniel?   


When the Levee Breakssorrel_rowan   

SUMMARY:  The problem with restoring someone’s memory is they have to remember it all.   



SUMMARY:  AU Three years later, Daddy!Daniel is still wrapped around Manda’s finger.

SERIES:  Rediscovered Hearts   


With Your Shielddvshipper   

SUMMARY:  Vala needs Daniel to come back with his shield, not on it.   


Word GamesAssilem   

SUMMARY:  What happens when the Lights go out.   


Worth a Thousand WordsvalaMD (scifi_tv_addict)  

SUMMARY:  None supplied.



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